MagiReco Another Story 8.2

Jul 31st, 2018
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  1. 8.2 If I Can Protect Despite Being Resented
  2. inside Alina's personal barrier
  3. Homura: "No matter what sacrifices I must make... I'll... I'll protect you, even if you end up resenting me..."
  5. 8.2.1
  6. [inside Alina's barrier, which has all kinds of cubes, we see Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka]
  7. Homura: "..."
  8. Madoka: "There don't seem to be any exits..."
  9. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  10. "We've been walking quite a while, but we haven't even reached any walls..."
  11. "What the hell's with this barrier!?"
  12. "If only there were a wall maybe we could break it and get out!"
  13. Madoka: "It seems to be that Alina person's magic."
  14. "Maybe it's made differently from witch barriers..."
  15. "We've gotta get out of here soon and stop Mami-san!"
  16. Homura: "..."
  17. Sayaka: "Should we split up and search?"
  18. Madoka: "Hmm... That certainly might be more effective..."
  19. "But..."
  20. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  21. Madoka: "Homura-chan, what do you think?"
  22. Homura: "..."
  23. Madoka: "Homura-chan? Are you alright?"
  24. Homura: "Huh?"
  25. Madoka: "Are you tired?"
  26. Sayaka: "It's been a while since we got trapped in here..."
  27. "Should we take a break?"
  28. Homura: "Ah, t-that's not it..."
  29. "It's just I was wondering..."
  30. "What we should do first..."
  31. (After all, pretty soon...)
  32. (It'll come...)
  33. (The Walpurgisnacht!)
  35. 8.2.2
  36. [flashback to timeline 1; Homura in school uniform and magical Madoka]
  37. Madoka: *"Then, I'll be going."*
  38. Homura: *"But Tomoe-san... just died..."*
  39. Madoka: *"That's why..."*
  40. *"I'm the only one left who can stop the Walpurgisnacht."*
  41. [back to Alina's barrier]
  42. Homura: (Knowing that the Walpurgisnacht is coming...)
  43. (Kaname-san will certainly oppose it in order to protect everyone.)
  44. (But... as we are now, we certainly can't win...)
  45. (Someone... will end up being sacrificed...)
  46. (I need to prevent at least that!)
  47. (Even if... that means abandoning Mitakihara...)
  48. [screen wipe; we briefly see nobody, then back to Homura]
  49. Homura: (If this barrier is strong...)
  50. (Then staying in here might be a way to ride out the Walpurgisnacht.)
  51. (But, it's that Alina's barrier, so there's no guarantee it's safe.)
  52. (I think... it might be best to take shelter in Kamihama.)
  53. [we see Madoka and Sayaka briefly]
  54. Homura: (There's also Tomoe-san to consider.)
  55. (The two of them probably won't object to going to Kamihama...)
  56. "..."
  57. Madoka: "It'll be alright, Homura-chan."
  58. Sayaka: "We're here with you, so don't look so down!"
  59. Madoka: "Once we're rested, let's all get out of here..."
  60. "This time we'll bring back Mami-san."
  61. Sayaka: "Yeah yeah, don't keep your worries to yourself!"
  62. Homura: "Kaname-san, Miki-san..."
  63. (I do not... want to lose you.)
  64. "Thank you...."
  65. Sayaka: "Oh, has the tension let out a bit?"
  66. Madoka: "Seems so."
  67. Homura: (This time, I'll definitely protect them.)
  68. [the barrier shakes]
  69. Homura: "!?"
  70. Sayaka: "W-what's going on!? The barrier is shaking!?"
  71. Madoka: "Be careful, you two!"
  73. 8.2.3
  74. [the barrier shakes]
  75. Homura: "!?"
  76. Sayaka: "W-what's going on!? The barrier is shaking!?"
  77. Madoka: "Be careful, you two!"
  78. Homura: "Y-yeah!"
  79. Sayaka: "Got it!"
  80. Madoka: "..."
  81. Kyouko (offscreen): "Hey! Anyone in there!?"
  82. Sayaka: "Huh!? That voice..."
  83. "Kyouko!?"
  84. Madoka: "Kyouko-chan!? Why?"
  85. Homura: "Did she come to save us?"
  86. Kyouko (offscreen): "If you're in there, come here!"
  87. Sayaka: "Let's go!"
  88. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  89. Homura: "That's right."
  90. [fade to black, the barrier dissolves, and they end up in an alley]
  91. Madoka: "W-we made it... Thank you, Kyouko-chan."
  92. Homura: "Thank you so much."
  93. Sayaka: "You really saved us."
  94. "But, I didn't expect you to come help us."
  95. Kyouko: "I didn't come to save you."
  96. "I just came to share some info..."
  97. "In exchange for the information you gave me that one time."
  98. "So, when I found a barrier wrapped in her ribbons..."
  99. "I just smashed it."
  100. Homura: (She seems... kinda pissed off?)
  101. Madoka: "So that's what happened..."
  102. "But, you saved us. We couldn't get out and didn't know what to do."
  103. Sayaka: "So, what did you find out?"
  104. Kyouko: "..."
  105. "It's kinda sickening, so prepare yourself."
  106. [fade to gray]
  107. Homura: *Sakura-san told us about what she witnessed when she infiltrated the Wings of Magius.*
  108. *About Tomoe-san's brainwashing, and about the witch-like thing the Magius are raising, the symbol of release.*
  109. *And... about how they're calling the Walpurgisnacht.*
  110. [back to the alley]
  111. Kyouko: "...And that's it."
  112. Sayaka: "Mami-san..."
  113. Madoka: "She was brainwashed after all..."
  114. Homura: "They're... calling the Walpurgisnacht..."
  116. 8.2.4
  117. [in the alley]
  118. Homura: "They're... calling the Walpurgisnacht..."
  119. (And I thought we could ride it out in Kamihama...)
  120. (If they're calling the Walpurgisnacht to Kamihama...)
  121. (Then we might be able to stay in Mitakihara and ride it out there...)
  122. Sayaka: "I don't want to be a wet blanket, but..."
  123. "But what's this Walpurgisnacht?"
  124. Kyouko: "A witch."
  125. Sayaka: "Huh..."
  126. Madoka: "I don't know much about it, but I heard Mami-san mention it once."
  127. "She said it has enough power to destroy a whole town."
  128. Sayaka: "A whole town... No matter how you put it..."
  129. Kyouko: "It's no exaggeration. It's the truth."
  130. Sayaka: "Huh... Mami-san said... it's something that bad... no way..."
  131. Kyouko: "It can't be anything good."
  132. "But she seems serious about it."
  133. Sayaka: "We've gotta stop her!"
  134. "We can't let Mami-san do that."
  135. Madoka: "Yeah! Let's go to Kamihama!"
  136. Homura: (No, don't! We mustn't go to Kamihama now!)
  137. "W-wait!"
  138. "It's nighttime already. We should probably go home for now."
  139. Sayaka: "But..."
  140. Homura: "Also, look at your phone."
  141. Madoka: "Ah..."
  142. Sayaka: "No way..."
  143. Homura: "We were shut away for more than a day."
  144. "Your families must be worried that they haven't heard from you..."
  145. Madoka: "That's... right..."
  146. Homura: "So let's go home now?"
  147. Sayaka: "Yeah..."
  148. Homura: (Thank goodness...)
  149. Kyouko: "Then, see ya."
  150. Sayaka: "Hold on a sec! What are you going to do?"
  151. Kyouko: "What am I going to do? That's my own business."
  152. "I shared information, as promised."
  153. "I'm free to do whatever I want now."
  154. Sayaka: "Wait!"
  155. "If you're planning on going to Kamihama, I'm going with you."
  156. Madoka: "That's right, it's dangerous to be alone."
  157. Kyouko: "I think I told you this before..."
  158. "But I'm not going to pretend to be friends with all you."
  159. "See ya."
  160. [she leaves]
  161. Sayaka: "Kyouko!!"
  162. Madoka: "No... Kyouko-chan..."
  163. Homura: "..."
  164. (I can't let Kaname-san or Miki-san go to Kamihama.)
  165. (I've gotta convince them somehow...)
  167. 8.2.5
  168. [flashback in the alley]
  169. Sayaka: "If you're planning on going to Kamihama, I"m going with you."
  170. Madoka: "That's right, it's dangerous to be alone."
  171. [we see Kyouko on a Mitakihara street corner]
  172. Kyouko: (Dammit! Pisses me off...)
  173. (I thought I'd thrown away friends and compassion.)
  174. (I decided to use this power only for my own sake.)
  175. (But...)
  176. [flashback to Hotel Fendthope]
  177. Mami: "Hehhehehe"
  178. "I feel like I've just woken up."
  179. "What might I have been worrying about?"
  180. "For the sake of our noble cause, even our sacrifices are precious."
  181. [back to the street corner]
  182. Kyouko: "Mami..."
  183. "..."
  184. (Enough thinking about it.)
  185. (I gotta get back to Kazamino, eat, and then...)
  186. (And then, what do I want to do?)
  187. (Go to Kamihama again?)
  188. (For what?)
  189. [gray screen with Touka and Nemu]
  190. Kyouko: *I don't like it...*
  191. [back to the street corner]
  192. Kyouko: "I don't know about this noble cause of theirs..."
  193. "But I don't like how they're going about it."
  194. [gray screen]
  195. Kyouko: *I don't like it, so I'll...*
  196. *Crush Magius.*
  197. [back to the street]
  198. Kyouko: "Hmf!"
  199. "What, that wasn't so hard."
  200. "I don't like them."
  201. "So together with this noble cause of theirs..."
  202. "I'll crush them!"
  203. "That'll do."
  204. [fade to gray]
  205. Kyouko: "But..."
  206. "To think that I wouldn't listen to these people preaching of salvation..."
  207. "How ironic."
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