MPL FTR (First time resolution) Macro

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  1. Dear (UserFirstName),
  3. Thank you for contacting us, your ticket number is (ticketNum) .
  5. We are very sorry to see that you are unsatisfied with (ProductName), and that the (PresentIssue) occurred.
  7. As we value your time and your relationship with our company, we would like to initiate a return process.
  9. What is a return process? It is basically a process in which we would request all the information that would be required for us to process your request and provide the needed assistance in the quickest manner possible, for your convenience.
  11. After the information we request is provided, we will decide if the item needs to be returned to us, all in goal of making the process faster for you, and provide you with a return label if needed.
  13. Would you be so kind to provide us the following information in order to initiate the Return Process? If there is any information that you might not have/are not able to provide, leave it as blank.
  15. - Your full name
  16. - Your home address
  17. - A copy of the receipt/a picture of the order confirmation email
  18. - A picture of the device
  19. - A model number of the device
  20. - Was the item registered for extended warranty?
  22. Furthermore, please let us know which outcome would you prefer the most. (Replacement, repaired item...)
  24. We are looking forward to your response, thank you in advance.
  26. Don't hesitate to get back to us, if you have any further questions.
  28. Best regards,
  30. Nikola A.
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