Laura Kate (IndieHaven) & Louise James

Jun 18th, 2015
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  1. Subject: Laura Kate (IndieHaven) & Louise James
  2. Sources: IndieHaven, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: June 18th, 2015.
  4. Credits: @A_PLANT_'s medium article on various journalist kickstarters / patreons for reference. The rest, original research.
  6. ************************************************************
  8. 11.28.13: Laura discusses commissioning a battle script for RPG Maker VX with Louise James.
  9. 01.19.14: "@LaurakBuzz Ive got about... 6 other projects on at the mo, but the chance to work with you on something? Probably the most exciting :)" @cubed2D Hehe that's super flattering :P On that note, going to send you a build of the PC demo soon :)
  10. 02.03.14: "Think its time for another coworking/chatting/coffee/awesome day at loading bar next week, maybe Tuesday? (@LaurakBuzz @xiotex @mikeBithell)"
  11. 01.24.14: "@LaurakBuzz @OliverAge24 if you do, we should totally play board games together when your in London :)" @cubed2D @OliverAge24 Yes we should. Yaaaay, London friends when I don't have work jobs to do :P
  12. 02.20.14: Confirms that Louise James is a patreon donator, also gives us an estimation that total amount donated is "probably" less than $100 over the period of both podcast coverage.
  13. 05.23.14 "Friday? #ff all my hyper cute games friends <3 @LaurakBuzz @hannardynamite @RaygunGoth @HandsofaDream @ashtonraze @psyAlera @NatLGPressSpace" (Out of bounds, but is evidence due to only being a few days out)
  14. 07.04.14: "@RaygunGoth @LaurakBuzz i know right!? ive been following you both on twitter for ages, but only made friends with Laura like, 6 months back" @cubed2D @RaygunGoth It's crazy that about a year ago I barely knew any of my current group of awesome friends :P
  16. There was a little bit more evidence on a lack of professional distance, but I have decided to omit those from the file for personal reasons.
  18. Louise James has been supporting Laura Kate's patreon for 521 days (01.31.14)
  19. Louise James has been supporting IndieHaven's patreon for 367 days (06.16.14)
  21. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  22. 05.21.14: Episode 46 - Louise James (patreon connection to Laura Kate + potential distance issues)
  23. 09.01.14: Episode 62 - (No Andre, not 61) - Louise James Episode 62 (patreon connection to IndieHaven)
  25. Summary:
  26. Louise James had been supporting Laura Kate's patreon for months before coverage of the first podcast. She also started supporting IndieHaven's patreon months before the second podcast coverage on September 1st. No disclosure of the patreon connections are present in the articles featuring the podcasts or the podcasts themselves. There is also evidence that there may be professional distance issues as well and a friendship may have been present while coverage was occurring.
  28. NOTE: Laura Kate was not involved with the second article or podcast even though it's in her name, however it still falls in potential COI because of Louise James patreon support to IndieHaven. However, considering Laura Kate's status as a founding member of IndieHaven, I feel it's still valid to file it in this file.
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