Strawberries and Apples

Mar 20th, 2018
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  1. “And then- Heh, and then you remember…?”
  2. >“Yep, sure showed those varmints, didn’t we?”
  3. >Strawberry clutched her belly and threw her head back into the cool grass.
  4. “Sure did.”
  5. >She looked over and met her girlfriend’s eye.
  6. >The emerald green eyes, glittering under the starlight, held her in a loving gaze.
  7. >Strawberry rolled over and tucked herself into Applejack.
  8. >Applejack shuffled forward so they were intertwined.
  9. “You smell like apples.”
  10. >Applejack blew out a breath from her nose.
  11. >“Yep, that tends ta happen.”
  12. >Strawberry tucked her head under Applejack’s chin and drew in a deep breath.
  13. “I hate apples.”
  14. >“Why you-”
  15. “But I like one Apple.”
  16. >Strawberry enjoyed the heat that started to radiate from Applejack’s face.
  17. >“Shucks. I suppose that yer just about the only Strawberry I can stand.”
  18. >Applejack’s lips pressed against Strawberry’s forehead.
  19. >“Even if yer a pain in the keister.”
  20. “Think that’s funny, do you?”
  21. >“I reckon I do, just a bit.”
  22. >Strawberry’s lips curled back involuntarily into a smile.
  23. “You’re just an honest Apple through and through huh?”
  24. >“Heh. Suppose ya could call me that.”
  25. >They laid back and looked up into the darkened sky, content and finally at peace.
  26. >Strawberry couldn’t remember the last time she had had such a view of the glittering stars, nor the feeling of cool grass that tickled her fur and the warm body pressed up next to her.
  27. >The warm body turned onto it’s side, and Applejack’s glittering green eyes appeared in her vision.
  28. “Need something, Jackie?”
  29. >Applejack didn’t turn away with a blush or stutter out a poor lie like she usually did when Strawberry caught her staring.
  30. “Is… Everything okay?”
  31. >Her gaze lingered for a few moments more.
  32. >“Why’re you doin’ this to yerself, Sunny?”
  33. “Doing what-”
  34. >“Now don’t try and place innocent, y’all know better ‘n ta lie ta me.”
  35. >Strawberry closed her eyes and turned away from the cool marble grave marker.
  36. “It’s because I know… When I look over at you, I just…”
  37. >Strawberry bit her lip.
  38. “I just can’t take it, Applejack.”
  39. >Breathing became difficult as the familiar pressure just behind her eyes built again.
  40. “I know when I look at you you’re just a rock, but… Let me pretend, please?”
  41. >The warm body returned, as did a hug that wrapped around her barrel.
  42. >“You know I ain’t a liar.”
  43. “P-please.”
  44. >Strawberry hated the tremble in her voice.
  45. >Strawberry felt her grip on her tears loosen as she turned towards the grave stone and started to sob into it’s cool surface.
  46. >She wrapped her hooves around it and watered the flowers just underneath her.
  47. “Just l-lemme pretend, Jackie, just lemme pretend… Please.”
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