1.14.4 gold trading

Feb 15th, 2020
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  1. tip for 1.14.4 RSG: you can trade gold to the cleric to give the cleric 10 exp (same amount as trading for glowstone). every 2 gold saves 4 emeralds, up to 16 gold (as you trade for 8 glowstone normally, so trading 16 gold equals 8 gold trades). you save 4 emeralds as you save needing to trade 3 emeralds for a glowstone, and you get 1 emerald from the gold trade. additional gold past 16 gold only saves 3 emeralds per 2 gold, as a lapis trade gives 5 exp for 1 emerald, thus a gold trade would save 2 emeralds by not doing the lapis trade, and you get 1 emerald from the gold trade. this can be done to up to 24 gold, as the gold trade locks after 12 trades.
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