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  1. tell application id "com.figure53.qlab.3" to tell front workspace
  3.     repeat with myCue in (selected as list)
  4.         set myDuration to duration of myCue
  5.         set myDuration to myDuration - 25
  6.         set myQName to q name of myCue
  7.         set myCueID to uniqueID of myCue
  8.         set myNum to q number of myCue
  9.         set post wait of myCue to myDuration
  10.         set continue mode of myCue to auto_continue
  12.         make type "script"
  13.         set warnCue to last item of (selected as list)
  14.         set q name of warnCue to myQName & " WARNING"
  15.         set q number of warnCue to ""
  16.         set script source of warnCue to "
  17.     (display dialog \"Did you cue the flyman?\" with icon 1 ¬
  18.         buttons {\"OK\"} default button \"OK\" cancel button \"OK\")"
  19.         set warnID to uniqueID of warnCue
  20.         tell parent of warnCue
  21.             move cue id warnID to after cue (myNum as text)
  22.         end tell
  24.     end repeat
  25. end tell
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