MH - S01 E02

Sep 15th, 2014
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  1. <Darkling> The four girls trek through the woods, following some path that Billy must have known after years of living in them. It was pretty peaceful, quiet, serene, full of life. A nice day to be skipping school it seemed.
  2. <Avaline> "I'm looking to the future! My period got super bad. That's going to be my excuse to the school."
  3. <Mr_Rage> Izumi blinks, glancing back at Ava.
  4. <Tina_> Tina looked at her too, "Um."
  5. <Avaline> "Just thinking out loud."
  6. <Billy> "Great, fantastic, or you could turn around and go back to school now." Billy grumbles, rabbit dangling in her grip.
  7. <Tina_> "I'm sure we'll think of something. Besides, we've got our notes covered thanks to Elisa."
  8. <Mr_Rage> "Hnhn!"
  9. <Darkling> Before long you can hear a babbling stream up ahead and the terrain gets a little rockier.
  10. Billy moves expertly over the rocky terrain, eventually stopping to look back at the other girls. Without a word she was moving again. It'd be easy to lose them now.
  11. <Mr_Rage> A light wobble to Izumi's steps, and she starts picking her way more carefully, high heels clacking on the rock. "Hm hm hm~"
  12. <Avaline> Ava follows along, not as comfortable with the terrain. "This spot is nice, too."
  13. Tina_ does her best to keep up with Billy, not really having any problems with the shifting terrain but not nearly as much as an athlete as Billy.
  14. <Darkling> And shortly after a small cabin comes into view with puffs of white smoke billowing out of the chimney.
  15. <Billy> "Gramps!" Billy calls ahead.
  16. <Darkling> You don't hear a reply, he's likely inside.
  17. Tina_ followed along, curious to meet Billy's Gramps
  18. <Billy> "Just...behave yourselves inside." She grumbles, up the steps to the porch and finally inside.
  19. <Avaline> "Of course!" Ava smiles and heads inside after Billy, making a mental note to refrain from making any jokes involving formaldehyde and the elderly.
  20. <Tina_> The girl nodded and stepped inside as well.
  21. <Mr_Rage> "When I ever be rude?" The Asian follows suit, dusting her skirt off.
  22. <Darkling> The cabin was pretty small on the inside, as is expected when something is small on the outside. Everything was packed into one room, this was Gramps' bachelor pad.. There was a small kitchen and dining area, a tiny living area that consisted of a beaten up but extremely comfortable looking sofa and matching chair which Gramps was occumpying, and then his bed.
  23. <Billy> "Hey gramps, I caught lunch. I...have some stalkers too apparently." She thumbed to the girls behind her before heading to the kitchem to make said lunch.
  24. <Mr_Rage> Izumi actually spares a bow for gramps, and manages to avoid toppling over, surprisingly.
  25. <Avaline> "Hello. We're not bad stalkers!" Avaline waves.
  26. <Darkling> He makes a non-commital grunt. without looking over his shoulder. Maybe he was sleeping?
  27. <Tina_> Tina cocked her head to the side. *Was* he sleeping?
  28. <Billy> "Be nice gramps," Billy stuck her head out of the kitchen, "They spent a lot of time bugging me just to get this far."
  29. <Mr_Rage> "Ufufu~ Your granddaughter very determined. She learn from you?"
  30. <Avaline> "It's cool. I get like that sometimes too."
  31. <Billy> THOCK! Bye-bye Mister Bunny.
  32. Tina_ sighed, but it was too late for the bunny a long time ago.
  33. <Darkling> "Mmh!" That got Gramps attention.
  34. <Darkling> He turned around in the chair, looking the part of a wizened, tanned old indian shaman. "Hullo hullo." He greeted everyone.
  35. <Billy> Chopchopchopchop...
  36. <Tina_> Oh good! He wasn't asleep after all. "Hi!" She said, "It's so good to meet you."
  37. <Avaline> Avaline sighs as well. The rabbit wouldn't be returning as a zombie to turn their school skipping expedition into a B movie. Too bad. "Hello! We're your granddaughter's friendly stalkers!"
  38. <Mr_Rage> Izumi tips her head again.
  39. <Billy> Tiktiktik-- foowsh~
  40. <Darkling> Gramps licks his lips. "What are you making Nikiq?"
  41. <Billy> "Rabbit stew."
  42. <Darkling> He squints at the girls. "Since when do you have company?"
  43. <Billy> "They followed me," she replies.
  44. <Mr_Rage> "She forget school last seven hours, not two," the Japanese girl teased, making to seat herself on the couch.
  45. <Darkling> The couch gave a sigh, working to engulf the girl into its cushions.
  46. <Avaline> "We weren't sure what was up, so we got worried." Avaline says, looking around at the surroundings.
  47. <Mr_Rage> Schlllorp, Izumi wiggles to keep herself from being eaten completely.
  48. <Darkling> "Such caring companions you have." He makes some odd faces as he looks at each of you, seeming to study your features, or looking for something more.
  49. <Billy> "Stalkers gramps, I told them to leave me be." Pisk! Tink. Someone was taking one of the old man's rootbeers.
  50. <Tina_> Tina stood next to Ava, looking around the room. "Well, we thought you could use some company." She said to Billy.
  51. <Billy> "Didn't ask for a--ah! Shit. Hot."
  52. <Mr_Rage> "Want me kiss it better?" Izumi calls out.
  53. Billy considers a different answer but couldn't bring herself to say it. Even she wasn't that cruel. "...no."
  54. <Avaline> Avaline stares back at Gramps, though she refrains from making odd faces.
  55. <Darkling> After awhile he looks into the kitchen at Billy. "Nikiq, you should have your friends over more often."
  56. <Billy> "They're not..." Siiigh.
  57. <Avaline> "It sounds better than 'You should have your stalkers over more often', right?!" Ava says while looking toward the kitchen.
  58. <Billy> "Whatever. I'll be right back." Bunny pelt in hand she was slipping out the door.
  59. <Tina_> Tina watched her leave. "So, um, Gramps? Was Billy always so grumpy?"
  60. <Avaline> "Hm..." Ava looks from Billy to Tina, then seems to slip into thought.
  61. <Darkling> "Grumpy? Nikiq is not grumpy." He weathered face scrunches up into a smile. "She is troubled, tough."
  62. <Mr_Rage> "That why she avoid school?"
  63. <Darkling> He shakes his head.
  64. <Avaline> "Yeah, troubled nails it right on the head I'd say."
  65. <Darkling> He seems to ponder for a moment. "I think you have what it takes to break open her armour."
  66. <Mr_Rage> "Oh?" Izumi looks to the other girls.
  67. <Avaline> "My dad has a really good power drill, but I don't think that's what he means.
  68. <Darkling> "I think you are all strong enough. You just have to prove yourselves to her." He leans back in his chair looking happy with what he said.
  69. <Tina_> "You think so?" She said looking at the others. "I really want us all to be good friends."
  70. <Mr_Rage> "Ufufu~"
  71. <Avaline> "Well, I think so. But I'll try extra hard just to be on the safe side!"
  72. <Darkling> "Where has Nikiq gone?" He must not have seen Billy slip out.
  73. <Avaline> "She went outside."
  74. <Mr_Rage> "...? She left with rabbit."
  75. <Billy> The door opens and Billy reappears.
  76. <Darkling> He looks at her expectantly for some odd reason.
  77. <Billy> Aside from a smear of red at the corner of her mouth she licks away...nothing. "Stew is gonna take a while."
  78. <Avaline> Ava takes note of this, then turns to look at Billy. "So... is Nikiq your real name, Billy? I had no idea..."
  79. <Billy> "You don't get to call me Nikiq."
  80. <Avaline> "That's fine. I wouldn't want just anyone calling me by my true name, either, lest they use the knowledge to perform dark magic."
  81. <Billy> "...what? Geez. Billy -is- my name. Only Gramps calls me Nikiq. No one else." And she was going back into the kitchen. Hiding in there eh?
  82. Tina_ pats Ava on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, I was gonna ask the same thing. Kinda."
  83. <Avaline> "Kind of like when I was about to ask about the grumpy thing but you beat me to the punch. Could this be telepathy?!"
  84. <Darkling> After some time, the stew that Billy is making is bubbling heartily over the open fire, filling the cabin with the delicious smell of rabbit and vegetables.
  85. <Mr_Rage> Izumi wiggles her nose, letting out a coo.
  86. <Billy> "Ah! Shit. Hot." The sound of bowls knocking together, spoons. Soon Billy appears with a tray, a bowl of steaming stew for everyone, a big fat roll sitting on top of each.
  87. <Tina_> Tina's eyes opened wide. "Billy! That looks so good! I didn't know you could cook!"
  88. <Billy> "I...I usually cook easy stuff, or out of a can." Still, the praise has her blushing no matter how hard she tries to fight it back down.
  89. <Mr_Rage> "Fufu~"
  90. <Avaline> "Mhm. This beats the cafeteria's rejected offerings to the god of self torture. Do you also make cake?"
  91. <Billy> "N-no."
  92. <Tina_> "I'm sure we could figure it out. So long as we have ingredients."
  93. <Darkling> Gramps seems to be enjoying his food, keeping quiet as the girls talk.
  94. Billy is stuffing her face too now, a good excuse not to have to talk.
  95. <Avaline> "Group cake is delicious." Avaline holds her hands together while staring at the bowl, as if praying.
  96. <Mr_Rage> Omnom. "If we cook tonight, we could bring lunches to school tomorrow."
  97. <Tina_> "Ooh. That would be so cool." She said between bites.
  98. <Billy> "Huh? No. No. After lunch thats it. Go back to school or go home."
  99. <Billy> "I'll take you back to town."
  100. <Tina_> "Oh, c'mon Billy. We just wanna hang out with you." She said in her sweetest voice. "Please?"
  101. <Avaline> "Requiescat in pace." Avaline mutters to her food before she starts to nom. "By now it'd be a bit pointless to wlak back to school anyway."
  102. <Billy> "This gramps place anyway, not mine. Go bake at your place. The three of you, there you go." More rabbit into her mouth.
  103. <Mr_Rage> "Fufu. Or you come back to school with us."
  104. <Billy> "No." It was a good bet that was toward both of them.
  105. <Darkling> Gramps tuts.
  106. <Billy> "What?"
  107. <Avaline> "I see the hidden wisdom already."
  108. <Darkling> "Who taught such rude manners? Certainly not I."
  109. <Billy> "The two drunks, then." She snorts, frowning just mentioning them.
  110. <Darkling> "This is not their house, their rules do not apply." He frowns back, seemingly displeased.
  111. <Billy> <I just want to be left alone.> Billy lets loose with the native language.
  112. <Darkling> He tuts again. <Then why visit me Nikiq? You want someone around you.>
  113. <Billy> <You're different.>
  114. <Mr_Rage> Izumi lifts her eyebrows a bit, sipping her stew slowly.
  115. <Darkling> <So are they.> He wasn't budging on the issue, but he wasn't stopping you from leaving either.
  116. <Billy> <No, they aren't.> Billy looked like she was reaching for more to say but was out. So she went to the kitchen, dishes clinking angrily in the sink.
  117. <Tina_> Tina watched the two converse in silence. She really wished she could understand them.
  118. <Darkling> <This is not a good path to follow. The woods are a lonely place to lose yourself in.>
  119. <Billy> "I'll wash the dishes when I come back for dinner." She was moving quicker now, looking aggitated. "Tell them how to get to the main road okay? Don't want them lost in the woods." Door opens. Closes.
  120. <Mr_Rage> Izumi clucks her tongue, rising to stand. "Hmm."
  121. <Darkling> "I am sorry for Nikiq's behaviour. She is not so well lately."
  122. <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl wags her hand. "No apology. Is promising challenge."
  123. <Tina_> "I-It's okay. I think we'll get her to open up...eventually." She nodded at Izumi. "Yeah, it'll just take some time."
  124. <Darkling> After finishing his stew he sets the bowl down on the ground then does his best to tell them how to get back to town. It shouldn't be too hard really, but it's already late in the afternoon. They should be able to get back by the time school is over and other kids are heading home.
  125. <Mr_Rage> Not ideal, but enough time to invent something to tell the driver if he asks questions. A thanks for gramps, another bow, and Izumi's off!
  126. <Tina_> Tina nods and thanks Gramps for the directions and for letting them stay awhile. Then she's off after Izumi as well.
  127. <Avaline> "It was neat coming out here. Like the Terminator I'll be back." Avaline waves, heading out as well.
  128. <Billy> Gramps' words followed her as she ran, going fast enough that her braid flailed behind her. She had a habit of waking up naked and alone in the woods already, so maybe they'd accepted her? No. That was dumb. The forest wasn't alive in some spiritual way, she didn't buy into it.
  129. <Billy> She'd have to apologize to gramps at dinner for acting like that. It wasn't his fault. No, no it was theirs. Those three she'd be stuck with now. They just had to follow. Then push and push. "Stop pushing me!"
  130. <Darkling> Her foot hit a root, tripping her up. Seemed even nature was intent on pushing her around.
  131. <Billy> Shit. Her pace lost she slows her running to a jog. So what now Billy? She knew the trailer was nearby, she'd run in its direction without thinking about it,
  132. <Darkling> could go home. There's a chance the parents are there though, slim but a chance. Could also just disappear into the woods.
  133. <Billy> She was in a foul mood now, might as well take it out on someone. She finishes the run to the trailer, sandles on as she gets closer. Drunk jerks likes to leave garbage and rusted car parts around the lawn.
  134. <Darkling> Aaaand no one is home. The door to the trailer is wide open. Looks like they are out on a hunt as most their supplies are gone too.
  135. <Billy> "Can't even lock the screen...who am I kidding? We have nothing worth stealing." She tries not to look too long at the trailer she called home, a frankenstein monster of other trainers welded and boarded together. Off to her bedroom, the smaller of the two.
  136. <Darkling> Not much of a bedroom. A matress on the floow and a basket with clothes in it amongst her other belongings.
  137. <Billy> "Would living like this bother someone like Izumi, Tina or Avaline? Is it weird it doesn't bother me?" She gave a huff and rummaged through her things, finally finding a plastic bag with two spraypain cans inside. "Here we go."
  138. <Billy> She grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and was off running again. She knew exactly where she was going. She'd been there before, done this before.
  139. <Billy> She was no environmentalist. She wasn't prone to recycling or anything but fuck anyone cutting down the forest. She'd spent the summer waging her guerrilla war against their equipment.
  140. <Darkling> It was a bit of a trek to the logging site, but she made it without any problems and could hear some of the huge vehicles still rumbling about.
  141. <Billy> Crap. She'd have to wait until the site was empty. Maybe they'd be leaving soon.
  142. Billy decides to find a place to lounge and sip her water.
  143. <Darkling> Quitting time apaprently was awhile off and she ends up waiting almost an hour before she can hear people leaving the site and all teh machines turn off.
  144. <Billy> She waits a little longer before slinking closer, sniffing and watching. She didn't want to get caught. Would Gramps bail her out of jail? She liked to think so but...oh, yeah, she'll start with that one in the front.
  145. <Darkling> The site is definitely clear, not a soul in sight.
  146. <Billy> As she climbed up the first vehicle it occured to her that Gramps didn't have a phone. She drew out a can and gave it a good shake before taking off the top. Lets see. Get fancy? Nah. She sets to painting the window one solid color.
  147. <Billy> She moved from window to window until they'd all been blacked out. A good start. Which one should she hit next?
  148. <Darkling> Well, that'll piss them off in the morning and definitely make for a slow day of logging.
  149. <Billy> She hopped down from the lead machine and went to the next one, getting started on it. "You shall be my Mona Lisa. A masterpiece."
  150. <Billy> Too bad she couldn't afforc something that played music. Having just the spray can to listen to was...well...dull.
  151. <Darkling> True, though with music on you might not have heard the barking directed in your location. Looks like the site may have got a guard dog after your last visit.
  152. <Billy> Shit, really? She stopped spraying and stood, looking for the source of the barking.
  153. <Darkling> The dog was big, but chained up over near the foreman's trailer. It was staring at her and barking though.
  154. <Billy> "Hey! Shut it!"
  155. <Darkling> Nope. Dog isn't listening.
  156. <Billy> She hops off the truck, mostly done, and approaches. Why was she approaching a hostile animal? This was crazy.
  157. <Darkling> It starts getting into more of a frenzy, pulling harder on it's chain. It was a big rottweiler, spittle flying from it's mouth with every bark.
  158. <Billy> "Shut up."
  159. <Billy> "Annyoing shit. Geez." Well, two machines fucked with, up in front. That'd have to be good enough for today. Next time she'd have to bring it a steak or rabbit so it'd shut up. Spraypaint back in the bag she melts back into the forest.
  160. <Darkling> -----------------
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