Black Clover Quartet Knights Deluxe Edition - ElAmigos

Sep 14th, 2018 (edited)
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Black Clover Quartet Knights Deluxe Edition (2018), 10.60GB

ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Codex). Updated till 25.04.2019 (Update 5).

DLC list: QK Royal Magic Knight Set - Mereoleona Vermillion, Royal Magic Knight Set - Wizard King, Royal Magic Knight Set - Blue, Summer Outfit Set, Yuno's Outfit, Knight Captain Set Overlay, Film Set: Joke, Film Set: Comedy, Film Set Bundle, Yami (Young) Early Unlock, Black Asta (Asta Outfit), Season Pass

Upload size / to download: 10859MB

RAR parts: 1000MB (interchangeable/compatible)

ISO image size: 10859MB

Number of compressions: only one

Data recovery: none

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese

Dubbing/Audio: Japanese



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