Slumber Party Part 3

Feb 12th, 2014
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  1. Rainbow Dash swooped down casting a shadow over Applejack who quickly leaped to one side, rolled, and got back on her hooves in a swift motion.
  3. “What in tarnation ya doing Rainbow Dash?”
  5. Rainbow Dash turned around with a determined, somewhat surprised that Applejack dodged her.
  7. “Just going to help you out.” Rainbow Dash smirked. Applejack's pupils shrunk as she pressed one hoof to the ground in a fighting stance. Dash leaped forward into the air towards Applejack. Applejack ducked as Rainbow Dash's belly grazed her back. Applejack swiftly bucked her back legs up, jabbing Rainbow Dash in the lower stomach. Dash, taken by surprise, barrel rolled in the air, and dropped all the hay she had with her, and smashed into the wall. Dash's heads lay on the ground with her legs dangling above her. She moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. Applejack looked down upon her.
  9. “Want to play dirty huh?” Applejack questioned with a serious face. Rainbow Dash didn't respond. Not wanting to elevate the situation more, Applejack turned on her hoof and slowly walked away from Rainbow Dash. Dash squinted as she silently picked up some hay, then pushed herself off the wall diving for Applejack. Applejack again ducked down and Dash flew over her back landing on the barn floor causing a dust cloud.
  11. “Cough, cough! Sniff . . . HAAA . . . Haaheesshoo!” The dust cloud dissipated, but not before Rainbow Dash sneezed once, raising her sneeze count to five.
  13. A world away on the other side of the barn, Twilight continued her practice of using hay to tickle both her nostrils. She had already sneezed a total of fourteen times and was surely close to the lead, if not leading.
  15. “Hacckkchew!” Twilight sneezed down. “Huhh . . . . Huhh . . .” Another sneeze built up inside Twilight's lungs. Her nostrils twitched as her mouth opened again and again to suck in more air. “Heeeehhh . . . AAAAHHHHHH Chhhkt!” Her sneeze was disrupted as two hooves clamped down on her snout and pressed her jaw closed. Twilight's ears popped and pressure punched the inside of her sinuses. When she finally came too, she realized it was Rarity's hooves.
  17. “What the hay, Rarity?”
  19. “Not another word darling. I've sneezed this much, and I'm not going to let you beat me.” Rarity looked determined, as her eye shadow ran down her cheeks.
  21. Rarity sat down beside Twilight and began working on her nose to sneeze. Twilight did the same. Both of them hitched their breathes and began pre-sneeze build up. Just as they were about to both sneeze, they each reached over and stopped each other from sneezing.
  23. “Hhaaaccht!” “Raaaasshppptt!” Angrily they looked at each other. Twilight shook her hooves as Rarity's mucous flung off them. They both went at it again, and again, and again, with the same results. They each stopped each other from sneezing every single time.
  25. Realizing she had over thirty sneezes, Pinkie Pie jumped on over to Applejack and Rainbow Dash who were still in a tussle on the floor. Applejack had a hoof pressing on Rainbow Dash's cheek, as Dash's other hoof held hay close to Applejack's face.
  27. “Errrr! Sniff the hay, Applejack!”
  29. “Nope! Ain't gonna work like that.”
  31. With a big smile, Pinkie Pie leaped on both of them. “Wee!” Using her tail, she swished and wiggled it in circles around Rainbow Dash's nostrils. Her nostrils flared several times, before her chest began to expand, and she began to lose control to an oncoming sneeze. Even though about to sneeze, Rainbow Dash in vain still reached for Applejack's nose. Her site became watery, then blurred, then darkness as her eyes closed.
  33. “Don't sneeze on me!” Applejack yelled as she tried to get out from under the pony pile.
  35. “Heeh, yyyeeeeh, eyyeeeehhhh . . . . . hhhhhhhHHHHHHH . . . . AAASSSSHOOOOO! AASSHOO!” Rainbow Dash exploded two sneezes as Pinkie's tail blowed in the wind.
  37. “Tarnation!” Applejack tried to cover her face, but droplets of Rainbow Dash's sneeze hit her spot on. Pinkie Pie just giggled and laughed as she got off of them both. Applejack scrambled off Rainbow Dash who too got up, but continued sneezing on the ground. “Haaasshoo! Shoo! Esssheeoooie! Essshooo! Ha ha ha haaaahhh ESSSHOOO!” About to sneeze again, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes for a split second to see Applejack watching her, so she quickly aimed her sneeze towards her.
  39. “What are ya . . . “ Applejack tried to turn away, but Rainbow Dash sneezed right in Applejack's face.
  41. “Eessshoo!”
  43. “Blast you Rainbow Dash!” Applejack stepped back and vigorously wiped her face all the while Pinkie Pie laughed.
  45. “Nyyeeehh . . . . hehhh . . . “ The urge to sneeze disappeared as Rainbow Dash opened her eyes. Much to Dash's chagrin, she had sneezed twelve times. Her plan had completely backfired, and she was now somewhere in the middle of pony sneeze statistics. She wasn't going to win the least sneezes, and she wasn't going to win the most sneezes. She was somewhere in the center. Just a number, and not a winner. Frustrated, Dash sat down and rubbed the remaining tickle away from her nose.
  47. “Chu!” Fluttershy sneezed her twenty eighth sneeze. She didn't expect to be so consistent and sneeze so much. She picked up a piece of straw again, but was abruptly interrupted.
  49. “Stop!” Pinkie Pie yelled as the alarm clock bell rang off. “Lets hear your totals.”
  51. Fluttershy patiently waited as the others told their sneeze totals. Applejack proudly said zero sneezes, but just as she did, she stifled a sneeze. “Hakktch!” Applejack lowered her hoof from her mouth. “Bless me,” she said and began to laugh.
  53. “Mmmhmmm,” Rainbow Dash mumbled.
  55. “What was that?” Pinkie Pie asked as she turned from the board she was writing the totals on.
  57. “Twelve.” Dash said real quietly as she folded her hooves.
  59. “Fourteen.” Rarity and Twilight said in unison.
  61. “Thirty one for me!” Pinkie Pie sang, feeling very confident with herself.
  63. “Twenty Eight.” Fluttershy said quietly and blushing.
  65. “Applejack wins the least amount of sneezes, and I win the most sneezes in ten minutes.” Pinkie Pie sang! She divided the coins with Applejack. “But we can't have a tie among two players.”
  67. Twilight's eyes darted to Rarity as she did the same.
  69. “There needs to be a tie breaker.” Pinkie Pie proposed.
  71. “How would we do that, dear?” Rarity asked in a rather dainty tone.
  73. “With a sudden death sneeze off.” Pinkie Pie smiled.
  75. The ponies looked at each other not knowing how to react.
  77. “That means, Twilight tries to make Rarity sneeze, and Rarity tries to make Twilight sneeze. Unlike before, which ever pony can make their opponent sneeze in the longest chain of sneezes wins.”
  79. Confused Rarity spoke up. “So for me to win, I try to make Twilight have a sneeze fit? The longest string of sneezes in a row, wins?”
  81. “Exactly!” Pinkie Pie said raising her hoof into the air.
  83. Rairty's heart sank. She knew her nose was very sensitive, and it didn't cause much to spark a long chain of sneezes. She glanced over at Twilight who looked as if she had already won.
  85. Applejack motioned the non contestants aside. “Well let's get this tie breaker over with.”
  87. Rarity and Twilight stared at each other, face to face, eye to eye, nose to nose.
  89. “You mist keep your eyes on your opponent at all times, even if they sneeze. Do not turn away, do not flinch.” Pinkie Pie giggled.
  91. Rarity and Twilight grimaced. “What? You never said this before!” Twilight retorted in a rather horrified tone.
  93. “I forgot!” Pinkie Pie clapped.
  95. Rarity picked up a strand of straw. “I guess I will begin with you, darling.” She bit her lower lip. Twilight watched as the strand got closer and closer to her nostrils. Twilight held her breath as long as she could. Her strategy was to not breath, and make as little movement as possible. Rarity began to wiggle the hay in Twilight's right nostril. She then grabbed another piece and began to tickle her other nostril.
  97. Sweat beads began to build on Twilight's forehead. One drop rolled down onto the tip of her snouth. Twilight was running out of breath, and was beginning to turn purple. She could feel the strands of straw tease and tickle the inside of her nostrils. With each wafting pass, they enflamed the inside of her nasal cavity to the point that the tickle became a throbbing cadence of torture. She looked into Rarity's eyes, which were devoid of expression at the moment. Rarity wasn't looking forward to being sneezed on, but needed a big chain of sneezes from the ever struggling Twilight.
  99. “Come on! COME ON!” Pinkie Pie chanted as she pounded the ground, her tail thumping up and down.
  101. Rainbow Dash watched emotionless, and Applejack focused on Rarity and Twilight's eyes. Fluttershy shielded her face partially as if watching a horror movie with too much tension to bear.
  103. Twilight's line of sight began to narrow as the blackness of the inside of her eyelids began to cover her line of vision. Her mouth opened, a string of spit clung to her lips before snapping, her tongue pressed down, her eyes fully closed. Twilight's nostrils were enflamed, and rapidly increasing in size.
  105. Rarity could see deep into Twilight's nose, as her nostrils kept growing, and growing, and growing. Rarity began to get worried. She wanted to win, but did she want to get hit by the biggest chain of sneezes ever to come from Twilight's mouth? Rarity gritted her teeth, then released she should probably close her mouth. She pierced her lips shut and squinted as Twilight got closer and closer to climax.
  107. “Haaah, haaah, haaaaah.” Twilight's breath began to hitch. Her chest expanded and began rubbing up on Rarity. “Oh good heavens . . . what have I got myself into?” Rarity thought to herself as she slowly pulled the straw pieces from Twilight's nose. Twilight's mouth was wide open now, Rarity could see right in. As if in slow motion, Twilight peaked, her ears folded down, and her eyebrows bent inward. Rarity tried to prepare, and slightly turn her head away as Twilight's head began heading towards Rarity's.
  109. The last thing Rarity saw before fully closing her eyes was a explosive cloud of spray expel forth in awe inspiring force from Twilight's mouth and nostrils. As if a work of art, it looped, curled, and fluttering from her orifices.
  111. Splat, splatter, splat, splat, splatter! Like a wave, Rarity immediately became drenched in sneeze spray. Twilight sneezes over and over. “Haaaasshoo! Hhhhaaakkttcchooo! Hhheessheeww! Haaaapphheessshoo! Ehhh AAAhhhhccchhoo! Haaaccchooo!”
  113. “Four, five, six . . .” Pinkie Pie said, watching intently and nodding her head after each sneeze. With one hoof up, Applejack obscured her own view of the event. She wasn't too fond of it after being directly hit herself by a Rainbow Dash sneeze.
  115. “Aahhhkkkchooo! Huhh Huhh . . . “ Twilight's chest puffed to it's largest volume yet. “AAASSSCHHHHEEEEOOOOO!” Twilight fell onto her back. Dripping, Rarity slowly opened one eye and realized Twilight was done. Twilight looked helpless on the floor, with her hooves on her chest panting faintly.
  117. “Eight. Twilight has to make Rarity sneeze more the eight times to win in the tie breaker.” Pinkie Pie said to everyone. Rainbow Dash sneered. “That was pretty harsh. Good going egg head.” Twilight didn't acknowledge the response. Instead she propped herself back up and whispered, “Sorry,” to Rarity. Twilight picked up two fine strands of hay and aimed them for both of Rarity's nostrils, which were already flaring and a rosy red. Rarity sniffed in rolling mucous as the hay got closer to her nose. She tried to hold back tears, but they already gushed from her ducts. Rarity quivered and bit her lower lip.
  119. Twilight wasn't looking forward to it either. As bad as sneezing on Rarity was for eight times, still, they were not Rarity sneezes. Rarity sneezes were known for being strewn with heaps of goopy snotty mess. Even just one partial Rarity sneeze would get you drenched, let alone having her sneeze on you directly. Twilight would be swimming in Rarity spit.
  121. The hay touched the tip of both of Rarity's nostrils. They quickly expanded, and in a moment of panic, Twilight pulled the hay away from Rarity's nose. Her nose quivered, and mucous began running out of her left nostril. Rarity had already closed her eyes and looked scared. Whimpering . . . Rarity was quietly whimpering.
  123. Again, Twilight tapped the edge of of Rarity's nose with a piece of straw, and again she pulled away. Rarity's nose scrunched, and her nostrils opened wide. Rarity's chest puffed out as her eyes squeezed shut. “Ehhhh, Heeeehhhh . . .” Rarity was already ready to explode. Going this far already, Twilight knew she was doomed to get drenched, so she might as well make it win worthy. Twilight riskily moved her hoof close to Rarity's ever expanding nostrils, and dropped the fine hay strand into her nose, then quickly pulled away closing her eyes and trying to make her face as small as possible.
  125. Rarity's chest brushed up against Twilight's as her sneeze continued to build. It was like a raging forest fire inside Rarity's nose. The mucous was a powerful river ready to explode over a cliffside.
  127. “I – I – I . . . can't watch!” Fluttershy said as she covered her eyes and moved in close to Applejack. Pinkie Pie watched, with her mouth agape. Even Rainbow Dash looked concerned, knowing what was about to happen, would not be pretty.
  129. “RRAAAAAEEESSHSOOOOIIIEEE!” Nuked Rarity as a raging river of mucous burst out of her nostrils. In the first sneeze alone, the hay that Twilight dropped in her nose dissolved into nothing as it shot from Rarity's nostrils. A fire hose of spray belted out of Rarity's mouth. Twilight clenched as it hit her with the force of a strong gale wind. This was just the first sneeze.
  131. Rarity's chest expanded again as she belted out more sneezes in her chain. “RAAAAPPHHOOO! Reeesshoooeeeiee! Raaacchhsssseee! Eessshhhheeee! Rraaaahhsshooo!” Rarity's right nostril twitched and expanded real large, then, “RRRAAASSSHHOOOO!!!” The mucous splattered onto Twilight's face, and the spray showered upon her. She could feel it clumping on her face, wanting so badly to duck down, turn away, or shield her face with her hooves.
  133. Silence had befallen the room, and Twilight tried to open one eye. Rarity had only sneezed seven times . . . Twilight needed more then eight sneezes to win. Was her strategy and getting sneezed on done in vain? Was it for nothing? Twilight could barely make out Rarity's figure, but could only see that Rarity's mouth was wide open.
  135. “Hhaaaappphhsssheeewww!” A chunk of mucous splattered right over Twilight's eyes, she could feel it. Another latched itself over her lips, as if daring her to open them and speak. Right now Twilight was again tied with Rarity. She needed Rarity to sneeze at least once more to win. “Just one more time”, Twilight prayed inside her mind. That was the kind of wish no one would ask for expect in this strange circumstance.
  137. Everpony looked at Rarity, who had a stuck sneeze expression on her face. Her sneeze fit had her tied with Twilight's. Twilight needed one more sneeze from Rarity to beat the tie. Pinkie Pie, mouth agape, watched as Rarity's nose finally quivered.
  139. “Hold it in Rarity old girl! Don't let Twilight beat you!” Rarity told herself in her head. Her nose felt as if a million fluffy bunnies glued with down feathers were rolling around inside the confines of her nasal cavity. Rarity bent her head back once more, as far as it could go, she tried to hold it in, God knows she tried. A single tear streamed down her cheek . . . then like a slingshot, blasted forward with full force. “REEEEEESSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!”
  141. Twilight fell backwards, as did Rarity. The force of the last sneeze was very powerful as the contents hit Twilight, and the remaining particles landed on Rarity's face. A multitude of strings of mucous webbed out from Rarity's nose as shoe opened her eyes . . . defeated, knowing she had lost. She caved in, and sneezed.
  143. There was silence for a few moments until Pinkie Pie exploded.
  145. “Wowee zowee! Was that ever a sneeze off?! That was awesome! It was like I was watching a western with Clint Eastcolt, except instead of a shoot out it was with sneezes, and instead of stallions firing at each other, it was my best of friends! I LOVE YOU MARES!” Pinkie Pie grabbed them both hugging them, not caring about the varying amounts of nose gunk plastered all over their bodies. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy all turned away.
  147. Rarity's cheek pressed hard against Pinkie's. “I don't think we should ever do that again, dear.” She told Pinkie Pie. Twilight's frown became a quick smile, “I think I got a little too excited over this.”
  149. “You won the tie breaker for third place!” Pinkie Pie sang letting go of Rarity who fell to the floor with a sudden thud. She rubbed noses with Twilight then handed her a towel. “Uhhh . . . thanks.” Twilight questionably said. Pretending to hold a microphone, Pinkie pushed her hoof into Twilight's face. “How does it feel after an intense battle like that?” Pinkie Pie questioned in a reporter voice.
  151. A bit dazed, Twilight blushed and responded. “I'm happy I won, very dirty, very wet, and slightly aroused.” She laughed as Pinkie and the others all laughed.
  153. “Aroused, darling?” Rarity questioned. “You like sneezes? You know they are partially a . . . ” Rainbow Dash but in, “I'm totally thinking we should just talk about stallions again instead of doing this crazy game.” Applejack and Fluttershy nodded.
  155. “I'm game for that.” Twilight said wiping her face. “So you wanted to know about that colt from the other end of town, Rarity?”
  157. Rarity's eyes sparkled.
  159. “Yes dear! Please, do tell!”
  161. “Okay, okay. So it all started when we met at the cafe a month ago. I don't think he saw me the first time, but he totally caught my eye. Anyways, I decided . . . “ Twilight continued. Rainbow Dash moved in closer to listen, as did Applejack. Fluttershy smiled as she lowered her blankets to listen, and Pinkie Pie had a big grin on her face.
  163. Yes, they were great friends, together. It was one of those rare times that everyone's schedule aligned perfectly with one another. Twilight had no business to attend too, Applejack was ahead of schedule on the farm, Fluttershy had everyone taken care of, Rarity had no orders to fill, Pinkie Pie had no parties and Rainbow Dash . . . well she rescheduled her nap. It was absolutely perfect.
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