Optimization Guide Changelog

Aug 6th, 2019 (edited)
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While this Guide is more than a year old, it was recently requested that I make a change log so followers could keep up with changes.



v12 (Feb-19-2021) 1.16.5 Paper Build #470

  • Updated Bukkit settings to include all entity types (water, ambient, etc.)

v11 (Jan-8-2021) 1.16.4 Paper Build #394

  • Update water creature spawn rates (bukkit) after they play more significant survival roles in recent versions, and are more efficient than in 1.13/1.14.
  • Add no-tick-view-distance to Paper guide.

v10 (Aug-6-2020) 1.16.1 Paper Build #131

  • Removed plugin recommendations as they are not needed in 1.15+

v9 (Apr-20-2020) 1.15.2 Paper Build #201

  • Aikar startup flags re-evaluated for modern versions (and helps older versions too)

v8 (Dec-13-2019) 1.15 Paper Build #1

  • Added recommendation for tick-inactive-villagers: false

v7 (Sep-10-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #186

  • Updated plugin list to include EntityTrackerFixer

v6 (Sep-9-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #186

  • Added per-player-mob-spawns to Paper section and more information about how it can help performance indirectly.

v5 (Sep-3-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #186

  • Added section about "anti-lag" and recommended plugins.

v4 (Aug-21-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #175

  • Added note in Bukkit.yml spawn-limits about Paper's new per-player-mob-spawns and how it SHOULD be used to achieve single-player (expected/consistent) spawning mechanics.

v3 (Aug-16-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #171

  • Slightly dropped activation range for animals and misc (they don't need much)

v2 (Aug-7-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #162

  • Added new alt-item-despawn-rate from Paper

v1 (Aug-6-2019) 1.14 Paper Build #159

  • Guide as is from the date the Change Log was added.


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