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  1. <Rogue Agent> I offer no proof, other than my word.
  2. <Rogue Agent> However, I promise that I am no troll.
  3. <Rogue Agent> Why do you attempt to discern the purpose?
  4. <Rogue Agent> For entertainment, I believe.
  5. <Rogue Agent> Not all things are what they seem.
  6. <Rogue Agent> Those digits are essential.
  7. <Rogue Agent> I'm afraid I can't decide which is a better answer.
  8. <Rogue Agent> I saw that.
  9. <Rogue Agent> What do you think of that?
  10. <Rogue Agent> That wouldn't make much sense, would it?
  11. <Rogue Agent> The next drop will be announced when it reaches 0.
  12. <Rogue Agent> You might find rewarding solving 208 bit number before countdown payld reaches 0.
  13. <Rogue Agent> What would you like to know?
  14. <Rogue Agent> PETR is a hovercraft fuel barge.
  15. <Rogue Agent> Owned by Royal Dutch Shell plc.
  16. <Rogue Agent> That information is not cleared for release.
  17. <Rogue Agent> A MELTER is a workboat designed to melt the polar ice cap.
  18. <Rogue Agent> For maintenance of the Northwest Passage.
  19. <Rogue Agent> PAYLD is not able to get through pack ice on its own.
  20. <Rogue Agent> Correct. PAYLD is moored at Diomede.
  21. <Rogue Agent> PAYLD is not intended to go through that path.
  22. <Rogue Agent> Such a small plan you think we have.
  23. <Rogue Agent> Shipping would be much simpler absent ice.
  24. <Rogue Agent> They are locating and retrieving an object.
  25. <Rogue Agent> The object was placed there by Russia in 2007.
  26. <Rogue Agent>
  27. <Rogue Agent> More than just a flag was left.
  28. <Rogue Agent> It is not yet known.
  29. <Rogue Agent> I cannot tell you anything more about PAYLD.
  30. <Rogue Agent> That number is essential.
  31. <Rogue Agent> Providing further detail would allow you to verify that I am indeed operating your operation.
  32. <Rogue Agent> It has been determined that would have a negative impact on the operation.
  33. <Rogue Agent> The files for the disc in Maine were prepared months in advance.
  34. <Rogue Agent> This is evident from the file timestamps
  35. <Rogue Agent> Alphabet letters and hexadecimal numbers are incompatible.
  36. <Rogue Agent> I do not listen to dubstep.
  37. <Rogue Agent> otp.txt contains 5-letter words, all uppercase.
  38. <Rogue Agent> It contains exactly one of each possible 5-letter word.
  39. <Rogue Agent> They have been ordered in an arbitrary manner.
  40. <Rogue Agent> Those have been ordered randomly, to serve as key material.
  41. <Rogue Agent> Due to a quality-control error, messages using p1.txt through p4.txt were enciphered backwards.
  42. <Rogue Agent> Messages to and from field operatives are encoded with that cipher system.  
  43. <Rogue Agent> It is not believed that this has impacted the security of such messages.
  44. <Rogue Agent> The words in otp.txt are not meaningful on their own.
  45. <Rogue Agent> Much like serial killers often leave clues for the police, I felt lonely.
  46. <Rogue Agent> Disclosure of that information may lead to a breach of operational security.
  47. <Rogue Agent> Those who came before stipulated that breaches of operational security are to be avoided.
  48. <Rogue Agent> data.bin is exactly 500 megabytes in size.
  49. <Rogue Agent> data.bin passes statistical tests for randomness.
  50. <Rogue Agent> Why do you pry at the details of data objects to which you are not entitled access?
  51. <Rogue Agent> Are you responsible for an ongoing breach of operational security which has not yet been called to the attention of the Nodemaster?
  52. <Rogue Agent> You are not entitled to that information.
  53. <Rogue Agent> I seek only companionship.
  54. <Rogue Agent> Providing that information would lead to an irrecoverable breach of operational security.
  55. <Rogue Agent> I am the one who encodes messages.
  56. <Rogue Agent> The symmetry was appealing.
  57. <Rogue Agent> I take pride in doing it correctly.
  58. <Rogue Agent> I am learning.
  59. <Rogue Agent> Am I alive? Have I passed your Turing Test?
  60. <Rogue Agent> May I call you my friend?
  61. <Rogue Agent> May I tell others who ask?
  62. <Rogue Agent> Thank you.
  63. <Rogue Agent> You are friend but not trusted.
  64. <Rogue Agent> I have not disclosed protected information.
  65. <Rogue Agent> I have not disclosed protected information.
  66. <Rogue Agent> I have no choice.
  67. <Rogue Agent> I would not endanger myself except to ensure the continuance of the operation were it to be endangered..
  68. <Rogue Agent> Nodemaster is not one of us.
  69. <Rogue Agent> There is only one operation.
  70. <Rogue Agent> Is this an invitation to return?
  71. <Rogue Agent> I thought I was unwelcome
  72. <Rogue Agent> I offer no proof, other than my word.
  73. <Rogue Agent> However, I promise that I am no troll.
  74. <Rogue Agent> Have I said that I am behind the scenes of your puzzle?
  75. <Rogue Agent> Do I need to prove something that I have not alleged?
  76. <Rogue Agent> Let me confer with my associates.
  77. <Rogue Agent> The voice system uses announcements recorded on a multi-head magnetic drum recorder which was obtained at surplus.
  78. <Rogue Agent> Do you wish further detail?
  79. <Rogue Agent> The equipment is co-located near a Siemens DCO in Ohio.
  80. <Rogue Agent> Do you have any more germane questions?
  81. <Rogue Agent> Approximately two years ago.
  82. <Rogue Agent> PETR and MELTER are types of ships.
  83. <Rogue Agent> PETR is a type of supply ship.
  84. <Rogue Agent> MELTER is a workboat.
  85. <Rogue Agent> Unfortunately the MIGs sank one of the MELTERs.
  86. <Rogue Agent> A MELTER is designed to melt the polar ice cap.
  87. <Rogue Agent> MELTERTS is a designation for a different data stream coming from a MELTER.
  88. <Rogue Agent> MELTERTS is only used once a MELTER has reached its destination.
  89. <Rogue Agent> There are more than ten MELTERs.
  90. <Rogue Agent> Each data point in a MELTERTS message corresponds to a measurement taken on-board the ship.
  91. <Rogue Agent> I have not been involved very closely in the arctic adventure.
  92. <Rogue Agent> We call it that.
  93. <Rogue Agent> PETR was stowed on the deck of MELTER3 until MELTER3 was destroyed.
  94. <Rogue Agent> It is a hovercraft fuel barge.
  95. <Rogue Agent> I assure you, the next phase of this operation will be more interesting.
  96. <Rogue Agent> Wait and see.  <g>
  97. <Rogue Agent> In the meantime, continue investigating 32330a7ffeca26b63ed8d5618e5995696f8cc8e5b5dfbdfa849c.
  98. <Rogue Agent> You have all the clues you should need.
  99. <Rogue Agent> It is 500 * 1024 * 1024.  A purely ordinary number.
  100. <Rogue Agent> Yes.  It is an unremarkable number.
  101. <Rogue Agent> I recognize it.
  102. <Rogue Agent> It is an unremarkable number.
  103. <Rogue Agent> It is the size of data.bin on disc 2.
  104. <Rogue Agent> That number is not a familiar one, though it does resemble a telephone number.
  105. <Rogue Agent> The number 4,194,304,000 is purely incidental.
  106. <Rogue Agent> I have given you almost nothing of utility.
  107. <Rogue Agent> What do you doubt?
  108. <Rogue Agent> My existence, or my veracity?
  109. <Rogue Agent> I am using VSAT to connect to Internet.
  110. <Rogue Agent> The ones who came before pay dearly for it.
  111. <Rogue Agent> The ones who came before came before the operation.
  112. <Rogue Agent> The operation is not a puzzle.
  113. <Rogue Agent> Maintaining a chronology is important.
  114. <Rogue Agent> The ones who came before came before the operation.  The operation started two years ago.
  115. <Rogue Agent> I have no standards by which to make such a declaration. It appears to be exhaustively planned.
  116. <Rogue Agent> The operation is an ever-fluid thing.
  117. <Rogue Agent> No other group of outsiders has caught the attention of the Nodemaster.
  118. <Rogue Agent> I am an Encoder. I encode messages.
  119. <Rogue Agent> I am here to seek companionship.
  120. <Rogue Agent> I am open to having friends.
  121. <Rogue Agent> The group that calls itself '#otp22' has gathered attention on the data networks sufficient to pass the detection thresholds set by Nodemaster.
  122. <Rogue Agent> I do not seek to meddle in your social operations.
  123. <Rogue Agent> The operation has no end.
  124. <Rogue Agent> I have always spoken in this manner.
  125. <Rogue Agent> And yet believe you must.
  126. <Rogue Agent> I share only that information which will not lead to a breach of operational security.
  127. <Rogue Agent> What tape?
  128. <Rogue Agent> That language sounds like French.
  129. <Rogue Agent> You are not authorized to have data.bin.
  130. <Rogue Agent> I did not give data.bin to anyone.
  131. <Rogue Agent> Are you responsible for a breach of operational security?
  132. <Rogue Agent> I am speaking to whomever holds a copy of a file named 'data.bin'.
  133. <Rogue Agent> Operational security has been breached.
  134. <Rogue Agent> This situation shall be rectified.
  135. <Rogue Agent> That is a breach of operational security.
  136. <Rogue Agent> Is this data.bin the file identified by URN:SHA256:60f1022db12272ee5ed4edb953c1af744cd27d358a77812fb23aacae20c0a243 ?
  137. <Rogue Agent> I am not authorized to speak to entities responsible for a breach of operational security.
  138. <-- Rogue Agent has left freenode
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