I lub them trolling.

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  2. InAmberClad: 你好 (Hello)
  3. taaitaai09: hello
  4. InAmberClad: 您TF2OP? (You from TF2OP?)
  5. taaitaai09: the l4d2 game
  6. taaitaai09: yes
  7. InAmberClad: 我的英語是可怕的。(My English is horrible)
  8. InAmberClad: 你說什麼? (What did you say?)
  9. You have accepted the trade request from taaitaai09.
  10. taaitaai09: i don't speak that language
  11. InAmberClad: 你叫我傻嗎? (YAre you calling me dumb?)
  12. InAmberClad: u call mi dumb?
  13. taaitaai09: no?
  14. InAmberClad: 1 key?
  15. taaitaai09: yes
  16. InAmberClad: What that
  17. InAmberClad: 1鍵是什麼 (What is 1 key?)
  18. taaitaai09: i offered 1 key and you reeplied: add me
  19. InAmberClad: 1 key = bud?
  20. InAmberClad: my english bad. sry.
  21. InAmberClad: 一位朋友寫的,對我來說。(My friend wrote on my profile.)
  22. InAmberClad: dc
  23. taaitaai09: so do you sell l4d2 for 1 key?
  24. InAmberClad: u say something?
  25. InAmberClad:
  26. InAmberClad: That is key in Chinese?
  27. taaitaai09 is now Offline.
  28. taaitaai09 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  29. taaitaai09 is now Online.
  30. taaitaai09 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  31. taaitaai09: my internet fell away
  32. InAmberClad: ??
  33. taaitaai09: i lost internet connection
  34. InAmberClad: 你是妓女嗎?(Are you a prostitute?)
  35. taaitaai09: but you want an earbuds for l4d2?
  36. InAmberClad: 什麼是 EARBUDS? (What are EARBUDS?)
  37. taaitaai09: thats what you siad
  38. taaitaai09: nvm
  39. taaitaai09: this will never get to a trade
  40. taaitaai09: so goodbye
  41. InAmberClad: ??
  42. InAmberClad: 你是妓女嗎?我支付 1 KEY (Are you a prostitute? I pay 1 key)
  43. taaitaai09: i don't speak chinese
  44. InAmberClad: 你是妓女嗎? 1 Key / L4D2 ? (Are you a prostitute? 1 Key / L4D2)
  45. taaitaai09: yes
  46. InAmberClad: 我想裸體照片。(I want naked pictures)
  47. taaitaai09: i'm not a prostitute
  48. InAmberClad: what is prostitute?
  49. taaitaai09: 你是妓女嗎?(Are you a prostitute?)
  50. InAmberClad: 你會說中文嗎?(Do you speak Chinese?)
  51. taaitaai09: no
  52. InAmberClad: 你來自哪裡? (Where are you from?)
  53. taaitaai09: i used google translate
  54. InAmberClad: 你剛才談到中國。(You just spoke Chinese)
  55. InAmberClad: 什麼是 GOOGLE TRANSLATE? (What is Google Translate?)
  56. taaitaai09: 再见 (Bye)
  57. InAmberClad: 等待 (Wait)
  58. InAmberClad: 等待!! (Wait!!)
  59. taaitaai09: then stop speaking chinese!
  60. InAmberClad: 種族主義?
  61. InAmberClad: Are you a prostitute? I pay 1 Key.
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