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  1. Hello all of Cayte's server, I'll try to make this quick. I am leaving and thus. I am taking all of the cat faces! MWAHAHAHA!!! (If I haven't done this, too lazy, this is being pre-written btw) But that's not all of this message. I wanna talk about why I am leaving. For one, this place has surprisingly has gotten worse. And two, certain people within the server. I won't go over all the details but I will for one person: Thomas. Bravo Oatz, you've done it again! Been a complete ass! So, let's get to the details
  3. So from the beginning of when he first joined, I was okay with him joining, and you can check dms between me and him along with Cayte, I was trying my best to help. Except Star someone stood in the way. So: I made a compromise as so both of them stay in the server, get an equal punishment, and would learn to stay in the server together peacefully. If it wasn't for me in fact, Cayte would have just decided "Idc, he'll just stay out". My plan ended up working obviously, he is in the server now, but I want to call this my mistake now
  5. A few days after, he is already up to trouble. This is a little controversial topic, which is why I wanted to keep it out of the server. drugs. Weed, cocaine, even tobacco, whatever it is, we want to try and leave it out of the server since this place has risen up from several support servers (L&S, YNA, L&S;NB). There are people like me who have had abusive parents or brothers who did some form of drug and did something horrible after. In my case, my brother trying to stab me. So: Oatz decided to talk to Gerard  about the best way of going to get weed. I would be okay with this in dms, but it was in the server. And on top of that, it made someone uncomfortable to the point they left, after they asked Oatz to not talk about it. Seeing this, I came in and real quick just asked him not to put anymore of that stuff in the server as was shown- Makes others uncomfortable. His response sums up to "No, there are no rules on it, you're just bossing me around, and your experience was a 'personal' experience". In case y'all aren't aware like Oatz is, my problems with my druggie family, be them stealing or something radical like death threats and abuse/screaming is not isolated and happens with others. This, I could have banned him for probably, but despite his already thin ice for his past, I let him stay
  7. Next is more of a personal incident, though parties are alright with sharing, as Oatz and Del basically made their relationship public over and over. I went into Oatz's dms after finding out this relationship and just asked him something simple. Before this, I asked him about Becca in which he replied he had "Unofficial relationships" with her basically, in which if she wasn't dating someone irl, it was basically them dating unofficially. All I asked him was for del's sake, stop the unofficial crap with Becca, and told Del to watch out basically. If you don't consider what he's has done in the past, I think it would be best to set this down for Del, as Del has been through some hard relationships. In response, he basically says "It pisses me off you still hold a grudge and antagonizing me for something that happened months ago" 1) That thing you did months ago made Cayte more suicidal and depressed, so why should I not again when you're dating someone who has had trouble with relationships?!?!?! 2) I do this for Del, not to attack you. 3) Not only did you just be a dick to me, but you didn't even give confirmation that you wouldn't stop the unofficial relationships. Once again, I probably could have gotten him banned by talking to cayte, but once again didn't
  9. This is my little second final thing. Though I understand where this came from, the fact he said this doesn't just forgive what he said. Even in a joking way. So once again, we come from several support servers, I'm sure half of us at least has been suicidal once. I remember this not too clearly, but I think I alluded to what he did those months ago. In response, instead of just calmly asking me not to talk about this, saying he's changed, he screams out to me "GO COMMIT BREAK RULE 13!" For those who don't know what rule 13 is, it's basically the "Don't die rule". This is when I should have banned him the most but I still decided against my guts not to to try and keep peace, even though I really should have just rid of him
  11. This will be my last little rant before I go. Last night. at least at the time I'm writing this, he posted a picture that was... per say nsfw and a cursed image. I'd prefer not to share it but I'll get the details down real quick. I deleted it after he asked me once if it was okay, obviously the answer being no. He brings in madison bc she is allowed to post those things but then cayte deletes it. For some reason I am blamed by both of them and again Oatz posts it in anon's pictures, but it gets deleted by cayte again. Madison tries chewing me up saying she would kick me for a day and tried intimidating me despite us being equal power. I didn't mind it at first but it nagged at me, so I vented in LoH. This is where things turn worse. I just let out a quick "Kinda angers me she thought she had more power and continued to go after me despite knowing Cayte deleted it" and apparently, Oatz's flood gates go wild. Now, since I didn't want it nagging on my head, I deleted his rant as 1) the only reason for me viewing there would be for people suicidal or need help and 2) didn't need it there to read. I mean, I'm not supposed to see it anyways, no?
  13. But that's the problem, he sees my rant and comments on it. "The problem is you're still in power and acting like an ass, you're the reason all this drama happens, you get pissy over everything, saying I'm on 'thin ice' when I posted this:" (This image was of a dog drinking something that said "I wanna die juice" after he captioned it before with "Cayte irl" in voice chat) Which was me more or less getting defensive for cayte, being her friend. So I can see him being pissed over that but to then say it's alright bc of rule 13 (Rule 13 gets edited by Neko to change it the rule to "Unless you're cayte") is not alright. "I hope you know that, you're the problem, THE SERVER HAS BEEN CONSIDERED FOR DELETION BECAUSE OF YOU, HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY", 'GO FUCK YOURSELF' pretty much, yada yada, I don't think I need to continue. The only thing I didn't say there really was with his small rant about me doing ?ban to someone. I didn't even do it to him, so unsure why he got pissy over that.
  15. To put into basics, I'm leaving because of Oatz for being a cunt despite every single warning, and I hope you enjoy what you've done. If any of you have a problem, PLEASE, feel free to dm me and try to defend him. I'm not taking his shit. I'm ready to see the server perish because of him. If you wanna defend someone that says "Go kill yourself" to someone, by all means, TRY. It ain't workin' with me.
  17. With all the rage of a draconic fire
  18. ~Cyrus
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