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Inuit are Vegan

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Mar 22nd, 2020
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  1. "Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable,"
  2. - Inuit live in arctic regions where it's impossible to survive off of a plant-based diet, which means it's not possible or practicable for them to exclude meat. They also belief that this diet is necessary to create a healthy relationship between body and soul.
  3. all forms of exploitation of,
  4. - A particularly strong belief held by the Inuit is about the relationship between seal and Inuit. According to Inuit hunters and elders, hunters and seals have an agreement that allows the hunter to capture and feed from the seal if only for the hunger of the hunter's family. Borré explains that through this alliance "both hunter and seal are believed to benefit: the hunter is able to sustain the life of his people by having a reliable source of food, and the seal, through its sacrifice, agrees to become part of the body of the Inuit."
  5. - Inuit are under the belief that if they do not follow the alliances that their ancestors have laid out, the animals will disappear because they have been offended and will cease to reproduce.
  7. "and cruelty to,"
  8. - As saltwater animals, seals are always considered to be thirsty and are therefore offered a drink of fresh water as they die. This is shown as a sign of respect and gratitude toward the seal and its sacrifice. This offering is also done to please the spirit Sedna to ensure food supply.
  9. - Representatives of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association have observed the Canadian harp seal hunt in 2002 and concluded that, of the animals studied, 98% were killed in an acceptably humane manner. This study compared very favourably to the animal welfare standard required in abattoirs in North America and the European Union.
  11. "animals for food, clothing or any other purpose."
  12. - Inuit are grateful for the food, clothing and other necessities seals provide.
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