Chihaya Master Artist Q&A

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  1. Q. Chihaya's long hair is lovely, but do you have any plans of changing your style?
  3. A. U-Um, thanks for saying my hair is lovely, nano. Right now I have no plans of changing my hair style, nano yo.
  5. Q. I like motor cycles, so I often go out on them. Have you rode a motor cycle before Chihaya?
  7. A1. Uh, um, well, I'm 15 so I don't have a motor cycle license so I haven't rode one before.
  8. A2. Chihaya wants to try riding a motor cycle~ Let me ride on your motor cycle one day.
  10. Q. Chihaya-san, if you went to karaoke what song would you sing?
  12. A. Um, I don't really have that many friends, so I haven't gone to karaoke that much. At home I listen with headphones to classic and rock. Ah, I'm sorry, that was too dark.
  14. Q. What games have you played recently?
  16. A. U-Uh, um, I don't own a game system. Maybe I should get one. Um, next time please tell me more about it.
  18. Q. Chihaya, who is your first love?
  20. A. While at Azusa's house I got the chance to live with her puppy for a bit. The puppy was soo cute. It barked cutely like "woof". We slept together, bathed together, and we went out for a walk around town and got to meet various people. It was really lovely. Please don't misunderstand. That was a real story.
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