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Harmony Order

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Feb 10th, 2019
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  1. The Harmony Order
  3. The Universe is filled with oppressor, imperialist, traitors and parasites. If you have meet us or be killed by us, firstly we are sorry for it, we welcome you be apart of us, then we will become comrades, your problems will be ours, what ever defeat or victory, rich or poor, we will never leave each others.
  5. If there is to be revolution, there must be a revolutionary battalion, and an ideology that guides them. We are the true battalion that serves for the people, that defends justice, to looking for a purge of this Universe, to restore the Universe to a better world. A true Harmony comrade should be dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be extincted. Wherever our comrades go, they must build good relations with the masses, be concerned for them and help them overcome their difficulties. We must unite with the masses, the more of the masses we unite with, the better. Our enemy can never understand that our names dont just representant an individual or a group, but a kind of spirit and faith.
  7. We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war. Our army has always had two policies. First, we must be ruthless to our enemies, we must overpower and annihilate them. Second, we must be kind to our own, to the people, to our comrades and to our superiors and subordinates, and unite with them. We hail from all corners of the world and have joined together for a common revolutionary objective.... Our cadres must show concern for every soldier, and all people in the revolutionary ranks must care for each other, must love and help each other.
  9. Without a doubt, we are the only and the true saviors of the Universe, we will restore justice and order to this world, every kill we do is by the name of Justice. Wherever there is struggle there is sacrifice, and death is a common occurrence. But we have the interests of the people and the sufferings of the great majority at heart, and when we die for the people it is a worthy death.
  11. Under this order, the people enjoy extensive democracy and freedom, but at the same time they have to keep within the bounds of Harmonist discipline.
  13. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future, we don't care about what you did before, everyone can become a Harmonist as long he follows our Harmonist discipline:
  15. -Speak politely and helpful for our comrades.
  17. -You are a man of your word, we do not hit or swear at comrades.
  19. -To reimburse our allies losses that we ourselves are responsible for
  21. -What ever you do or you say, you will spread the Harmony ideology to others, to grow our revolution.
  23. -Any oppressor, imperialist and its running dogs are our enemies, they must be defeated and be purged.
  25. -Our point of departure is to serve the people wholeheartedly and never for a moment divorce ourselves from the masses
  27. -Our duty is to hold ourselves responsible to the people. Every word, every act and every policy must conform to the people's interests
  29. -Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory
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