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  1. F-Chat Log: Roselyn Laquedem, Wed Apr 20 2011 23:40:41 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
  3. [13:34 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Ohhh snakeslut~
  4. [13:36 PM]Nikth: Ah, yes. You. Hello!
  5. [13:36 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: I think I might have something you want~
  6. [13:39 PM]*Nikth perks. "And what's that, exactly?"
  7. [13:41 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem gives a little grin, putting a hand down to her groin. One could see a small bulge though from the head of the shaft peeking out, and then the glint of a ring at the base. "Tap on demand. The broodqueen gave me a ring."
  8. [13:43 PM]*Nikth blinks. She notes that shaft, tongue playing gently over her lips. "...So many presents, today. Tel gives me a pool of his cum I can submerge completely in, and you offer to be my personal cum-tap. Awfully sweet of you, dear."
  9. [13:44 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem chuckles. "Offered? I presented it to you. Now, you're aware of the idea of equivalent exchange yes?" The hand continues to stroke over the shaft. "I have something that you want...you give me something that I want? Sound fair?"
  10. [13:46 PM]*Nikth squints at the dragonborn, clacking her jaw from side to side. Snake suspicion has gone up 120%. "...What do you want from me in return, red?"
  11. [13:48 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem taps a finger on her jaw. "Hmm. That's a very good question. I've got something in mind, of course, but I'd like to see just how desperate you are for this cum. What would you offer to give me?"
  12. [13:49 PM]*Nikth blinkblinks. "Had you made this offer /before/ I got that wading pool, probably anything. Now, though? ...Dear, you're gonna have to make me an offer."
  13. [13:50 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: (Bastard Tel :x)
  14. [13:52 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem raised a brow. "You're saying this cock is worth nothing? You have to be in the cave to enjoy the pool, while this is cum on demand. On the go, if you will. Don't act like you don't want this."
  15. [13:53 PM]Chat connection interrupted. Trying to restore, one moment!
  16. [13:53 PM]Chat connection restored.
  17. [13:53 PM]Chat connection interrupted. Trying to restore, one moment!
  18. [13:53 PM]Chat connection restored.
  19. [13:54 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem raised a brow. "You're saying this cock is worth nothing? You have to be in the cave to enjoy the pool, while this is cum on demand. On the go, if you will. Don't act like you don't want this."
  20. [13:54 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Besides, the pool /will/ run out. I know this.
  21. [14:01 PM]*Nikth clicks her tongue. Okay, she had a point... it probably wouldn't take long for her to start trying to drink the contents of that pool. It may not even survive the week, if the dragon wasn't meticulous about keeping it filled for her. "Well, you said you had something in mind, I want to hear it! I'm not denying that having a source of his cum walking around nearby wouldn't be useful. Hell, you're weak-willed enough that I can just sweep your legs whenever I want some."
  22. [14:05 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem chuckled. "You caught me off guard then. Very well, here's my offer. I want you begging. When you need a drink, I want you slithering on your stomach, begging for my cum...calling me Mistress~ I want a slutty snake at my every behest and command. That doesn't sound like too much, does it? Your will for a sip of seed?"
  23. [14:10 PM]*Nikth stares at Rose, an expression of absolute apathy staining her features. "...You... want /that/. Yes, right." The snake walks a few steps forward, pressing her fingers against either of the dragonborn's breasts; each one is tugged in separate directions, pinched at the nipple, and gently twisting. It should become extremely evident that the snake smelled very strongly of sex and of cum, enough so that it invaded her senses if she focused too much on it. "I have a better idea. You get on your knees, and start stroking yourself off."
  24. [14:12 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem simply smiled, at least, before Nikth took a hold of her breasts. "What the...you bitch!" The dragonborn would have tried to resist more, but being tugged by your tits, especially sensitive, fucked ones like those made it a glaring weakness. She dropped to her knees alright, but out of reaction, not of free will. "Gaah..you..you fucker...I'm not going to...to do that in front of you!" She tried to push the snake away, though this made things worse, tugging even more on her nipples. "Don't..don't wanna...you supposed to be...be my..my whore.."
  25. [14:17 PM]*Nikth leans down, pressing her lips firmly against Roselyn's. She made a mental wager with herself, seeing whether she could break the dragonborn's will without the use of hypnosis. She knew that it was an ace in the hole, for if she needed it, but for a creature so easily manipulated... she should certainly be able to wreak havoc on her psyche. That tongue slips between her lips the moment the opportunity arises, squeezing over those breasts, pinching, twisting, tugging. She'd fuck the dragonborn, sure. Hell, she'd even suck that cock, maybe even ride it. It wouldn't be in a way that Rose felt dominant, though.
  26. [14:19 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem grunted as snakelips met her own, feeling a thick length invade, pushing aside her own smaller, useless appendage aside to feel around her mouth. "Mpph! Nnngh!" she said indignantly, the taste of...cum? being smeared all over her mouth. And still, the snake was teasing her tits, was...ahh fuck yes! Yes, she loved it! She loved having them played with...she....nnnn...wasn't she supposed to be doing something to the snake? Right. Cock. What was she supposed to be doing with cock? Mmm...her breasts were on fire....the nubs being tortured second by second now. Her hands drifted down the lengthening erection...
  27. [14:29 PM]*Nikth twists her tongue around its counterpart soon enough, rubbing that thick, musky flavor right into it, flooding her senses with even more thoughts of sex. Thoughts of fucking. That's what she wanted to do; she wanted to fuck the snake, to bury that erection wherever she could that was warm and inviting. Her fingers - 'hell, might as well experiment' - dig in against those nipples, wedging her thumbs inward to try and penetrate deep. She'd only just had a serving of sweet, delicious dragon cum; she could cater a little to the sexually-depraved dragonborn before taking what belonged to her. The snake's tail hikes up high, presenting herself for Roselyn, but keeping each of those sweet, satisfying destinations far out of reach for her kneeling form. She'd have to work for that kind of release. Work that she seemed eager to do, now that she had the proper motivation...
  28. [14:33 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem would whisper something along the lines of "Oh Christ, oh fuck, oh what's going on with me..." But instead, all she coudl really think about was musk in her mouth, in her sinuses, moaning as thoughts of burying the heated bone she had deep into a wet snatch. Say, like a snake burrowing into somewhere warm. As the cobra's claws slip past the loose nipples and deeper inside those breasts, one could actually heard Rosie moan, even muffled by snakemaw. There is a slow leakage of milk, drip drip drip, as the dragonborn shudders in pure, unrestrainted pleasure. Her hand, now on top of her erection, beginning to stroke and stroke, precum forming at the tip. As a whole the dragonborn was desperate, was needy...she wanted her tits to be tortured more, she wanted to fuck something....all this contributed to a movement towards the snake, trying to get on top of her....and fuck until the born dropped from exhaustion.
  29. [14:38 PM]*Nikth was enjoying watching that reaction, at how easily her body swayed to the lecherous thoughts flooding through her mind. And then, just like that, the snake would pull away - her tongue and fingers each escaping with a wet pop each, a foot planting itself against the dragonborn's stomach, and pushing her backwards, hard enough to disrupt what must have been a very delicate balance. She keeps her tail planted against the ground, in case the limb was grabbed, but she doubted that the red had the coordination to outmaneuvre her in this sort of situation. Once she has her separation, she'd retreat a few steps, and hiss her response. "That's how easily I can break you, dragonborn. If anyone is the 'mistress' in our relationship, it's me. Your mind is mine to mold how I see fit."
  30. [14:40 PM]Chat connection interrupted. Trying to restore, one moment!
  31. [14:41 PM]Chat connection restored.
  32. [14:44 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem should be fairly ashamed how she was disarmed. Against bullets, knives, and enemies trying to kill her she was fairly good sport, but when confronted with a more sensual touch...christ, did her resistance fall. Tumbling over onto her rump as the snake gave her a shove, the dragonborn caught herself with her arms, panting heavily, leaking milk trails all over her stomach from the two heaving breasts. One could see the cock jutting straight up as well, as if in desperately need of attention, throbbing and twitching slightly. "No...no..you bitch, get away from me!" She tried to crawl back feebly. "If you think...think you're going to fuck with my mind..or..or something, I won't let you!" Oddly enough, she now had one hand around her cock and was beginning to stroke.. Perhaps taunting the snake with it had been a bad idea. "Christ, what's happening to me? Why am I....nnnngh....don't come any closer!"
  33. [14:49 PM]*Nikth smirks. She could continue from a distance; Rosie seemed more than capable of tearing down her own defenses, while leaving the snake free to think of ways to further torture her once those first walls came crashing down. "Oh, but /dear/, you've got a thick, throbbing cock, though! Wouldn't you just love to bury that in my tight little ass, and grind me into the ground under the power of your thrusts? ...Or, would you rather I pin you on your back, and stretch my sopping-wet cunt over it, and milk every ounce of dragon seed out? Would you prefer that?"
  34. [14:49 PM]Chat connection interrupted. Trying to restore, one moment!
  35. [14:49 PM]Chat connection restored.
  36. [14:49 PM]Chat connection interrupted. Trying to restore, one moment!
  37. [14:49 PM]Chat connection restored.
  38. [15:06 PM]Nikth: ( You get that last one? )
  39. [15:06 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Nope :x
  40. [15:11 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: (Repossst?)(
  41. [15:12 PM]*Nikth smirks. She could continue from a distance; Rosie seemed more than capable of tearing down her own defenses, while leaving the snake free to think of ways to further torture her once those first walls came crashing down. "Oh, but /dear/, you've got a thick, throbbing cock, though! Wouldn't you just love to bury that in my tight little ass, and grind me into the ground under the power of your thrusts? ...Or, would you rather I pin you on your back, and stretch my sopping-wet cunt over it, and milk every ounce of dragon seed out? Would you prefer that?"
  42. [15:16 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem moaned as Nikth began a verbal assault on the dragonborn's mind, causing a swirl of pictures to appear in her imagination. The snake moaning lustily, sticking a claw or two in the born's breasts while Rosie bucked her hips, her bending the snake over with her famed flexbility, rutting without abandon as she roared her dominance to the heavens.... "Nnngh..gods...I need to..I need to ffffuck..." It was surprising how such a collected and previously taunting dragonborn was now reduced to begging, though it might have been apt justice. With the claw stroking faster and faster, the redborn began to move towards the snake of her own accord. "I..can't..can't stand it anymore...gonna...need to cum...need to f-fuck..."
  43. [15:41 PM]Chat connection interrupted. Trying to restore, one moment!
  44. [15:41 PM]Chat connection restored.
  45. [18:05 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Fall asleep, snakeslut?
  46. [18:27 PM]*Nikth has been forcibly recruited into an anti-intelligence exercise. She estimates that she will be running at full capacity within the hour.
  47. [18:27 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Fufufufufu~
  48. [22:09 PM]*Nikth may have slightly shortchanged the amount of time it would take to recover from that.
  49. [22:10 PM]*Nikth resolves that she did not say which hour she would be running at.
  50. [22:10 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Mm hmm.
  51. [22:10 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: 'Within'
  52. [22:12 PM]Nikth: ...
  53. [22:12 PM]*Nikth resolves that you should shut your silly mouth.
  54. [22:15 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Mmm~
  55. [22:16 PM]*Nikth revises that. Your silly /whore/ mouth.
  56. [22:18 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem hisses. "What?!"
  57. [22:18 PM]*Nikth grins. "You heard me. You practically drool second-hand semen."
  58. [22:19 PM]Palshife Sakura connected.
  59. [22:20 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem growls. Unfortunately, this is true. "As if I /want/ to do that! Your..Master..has made me!"
  60. [22:21 PM]*Nikth squints. "And yet, I've never /once/ seen you rebel. Stockholm syndrome tends to take more than a few days to set in, sweetheart."
  61. [22:23 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem lifts her tail. "And how would you propose I be bed, hmm, snakeslut?"
  62. [22:23 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: fed*
  63. [22:27 PM]*Nikth grins. "I don't mean rebel in the sense that you try and fight the dragon; that's just foolhardy. I made sure to find and watch you, for your last shift. That starstruck expression never left your face, the whole time I was looking. Like you were so entirely satisfied by anonymous worker dragon cock that you'd never leave, even if the door was open for you. You /love/ it, don't you? To be filled and covered with hot, sticky cum? I hardly think you'd be able to go back to regular food."
  64. [22:39 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem was enraptured by the way Nikth said 'anonymous worker dragon cock'. It wasn't her fault, she thought. She couldn't even see whoever was fucking her, just grunts, pants, hisses, and finally the sigh of relief as whoever was fucking her emptied the load of cum. Had the snake been watching her? How had...the view was easy enough, of course, but how had the cobra escaped her attention? She wasn't that out of it during the shift, was she? But deep down inside, she knew she was. Between the Salzaroot pumped into her veins and the blissful existence of cum and eggs, she knew nothing but fucking day after day. And it showed on her face. "Fuck...fuck you, you don't know..you don't know anything! You don't know what it's like...how..how good it's like..." Gods, she just got wet thinking about it.
  65. [22:45 PM]*Nikth reaches up, gently stroking against the red's cheek. It isn't /meant/ to be condescending, but it sure feels that way. "No? You don't think I know how it feels to swell with cum, to feel eggs start to form even as someone spreads you around them?" Granted, she didn't know what salzaroot felt like, but to betray that point was to betray her advantage. "Be still, my sweet. Here... get on your knees. It must have been hours since you've last fed." The cobra carefully and methodically strips off her shirt, the garment being dropped in a haphazard pile beside her. Her shorts, however, would be an obstacle for Rose to take care of; she figured the dragonborn would delight in unwrapping her lewd present with her own fingers. It was already starting to get a little hard, for her...
  66. [22:49 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem certainly feels talked down to, like being given a stern admonishing by an authority figure. Mmm..god, the snakes words were so sweet. Swell with cum? Check. Feel the pangs as life began to form, feel the eggs growing, watch oneself get nice and big...and then lay the eggs out, coughing up cum all the while. She was almost just drooling at the thought of it. How did the snake know the right words to choose...and indeed, it had been hours since she had last fed. The taste of cum was almost gone from her mouth. Surely she could just take the time to replenish it. Claws gingerly grasping the waistband of those shorts, she began to pull it down, eagerly, almost feverently, eying the swelling prize inside. Oh my...a nice, fresh cock~
  67. [22:55 PM]*Nikth smirks, fighting the urge to reach down and stroke herself in front of the red. There would be quite enough attention headed its way soon, she certainly didn't feel as if it was necessary to speed things along. "Go on, pet. Worship my cock." It was /difficult/. So, so very difficult, not to just shove it into her face, to pin her down and rape that battle-scarred mouth like it was the last touch she'd ever feel. But she couldn't, not yet, not just yet... she needed to wait, to wait for that mind to crumble, for those defenses to falter, so she could slip in and start laying the groundwork for what would be something much greater. And for that, she needed that mind to still work. For now, anyway. No sense in stealing a car without an engine. "Pay your respects."
  68. [22:58 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem swallowed beginning to extend her tongue to the base of the shaft and lick upwards in one long practiced movement. It would appear she had quite a big of expertise in helping scaly cocks cum onto her face. The word pet seemed alien to her. She wasn't a pet...she was....what was she? A soldier? A breeder? She remembered fighting....but she remembered laying eggs, drinking cum..she remembered cocks. Right, cocks, of all shapes and sizes, in her tailhole,in her mouth, always in her cunt, sometimes fucking her nipples...and there was one right in front of her! "...what am I doing?" she wondered, even as she held the length in front of her, precum dripping onto her face, "...Nikth..what..what are you doing to me...I can't..can't..." She gave it another long lick. "This can't be right...I'm off-shift....why...why cocks.."
  69. [23:07 PM]*Nikth hisses down at the dragonborn, that heavy rod drooling warm, sticky ooze against her tongue and snout. The snake's tail whips around Roselyn's body, smacking against her back with a loud crack. The sound was much worse than the sensation, though; she'd used the rubbery underside of her tail instead of the harder, outer shell, so as to reduce impact. It was a mercy she wouldn't be receiving a second time. "You're sucking my cock, broodslave. Don't think. Don't reason. Obey." If she wasn't being mentally assaulted, the red would probably notice the cobra having a slightly difficult time keeping herself stern and upright, likely a result of that smooth tongue dragging along her length. "Obey, and I'll make your darkest fantasies vivid reality."
  70. [23:12 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem let out an uncharacteristic yelp as the tail slapped across her back, pushing the dragonborn forward and into the snake's cock even more. It was laying across her snout now, precum leaking down to her jaw underneath her eye. She couldn't help but lick it up, finding herself more and more enarmored with the taste. "Nnnuh..nuuh...cock..suck..." she moaned, giving the length another lick and wiping it clean with her snout. Oh gods, she wanted this so badly, wanted this length....her maw began to engulf it, giving it a home in the depths of her mouth, defiling and soiling her muzzle. Part of her said this wasn't right, that the cobra wasn't going to let her go....but she was too far gone to listen Mmm...dribble dribble suck suck...this popsicle had a nice, musky flavor to it... She looked up at the snake, coming off the cock with a popping noise. It was hard to figure out why she shouldn't be doing this..it was much simpler to just understand she was supposed to...her head bobbed down again, moaning over the shaft.
  71. [23:20 PM]*Nikth rolls her snout forward, hissing out in satisfaction. "Yessss..." She briefly consults the part of her in charge of the complete defilement of the dragonborn, to see whether or not she could finally start contributing to the experience; it would not be reached for comment, as... well, frankly, she was surprised the dragonborn's mentality was so easily crushed. But then, she was only treading on ground already paved by the dragon, capitalizing on tendencies that she already had... she'd have to continue to experiment with Rosie. You know. /After/ blowing her load down that eager, needy throat. That tail pulls back again, preparing to whip her a second time for disobedience... but, it proves unnecessary, the red going right back for those thick, throbbing inches. Her hips finally start to roll against the 'born's mouth, trying to pin that tongue with her glans, and grind into it, to pin it to the bottom of her mouth while it wriggled beneath. Her hands curl around either earfin, firmly and affectionately rubbing over them, tracing over each little nook and cranny for weaknesses to exploit later. She already knew it was a source of great pleasure for her... but, she knew enough of those, for now. She needed to figure out how to harness them, to control her.
  72. [23:23 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: (Psssh, am I making this too easy?~)
  73. [23:23 PM]Lyndane disconnected.
  74. [23:25 PM]Nikth: ( Folded like a house of cards. :P )
  75. [23:26 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: (Tch. Will have to fix that~)
  76. [23:30 PM]*Roselyn Laquedem could feel the cock pressing in, sandwiching her tongue down, which responded by making its best attempt to curl around the body of the shaft, to grab it and squeeze, as if stroking it with a miniature hand. It was a technique she had picked up from servicing several dozen males and all seemed to respond rather well to it. Well, as well as one can by cumming down a 'born throat. She'd soon end up fairly gargling that shaft, finding it poking around the back of her throat as the full eleven inches filled her sinuses with musky snake scent. And now the hands on her fins. This was familiar. She remembered the snake stroking them before, teasing them with gentle caresses, trying to get her to...to what...? Her memory was a little fuzzy there. It was hard to think past the block, hard to try to explore what had been going on...especially as each tug of the webbing sent a spike of pleasure through her mind, each knead of the frill was like a flick on one's slit. Wait. Snake. Snakeslut. Snakesalut was trying to do something. She had a cock too. Pieces jumbling together in her mind, even as she drank down heady cobra pre-cum. Wait. Wasn't she supposed to be fucking the snake? Bargaining with her? "Mmph..." she muttered, "Mmph...not..not right.." Her eyes looked up, into those hefty tits and amethyst eyes. Hypnosis. The snake could...was she using it? What if it wasn't just her eyes? But her voice? "Nuh...nuh..no...no can't..can't.." She tried to drag her maw off the wet and dripping cock. "Find...find dragon...must stop..." Telroth could stop this, he could take the snake out. She had seen it happen before.
  77. [23:34 PM]Nikth: ( Hey, I wasn't /complaining/~ )
  78. [23:38 PM]Roselyn Laquedem disconnected.
  79. [23:38 PM]Roselyn Laquedem connected.
  80. [23:39 PM]Roselyn Laquedem: Psst. Can you send me a log real fast through pastebiun?
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