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  1. It was a strange experience watching Liz play Skyrim. Her parents wouldn't let her buy the game, but thinking back to my own childhood, I would have loved a game like that. Admittedly, I had Oblivion instead, which had its own strengths, but I had to sell most of my console collection when we moved, and the PC version I bought on Steam... Well, sure, it works with fan-patches and whatnot, but it's still a mess, and I'm pretty sure she'll like Skyrim better.
  2. We were sitting in the common room, myself in an old office chair one of my neighbours were throwing out when we moved in, and Liz on my lap with a controller in hand. I was wearing a pair of jeans, and a band shirt I had bought a few years ago, while Liz was wearing a bright summer-dress. Chris was still at school, but I was honestly not sure who Liz was here for most of the time; me or my sister. We were all good friends and all, just me and her had something together that she didn't with my sister.
  3. She had just left Riverwood, the area where the tutorial "truly ends", with her newly created female Nord destruction mage, even though it took her about twice as long as I seem to recall when I did it the first time. Her approach was a lot more... Inquisitive than mine, frequently stopping to take a closer look at almost everything she ran past, and asking me questions all the time. She wasn't the best gamer, truth be told, in fact, I often found myself wanting to pull my hairs out watching her, but she was clearly very interested, and I didn't want to ruin her experience by constantly berating her. She followed the upstream towards Whiterun, while I gave her the short version of Skyrim politics: Skyrim belongs to the Nords, the Empire needs to stick together to be strong, and the Thalmor are just dicks. Her travel was mostly eventless, picking up various mushrooms and flowers as she goes by, untill she comes across two NPC's battling each other, a Nord huntress, and a Dunmer bandit. She was a bit too far away, and worried that her firebolts would hit the wrong NPC, so she sprints closer to get to her aid.
  4. Alas, I see the health bar growing smaller, and by the time she got close enough, it was too late. The huntress gets swept off her feet, and whimpers on the ground, but before Liz comes close enough to join the fight, the bandit... Undresses? Oh. I never uninstalled my mods, did I? Even from behind, I could see Liz' jaw drop, as the bandit roughly shoves his cock down the innocent huntress' throat. Poorly synced pornographic moans started blasting from the speakers, interrupting the otherwise tranquil sounds of Skyrim, and the music of Jeremy Soule. Liz froze, staring in awe, at the rape unfolding before her eyes.
  5. "Are they..."
  6. Her voice failed her. Despite all the time she's been with me, talking about sex, outside of sex, still seemed taboo to her.
  7. "Sort of. He's raping her."
  8. "But that's not nice."
  9. I blew air through my nostrils. No, raping people is in fact not a nice thing to do.
  10. "So why don't you stop him?"
  11. "I... I didn't think you could do that."
  12. I knew what she meant, but decided to push her a little anyways.
  13. "Save her?"
  14. "N-no no. People."
  15. I couldn't tell if she was fascinated or frightened. The Dunmer went behind the huntress, and took his prize in doggy style.
  16. "Well... You can't. I installed mods, that is, uhh... Changes to the game, that allowed it."
  17. At least, I assumed she didn't know what mods were.
  18. "But why?"
  19. I hugged her belly, and pulled her head in so I could kiss her scalp. I don't think she could feel the bulge forming behind her butt.
  20. "Because I thought it would make losing more scary. Buuuut, truth be told, because I thought it would be fun to have sex with some of the characters."
  22. Her sudden jolt almost gave me a heart attack, but because she couldn't turn around, she couldn't see me regaining my composure.
  23. "Of course not, it was always consensual."
  24. She became quiet, and quickly incinerated the Dunmer. The huntress got dressed, and resumed hunting for whatever animal she could find.
  25. "Can I have sex too?"
  26. As impressed as I was that she didn't stutter and/or hesitate for once, I still wasn't sure how exactly she was feeling in regards to the rape, so I gave her a straight answer.
  27. "Yeah, you have to talk to them first, and they have to like you, too."
  28. Liz continued her trip in silence, though she didn't seem to be sulking. By the time she reached Honningbrew Meadery, she spoke again.
  29. "You didn't kiss my lips."
  30. I leaned over her left shoulder, and pouted my lips. Her lips met mine with much more pressure than I had expected, and though I happily received her tongue with mine, I was unprepared. Perhaps it did turn her on after all? She broke the kiss, slightly out of breath.
  31. "I left my panties in the bathroom."
  32. She grabbed my right arm, still curled around her belly, and pulled it down between her legs, before resuming her trip to Whiterun. I gently pulled up her dress just enough that I would have some wiggle room, and slid my hand under. With two fingers, I gently pressed against her opening, the slickness quickly became apparent. After further scrutiny, I could tell she still needed more to take my full size.
  33. "Do you ha... Hah... Have other lewd games?"
  34. My finger against her clit made her voice tremble, but she seemed to be otherwise unaffected.
  35. "I think so. I haven't played them since we moved here."
  36. "Can I... Try them?"
  37. I slid a finger inside her to the second joint. She tensed up for a moment, gasping lightly.
  38. "Another time. I need to find them again."
  39. With a quick nod, she lifted her legs, one by one, and placed them on the outside of mine. With my thumb rubbing her clit, I pushed another finger inside her, then gently slid back and forth, until I was knuckle deep.
  40. "Victor.", she moaned, as she paused the game, and put down her controller. "I want to ride you."
  41. Sometimes, you think your cock is already at diamonds. Sometimes, you learn you can become even harder than that.
  42. "Do you think you're ready?"
  43. "Yes. You're so big, but it almost never hurts anymore."
  44. I couldn't stop smiling. Not just because she called me big, but because I still felt guilty of all the times I had hurt her during sex, as I was learning her limits. It didn't matter how much she told me she endured it for me, I felt guilty all the same. I pulled my hand from her crotch, and hugged her tightly again, closing my eyes.
  45. "I love you Liz."
  46. She put her legs back on top of mine, and as I let go of her, raised her body by pressing it against me, lifting her dress up past her hips. I quickly undid my jeans, and pushed them down to my knees.
  47. "I love you Victor."
  48. I could feel her slit pressing against my tip, before she put her fingers against my frenulum. She took a deep breath, then pressed my tip against her slit with her fingers, before she started pushing her body downwards. As her warmth and wetness enveloped my tip, a moan left my lips, and as Liz put her hands on the armrests to help her balance, I lifted up her dress so I could watch from above. As much as my eyes were drawn to the main attraction, I couldn't help but admire her pale, smooth skin. Liz was slowly panting, preparing for the next push - the shaft. With two fingers, Liz started rubbing her clit with large, circular motions, causing her pussy to clamp down on the head of my penis in repeated, short bursts. By the time she stopped, returning her hand to the armrest, I could feel, and see, a droplet of our combined juices slide down my shaft.
  49. As Liz pushed herself down on my cock once more, I lost my focus. As tight and overwhelming as her entrance could be, having her heat and flesh clamping down on my cock from all sides was equally stunning. Back when we just started having sex, I would surely have cum already.
  50. "It's... In." Liz gasped, as a small bulge had formed on her lower belly. I playfully pushed my crotch against her, lifting her slightly, before letting her back down. I couldn't move much inside her like this, but I wouldn't need much movement if I wanted to cum like this.
  51. "Relax," she teased me, "let me do it for a while." She started moving, only a few inches up and down, and rather slowly, but its effect on me was profound. My loins were telling me to grab her by the waist and just use her as an oversized onahole.
  52. As I heard the front door open, my entire body seized up. Did I not lock the door? Is it the landlord coming to check something? My heart skipped several beats, and I'm pretty sure I forgot to breathe. Sure, it might just look like I was sitting with a child in my lap, but there was no way we could hide what we were doing, or had been doing, if they came close.
  53. "Victor, I'm home."
  54. As quickly as I had seen my life flashing before my eyes, I was overwhelmed with relief at Chris' voice. As I slumped in my chair, I looked towards the door, and found Chris looking as pensive as ever.
  55. "Hi Chris!"
  56. I'm not sure if Liz even realized that life as we knew it could've been over had it been anyone else, but I was not one to ruin the mood, even as my hard thudded harder than I ever recall hearing it pound, and it was not in a pleasant way.
  57. "Hey Liz!"
  58. Liz continued to move, gradually more forceful, gradually longer motions, gradually pushing me closer to the edge I didn't even realize I was already near. Seems I forgot myself with the door scare.
  59. "I'm sorry Liz, but I'm gonna come soon."
  60. Her giggle made me forget the fear I had felt, even if for just an instant.
  61. "Did Chris scare you?"
  62. So, she did notice.
  63. "A... Hah, lot, actually."
  64. "It's okay, next time we can focus on me."
  65. I gently placed my hands on her waist, slowly pulling them down until I could feel her thighs against my fingers.
  66. "Is it okay if I..."
  67. "Go ahead," Liz cut me off, "but only this time."
  68. Moving her entire body by her waist took a bit of strength, and I could feel my fingers dig into her skin, but my mind was giving in. I wanted release. Everytime she slapped against my thighs, a loud clap filled the room, and our otherwise mostly quiet session became noisy. Our moans filled the air, as I recklessly used her body to fill my needs. It didn't take long, as I slam her against me one final time, throwing my head backwards, as my orgasm overwhelms me. Pulling her against my crotch as hard as I can, I feel my throbbing cock unleashing all its contents inside of her. Pulse after pulse, I feel more and more of it leak out, as my testicles and thighs get warmer. By the time I finally lift her off of me, I see the mess we made extended well onto the floor. Muscles still vaguely spasming, I notice that Chris for once hadn't gone off to do her thing, but was actually standing right next to us, and had been watching for... Well, who knows how long.
  69. "Can you do it with me next time?"
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