Spergatron in CHS

Jan 29th, 2016
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  1. >Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?
  3. >AJ: "To be honest, there's a reason Anon sits alone Sunset."
  4. "Hmm, why is that?"
  5. >AJ: "Anon isn't the most "stable" of individuals."
  6. >The girls glance at the lone student.
  7. >"Hey Anon want to come over and play Vidya?"
  8. >Anon: "Fuck off I'm busy."
  9. >A smile appears on Sunset"s face.
  10. "You know what, I think he needs some friends that's all."
  11. >All the girls stare at her as she stands up but is stopped by a hand.
  12. >RD: "Um, Sunset. No offense but Anon is better off being alone."
  13. "So he's anti-social?"
  14. >RD: "No, he literally hates people. Dude is a douche."
  15. >Sunset glanced towards the back of the cafeteria and watch as Anon trips a student.
  16. >Spaghetti flies everywhere as the kid slides into the pasta.
  17. "So maybe he does seem a bit unstable."
  18. >FS: "He tried fighting a Stop sign while on Acid."
  19. "Seriously?"
  20. >FS: "I got video proof if that's what matters."
  21. >Sunset stared at the screen as a video of a naked Anonymous stood screaming at a stop sign.
  22. >Anon: "I'll have you know I graduated at the top of my class in the Navy Seals!"
  23. >The green boys rant is cut off as she pauses the video.
  24. "Alright, I believe that I've seen enough. Listen so maybe he is a bit rough He probably is really lonely."
  25. >RD: "Go ahead and try to talk to him. I won't be surprised if he starts trying to fight you. He's an edgy asshole."
  26. >Sunset gulped as she stood up and began walking towards Anon.
  27. >Here goes nothing
  28. >The green teen pays no mind to her as she walks up.
  30. >You are Anon
  31. >A red and yellow haired girl is currently walking towards you.
  32. >"Hey you must be Anon, right?"
  33. >Shit
  34. "What's it to you?"
  35. >She fidgets nervously.
  36. >"N-nothing that's all. I was just wondering why you're sitting by yourself."
  37. >You cross your arms before leaning back in your chair.
  38. "Maybe, I rather be by myself."
  39. >"But you don't want any friends?"
  40. "Nope."
  41. >"Why?"
  42. "Listen you already got your question answered. Why don't you skip back all happily towards your friends!"
  43. >You make sure to keep your voice low for no one else can hear your conversation.
  44. >"B-but you must be lonely sitting here all by yourself! I was just saying maybe we can hang out after school."
  45. >This chick isn't going to let go.
  46. >You swallow your pride as you glance up at her.
  47. "Fine. I'll hang out with you."
  48. >She grins before placing her hands on the table.
  49. >"Great, meet me and my friends in the front of statue."
  50. >What have I gotten myself into?
  52. >You finish your classes for the day as you begin to exit the school.
  53. >Instead of exiting through the front like you normally do, you decide to take a detour.
  54. >You head through the back of the school exiting to the soccer field.
  55. >You know you promised that red haired girl something but you have a knack for breaking promises.
  56. >You head towards the parking lot to your truck.
  57. >Entering it, you fix the rear view mirror before reversing.
  58. >As you pull out of the parking lot you pass by the front of the school.
  59. >You see the girl sitting by the statue accompanied by five other ones that sat with her during lunch.
  60. "Losers."
  61. >You stop by the Convenience store to get a pack of cigarettes before heading home.
  62. >You pull up into the driveway of your house.
  63. >You enter inside.
  64. "Hey Ma, I'm home!"
  65. >Oh yeah you forgot. Your parents are always away on business trips.
  66. >They're probably fucking on some random beach halfway across the world.
  67. >You head upstairs towards your room while removing your jacket.
  69. >You are Sunset.
  70. >You are currently waiting for Anon in front of the statue.
  71. >"Where is he Sunset? We've been waiting for an hour.", Rainbow Dash groaned.
  72. "He'll be here."
  73. >"I just saw him pass by in a truck an hour ago." Pinkie Pie said
  74. >"And why didn't you tell us?", AJ growled annoyingly.
  75. >"I thought he was gonna be back?", Pinkie Pie shrugged nervously before grinning at Applejack.
  76. "Can you guys stop arguing?", you scold as you get up and dust your jeans.
  77. >They follow you to your van as you unlock the doors and you all pile in.
  78. "I can't believe he did that."
  79. >"I told you so." Rainbow Dash says in a sing-songy voice
  80. >A smack is heard as Rainbow Dash clutches the back of head.
  81. >Pulling out of the parking lot, you start driving to drop off Applejack.
  82. "Even after I asked him if he wanted to hang and he said yes."
  83. >"Well, I mean Sunset don't feel bad, we all know Anonymous is a dick." Rainbow Dash says
  84. >"Hey Rarity, I never heard you say anything at all today about Anon." Applejack says looking back from her seat.
  85. >Rarity closes her mirror before glancing toward the front.
  86. >"I don't see why you want to befriend him so bad Sunset. I personally think that Anon is a ruffian who deserves to sit alone.", Rainbow Dash presses her hand against Rarity's mouth.
  87. >"Don't mind her, she's just a little angry at Anon for spilling grape juice on a dress she made."
  88. "Seriously? All over a dress?"
  89. >"Anonymous didn't bother saying sorry but instead walked away. Never have I met someone so rude."
  90. >You sigh as you stop the car.
  91. >"Thanks." Applejack gets out of the car slinging her backpack over her shoulder.
  93. >"Do any of you have Anon for their classes?*
  94. >"I do but he sits in the back sleeping." Rainbow Dash replies.
  95. >"Can you try talking to him and asking him why he was a no show today?"
  96. >"I can try."
  98. The next day at school
  100. >You are Anon and you are currently extorting a freshmen for money.
  101. >"S-so you'll protect me from the bullies if I give you money?"
  102. "No, no. I'll keep people from messing with you when I'm near you."
  103. >"But doesn't that defeat the purpose of a bodyguard?"
  104. "Do you want to get your ass kicked or not?"
  105. >"Hey Anon!" A cheery voice rang out.
  106. >You curse to yourself as you turn around.
  107. >It's the same goddamn girl from yesterday.
  108. >She goes in for a hug as you awkwardly hug her back.
  109. >"Where were you yesterday? Me and the girls waited for you for hours."
  110. "Oh um that. I was at home."
  111. >"You can't leave your friends hanging like that! Maybe we can try again today."
  112. >She waves goodbye as she walks away.
  113. >"I didn't know you had friends." The freshman whispers.
  114. "Shut the fuck up."
  115. >Sighting to yourself you begin walking to class.
  116. >Entering English, you start heading for the back of the class.
  117. >You sat in the back mostly because you liked sleeping in the back and no one bothered talking to you there which is a good thing.
  118. >A hand grips your jacket as you stop and glance down.
  119. "Let go of my shit nig- Oh it's you."
  120. >One of Sunset's friends. The one with weird hair.
  121. >"Mind sitting next to me today?"
  122. >You shrug as you take the seat to the left of her.
  123. >You don't mind you can sleep next period.
  124. >"So, I uh heard that yesterday you ditched Sunset yesterday."
  126. "Yesterday you ditched Sunset yesterday?"
  127. >"I'm getting a little tongue tied." She giggled.
  128. >She stuck out her hand before you reached over and shook it.
  129. >"Names Rainbow Dash."
  130. >"And you must be."
  131. "Anon," you reply quickly. So much for sitting by yourself in the back.
  132. >"That's all? Anon? No last names?"
  133. "I rather keep it to myself actually. Long story."
  134. >The door opens as the teacher walks in.
  135. >Ms.Cheerilee to be exact.
  136. >"Sorry, I'm late class I ran a bit into a traffic jam."
  137. >Sure you did, you were probably fucking that one football player.
  138. >"Now please take out the homework from last night that I assigned you."
  139. >Homework? You never did any homework.
  140. >Let's see last night, you browsed the web scouring for shit to fap to but nope. No homework.
  141. >"Psst.", you turn to your side as you see a paper being handed to you.
  142. >Rainbow Dash stared at you with a smile before winking at you.
  143. >You take the paper and set it on your desk.
  145. >You hear the door open and close again.
  146. >"Late again?", Ms.Cheerilee asked.
  147. >"Yeah, yeah whatever.", a male voice said.
  148. >You heard a few footsteps walk towards you before a hand slammed down on to your desk.
  149. >You flinch and look up.
  150. >One of the soccer players. The captain to be exact.
  151. >Blue spiky hair.
  152. >Looks like a douchebag.
  153. >In fact he is a douchebag.
  154. >Soarin' always tried to show off.
  155. >"Mind moving?"
  156. >You stare at him as he smirks at you.
  157. >See you would usually fight someone but today's not the day.
  158. >Maybe you're just in a good mood today. >You're a good boy
  159. "I was just moving."
  160. >You collect your stuff before standing up and begin moving to the back.
  161. >A hand stops you gripping your shoulder.
  162. >"What were you doing sitting in my seat anyways?"
  163. >You glance back at him. His smirk was instead replaced by a scowl.
  164. >Who the fuck does this guy think he is?
  166. >Whatever Anon he's not worth your time
  167. "Nothing, just copying some homework."
  168. >"So you were talking to my girl?"
  169. >"Soarin'? We're not even dating." Rainbow Dash says before Soarin' waves her off.
  170. >He smirks again before snatching your paper out of your hand.
  171. >Lifting it up in front of your face he puts it in both hands before tearing it down the middle
  172. >Alright, fuck being a good boy.
  173. >You instead step forward and throw a punch.
  175. Meanwhile in the hallway.
  177. You are Sunset
  178. >"What did you call me out of class fer exactly? If it's to try to talk to that Anonymous fellow count me out."
  179. "You too?"
  180. >"We had bad blood ever since that no-good rat broke my trucks windshield." Applejack exclaims.
  181. >"He even had the nerve to put a note that said he knows what's up with Big Mac!"
  182. "What's up with Big Mac?"
  183. >"That's what ah would like to know!"
  184. "Why isn't Big Mac doing anything about this?"
  185. >"You don't know this but Big Mac would literally beat anyone who dares look at me and Applebloom funny but wouldn't even lay a finger on Anon. If I ask him he'll say something about 'Cheerilee' and then stay quiet."
  186. >"Trust me. If he brings Big Mac into this. He's probably gonna bring in Applebloom and that's something ah don' want.
  187. >You walk towards Rainbow Dash's class before you hear shouting and crashing.
  188. "What's going on in there?"
  189. >"Probably something involving Anon. Ah wouldn't be surprised if Ahm right."
  190. >The door swings open as Soarin' slides across the hallway.
  191. >He was red-faced and bleeding from his lip.
  192. >Soarin' looks back frantically before standing up and running down the hall.
  193. "What's up with him?"
  194. >"ANON, STOP THIS INSTANT.", Cheerilee voice rang out.
  195. >"Ah told you." You glance back at Applejack.
  196. >"No fuck that, he gonna tear up my work after I took so long on it."
  197. >You look inside the room as you see Anon being held back by Rainbow Dash and Cheerilee.
  198. "What's going on here?"
  200. >Rainbow Dash looks at you as they restrain Anon. Cheerilee frantically shouting into the walkie-talkie.
  201. >Two security guards rush in before tackling Anon to the floor.
  202. >"Get the fuck off me! YOU DIDNT READ ME MY FUCKING RIGHTS!"
  203. >Rainbow Dash stumbles towards you as she catches her breath.
  204. >"A-Anon got in a fight with Soarin'." She says through breaths
  205. >Principal Luna peers through the doorway as Anon is struggling with the security guards.
  206. >She rubs her eyes and points them to the direction of the office.
  207. >"No, I will not submit! I have my rights. I was born here! I'm not a minority!", Anon shouts as he's dragged out of the room by the security guards.
  209. >Be Anon and you are currently getting scolded at by Principal Celestia.
  210. >"Anon, I know we had our differences but how about we set them aside for now and talk about your future."
  211. "I don't have a future."
  212. >Principal Celestia rubs her head while she stares down at your desk.
  213. >"After high school Anon."
  214. "Oh, well I was thinking of starting a cool band! You know. I play a mean kazoo."
  215. >"Anon, you might not even graduate High School. I may have to expel you for what conspired today." She gets up and starts pouring a mug of coffee before leaning against the desk and taking a sip.
  216. >"I know you aren't the one to behave but remember how you got kicked out of your old High School in Sophomore year?"
  217. "Yeah, I think I set a cross on fire in front of some exchange students home from Zebrica."
  218. >"Anon, youre grandmother is from Zebrica."
  219. "And that's why I consider myself lucky."
  220. >"You don't have blonde hair and blue eyes."
  221. "Maybe I was just a little unlucky."
  222. >"For Pete's sake Anon you're not even a skinhead!"
  223. "But I bet I'll make a good one!"
  225. >"Glad to join us Sister." Celestia says peering over your shoulder.
  226. >You look behind as someone else walks in.
  227. >It's Vice Principal Luna. Shit.
  229. >Be Sunset.
  230. >You are eavesdropping in on Celestia's conversation with Anon.
  231. >Vice Principal Luna did tell you to wait out here.
  232. >He does seem a bit of a dick.
  233. >"Anon, in order to keep you in line me and Luna are going to assign you someone to keep you from getting in trouble. I have managed to assign all your classes to hers and you will be sitting next to her."
  234. >Luna's voice pipes up.
  235. >"She will be logging your behavior. You are to listen to her if you get three strikes you will be expelled."
  236. >Luna glances at the doorway as she locks eyes with you.
  237. >She waves you over as you enter the door.
  238. >Anon glances back as his eyes widen.
  239. >"Um, Miss I rather get expelled."
  240. >"Nice try you are not getting out that easily.", Celestias voice says
  241. >You pull up a chair and take a seat next to him.
  242. >"Anon, this is Sunset. Sunset this is Anon."
  243. >"Sunset, you are to make sure Anon behaves in all your classes. We are trusting you because you used to be like Anon."
  244. >"You were a skinhead?"
  245. *smack*
  246. >"Ow"
  247. >Luna sits back down and smiles at you.
  249. >"Now then Sunset please escort Anon to your next class. I have already emailed all the teachers Anon's new schedule if he appears in a different class he will get a mark.
  250. "Yes, Vice Principal Luna."
  251. >You stand up as Anon follows, he grumbles as he follows behind you to go pick up his stuff in Cheerilee's class.
  252. "So, Anon are you ready for your new classes."
  253. >"Suck my dick."
  255. >Be Anon
  256. >After picking up your stuff from Cheerilee's class the bell rang.
  257. >Students filed out as the hallways filled with conversations.
  258. >You were thinking about maybe hiding out in the restroom but Sunset grabbed your jacket sleeve and dragged you along.
  259. >Students stare at both of you as she smiled and walked with you towards her next class.
  260. >Some giggles came from the crowds as people saw Sunset drag you. A physically stronger male to her class.
  261. >"Alright Anon next class is Chemistry!"
  262. "You know you're supposed to keep me in check not befriend me."
  263. >She glanced at you grinning
  264. >"Maybe you need a friend."
  265. "No thanks I got the company of my Bonsai tree Paul."
  266. >"I didn't know you liked gardening."
  267. "I don't, I just have a Bonsai tree named Paul."
  268. >She leads you to the chemistry class and sits you down at the back of the class.
  269. >She strolls up to the teacher and whispers something in his ear.
  270. >He was wearing some glasses. He also had grey hair and a beard.
  271. >She looks at you before frowning.
  272. >"Class, I would like you all to welcome a new student in our class. Not really new. He just had a slight change of schedule."
  273. >Everyone in the class turns around and stares at you.
  274. >"As you are aware you will be partnering up for today."
  275. >He begins walking down the row placing paper after paper of each student's desk.
  276. >She slams your paper on your desk and glares at you.
  277. >"Anonymous don't think I didn't forget about your little experiment. last semester."
  278. "What did I do again?"
  279. >"Anon, you made chlorine glass by 'accident'. After finishing up you turned to the Jewish kid next to you and asked him if he liked the gas."
  280. >Oh, now you remember.
  281. >"He almost sued the school."
  282. "That's why you shouldn't trust Jews."
  283. >He groans before walking past your table.
  284. >Sunset sits down next to you.
  285. >"Remember Anon I want you to behave."
  286. "Sure, I'll try."
  287. >"You won't Try.
  288. >She leans towards you and stares into your eyes. Her gentle smile replaced with a frown.
  289. >"You will."
  291. >Lunch time.
  292. >They're serving tendies.
  293. >Grabbing your tray you begin to make your way to your usual spot.
  294. >The back end of the cafeteria.
  295. >"Hey Anon!"
  296. >You turn around to the voice.
  297. >Oh its her.
  298. >Sunset waved you over.
  299. >She was sitting with Rainbow Dash and the rest of her friends.
  300. >Sighing to yourself you walk to them before Sunset pats the seat next to hers.
  301. >You slide your tray onto the table and sit down.
  302. >"Glad for you to join us, Anon."
  303. "I'm just getting tired of sitting by myself."
  304. >"Sure you are."
  305. >Sunset smirks as you begin eating your tendies.
  306. >"Want me to introduce you?"
  307. >She points to some chick with purple hair.
  308. >"This is Rarity."
  309. >She closes her handheld mirror ignoring you.
  310. >"Um, Rarity don't you want to say hi to Anon?"
  311. >She glances up to Sunset.
  312. >"No."
  313. >Ouch.
  314. >"This is Fluttershy."
  315. >She points to a girl with pink hair and a white tank top.
  316. >"H-hi Anon."
  317. >Her voice sounded fragile. She even looks fragile.
  318. >"This is Pinkie Pie."
  319. >A girl with really nice blue eyes and pink hair waves at your frantically.
  320. >"HimynameisPinkiePie.myfriendscallmepinkie."
  321. >Is her fucking space bar broken?
  322. >"This is Applejack."
  323. >She points to- oh god its her.
  324. >The Stetson chick.
  325. >She chewed on an apple glaring at you.
  326. >"I think you already met."
  327. "We already have."
  328. >Applejack spits out her apple before leaning back in her seat.
  329. >"Why hello there, Anonymous."
  331. >"So anyway girls. I brought Anon here for a little program Celestia is doing for him. I'm supposed to monitor his behavior. I was wondering if any of you would like to help me make Anon a more stable person?"
  333. >"I'll pass"
  334. >Rarity didn't even think about it.
  335. >"Me too"
  336. >Fine, I didn't want to hang out with you. Fucking inbred.
  338. >"I'm in."
  339. >Rainbow Dash grins
  340. >"I-I can try to help. Maybe he can h-help me at the animal shelter if he's okay with it."
  341. >Fluttershy says before looking down. Poor thing. She probably gets bullied.
  342. >"Pinkie Pie?"
  343. >Sunset looks around.
  344. >Turns out Pinkie Pie managed to sneak away.
  345. >"Wonder where she went?"
  346. >The lunch bell rang as people began filing out of the cafeteria.
  347. >You didn't even finish your tendies.
  348. >Sunset leads you to the next class.
  349. >Geology.
  350. >"Anon, you know Pinkie Pie? Well, this is her mother."
  351. >I bet Pinkie's mom is a real milf
  352. >unf
  353. >Wait you were wrong.
  354. >She's old.
  355. >Grey hair tied in a bun. Glasses on a pale face.
  356. >"You must be Anonymous."
  357. >Pinkie Pie told me all about you.
  358. >"Wait, she passed through here?", Sunset asks.
  359. >"Yes, she started rambling about Anon before she darted away to do god knows what."
  360. "Have you ever tried giving her medication? I never seen someone move so fast."
  361. >"I choose not to because I don't believe that will help her. Last time we tried that she was really depressed it just really broke me heart."
  362. >"Anyways, Anonymous I have heard about you."
  363. >She goes to her desk and sits down as the third Bell rings and students begin filing in.
  364. >"Just know I will not be having any bad behavior in my class. I will hate to see such a bright young man get expelled."
  365. >She called you smart. Hehehe.
  367. You take a seat in the back next to Sunset.
  368. >"Anon? Why do you like sitting in the back so much?"
  369. >You glance at her before looking at your worksheet.
  370. "People don't bother me here. Also I could sleep."
  371. >The third bell rang as students began filling the empty seats.
  372. >You stared at the doorway as students strolled through silently judging them.
  373. >Let's see. That one weird girl that wears that stupid cape when out of school. Crazy lesbian with blue spiky hair. Weird chick that argues a lot with her friend and is probably a lesbian. And then. Oh her. Derpy.
  374. >If you recall correctly she always had a massive crush on you. I mean you don't even talk to her and yet she blushes everytime you look at her.
  375. >She looks in your direction as her face turns crimson. She walks and takes a seat next to you.
  376. >"Um, h-hi Anon."
  377. >You glance at her as she nervously waves at you.
  378. "Hi."
  379. >"H-how are you doing today? "
  380. >Wow, she's really nervous.
  381. >Now that you think about it. She is pretty cute.
  382. "I'm swell."
  383. >"Attention class." Mrs Pie called out.
  384. >"Today we are going to learn about different rock formations and they're uses. Sedimentary rocks are-"
  385. >You stopped paying attention halfway through the lesson.
  386. >Mostly because you feel like you're being watched.
  387. >Shifting in your seat you begin scanning the room as you lock eyes with someone you got acquainted with in the morning.
  388. >Soarin'
  389. >His black eyes stuck out like a sore thumb. His lip had a noticeable swelling to it. He leaned over and whispered something to the guy sitting next to him.
  390. >Must be another soccer team player.
  391. >Now that you think about it. This school fucking sucks.
  392. >How did Soarin' not get in trouble when he started the fight?
  393. >The guy sitting next to him glanced at you before grinning.
  394. >You better start watching your back.
  396. >The day concluded as the final class ended.
  397. >Herds of students began filing out of the class before a hand gripped your wrist.
  398. >Sunset again.
  399. "You know school ended right?"
  401. >She grinned at you.
  402. >"Remember what you promised yesterday?"
  403. >What did you promise yesterday?
  404. "Um, I promised my mom that I was going to be home by five."
  405. >She giggles before clutching your arm.
  406. >"You promised to hang out with me and my friends."
  407. >Oh, yeah.
  408. >Tugging on your sleeve she leads you to the statue.
  409. >Rainbow Dash was sitting by the base with Fluttershy.
  410. >Rainbow Dash waves at you while Fluttershy just smiles at you.
  411. >"Sup Anon."
  412. >"Hi, Anon."
  413. "Hello."
  414. >"Applejack and Rarity couldn't make it. They were too busy."
  415. "Doesn't matter to me anyways."
  416. >You cross your arms and pout.
  417. >You were gonna spend your day masturbating to amputee porn but instead you have to hang out with three girls you hardly even know.
  418. >"We're taking my van. Thinking about heading to the mall." Sunset says before Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy follow you and her to the car.
  419. >"Do you want to go hang out at the record store? Maybe eat at the food court."
  420. >"U-um Sunset, can we stop by my house for I can drop off Angel."
  421. >Sunset opened the door as she motioned for you and Fluttershy to climb in. Rainbow Dash took shotgun as her seat belt clicked in place.
  422. >Taking a seat next to Fluttershy you glance at her confused.
  423. "Who's Angel?"
  424. >Fluttershy blushes before setting her backpack on her lap.
  425. >She unzips it before a small white head and two big ears pop out.
  426. >She gots a bunny in her backpack.
  427. >Angel glared at you before Fluttershy feeds him a carrot.
  428. >"This is Angel."
  429. >The van pulled out of the parking lot as she starts heading the opposite way from your home.
  430. >You didn't see the sad grey girl with funny eyes.
  431. >As you stare the out the window you glance at the students passing by.
  432. >"S-so Anon, what do you want to do when we get there?"
  433. >Why does Fluttershy always stutter when she talks?
  434. >The van slows to a stop as Fluttershy gets out.
  435. >She has a really nice house. Way nicer than the dump you live in.
  436. >Eventually Fluttershy gets out again and begins walking towards the van again.
  438. >"So Anon what type of music do you listen to?", Rainbow Dash asks with a grin.
  439. "Music." You flatly respond.
  440. >"No, I mean what type of music."
  441. "I don't have a specific genre."
  442. >"Do you listen to rock?" She asks obviously interested in you.
  443. >You shrug your shoulders.
  444. "Sure, I guess."
  445. >She lights up as her eyes widen and a grin that can rival that autistic pink blur from yesterday.
  446. >"Really! Cause you know me, Fluttershy, and Sunset are in a band!"
  447. "Really, that's nice."
  448. >"Do you play any instruments Anon?" Fluttershy asks curiously.
  449. "I play a mean kazoo."
  450. >The van leaves the curb as you guys continue your journey to the mall.
  451. >You swear you heard someone whisper.
  452. >"You can play with my kazoo."
  454. >Sunset pulls into the parking lot as Sunset searches for a parking space.
  455. >After finding you, all four of you exit the van and head inside the mall.
  456. >Like always the mall was full of teens. Some of them wearing uniforms.
  457. >Your old school, Crystal Prep.
  458. >As you all begin walking to the record store you can't help but notice all the eyes glare at you. Most of the glares came from the Crystal Prep students.
  459. >You really don't know why they're so angry. You swear you didn't write a swatsika in front of the school.
  460. >You enter the record store as you see the weird lesbian with the blue hair at the counter. She was at Sunset and Rainbow Dash before she freezes at you.
  461. >Weirdo.
  462. >You and Rainbow Dash headed to the back whole Fluttershy and Sunset began checking out the instruments.
  463. >You hear loud rock music being played before you turn the corner.
  464. >Scanning the shelf you find a record before plugging some earphones and begin playing the music.
  465. >Rainbow Dash stands next to you as she plugs in hers also.
  466. > [YouTube] Rancid - New Orleans (embed)
  467. >"Hey I didn't know you liked Rancid!", Rainbow Dash says happily.
  468. >You listen to the music before you feel a pair of hands wrap around your eyes.
  469. >Ones that weren't Rainbow Dash's.
  470. >"You really thought you could get away that easily?"
  472. >That voice.
  473. >You can't help but recognize it.
  474. >Grabbing their wrist you pull them off your face before turning around.
  475. >Nope.JPEG
  476. >"What's the matter Anonymous? You're still a punk after you left Crystal Prep right?"
  477. >Indigo Zap.
  478. >You and her always had a feud.
  479. >Most of the times if was petty arguments or fistfights.
  480. >Rainbow Dash grins at Indigo.
  481. >"Sup, Indigo."
  482. >"Rainbow, are you seriously hanging out with this loser?"
  483. >Rainbow Dash shrugs before placing the headphones back on her head.
  484. >"Anon's a nice guy if you get to know him."
  485. >"Mind if I borrow him for a while?"
  486. >"Go ahead."
  487. >Why have you forsaken me.
  488. >Indigo grabs your sleeve before beginning to drag you out of the store.
  489. >You frantically wave at Sunset and Fluttershy who were too busy checking out the guitars.
  491. >"What about this one Fluttershy? Are you sure you don't want to try this one?"
  492. >Sunset held up a Pink guitar.
  493. >"I was thinking of something more soft."
  494. >Fluttershy nervously looks around before leaning into Sunset.
  495. >"S-Sunset what do you think of Anon?"
  496. >Sunset glanced at her before grinning slyly
  497. >"He's a cool guy, why are you asking? Do you like him?"
  498. >Fluttershy blushes before nodding.
  500. >Indigo drags you by the sleeve to the food court.
  501. >"Hey girls! Look who I found heading back to the store!"
  502. >Indigo shoves you toward the group as you stumble forward.
  503. >Sour Sweet giggles at you before Waving flirtatiously.
  504. >Lemon Zest wasn't even paying attention to you preferring to listen to her shitty Post-hardcore than look you in the eye.
  505. >Sunny Flare rolled her eyes before looking back down to her cellphone
  506. >Sugarcoat swallowed a bite from her food before glancing at you.
  507. >"Indigo, I'm pretty sure we all hate Anonymous."
  508. "I see you still are an uptight cunt, Sugarcoat."
  509. >She glares at you before resuming to eating her sandwich.
  510. >Indigo wraps an arm around your neck before giggling.
  512. >"Anon, you remember that time when you accidentally' smashes my window of my new motorcycle."
  513. >"I'm pretty sure Motorcycles don't have windows."
  514. >"Shut the fuck up, Sugarcoat."
  515. >Her arm wrapped tighter around your neck.
  516. >"Remember how I promised not to press charges unless you do me a favor?"
  517. >"Well, I want that favor now."
  518. >You sigh before grabbing her arm and removing it from around your neck.
  519. "Fine. But after this no more favors."
  520. >Indigo grins before leaning back on the table.
  521. >"You know that one guy I dated back in Sophomore year?"
  522. >You nod. If you remember correctly she dated some guy named Trenderhoof?
  523. >You always hated that guy.
  524. >He was such a pretty boy.
  525. >Always making comments on your shoes.
  526. >Your hair.
  527. >Your goddamn clothes.
  528. >You guys wore a fucking uniform and yet he made fun of that too.
  529. >You couldn't even fight him because his parents paid a ton of money to the school.
  530. >He can shit on the teachers desk and the teacher will be the one getting fired.
  531. >"Well, we broke up a few days ago. Last time I checked he actually cheated on me before we broke up."
  532. >This isn't gonna sound good.
  533. >"So I got to thinking. Why don't YOU teach him a lesson?"
  534. "What do you want me to do?"
  535. >Indigo glances back at the girls before looking at you.
  536. >"Follow him and snap photos of him with multiple girls."
  537. >"Send the photos to me. I'll print them out. I'll post them on the school bulletin board. Trenderhoof's reputation will be ruined and he'll have the rage of a dozen girls after him."
  538. >Ruin your worst enemies reputation and bury the hatchet with Indigo? Okay.
  539. >You nod before Indigo hands you a slip of paper with her number on it.
  540. >Heading back to the record store you meet up with Sunset and the rest.
  542. >"Hey Anon, where you been?" Sunset asks.
  543. "Just meeting some old friends."
  544. >Friends.
  546. >After exiting the mall you all pile in the Sun-mobile
  547. >"So Anon, what's the deal with you and Indigo? Are you guys in looove." Rainbow Dash says from the front.
  548. >Next to you, Fluttershy looks at you with a worried look.
  549. "No, we never dated. In fact me and her fought a lot."
  550. >"Was this before the Friendship Games?", Sunset said as she kept her eyes on the road.
  551. >Now that you think of it. You did kind of attend the Friendship Games while you were at Crystal Prep.
  552. >By attend you mean that you smoked pot all day with that Stoner girl in the janitors closet.
  553. >She almost gave you a handy.
  554. "Yeah."
  555. >"Well, that explains it considering the fact we didn't get along with the Crystal Prep Squad either." Rainbow Dash replies before placing her feet on the dashboard.
  556. >Reaching your hand in your pocket you feel the note next to your cellphone.
  557. >You forgot that you have to call Indigo after you get home.
  558. >After directing Sunset towards where you live, you get out of the van.
  559. >You didn't really tell them where you actually lived.
  560. >You made them stop a street away and you acted like you were heading inside but stopped before ringing the bell.
  561. >As the van drove off you chuckled to yourself in victory.
  562. >The door to the random house opened as a stranger stood at the doorway.
  563. >You froze as you locked eyes.
  564. >"C-can I help you?"
  565. >Aw shit, you go to school with her.
  566. >Stepping back slowly you keep staring into each others eyes.
  567. >You back up into the sidewalk before turning around and sprinting home, not looking back.
  569. >The next day, you wake up and do what you need to do to get ready for school.
  570. >Mostly cry in the shower because you have no drug money.
  571. >Trudging downstairs you open the fridge and grab the whiskey bottle that your dad left.
  573. "Finders Keepers," you say as you take a swig.
  574. >Swallowing down the liquid you start coughing as it burns your throat."
  575. "Too strong, I repeat too strong."
  576. >You decided to stop the burning sensation by drinking more Whiskey.
  577. >"What the fuck is wrong with me?" You think to yourself as you toss the now empty bottle in the trash.
  578. >Slinging your backpack over your shoulder you lock the door to your home and climb inside your truck.
  579. >You can already feel the effects of the alcohol already building up.
  580. >You're not drunk after all you can handle your alcohol.
  581. >You back out of the driveway taking out your mailbox while at it and drive down the street to school.
  582. >Honks and swerves are heard as people scream at you.
  584. >"You're driving the wrong way asshole!"
  586. >You crank up the heavy metal station as you take out mailboxes, trash cans, and the occasional stray animal.
  587. >Your music is then interrupted by static.
  588. >Grumbling to yourself you twist the knob as you start feeling more lightheaded.
  589. >Looking up you notice Canterlot High appearing in your vision.
  590. >You drive onto the lawn as you slam the brakes in the truck barely missing a few students.
  591. "I DESERVE A VIP PARKING SPOT", you shout as you jump out of your truck.
  592. >And by jump I mean tumble and land on your face in the grass.
  593. >Dusting yourself you get up whistling a happy tune and walk into the school ignoring the stares of the students staring at the truck casually parked on their front lawn.
  595. >Be walking down Canterlot stumbling against lockers while trying to get to your homeroom.
  596. >"ANON!"
  597. >Oh no here comes the Queen bitch herself, Sunset.
  598. "Yes honey?"
  599. >"Don't honey me! Why do you smell like alcohol and why did you park the truck in front of the school! You could've killed someone!"
  600. "Shame I didn't!"
  601. >You start putting in the combination to your locker as you ignore Sunset freaking out.
  602. >"Anon, I'm supposed to be looking after you!"
  603. "You know what Sunset? I just realized, I remember back in October, Flash parked his Camaro in front of the school also!"
  604. >"That's because he didn't come close to killing a whole group of students while doing it."
  606. >"W-what does race have to do with any of this?"
  608. >"Anon, you're fucking green?"
  609. >Sunset proceeds to rub her temples in frustration.
  611. "Thaaaats fucking raaacist."
  612. >You say slurring your voice as your breath hits Sunset's nose.
  613. >"A-Anon? Why does your breath smell like whiskey?"
  614. >You feel the locker press against your back as she shoves you.
  615. >"What the fuck Anon are you drunk?"
  616. >She pries open your mouth before taking a sniff of your breath.
  617. >"It is whiskey! Anon how much did you drink?!"
  618. "Yes."
  619. >She grabs your arms and proceeds to drag you to her first class.
  620. >Dragging you to the back she forces you to sit down.
  621. >"Anon, you know if Luna finds out your drunk she'll expel you right?"
  622. "I didn't know that Sunset, I thought they were gonna suck my fat enormous cock and give me the key to the city!"
  623. >An impatient cough is heard as you look up and see the whole class staring at you.
  624. >Cheerilee was tapping her foot in annoyance.
  625. >"Umm, he's a little tired."
  626. >Sweet Sunset is vouching for you.
  627. >She rolls her eyes before resuming to teaching.
  628. >Sunset grabs the back of your head before turning you to face her
  629. >"Anon. Please focus."
  630. >This was gonna be a long day.
  632. >Lunch time comes
  633. >Students pour into the cafeteria to eat the shitty food you hate a lot.
  634. >You are Anon and your head hurts a lot.
  635. >Every single facial expression you did or word you uttered was met with a sharp pain ringing throughout your head.
  636. >Sunset held the sleeve of your jacket as she dragged you towards her table.
  637. >Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie sat at the table.
  638. >"Hey girls wheres Applejack and Rarity?"
  639. >Pinkie Pie pointed toward a table across the cafeteria where Rarity and Applejack sat with their family.
  640. >Sunset tugs on your sleeve as she makes you take a seat next to her.
  641. >Pulling out a sheet of paper she reads through the contents.
  642. >"Alright Anon first thing on the list. Get you some friends."
  643. "But I already have friends."
  644. >"We don't count
  645. >Ouch
  646. >She pointed to the table where Rarity and AJ sat at.
  647. >"Go apologize to Rarity and Applejack."
  648. "Why do I need to apologize?"
  649. >"BECAUSE It's on your list."
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