shoutbox transcripts, volume 5

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  1. Meroboter: hey triverr
  2. Meroboter: wanna play a board game
  3. captainganon: say no
  4. Meroboter: i know a rly good one
  5. Triverr: I don't want to play meropoly
  6. Meroboter: shush
  7. what: no
  8. Triverr: Or settlers
  9. Meroboter: but
  10. what: settlers of merotan
  11. Meroboter: but
  12. captainganon: the game of mero
  13. Triverr: I don't want to play meros to meros either
  14. what: in all seriousness apples to apples is lit
  15. captainganon: cards against meronity?
  16. Meroboter: k then ima force you
  17. what: but it's basically the kid's version of Cards Against Humanity
  18. what: i don't want to play merocraft
  19. what: or team mero 2
  20. captainganon: mero-strike
  21. Meroboter kidnaps all shoutbox cooperation members
  22. Triverr: Apples to apples is fun as hell even in groups of adults
  23. what: half-mero
  24. what: Apples to Apples is Cards Against Humanity for kids
  25. what: likewise
  26. captainganon: merotal 2
  27. what: Pokemon Sun and Moon is tentacle hentai for kids
  28. captainganon: that's just pokemon
  29. Pyromanic: Wot
  30. Meroboter: merotel combat II
  31. what: "40 year old woman fucks space jellyfish in space in front of two children"
  32. Meroboter: merotal
  33. captainganon: mero simulator
  34. what: Meromon
  35. captainganon: Sid Mero's Civilization V
  36. what: Mero Clicker
  37. captainganon: Mero's Mod
  38. Meroboter: New super Merio Bros
  39. what: Merotale
  40. Triverr: Pokémon mero and Pokémon boter
  41. captainganon: Saints Mero IV
  42. Pyromanic: Mero Sim
  43. what: Pokemon Please and Pokemon Understand
  44. Triverr: Legend of Nero,
  45. captainganon: Starmero Valley
  46. what: Breath of the Boter
  47. captainganon: Super Mero Boters Brawl
  48. what: merosu!
  49. Pyromanic: Ocarina of Mero
  50. Triverr: Ocarina of mero
  51. Pyromanic: rekt
  52. what: kek
  53. Meroboter: kekt
  54. Triverr: Dang
  55. what: merokekt
  56. what: Mero Royale
  57. captainganon: No Mero's Sky
  58. Meroboter: mero kart
  59. Triverr: Super mero bros melee
  60. what: Merio Kart*
  61. what: Merust
  62. captainganon: Sonic the Hedgemero
  63. Rawb: *busts down the wall*
  65. what: Mero-Aid
  66. captainganon: Grand Theft Mero
  67. Triverr rebuilds wall
  68. memethyl: secret of mero
  69. Meroboter: Mero Party
  70. memethyl: garry's mero
  71. captainganon: Boterlands
  72. Triverr collects money from meroxico
  73. captainganon: "meroxico"
  74. Quacker posted a new thread in Wynncraft: Cant Leave Guild.
  75. esreveimaJ: Bloon's Tower DeMero
  76. esreveimaJ: Mero Clicker
  77. memethyl: mero me up inside
  78. memethyl: (cant mero up)
  79. esreveimaJ: MERO ME!
  80. what: Bloons Mero City
  81. what: CALL MY MERO
  82. memethyl: super mero odyssey
  84. Triverr: The substance emmimero
  85. Triverr: *subspace
  86. esreveimaJ: MeroCraft
  87. what: don't you mean "merio"
  88. Pyromanic: Dank Meros
  89. memethyl: mero mero big boy
  90. Meroboter: call of mero
  91. Triverr: Beauty and the mero
  92. Triverr: Cinderboter
  93. what: Planet Mero
  94. memethyl: wynnmero
  95. Triverr: Sleeping mero
  96. Pyromanic: Merpunzel
  97. memethyl: merocraft
  98. esreveimaJ: MeroMON
  99. what: Merocraft
  100. captainganon: The Merofather
  101. captainganon: Citizen mero
  102. what: Meroom
  103. what: Meroshock
  104. Triverr: Harry Potter and the chamber of mero
  105. what: Merometry Dash
  106. Pyromanic: Do you wanna build a Mero?
  107. memethyl: merozen
  108. what: Merortal 2
  109. what: Meroblock Theater
  110. Pyromanic: Mero Life 3
  111. Meroboter: Ameriosia II - A Merochine for Pigs
  112. captainganon: Harry Boter and the Deathly Meros
  113. what: Defense of the Mero 2
  114. Pyromanic: Mero Fortress 2
  115. captainganon: League of Meros
  116. Meroboter: Metris
  117. memethyl: soon(tmero)
  118. Triverr: Fantastic meros and where to boter
  119. Meroboter: Pac Mero
  120. what: Jumero
  121. Pyromanic: World of Merocraft
  122. captainganon: Jurrasic Mero
  123. what: Saltboter
  124. memethyl: steven meroverse
  125. what: Gravity Boter
  126. Triverr: Rick and mero
  127. what: Samero Jack
  128. Meroboter: Five nights at mero
  129. Pyromanic: Captain Ameroca
  130. captainganon: I'mero leaving boter
  131. captainganon: that was bad
  132. what: k
  133. captainganon: i'm leaving now
  134. Triverr: Merobox
  135. what: these puns are very merobad
  136. Triverr: Cuba mero
  137. Meroboter: my name is so stretchable
  138. Meroboter: Mero³
  139. Triverr: *cua ganon
  140. Triverr: *cya
  141. Triverr: Bah
  142. Triverr: *mero
  143. captainganon: nice
  144. Pyromanic: humbug
  145. Triverr: **bah
  146. captainganon: cya
  147. memethyl: new forum cult: the mero cult
  148. captainganon: god no
  149. Triverr: Bah! Humboter...
  150. what: oh no
  151. Pyromanic: Captain Tubular Mero
  152. what: oh merno
  153. Pyromanic: Oh Mero God
  154. what: oh merod*
  155. Triverr: Washington district of merombia
  156. Pyromanic: Merofornia
  157. what: United States of Mero
  158. what: alright
  159. what: I need to take a shwoer
  160. what: shower*
  161. what: a merower
  162. what: and i'm going to kms for that pun too
  163. what: see ya
  164. Triverr: Cya
  165. Pyromanic: Merower sounds like a pokemans
  166. Pyromanic: cya
  167. Triverr: These meros are driving me mero
  168. Triverr: I mean
  169. memethyl: kill meroself
  170. Triverr: Mero mero are driving mero mero
  171. Pyromanic: merothyl
  172. captainganon: mero mero mero boter boter mero
  173. Triverr: *mero mero mero mero mero mero
  174. captainganon: mero?
  175. captainganon: boter
  176. Pyromanic: mero mero
  177. Triverr: Mero
  178. memethyl: mero mero big boy
  179. Meroboter: boter
  180. captainganon: mero mero big boter
  181. Pyromanic: me roboter
  182. Triverr: Binding of mero, reboter
  183. captainganon: mero boter
  184. memethyl: me, robot
  185. captainganon: er
  186. Pyromanic: i, mero
  187. captainganon: me, robot? er
  188. Pyromanic: e tu Mero
  189. Triverr: He. She. Me. Mero...
  190. memethyl: merology
  191. Pyromanic: Mero is love. Mero is life.
  192. Triverr: Merololgy, the study of mero
  193. memethyl: you had it set to M for mero
  194. memethyl: when you should have had it set to B for boter
  195. Triverr: It's first grade mero
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