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  1. geo earth
  2. graph   write
  3. hemo    blood
  4. herb    plant
  5. hydro   water
  6. geocentric  relating to or measured from the Earth's center
  7. geography   the study of the earth and its features
  8. geology the science that deals with the physical history of the earth
  9. geophone    an instrument for detecting vibrations passing through rocks, soil, or ice
  10. graphic of or relating to written or pictorial representation.
  11. autograph   a person's own signature or handwriting
  12. graphite    a very common mineral that is used in lead pencils
  13. bibliography    the works or a list of the works referred to in a text
  14. hemoglobin  an organic molecule that carries oxygen in the blood
  15. hemophilia  blood which can't be controlled
  16. hemostat    an instrument or agent used to compress or treat bleeding vessels
  17. hemodynamic relating to or functioning in the mechanics of blood circulation
  18. herbaceous  of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an herb; herblike
  19. herbalist   a person who collects or deals in herbs
  20. herbivorous feeding on plants; plant-eating
  21. herbicide   an agent used to destroy or inhibit plant growth
  22. hydrophobia an abnormal fear of water
  23. hydrate to supply water in order to restore or maintain fluid balance
  24. hydroghen   a gas that combines chemically with oxygen to form water
  25. dehydrate   to remove water from
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