The Final Test (little hoers guard story)

Mar 8th, 2016
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  1. >"Alright, fillies! I hope you had a good sleep last night and are bright-eyed and bushy tailed this morning! Cause we got some WORK to do!"
  2. >You are Stalwart Spear
  3. >A trainee of her highness Princess Celestia's Solar Guard
  4. >All your life you had worked toward becoming a guard just like your mother had and her mother before her
  5. >But unlike them you wanted to take it another step forward and reach the pinnacle of what a guardsmare could become
  6. >That's right
  7. >You weren't trying to be a regular guard
  8. >You weren't trying to be one of the guards that got shipped out to some no-name town
  9. >You were trying to be a personal guard of the princess herself
  10. >The best of the best of the very, very best
  11. >To make your dream a reality you had thrown yourself into boot camp like a mare possessed
  12. >You ran faster than anypony
  13. >You trained harder
  14. >Your bed and armor were the neatest and shiniest
  15. >You had done everything and anything to get your chance to run with the big dogs
  16. >And guess what?
  17. >After all of that training, all of that hard work you had actually been selected for the elite training!
  18. >Ha!
  19. >Take that mom!
  20. >YOU'RE the no good slacker!!
  21. >Just like at boot camp you had thrown yourself body and soul into the now infinitely harder training
  22. >Though every day you went to bed with your body screaming in agony you had refused to quit
  23. >You were GOING to protect the royal highness and her family
  24. >You were GOING to stand by her side
  25. >She was GOING to have confidence in your ability to protect her and the one's that she cared about most
  26. >You were going to do all of this or you were going to die
  27. >Those were your only two options
  28. >And because of your no-quit attitude here you were over two years later, beaten and battered but not broken
  30. >Standing on either side of you were the four other mares that had managed to survive the brutal training with you
  31. >Ponies that you had been through thick and thin with
  32. >Your family
  33. >Your sisters in arms
  34. >Your ziggers
  35. >ride or die mang
  36. >Each and everyone of you were standing smartly in a row, decked snout to tail in full armor
  37. >It was about 0520 in the morning, the moon was still stubbornly hanging in the sky
  38. >And while most ponies slept in their warm and comfortable beds you, your girls, and your drill sergeant were about to begin your final test
  39. >The test that would decide whether or not you all became the elite of the elite
  40. >There were no do-overs for this test, no second chances, and from what the Sarge had gleefully told you this was going to put all of your other trials to shame
  41. >Usually when she said that you'd be shaking in your horseshoes
  42. >...But you weren't running around in the Boggy Bottom Bog
  43. >You weren't in the Everfree
  44. >You weren't even in the Badlands
  45. >You all were standing in the royal wing of Canterlot Castle right in front of the door of Princess Celestia's private chambers ready to be debriefed
  46. >Which was... odd
  47. >"Princess Celestia's personal guard have many, many duties that we have to complete for her highness," the Sarge said, pacing back and forth in front of your little row. "Much of it concerns keeping the surrounding area around the princess secured and keeping the princess herself safe and kill her enemies!"
  48. >That paranoid, sinking feeling that you had been feeling since you got here only got worse as the Sarge, the sadistic warhorse that she was, grinned
  49. >"But that's not all that we do, ladies."
  50. >Your Sarge turned away from you and walked over toward the door to Princess Celestia's room
  51. >Grabbing the ornate doorknobs she opened the door wide open and turned to face you
  52. >"Your mission is to go into this room and wake prince Anonymous up before the sun rises."
  53. >...
  54. >...
  56. >...
  57. >What?
  58. >You and your squadmates looked at each other
  59. >"...You mind running that by us again. Sarge?" SlipShine, a turquoise pegasus with an ego the size of the sun, asked. "I didn't think I heard that right."
  60. >The Sarge's smile widened
  61. >"I want you fillies to go in there and wake the prince up," she said again, pointing into the dark room. "And I want you to do it before her highness raises her sun."
  62. >You had heard of prince Anonymous
  63. >From what you could gather he was an alright whatever he was
  64. >Liked his privacy; didn't go out in public all that much
  65. >In fact you don't recall ever seeing him during the rare times you were in Canterlot...
  66. >Even when you had asked some of the guardsmares around the city they had been oddly tight-lipped about the subject
  67. >Almost like they were afraid about talking about them...
  68. >...Whatever...
  69. >All you really knew was that he made your highness happy, and that was good enough for you
  70. >...But there was nothing DEFINITELY wrong here
  71. >Really, really wrong
  72. >Looking unto the dark room you could just make out Princess Celestia's bed
  73. >In the middle of that bed, under a mountain of blankets, was prince Anonymous
  74. >If you didn't know for a FACT that your Sergeant was a soulless, humorless she-demon she might have started laughing at all of your confused expressions
  75. >"Well come on, ladies. The clock's ticking. Your time begins now."
  76. >You and the girls quickly crowded around each other, not a single one of you taking your eyes off the room
  77. >"You think it's boobytrapped?" Twinkle Shine, a pink unicorn, otherwise known as the brains of your squad, asked.
  78. >Shim Sham, an earth pony like yourself, shook her head
  79. >"Do ya think that princess would put 'er stallion in danger like that?"
  80. >Sparkle Sheen, the other unicorn of your group, took a few steps forward
  81. >Closing her eyes her horn lit up
  82. >"Hang on," she said. "Let me check."
  83. >You all watched as a little yellow ball of light floated off of her horn and into the dark room
  85. >A wall of light erupted out of the ball, lighting up a section of the room, then another, then another until every bit of the room had been scanned
  86. >"There's no traps in there; magical or otherwise," she said with a shake of her head. "And there's only one warm body in that room."
  87. >...
  88. >Yep
  89. >That paranoid feeling wasn't going away
  90. >In fact it was getting worse
  91. >From the looks on the other girls faces they were just as iffy about this as you
  92. >"What the hay do you think the catch for this is?" Slip asked." A hidden assassin, some kind of monster, what?"
  93. >The five of you looked at each other, not one of you knowing the answer to her question
  94. >You were going in blind?
  95. >...Yep, you were going in blind
  96. >...Awesome...
  97. >"We should at least try to properly secure the room before anything happens," Twinkle said
  98. "Yeah," you finally pipped up. "We don't want anypony snatching the colt out of his bed when we aren't looking."
  99. >Princess Celestia wouldn't do anything that would hurt her stallion so you wouldn't have to worry all that much about your VIP
  100. >At worst you might have a fussy colt on your hooves if you woke him up a little too roughly
  101. >The only problem you'd have was fighting off whatever would attack or deter you
  102. >So in all actuality this SHOULD be a cakewalk
  103. >...So why was your gut telling you otherwise?
  104. >As quickly as you could the five of you settled into formation
  105. >Sheen in the front, you, Shim, and Sparkle behind her and Twinkle at the rear
  106. >Faster than your eye could follow Sheen darted into the room
  107. >Both of the unicorn's horns glowed, spells at the ready as the rest of you cautiously made your way into the room
  108. >Your body was tense, ready to move or attack at a moment's notice
  109. >The catch was going to rear it's ugly head soon
  110. >You knew it
  111. >So you needed to get ready to move
  112. >You needed to be ready to spring into action
  114. >Being mindful not to knock over any of the priceless artifacts in the royal bed room (you were sure that princess wouldn't like THAT very much) you all took up positions and waited for whatever it was that was going to stop you from getting to the prince
  115. >And you waited...
  116. >And you waited...
  117. >And waited...
  118. >...
  119. >"What the buck's going on?!" Shim demanded from behind a globe. "Somethin' should of happened by now!"
  120. >"Maybe the trap is triggered when we get near the prince's bed?" Twinkle suggested
  121. >Without saying a word Sheen walked over toward the bed with a frown on her face
  122. >Looking at you all she touched the bed with a hoof
  123. >You and the other girls tensed, ready for something to happen...
  124. >But nothing happened...
  125. >No trap was sprung
  126. >No assassins leapt out of the shadows
  127. >No magical monsters crawled from under the bed
  128. >The only thing that happened was the prince shifted in the bed a bit under all of those pillows
  129. >...
  130. >Your nose scrunched up as you sat down on your rump
  131. "Alright... What the buck is this?" you demanded
  132. >Was this one of those dumb tests that taught you some stupid lesson?!
  133. >Because if it was something like that you were going to FREAK the buck out
  134. >You might even kick something
  135. >You were a death machine not a lucy lessoner!
  136. >Slip Sheen looked at the bundle of blankets for a while before, with a shake of her head, she hopped up onto the bed
  137. >"I can't believe that the Sarge pulled something like this," she growled, roughly pawing at the blankets. "We get all dressed up and ready to do to bucking war and we have to-URK!"
  138. >A hand shot out from the blankets and grabbed Sheen by the muzzle
  139. >Before you or anypony else, the pegasus included, could do anything your squadmate was pulled into the mountain of blankets
  140. >"Sheen!" Sparkle yelled, leaping out from behind a VERY expensive looking table. "What the buck--"
  142. >From within Mt. Blanket you could hear your sister from another mister loudly swearing, as well as the sound of something hitting flesh and steel very hard
  143. >"Bucking... Curd... HORSEAPPLES... OWOWOWOWOWOWO!"
  144. >You jumped over a smallish coffee table, ready to jump into the bed to save Sheen, when the mare shot out of those blankets like a CANNON
  146. >Sheen was a blur as she flew through the air, all four legs kicking and her wings flapping uselessly, her eyes wide with panic
  148. >As one the unicorn's horns glowed
  149. >Before Sheen could crash into the wall their magic wrapped around her
  150. >Both Sparkle and Twinkle winced as they stopped the mare in her tracks
  151. >"Sweet Celestia, it felt like stopping a bucking cannonball," Twinkle muttered
  152. >"Yeah, whatever it was that threw featherbrain there isn't messing around," Sparkle agreed as the two set the frazzled pegasus down
  153. >Without a second thought Shim, who was your medic, rushed over to check up on her
  154. >"Are ya alright, darling? Anything feel broken or--"
  155. >"What the buck was that?" Sheen demanded, pointing at the bundle of blankets with a shaking hoof. "What. The. BUCK. WAS. THAT?!"
  156. >"That was prince Anonymous," your Sarge said, poking that bucking smug face of hers into the room. "And as you can see he doesn't like it too much when somepony tries to wake him."
  157. >A rumbling could be heard from underneath the sheets, much like one would hear in a dragon's lair
  158. >You and the girls twitched as something else shot out from underneath the blankets and hit the ground with a loud clang and rolled over toward your group
  159. >...What the buck?...
  160. >On closer inspection you saw that it was Sheen's helmet
  161. >A piece of equipment that was a solid inch thick and made out of one solid piece of Dodge City steel
  162. >At that moment it was a crushed up little ball
  164. >The only reason you recognized it in the first place was because you could see the little lightning bolt sticker Sheen had placed on the thing on the first day of special ops training
  165. >"He REALLLLLY doesn't like it," Sarge continued as you all looked down at the ruined helmet in horror. "Usually Princess Celestia herself is the one to wake him but on some days, days like today, she's not here to do her wifely duties. That's where the guard come in."
  166. >Though you could have just imagined it you swore on your chest tuft that the Sarge giggled
  167. >"You have fun ladies. And remember, if you can't get him up and adam before the sun rises you fail."
  168. >With that she disappeared once more, leaving you to digest the new situation
  169. >...
  170. >You KNEW there was a catch to this
  171. >YOU KNEW IT!
  172. >"That motherbucker nearly took my bucking head off," Sheen growled, her eyes narrowing. and LOOK what he did to my helmet!"
  173. >She was about to spread her wings, no doubt ready to launch herself at the prince, when Shim stopped her with a hoof
  174. >"I wouldn't go doin' that, darling."
  175. >"B-But he!-"
  176. >Shaking your head you walked over and placed a hoof on her wither
  177. "What do you think the princess would do to you if she found out you tried to beat up her husband?"
  178. >"Tried might be the main word here," Tinkle said, eyeing the bundle warily. "Have you never seen a colt toss a mare like that?... Or do something like THAT to a bucking helmet?"
  179. >"From what I heard the prince isn't a stallion," Sparkle said quietly
  180. >"I heard that he was some alien," Shim muttered, shaking her head. "And I think I'm starting to believe it. I mean a diamond dog couldn't do that to one of our helmets..."
  181. >Hmmm...
  182. >Alright
  183. >Touching him was out of the question...
  184. "Sparkle, Twinkle, try to pick him up with your magic."
  185. >The two unicorns looked at you before nodding
  186. >Their horns glowed, encasing the bundle of blankets in their auras
  188. >You couldn't help but feel just a little bit of hope when you saw Mt. blanket float into the air
  189. >If you couldn't physically touch him then maybe you could get away with--
  190. >"CONTACT!"
  191. >You let out a grunt as Sheen tackled you to the ground
  192. >A pair of pillows flew through the air where you were just standing, barely missing your other teammates as they flew toward the wall
  193. >...Hitting it and leaving two holes in it
  194. >...
  195. >Prince Anonymous just threw two pillows and left holes in the wall
  199. >Rolling over toward a table you pushed it over to provide a bit of cover before looking back at you team
  200. >Shim was hiding behind the globe next to the coffee table and Sparkle and Twinkle were hiding behind her royal highnesses bean bag chair
  201. >Army-crawling toward you, Sheen settled herself before she poked her head up over the table
  202. >"Oh buck this," she muttered. "Buck Sarge in that loose, floppy, wrecked cunt of her's..."
  203. >From within Mt. Blanket there was another rumble, and this time it sounded less than happy
  204. >Alright
  205. >Let's assess the situation shall we?
  206. >You had a target that you couldn't hurt in anyway whatsoever without facing VERY dire consequences
  207. >That target was unwilling to leave his position and was VERY aggressive and physically strong to the Nth degree
  208. >Impossibly strong even
  209. >...
  210. >Where did the princess even GET a stallion that could do something like THAT?!
  211. >Was the prince even a stallion?
  212. >You've known a stallion or two and not a single one of them, be it a pony or gryphon or diamond dog, could do something like that
  213. >He put HOLES in the WALL with PILLOWS!!
  214. >And since you didn't know how many pillows the prince had under that pile using magic was going to be a no-go
  215. >And from the looks on the other girls faces you could tell that they were spooked
  216. >Horse apples, you weren't too proud to admit that you were a little spooked yourself...
  217. >...
  218. >...
  219. >...
  221. >And if your internal clock was right you and the girls were going to have to figure out how to get the royal out of his bed in...
  222. >About half an hour tops
  223. >...
  224. >You can see why this was the final test now...
  225. >Sweet curd, alicorns must be made of some tough stuff...
  226. >...
  227. >...
  228. >...
  229. >Nevertheless you were going to figure this out!
  230. >You weren't going to fail this!
  231. >Not after all of that training
  232. >Not after all of that struggle and pain that you had to go through to get where you were today
  233. >Buck
  234. >THAT
  235. >When no more feathery missiles flew through the air you motioned the girls over
  236. >They quickly scurried over, huddling around you whilst keeping low
  237. "Alright girls, how are we going to deal with this?" you asked
  238. >"We could try to use some of those curtains to make a lasso and wrap it around him," Shim suggested. "Then all of us together can drag the bucker out of that bed."
  239. >"Are you nuts? Did you see what he did with those bucking pillows?" Twinkle demanded. "PILLOWS! What do you think would happen if he managed to grab a hold onto a lasso with all of us holding it?"
  240. >"Well why don't ya think up a better plan then, horny?" Shim snapped, getting in the smaller mare's face
  241. >Not one to back down Twinkle let out a growl, slamming her muzzle against the earth pony's
  242. >"Why don't you--"
  243. >Sighing, Sparkle forced the two away with a spell
  244. >"We don't have TIME to be squabbling," she chided, peeking over the table. "If we fight amongst ourselves then we WILL fail. So why don't you two instead focus your energies elsewhere?"
  245. >You watched as the anger drained off the mare's faces, which was quickly replaced by shame
  246. >"Sorry Sheen, darling.
  247. >"Sorry Shim."
  248. >Your snozzle scrunched up in thought as you peeked over the edge of the table
  249. >What to do...
  250. >What to do...
  251. >To your surprise Sheen was the one that had the answer
  252. >The pegasus' eyes widened and she pushed you aside so she could better scope out the area
  254. >"Wait... I got it! Why don't we just move the bed?"
  255. >You and the other girls blinked
  256. >That...
  257. >That just might be crazy enough to work!
  258. >If you couldn't get at the prince directly you could move him indirectly!
  259. >Toss that bucker out into the hallway by tilting the bed or something!
  260. "Sheen if we weren't on a mission right now I'd throw you to the floor and have my way with you," you say simply before looking at the other girls
  261. >A small blush came to Sheen's face
  262. >"W-Why didn't you say no hom--"
  263. "Alright, we gotta hurry up and see if we can get under the bed. Sparkle and Shim you two go first. Sparkle, I want you making sure that there's nothing nasty under that bed that we don't know about."
  264. >The two mares saluted before hopping over the table and scurrying across the room
  265. "Sheen and Twinkle as soon as they're under that bed I want you girls running over there. I'll go after you two are underneath the bed."
  266. >They nodded, and with baited breath you waited for Shim and Sparkle to get under the bed
  267. >You half expected pillows or Celestia knows what to start flying out from underneath those covers
  268. >But to your surprise nothing happened
  269. >Sparkle scanned underneath the bed, she gestured for Shim to follow her, and the two of them disappeared underneath it
  270. >Alright
  271. >You had fifteen minutes left
  272. >Let's bucking do this
  273. "Gogogogogo!"
  274. >Leaping over the table Sheen and Sparkle raced underneath the bed
  275. >The second they were under it you took off, sliding under it with a cool dive
  276. >You might have given your tummy hella rug burn but at least you looked cool
  277. >...Hopefully
  278. >...Ow...
  279. "Alright," you said quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping prince above you. ""Shim, Sheen you two get the back corners. Sparkle, Twinkle you get the front. I'll get in the middle. On my mark we lift and start carrying this bucking big bed. Do you get me?"
  280. >The girls nod, quickly getting into position
  281. >You did the same, bracing yourself underneath a thick-looking board
  283. >Hopefully your armor would be able to hold up under this big bucking bed...
  284. "Alright girls. Ready? One... Two... THREE."
  285. >As one you all started to push against the bed, straining against its weight
  286. >You were right in guessing that this big bucking bed would be heavy
  287. >It was so heavy in fact that you and Shim, two VERY strong earth ponies, weren't even budging the thing
  288. >"Come on... girls," Sparkle said, the strain as clear as day in her voice. "Don't give... up."
  289. >"Get up... get up... get up... you bucking... thing" Twinkle demanded, her face turning purple
  290. >Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeonceome!
  291. >Getupgetupgetup!
  293. >Slowly, the bed rose inch by inch until all five of you were properly standing
  294. >Stars were exploding across your vision but you held firm
  295. >You could do this
  296. >You could do this...
  297. "Alright... let's... get.... moving..."
  298. >You don't know how you all did it but the bed moved as you all stepped toward
  299. >Step
  300. >Sweat was dripping down your face
  301. >Step
  302. >If the prince decided to stop you there wouldn't be a darned thing that any of you could do about it
  303. >Step
  304. >Your joints started screaming for you to stop, to put down this impossible weight
  305. >Step
  306. >Just breath, just breath, you were nearly to the door
  307. >Step
  308. >You were almost halfway there
  309. >Step
  310. >You've suffered through worse
  311. >Step
  312. >You could do it
  313. >Step
  314. >You could--
  315. >You watched as Sparkle, with a gasp, buckled under the bed's weight
  316. >The bed tipped toward her way
  317. >You closed your eyes, ignoring the groans and whines coming out of your squadmates
  318. >Keep the bed up in the air
  319. >If you didn't keep it up there was no bucking way that you'd be able to get it back up
  320. >Keep it--
  321. >From behind you you could hear Sheen hit the ground with a thud
  322. >Sparkle was next to fall, the unicorn crumbling into a heap
  323. >You and Shim, thanks to your earth pony strength and stamina, were the last two standing
  325. >But it was no good
  326. >It was too much
  327. >The weight was too--
  328. "Urgh!"
  329. >Both you and Shim let the bed drop with a bang, doing your best to make sure that it hit the ground in such a way that the bed wouldn't just up and crush you
  330. >Your vision swarmed, and it was only by the grace of Celestia herself that you didn't pass out
  331. "It... It's no... good," you panted
  332. >"Get... the other's out... from underneath... this bucking... bed," Shim said behind you. "They need... air..."
  333. >With what little strength you had you grabbed Sparkle and Twinkle and dragged their sorry butts out from underneath that bucking bed
  334. >...
  335. >...
  336. >...
  337. >BUCK!!!!
  338. >Throwing your helmet off your head you looked over toward the bedroom's balcony door
  339. >Though the sun hadn't yet risen you could see it's orange glow coming from the other side of the unicorn mountains
  340. >You MIGHT have five minutes left before the sun was up...
  341. >You wanted to curse, you wanted to scream
  342. >You were supposed to be one of Celestia's personal guard
  343. >The best of the best
  344. >But now it looked like you were leaving this room failures
  345. >All because you couldn't get some colt out of be--
  346. >...
  347. >...
  348. >...
  349. >You very slowly turned toward the mountain of blankets that the prince was sleeping under
  350. "...Lord Anonymous? It's time to get up my lord."
  351. >For a collection of seconds nothing happened
  352. >Nopony moved, nopony breathed, nopony even blinked
  353. >But then you saw movement from underneath the blankets
  354. >Then you heard grumbling
  355. >Until, from underneath the blankets you could hear the words, "...I'm getting up, I'm getting up."
  356. >You and your squadmates watched as the blankets and pillows were tossed away
  357. >What was under them was definitely not a stallion
  358. >Underneath those blankets was something else entirely
  360. >The being that rolled out of that bed and who stood in front of you was big
  361. >Nearly thrice your size in fact
  362. >Not only that but from top to bottom he was covered in hard, lean muscle
  363. >His hair was cut short and there was a single scar right underneath his eye that ended at his--
  364. >That'sadick!
  365. >Your eyes widened in surprise when you noticed that his royal highness wasn't wearing any PJ's
  366. >And it looked like he didn't have a sheath
  367. >...He didn't have a sheath one little bit...
  368. >Nope, you could see everything
  369. >EVERYTHING...
  370. >...
  371. >...
  372. >...
  373. >You're staring too much
  374. >You need to look away from the prince's junk
  375. >You need to look away from his junk right now
  376. >Rightthebucknow!
  377. >The prince spreads his arms out wide, his muscles tensing and his bones cracking as he stretched and yawned hugely
  378. >In the gaping hole that was his mouth you saw a pair of long, sharp canines, easily visible in this low light
  379. >"What time is it?"
  380. >Your eyes finally snapped away from prince Anonymous's... anatomy and up toward his face
  381. >You could see one sleep-filled eye staring down at you
  382. >Quick! The prince asked you a question!
  383. >Stop staring at him like a dummy and SAY something!
  384. "...W-What?"
  385. >...
  386. >BUCK!
  387. >"I asked what time it was," the prince repeated, looking around the room. "And where in god's name is my wife?"
  388. >"I'm right here, love."
  389. >Though you were tired, maybe as tired as you had ever been, both you and the girls stopped whatever the BUCK you were doing to salute as Princess Celestia herself stepped into the room with a big smile on her face
  390. >The second that she entered the room the sun's light lit up the entire room, nearly blinding you
  392. >The light seemed to shone off the Princess of the Sun, who regally made her way across the room toward the big bastard behind you
  393. >Said big bastard sat on the edge of that big bucking bed with a tired grunt
  394. >"So how was my sunshine's sleep?" Princess Celestia asked, walking over and kissing her husband
  395. >"Shittty," the prince grumbled, yawning again
  396. >The Princess's smile turn apologetic
  397. >Hopping onto the bed she quickly wrapped a wing around him and pulled him against her
  398. >The prince sighed, closing his eyes as she pressed his face into her chest
  399. >A small blush came to your face as you nervously looked away
  400. >Whoo...
  401. >It's getting a little WARM in here ain't it?...
  402. >Celestia turned her gaze toward all of you
  403. >"My little ponies, allow me to be the first to congratulate on a job well done."
  404. >She leaned down and nuzzled her husband, who sleepily wrapped an arm around her barrel
  405. >"To be my personal guard one not only needs strength and skill but the mindset to think outside the box when the need arises. You hav--"
  406. >As the Princess spoke the prince didn't move a muscle, seemingly asleep
  407. >You knew because you were watching him
  408. >But when you blinked he was no long on the bed
  409. >He was crouched in front of you staring directly into your face
  410. >Eyes widening, you tried to take a step back, but were stopped when the prince cupped your face with his hands, squishing your cheeks together
  411. >"Trainees of the Solar guard," he said, his voice ringing in your ears. "You have managed to pass your final test to become Celestia Solare's personal bodyguard. I congratulate you on your efforts."
  412. >While such news should have made you start jumping around in joy there was an... edge to how the prince said it
  413. >There was no sleep in the prince's eyes as his green eyes stared into yours
  414. >There was a predatory glint in them, the same kind of glint that you've seen in animals that were stalking their prey
  416. >Usually when you see such a look you snort
  417. >You were a highly trained guard
  418. >You could take pretty much everything that walked, crawled, and flew on this planet
  419. >But you couldn't help but shiver under his gaze...
  420. >You tried to wrench yourself from the prince's grip but he held you in place with that horrible strength of his
  421. >"But just remember, I love that big horse over there with all of my heart. She's one of the main reasons I get up in the morning. If something happens to her under your watch or if you intentions are of the nefarious kind."
  422. >You let out a squeak as the prince's grip on you tightened just enough to be painful
  423. >"Make sure that you die in the attempt or trying to protecting her. Because if she gets hurt and I get my hands on you your deaths will not be clean. They WILL not be quick."
  424. >Prince Anonymous suddenly released you, standing to his full height
  425. >His eyes scanned the rest of the girls, who had wisely taken a few steps back
  426. >"It has been many years since I have had to hunt another. Do NOT make yourself my prey. Do you all understand?"
  427. >...
  429. >"Sir yes sir!" you all squeaked, nearly knocking yourselves out in your haste to salute
  430. >The next few moments were filled with tense silence as the prince stared down at each one of you again, his green eyes burrowing deep down into your soul
  431. >Whoo...
  432. >You didn't think you were getting your teats twisted today...
  433. >Wonder if anypony else was eyeing the door?
  434. >Because you were
  435. >Sweet Celestia above you were...
  436. >FINALLY the prince nodded
  437. >"Then you are dismissed. Celebrate your achievements and your victory today while you can because you will be working your tails off very soon."
  438. >Turning away from you and your squad the prince walked over toward the royal bed
  439. >With a single hand he reached down and grabbed the bed's edge
  440. >With the princess still sitting on top of it he picked one end of it up and started to push it back to its proper place
  442. >Though the bed squeaked in protest it moved smoothly across the floor
  443. >The bed that the five of you had struggled to move even a few feet
  444. >...
  445. >...
  446. >...
  447. >Welp
  448. >Now you know what it feels like when your asshole puckers so hard that it sucks in a bit of air...
  449. >...It's an odd feeling
  450. >And not the good kind of odd...
  451. >Setting the bed down with a bang the prince looked over his shoulder at you
  452. >"I do not like repeating myself, girls," he said, just a hint of a growl in his voice. "Get out of my room."
  454. >Be Prince Anonymous
  455. >Husband to your wonderful wife Celestia and the motherfucker that cracked the whip around this here castle
  456. >At that moment you were also a very tired husband as the little horses that had been bothering you raced out of your room like their tails were on fire
  457. >Celly knew you had been working most of the night, and because this little "test" that she had concocted for her personal guard you were going to get even less sleep than you had been expecting
  458. >If you didn't love her at pieces ol' sunhoers would be getting a stern talking to
  459. >One that would probably involve hitting
  460. >"Why do you insist on scaring the daylights out of my guard like that?" your wonderful wife demanded as you flopped back onto the bed with a groan
  461. "Because I want my wife to be protected by ponies that have the fear of god put into them," you say, your answer muffled by your sheets. "If they know they'll be consequences to failing their duties then they'll work their furry butts off to make failure not an option."
  462. >You feel your wife's aura surround you
  463. >With another groan you let her pick you up with her magic and place you in the middle of your bed and under the covers
  464. >"Just remember that these mares aren't just protecting me, dear," Celestia said, crawling under the covers. "They protect the entire royal family, you included."
  465. >You cracked open an eye as your princess's head popped out from underneath the covers
  467. >She had a smile on her face as she looked back at you, but it wasn't the smile that she gave to her little ponies or even her other family
  468. >That smile was only reserved for your big green ass
  469. >You smiled back, reaching out and pulling her into a hug
  470. "I'd rather they keep you safe. If they hate me for making sure that happens I'll bare that burden with a smile."
  471. >Celestia quickly pressed your face against her chest, both of her lovely wings wrapping around you
  472. >Your hands found their usual place under the pits of those wings, gently scratching
  473. >You let out a contented sigh as Celestia's horsey scent filled your senses
  474. >Your princess let out a sigh of her own as she nuzzled the top of your head
  475. >"What am I going to do with you, my little human? she asked, her voice laced with frustration and amusement. "It's my job to make sure that my stallion is safe and happy and here you trying to flip my duties on their head."
  476. >You twitched in surprise as the tips of those giant wings start tickling things that they DEFINITELY should be tickling
  477. >"At least there's ONE duty that you can't take from me~"
  478. >Your eyes opened and you looked up at the light of your life
  479. >Your love
  480. >The mare that made you whole
  481. >The mare who was giving you the most bedroom bedroom eyes that you've seen in at LEAST a week
  482. >...You could sleep another day
  483. >Sleep was for quitters
  484. "Oh really? And what duty is that?" you playfully questioned, a certain part of you "rising" to the occasion
  485. >With a throaty giggle Celly leaned down and kissed your nose as her wings stroked you to full hardness
  486. >"Why don't I show you~" she purred as she pushed you into your back and slowly began kissing her way down your body
  487. >As you stared up at your ceiling, now wide awake and not at all tired, you couldn't help but smile
  488. >Boy was it good to be the prince...
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