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Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. v0.0.2
  3. Additions, changes & balancing
  5. Basic Manual Save and Load system implemented.
  6. Basic Difficulty Selection Implemented - VERY basic, all this currently adds is a starter-pack of inventory items (not too much, but good for a quick play!).
  7. Hives now have a targeting reticle which displays their health.
  8. Splintermites can now be (semi-auto targeted) smashed into Hives.
  9. Smashing Splintermites into objects now also deals damage to those objects - Experimental - may be taken out in future releases if FPS drops too much.
  10. Improved visuals for Splintermite Hives and their destruction.
  11. Improved visuals for Teslinium Crystals.
  12. Your health now regenerates whilst in your Eden Kit bubble. The amount/rate increases with the Eden Kit Shield level.
  13. Pistol, Rifle, and Gauss Cannon Ammo now stacks up a lot more in the Inventory.
  14. Eden Kit Beam is now 3 times taller to be more visible from greater distances.
  15. Materials have been through a balancing system pass, meaning that their drop chances, statistics and how much Power they convert into are now altered - note - this is Experimental.
  16. You can no longer build on the 8 blocks around your Eden Kit reserved for re-spawning. This fixes problems where the player could spawn inside buildings and get stuck. Foundation visuals have also been improved to show this - Experimental - this may be changed at a later date to enable spawning anywhere within the Eden Kit shield.
  17. Death Screen shows some basic gameplay statistics - Experimental - this may be changed at a later date dependant on game mode, but works for this skirmish mode.
  18. Added a 3rd crashed Eden Kit into the world.
  19. The two extra Eden Kits now appear in the world at random intervals (your default one appears as normal).
  20. New Initialising screen visuals.
  21. Splintermite amounts have been re-balanced.
  22. Everytime hives level up, the distance in which the Splintermites can reach you will also increase. So you may find that you encounter few Splintermites in the first couple of nights, however as they level up, more Splintermites will be able to reach you.
  23. Trees now drop 2 or 3 material shards (depending on size).
  24. Build hologram now highlights supporting structure.
  26. Bug fixes
  28. Fixed a problem where the Initialising screen would get stuck on.
  29. Fix for the game launching with a black screen and crashing.
  30. Fixed a crash which would occur when you mine and then move out the area and quickly re-enter.
  31. Splintermites now take falling damage.
  32. Trees and rocks now regrow consistently.
  33. Fixed a few collision issues where you could potentially fall through the world.
  34. Fixed an area where you could get underneath the level.
  35. Fixed several parts of the world where you couldn’t build structures.
  36. Enemy Targeting reticles now do not show enemies who are hiding behind objects.
  37. Fixed an issue where the sustained blast upgrade wouldn’t deduct Materials from your inventory.
  38. Fixed an issue where sometimes enemies would not attack the player base.
  39. Fixed an issue where some Splintermites were stuck underground.
  40. Fixed an issue where sometimes the AI would fail to spawn.
  41. Fixed an issue where the AI would not attack once the Hive had been destroyed.
  42. Fixed an issue where occasionally a Hive would not respawn.
  43. Increased chances of Hives respawning.
  44. Improved areas where the player could build but AI did not have a path to reach the Eden Kit (please bear in mind that this is an ongoing process!).
  45. Mouse inversion value is now remembered and applied.
  46. Fixed a bug which enabled ammo to convert into insane amount of Eden Kit Power.
  47. Fixed Construction Menu incorrect build amounts for Consumables if you had partially full stacks of ammo.
  48. Fixed Construction Menu Stack amount of Build Items when reaching limits of the stack.
  49. Tool no longer gets in the way of some Menus.
  50. HUD/Helmet Damage indicators disappear properly on respawn.
  51. Fixed a bug where you couldn’t deposit that last material into the eden kit to fully upgrade it.
  52. Fixed an issue with Quick-Craft on uncreated items (such as the absorbed Eden Kit and Easy mode starting inventory) where they give incorrect outputs.
  53. Rock debris chunks now timeout a lot quicker.
  54. Fixed an issue where the Critical Damage indicators wouldn’t disappear after Regenerating health.
  55. Fixed an issue where Tesslinium might not be present in your Eden Kit when starting from a New Game.
  56. Miscellaneous fixes and improvements to level asset placement.
  57. Fixed some issues with the Eden Kit Compass Landmarks not showing up, or showing up when they’re not wanted.
  58. Fixed a bug where the Death Screen appears over other UI’s.
  59. Non-interactive tree stumps will no longer show Material collect chance.
  60. Screen resolutions now pulled from the graphics card to allow people to run their native resolutions.
  61. Fixed ground decals (cracks on the terrain) appearing over foundations built on top
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