Anon - Bro-house outside the house

Aug 25th, 2014
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  1. >Such a beautiful day for bro-house things
  2. >Except this ti-
  3. >”Aagh!”
  4. >You fall flat on your face as you trip over a root
  5. >You can hear some giggling and laughter behind you as a few of your bros and some of the mares walks past you as you get back up
  6. >Squeak hovers in the air next to you while smiling happily
  7. “You trip a lot”
  8. >”You think?”
  9. >Squeak nods as the sarcastic remark escapes her and then joins into following the others as you pick up the pace to catch up with the group
  10. >You are Anon and today the bro-house decided to join in on some of the mares venturing out into the nearby woods
  11. >It’s you, Virgo, Pepper Dust, Moon Dust and Waspy
  12. >Operator had something to do with Virgo and Gemini was away on travels, and Acteus was with Actias doing something
  13. >You finally catch up to the group who’s stopped at a clearing and glance at what the mares are doing
  14. >Minty seems to be discussing spices and herbs with Pepper Dust, while Hexferry looks around the brushes for something. Golden Corral and Moon Dust seem to be talking about something, with Moon Dust looking very red and embarrassed for some reason. Butterscotch is telling the 4 young mothponies in her company to not wander around too far while Squeaks is behind her, making funny faces while mimicking Butterscotch talking.
  15. >As you sit down on a fallen tree you notice Virgo sneaking behind Hexferry
  16. >He positions himself directly behind her and then suddenly lunges forward
  17. “Oh no I tripped on a ro-“
  19. >He does not get to finish his sentence as a glaring Hexferry bucks him on the chest with her hind hooves, sending him flying backwards a bit and onto the ground
  20. >Waspy shakes his head while Hexferry grumbles and stomps off to look at another brush
  21. >Moon Dust now walks away from Golden Corral as she walks up to Minty and Pepper Dust
  22. >You have to smile how his shyness eases when ever he’s talking about spices
  23. >Moon Dust walks up to you and sits next to you on the fallen tree trunk, still looking a bit blushed
  24. >”So, I take it Goldie said something interesting?”
  25. >Moon Dusts face goes beet red once again
  26. “N-no!”
  27. >You can’t help but to laugh a bit which makes Moony give you a glare while crunching his mouth
  28. “What’s so funny?”
  29. >You and Moon Dust now turn to look at Minty who’s left Pepper Dust and GOlden Corral together
  30. >You are surprised that you do not find Pepper blushing like mad with Golden Corral looking at him seductively, but to see that Pepper Dust is pointing at random plants while talking to the nodding Golden Corral
  31. >”Nothing much, tried to see what got Moony here blushing like a mare in heat”
  32. >Moon Dust squeaks once at you while sharpening his glare with his ears flat against his head
  33. >Minty giggles with her hoof in front of her mouth
  34. >She opens her mouth to speak but then a loud yelp makes all of you glance at Hexferry
  35. >Only to find her fallen down with Virgos face against her butt and WaSpy looking at the sight in shock
  36. >Hexferry gives the angriest glare to Virgo as he gets up and holds his hooves in front of him
  37. “Hexferry wait this time it was an actual accide-“
  38. >Hexferry gives Virgo a mighty slap before starting to squeak angrily at him
  39. >Waspy just shakes his head and turns to look at the brush behind him and search through it with his hooves while Virgo tries to get a word in between Hexferrys angry squeaks, without any success
  41. >Even the 4 fillies are pointing and laughing
  42. “It is always fun to see those two get along”
  43. >You and Moon Dust both look at Minty who’s now smiling happily
  44. >”I don’t think they are exactly getting along...”
  45. >Moon Dust nods
  46. >Minty just giggles once again behind her hoof and then sits down next to Moon Dust
  47. >You keep looking at the Squeak/Butterscotch combo, where Butterscotch is giving a lecture to Squeak who sits on the ground looking sad, but comically so
  48. >Huh, where are those kids now?
  49. >You look around and find them right away
  50. >Orange Pop is with Waspy, Dandelion is looking at the now sulky looking Virgo and Flower Tart is talking to Golden Corral
  51. >Wait, weren't there 4 of them?
  52. >No wait, you spot Marron down next to you, reading a book while resting against the trunk you, Moon Dust and Minty are all sitting on
  53. >What’cha reading?”
  54. >Moon Dust and Minty now take notice of him as well and look at him while he turns his head to look up at you
  55. “Just this book”
  56. >And with that he turns back to look at his book
  57. >You look at Marron for a while but then decide to look somewhere a bit more
  58. >All the walking got you more tired than you want to admit
  59. >You glance at Virgo and find Hexferry and Waspy talking something about a certain plant they found while Dandelion giggles while sitting on Virgos back, who looks a bit sulky now
  60. >Orange Pop is nowhere to be seen
  61. >Hexferry and Waspy now walk over to Golden Corral, Pepper Dust and Flower Tart with the plant
  62. >Virgo does not follow, no matter how much Dandelion seems to be telling him to move
  63. >Moon Dust starts to laugh and you soon join in as Dandelion pulls on Virgos mane while Virgo looks unamused
  64. >Butterscotch rushes to Virgo and starts to talk to Dandelion
  65. >Dandelion listens, but then puffs her cheeks and turns to look away from Butterscotch angrily
  66. >Butterscotches brows furrow a bit and then she apologizes to Virgo while fussing at Dandelion
  68. >Virgo shakes his head and then rubs the back of his head while saying something to Butterscotch which makes her blush a bit
  69. >You are unsure what it was
  70. >You turn your head at the sound of laughter and find Squeak doing a silly dance with some sort of a head dress she pulled together from random plants while Golden Corral, Pepper, Hexferry, Waspy and Orange Pop all laugh while Squeak pulls funny faces to go with her dance
  71. >You smile as well and hear Minty give a giggle
  72. >Before you can begin to wonder where Flower Tart is you notice she’s now sitting next to Marron, trying to peek at his book every now and then, much to Marrons annoyance
  73. >Starting to feel a bit tired, you decide to stand up and stretch your legs
  74. >You make your way to Virgo and Butterscotch
  75. “No, Dandelion wants to sit on Virgos back!”
  76. >Butterscotch shakes her head a bit while Virgo looks more amused than annoyed now
  77. >”So, what’s going on here?”
  78. >Virgo and Butterscotch look at you while Dandelion proceeds to now lay on Virgos back lazily, making Butterscotch sigh
  79. “I’m trying to get Dandelion off of Virgos back but she’s not co-operating...”
  80. >Virgo shakes his head
  81. “Nah it’s ok Butterscotch, I don’t mind”
  82. >This makes Dandelion smile happily and hug Virgos neck while Butterscotch tilts her head
  83. “Well if you say so...”
  84. >Virgo now gives you a smirk
  85. “So Anon, you able to actually maintain your balance now?”
  86. >You shrug and Butterscotch turns to look at you with some concern on her face
  87. “You did not get hurt did you? The last fall looked painful”
  88. >You shake your head
  89. >”Nah, I’m built tough so no worry”
  90. >You try to flex a bit but fail at it, making Butterscotch let out a soft giggle
  91. “You sure are~”
  92. >Butterscotch suddenly blushes while her eyes go wide as saucers as you stare at her with surprise
  93. >Virgo on the other hand is now grinning like an idiot at Butterscotch
  94. “See, I told you you were picking up bad habits from Caramel”
  96. >Butterscotch scrunches a bit now
  97. “That was just a slip of the tongue...”
  98. >Before any of you can say anything Dandelion speaks up again
  99. “Slip of the tongue? Butterscotch has a slippery tongue?”
  100. >As Butterscotch starts to explain it to Dandelion while Virgo makes Butterscotch feel uncomfortable with his grinning at what Dandelion said you decide to go check on some other moths
  101. >You walk up to the now blushing Pepper Dust who’s in Golden Corrals company
  102. >Hexferry and Orange Pop are now doing something together while Waspy seems to have joined Minty and Moon Dust on the trunk
  103. >Golden Corral turns to look at you as Pepper Dust sneezes
  104. “Hi Anon, Pepper Dust was just telling me about some interesting uses for some of these herbs and spices~”
  105. >Pepper Dust gulps and you can already guess the hole he dug for himself here
  106. >”Oh, they must be rather interesting then, those uses...”
  107. >Golden Corral leers at Pepper Dust with her bedroom eyes and scoots a bit closer to him, making him back up equally much
  108. “Pepper, why won’t you tell what you just told me about that plant you are holding?”
  109. >Pepper Dusts blush deepens as he looks very uncomfortable, with his ears going flat a bit
  110. “I just said it because you kept asking...”
  111. >Pepper Dust now looks at the ground to avoid Golden Corral’s smirking gaze
  112. “It’s a natural aphrodisiac for mares...”
  113. >You glance at the plant and quickly make a mental note what it looks like
  114. >Just in case
  115. >Golden Corral now eases on leaning towards Pepper Dust, who seems thankful for it, and now leans against you while faking feeling faint
  116. “Oh Anon, whatever will we do, Pepper is studying all sorts of naughty things...”
  117. >Pepper Dust glares at Golden Corral
  118. “I only told you because you pestered me...”
  120. >Golden Corral now leans back off of you and then leans against Pepper Dust, making him squeak
  121. “Maybe I should pester you with other things as well?”
  122. >Pepper Dust now goes back to staring at the ground while letting out a shy squeak of discomfort which makes Golden Corral giggle and then rustle his mane a bit as she gets off him
  123. >You decide to switch company again
  124. >Minty is now talking with Hexferry on the trunk, chatting about something, and Orange Pop has joined Flower Tart, much to Marrons annoyance it seems
  125. >As you look around you suddenly hear Waspy calling out to everyone
  126. “It’s getting pretty late, we should start heading back to the village”
  127. >All of the moths agree and start to make their way towards the village again
  128. >Some of them are flying, some of them are walking, and one of them is now sleeping on someone’s back
  129. >You pick up the pace to join the chatty group as Squeak signs for you to come over
  130. >All of you will most likely go straight to the bro-house for some snacks
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