Greek Ponies 2

Oct 18th, 2012
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  1. The DJ picked that exact moment to crank the dubstep track to nearly speaker-bursting levels, drowning out the scream of shock that I shredded my vocal chords with.
  3. Hooves. I had fucking hooves where my feet were supposed to be. Or, at least, they sorta resembled hooves if hooves seamlessly blended in to the rest of the leg.
  5. I must have sat there staring for roughly 10 minutes before I snapped out of it and reached down to touch them. They felt like they were made of the same material my nails were, but somehow they were still about as sensitive as my feet once were.
  7. As if reacting to my touch, that tingling feeling returned in my legs, and began slowly spreading once again to the rest of my body, bringing a warming sensation along with it. Somehow, it felt comforting, and I felt myself calming down.
  9. Deep breaths, Sarah, deep breaths. This is all just a... A fever dream! Yeah, that's it! Like the time you got the flu the week after refusing a flu vaccination, and laid up in Dan's room mumbling about haunted dildos on the beerpong table. Just gotta ride this out, wake up, and go to the ER or something...
  11. The tranquil feeling lasted another few minutes, before I noticed the tingling slowly transition into an intense pins-and-needles feeling. This time, the transition started at my hands, and began radiating outwards. I examined my hands more closely, and noticed they had a steadily thickening layer of some sort of fuzz growing on them, preceded by a similarly hued discoloration of my skin...
  13. Oh. My. God. Fur?! I pinched myself. Then I pinched myself again. And again. In several VERY sensitive areas, I should add. Ohhhh no. This isn't a dream.
  15. I scarcely had time to react, though, as I suddenly felt my arms, legs, and neck fall limp, as if my nerves had simply been disconnected from my brain. I managed to lift my head just enough to see my legs contorting at odd angles, seemingly forming new joints and rearranging preexisting ones.
  17. All I could do was thank any deities that might have existed that the music was easily drowning out my rasping, terrified shrieks. My mind was racing, almost as fast as that fur was spreading across my skin.
  19. Finally, whatever force had turned my legs into silly putty released them, and I began kicking around trying to get up. In my panic, I managed to kick a floor lamp over, causing it to flick its switch 'on' out of sheer luck. Oh god I wish I hadn't.
  21. I attempted to move my arms into view, but they, too, were reshaping and re-angling themselves. I felt my shoulders pop backwards, a strangely painless sensation, which forced my head back up and allowed me to again control my neck.
  23. Dragging myself over towards the mirror, I wasn't prepared for the mess of a creature that stared back at me. My eyes had been growing disproportionately large compared to the rest of my features, and I found myself laughing, albeit bitterly, as I watched my 'girls' melt away. Well, at least I don't have to wear a bra anymore...
  25. I've officially lost it. I'm a tangled mess of mis-angled limbs with splotches of unnaturally colored fur, and I'm laughing. Ok, the guys in the white lab coats bearing syringes of thorazine, come on in any minute now...
  27. I quickly get jolted out of my self-indulgent moment of self-doubt when more changes arrive. This time, it's my face and hair; I feel my face being stretched as my mouth and nose sort of fuse into one protruding, animalistic feature. As it continues growing, I prod at it with one of my hands, only to find that my fingers quietly slipped away during my maniacal laughter.
  29. I glanced back at the mirror to see my hair changing colors; the majority of it is becoming a light shade of purple, though several thick highlights of dark pink shone through. My ears had migrated as well. They had become much larger, and pointed, sitting almost on top of my head. Over the last ten minutes, my head had taken on a vaguely equine shape and appearance.
  31. Again, I found myself simply staring into the mirror as my body began to shrink, dumbfounded at what I'd just been victim to.
  33. "I've turned into some sort of... P0ny?! At least this shit seems to have ended..."
  35. Almost as if on cue, I could see a long, flowing tail begin to push out from underneath my panties, the only bit of clothing (aside from my bra) that had managed to hang on to me during my fits of panicked thrashing.
  37. The last thing I remember thinking as I felt myself passing out from shock was, "At least it matches my hair..."
  39. ---
  41. As I came to, I estimated that it couldn't be much later than midnight; the crowd outside was louder than ever, and the DJ was playing music that could have even gotten me on the dance floor. Parties around my sorority house usually began hitting their peak at about 11:30, and would hold until at least 1:30 in the morning before people started heading out towards other parties, clubs, and general drunk-in-public debauchery.
  43. The strange tingling seemed to have stopped, so I could only assume I had finished whatever bizarre changes that had been wrought on me. I tried to stand up, but each time I got up on two legs, I fell forward onto all fours.
  45. Fuck it, I look like a p0ny, I suppose I should stand like one.
  47. I uneasily stepped over to the mirror again, and nearly had another fainting spell. There were two large, odd appendages on my back; apparently I had continued my mutation after I passed out.
  49. I realized I felt as though there was new musculature at the base of where the appendages met my back, and I attempted to move them. Almost involuntarily, the two extra limbs flared out to show me that I now had a pair of wings.
  51. >I now had a pair of wings
  52. >Pair of wings
  53. >Wings
  54. >Sorority_Girl.exe has stopped responding.
  56. With some quick experimentation, I easily learned how to move them, too utterly amazed to actually scream again. I must have stood there for a good 20 minutes just flaring them open and folding them back down against my sides.
  58. I was conflicted. On one hand, I just had the mind-destroying experience of watching my body change and mutate into a completely alien form. On the other hand, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME I HAVE WINGS OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT THIS IS AWESOME.
  60. The buzzing of my phone quickly brought me back down to earth. I clumsily trotted over to where the phone was sitting, and looked at the caller ID. It was Bubbles. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I realized that I should probably answer, lest sweet, caring little Bubbles decides to come check up on her "totally awesome big."
  62. I touched my nose against the "Answer" icon, figuring my... Hooves... Wouldn't trigger the touchscreen.
  64. "Hey Big! How are ya feelin'? It's a shame you can't join in the party, I'm having a blast!"
  66. "Uh, uhm, I'm feeling fine, Bubbles, thanks for asking. I just need a good night of rest, I guess, no need to worry."
  68. "Yay! Glad to hear that, Sunny!"
  70. "Thanks, little. Go enjoy yourself, kid. Bye, Bubbles."
  72. "Buh-bye!" *click*
  74. At that point, I was actually relieved she called, as it brought up a rather important dilemma. Someone is going to find me like this very soon. If I know Bubbles, and I wish I didn't, within an hour or so, she'll come stumbling up here, drunk as fuck. She'll either have a guy trailing her that she doesn't realize wants to nail her, or she'll be upset because she actually caught on about 10 minutes before hand.
  76. I begin absent-mindedly pacing around my room; I kept at it for several minutes before realizing that I had just totally mastered p0ny-walking. Progress?
  78. Who could I trust? I'd need someone who could keep a level head, and would be willing to help me take care of myself while I figured out how to undo this... Whatever it was. On top of it all, whoever I called on would have to be able to keep this a secret without totally losing her mind and freaking the fuck out.
  80. Bubbles was out, for obvious reasons. Timmy would freak out under even the slightest bit of pressure, so that left Kat. As one of the older, more responsible sisters in the house, if I could trust anyone, it would be her. Plus, she was acting as one of the "sober monitors" for the night's festivities, so I figured I could count on her to stay at least somewhat coherent while I attempted to explain everything.
  82. I pressed my nose to the phone again, and managed to tap over into the contact list to call Kat. The phone began dialing.
  84. "Hello? Sunny? You ok? Bubbles told me you weren't feeling well."
  86. "Eh heh, that could be the understatement of the year. Look, I need to talk to you alone for a minute. Just meet me up here in my room, just you, ok?"
  88. "Everything ok? You sound really hoarse."
  90. If I still had hands, I'd have facepalmed at the irony of that comment.
  92. "Just get up here, I really need to talk to you," I insisted, a slight edge of panic revealing itself as I spoke.
  94. "Ok, ok, I'll be right up. Bye." *Click*
  96. I continued to pace nervously until I heard at knock at the door. "Sunny, it's Kat, can I come in?"
  98. "As long as you promise not to freak out."
  100. "Um... Ok, I promise."
  102. "I'm fucking serious, Kat!"
  104. "Ok, ok, really, I won't freak. Just let me help you."
  106. "Ok, sorry, I'm just on edge. Come on in, just shut the door behind you."
  108. Slowly, Kat eased the door closed. Man I envied that girl; green was my absolute favorite color but every dress in every shade of green always looked so much better on her than on me. The way that sheer, dark green gown hugged to her... It made me want to break down in tears knowing I probably wouldn't be able to wear anything like that again anytime soon...
  110. Fucking redheads...
  112. I tried to stay as still as possible to minimize any freakout on Kat's part. Sure enough, she caught sight of me; I suppose it'd be hard to ignore a brightly colored p0ny-like creature the size of a golden retriever standing in the middle of the room.
  114. "What the... Is that a p0ny or something?" Kat looked up towards my bed to see if I was still huddled up there. "Sunny, is this what you wanted to talk about?" She bent down to examine me more closely. "Holy shit, it's alive! Sunny, you can stop hiding, what is going on here?!"
  116. I blinked, and took a deep breath. "I'm right here, Kat."
  118. Kat jumped several feet back, nearly falling over herself. "OH HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF CHRIST IT TALKS."
  120. "Kat, really, this is me, Sunny. This is why I needed you."
  122. Kat regained her footing and sat down in front of me, staring at me in shock. "It sounds just like Sunny! What the..."
  126. "..."
  128. "Kat. Seriously. I'm not fucking with you."
  130. She continued staring, wide-eyed. "But you're so cute..."
  132. I whipped one of my wings out and smacked her in the face. "KAT."
  134. "Sorry. Sunny, if that's you... Then you'd know our secret sorority greeting."
  136. I brought a hoof to my face in the closest approximation to a facepalm that I could muster. "Ugh..."
  138. A few minutes, and several confused hoof movements, later, I'd managed to perform and say something closely resembling our sorority greeting.
  140. "It really is you, isn't it Sunny?"
  142. "Yes! That's what I've been trying to tell you!"
  144. Kat sat down and rested her chin on her knees in a fetal position. "Hey, it's not every day one of your sorority sisters turns into... Are you some sort of p0ny?"
  146. "I guess, it's the closest approximation that I can think of. And before you ask, I don't have a clue what caused this, beyond the fact that my weird, neck-beard of a genetics lab partner spilled something on me in the lab yesterday. But I've never heard of anything causing anyone to change species like this..."
  148. "So what are you gonna do?"
  150. "I dunno. Frankly I'm surprised I can think straight right now, I've been so close to the edge of total mental breakdown during the course of this change. One thing is for certain, I gotta be somewhere that can adequately hide me."
  152. Kat sighed. "You know we don't have any single rooms here in the house..."
  154. "Yeah, I know... And Bubbles is due to burst in here in a drunken stupor any minute now."
  156. Kat smiled wryly. "Not tonight, she's already passed out in Timmy's room. Poor kid couldn't even make it up the stairs."
  158. "Good. Buys me some time. Only other option I can think of is to crash at Dan's frat house since he DOES have a single room."
  160. "How do you think he'll take it?"
  162. "No fucking idea. I may need your help for that one, Kat..."
  164. "Not to derail things here, Sunny, but are those really wings on your back?"
  166. I wiggled them slightly. "Yeah, I believe so."
  168. "Can you fly?" She asked excitedly.
  170. "No idea. Maybe. They certainly feel strong. Something tells me I should test that out later; a flying plum-colored p0ny would hardly go unnoticed around here right now."
  172. "Right. One more thing, Sunny... Can I hug you? Please? God you're so cute."
  174. Shocked, I could only scowl at her.
  176. "See?! Eeee! I'm sorry, Sunny, seriously, you're just completely adorable!"
  178. Before I could protest, Kat lunged forward and wrapped her arms around me, rubbing my back. Ok, admittedly, it really did a lot to comfort me and calm my nerves. I guess I needed that.
  180. "Wow, Sunny, your fur is pretty soft... Oh. My. God. Sunny."
  182. "What?"
  184. "I totally know what this is."
  186. "..."
  188. "My nerdy cousin over at Georgia Tech is obsessed with that My Little P0ny cartoon. I thought what you were looked kinda familiar, but..." She grabbed my phone and did a quick Google search, "Yeah! Look, you look like one of those cartoon p0nies!"
  190. "Kat, if I may be blunt..."
  192. "Are you ever anything but?"
  194. I glared at her. "Not the point. Anyway... WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS GOING ON HERE?!"
  196. Kat leaned forward to hug me again.
  198. "Quit petting me!"
  200. Kat shrugged. "Sorry. You're just too cute when you're pissed off."
  202. "Kat, I say this with the utmost respect for you as a fellow sister and one of my closest friends, but fuck you."
  204. "Love you too, Sunny."
  206. I stood up, and tried to climb the ladder up to my bed. After getting two forelegs onto the second rung, I promptly fell off.
  208. "Need some help?"
  210. "No."
  212. After several more failed attempts, an idea hit me. Why not try flying? I stepped into the middle of the room, and began forcefully flapping my wings. After much effort, I felt myself lifting upwards.
  214. "Holy fuck! You're flying!"
  216. "Oh god what is this I don't even-" I quickly realized I had no idea how to control my flight about two seconds before- "OW FUCK!"
  218. I began erratically wavering in midair, before crashing into my bed.
  220. "Well, I suppose that's one way to do it..." She stood up, climbed the ladder herself, and placed my phone near my pillow. "If you need something, call me and I'll bring you food or drink or something. In the meantime, it's probably best that you stay in bed and make it look like you're bundled up, play it off like you're actually sick in case someone barges in. All they'll see is a blanket-covered lump in the bed."
  222. "Good idea."
  224. Kat leaned over and placed her hand on the back of my head. "Don't worry, I'll get you through this. You may be some kinda weird mutant cartoon p0ny but you're still a sister in this house. Now, I'm gonna go check on the party, make sure Bubbles isn't choking on her own vomit or worse, and try to keep all chaos from breaking loose."
  226. I finally felt myself smile for the first time since starting this bizarre chain of events. "So, a typical Friday night, eh?"
  228. "You know it. Now, try to get some sleep, I'd imagine you need it. 'Night, Sunny."
  230. "Goodnight, Kat. Thank you."
  232. ---
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