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Go Ruleset Quick-Reference

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  1. Ruleset         Ko Rule                 Suicide
  2. =======         =======                 =======
  3. Japanese        Ko                      Illegal
  4. Korean          Ko                      Illegal
  5. Chinese         Positional Superko      Illegal
  6. AGA             Situational Superko     Illegal
  7. Ing             Positional Superko      Legal for groups with 2+ stones
  8. New Zealand     Situational Superko     Legal
  9. Tromp-Taylor    Positional Superko      Legal
  11. Ruleset         Scoring Method          Counting Method
  12. =======         ==============          ===============
  13. Japanese        Territory               Territory
  14. Korean          Territory               Territory
  15. Chinese         Area                    Area
  16. AGA             Area or Territory       Area
  17. Ing             Fill-In                 Area
  18. New Zealand     Area                    Area
  19. Tromp-Taylor    Area                    Area
  21. Ruleset         Compensation Points     Seki Scoring
  22. =======         ===================     ============
  23. Japanese        6.5                     Eyes in seki do not count
  24. Korean          6.5                     Eyes in seki do not count
  25. Chinese         7.5                     Eyes in seki count
  26. AGA             7.5, extra for handicap Eyes in seki count
  27. Ing             8, black wins ties      Eyes in seki count
  28. New Zealand     7                       Eyes in seki count
  29. Tromp-Taylor    7                       Eyes in seki count
  31. Ruleset         Handicap Rules          Additional Rules
  32. =======         ==============          ================
  33. Japanese        Fixed placement         None
  34. Korean          Fixed placement         None
  35. Chinese         Fixed or free placement None
  36. AGA             Fixed or free placement Pass stones, white moves last
  37. Ing             Free placement          None
  38. New Zealand     Free placement          None
  39. Tromp-Taylor    Free placement          None
  41. Ko rule:  A player may not recreate the previous board position.
  42. Original superko rule (aka positional superko): A player may not recreate
  43.         any previous board position.
  44. Situational superko: A player may not recreate any previous board position
  45.         with the same player to move.
  47. Fill-In Scoring:  Each player has exactly 180 stones, at the end of the game
  48.         they fill in their territories in turn until only one player has
  49.         unfilled territories remaining on the board; that player wins by the
  50.         number of unfilled territories remaining.
  52. Pass stone rule:  When a player passes, he hands over a "pass stone" to his
  53.         opponent to be treated as a prisoner.  This helps make territory and
  54.         area scoring mathematically equivalent.
  55. White moves last: White must make the last move, generally that means if White
  56.         passes first and Black passes immediately afterward, players agree on
  57.         the status of groups first then White must hand another stone over for
  58.         his second pass.  This ensures both players make the same number of
  59.         moves and helps make territory and area scoring mathematically
  60.         equivalent.
  62. AGA Handicap Compensation:  In AGA rules, White recieves 1 additional point of
  63.         compensation for every handicap stone placed on the board except for the
  64.         first.
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