Occult Anubis (series) [20160504]

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  2. House Visit                                     12
  3. School Annex                                    47
  4. Date at the Cinema                              94
  5. Transfer Student                                142
  6. Ritual                                          172 [arc end]
  8. Anubis' Summer                                  224             crossover Summer Special    NEW
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  12.     House Visit
  14. "...And it looks like Maya is still home sick. Who's the class president, again?" A quiet murmur shot through the class. "Oh, right. She is." The teacher made a face, half to himself, as he paused to think. "Wasn't there someone who went to the same middle school?" There was, and the job naturally fell to him. The boy felt more than a little anxious - he had last been to Maya's house in primary school. At least it wouldn't be much of a detour, as she lived only two streets over. Still, the walk was somehow awkward.
  16. The doorbell rang through the cold air of the access deck. Drizzle fell from the gray skies above and behind him as he stood, faintly shivering. Finally the door opened to reveal Maya's mother clad in an apron, somewhat aged since the last time they had met, a faint aroma of chicken soup on her heels. "Oh, dearie! It's been so long! You're here to see Maya, eh~?" The lady winked at him as he stepped inside. "It's the week's homework, aunty..." Her sigh was audibly disappointed as she closed the door behind him.
  18. "Maya's sleeping in her room, dearie. Why don't you take a bowl of soup to her when you go? It'll be done in a few minutes." The apartment seemed smaller than it had before, but then again, it had been four years. The kitchen was almost nostalgic. He could almost see himself reading picture books at the table with Maya. The weird part was that he couldn't think of any schism between them. They just hadn't played together anymore. Suddenly the clanking of a ladle against the pot and a bowl brough him back to the present. "Here you go, dearie~"
  22. The room was dark and gloomy. Heavy curtain were drawn shut above a desk, next to the bed where a raspy lump lay under the blankets. The boy put the bowl down on the desk before he pulled the chair away to sit. He leaned over to the lump and pulled the blankets back, revealing a pair of long, black ears flopped over on black hair. The lump stirred. "W-what is it... Mommy...?" Maya sniffed under the blankets, followed by a groan. "No, Maya, it's me." Her ears twitched. "I've got this week's homeword, Maya." She turned her head, but still couldn't see him. Finally she spun under the blankets, and her ears shot up in an instant.
  24. "A-awawa...! W-what are you doing in my room?! Don't look!" She blushed furiously - well, as furiously as she could with a fever to begin with - and disappeared back inside the blankets. The boy sat, confused, as the blanket shifted with her tail snapping to the backs of her thighs. He leaned over to the desk to switch the light on. Faint light flooded the room, as Maya whimpered at the click. The walls were plastered with horror movie posters, the corners littered with books about ghost stories, the desk overflowing with binder after binder of hand-written notes.
  26. "Are you... An occult maniac, Maya?" The lump twitched. "G-go away!" The boy leaned over and tried to pull the blanket down, only to be met with much fiercer resistance than a feverish high school girl could be expected to muster. "Come on, Maya, there's nothing wrong with it...?" He tried to nudge the blanket down, but only the tips of her ears emerged. "Go home already! Geeze! Why can't you leave me alone!?" The lump heaved and shifted as he jumped on the bed to straddle it. The boy pulled with all his might and the blanket was send flying - exposing the upper body of a young Anubis, flushed with fever, clad in a thin t-shirt clammy and transparent with sweat. Suddenly a voice rang from the open door. "Oh, my~! Don't let me get in your way, dearie~!" Both of them spun their heads to watch the door shut with a bang.
  30. Smooth human hands pressed into the mattress on either side of her head, intermingling with her smooth, silky, shoulderblade-length hair. Her face was tired, her cheeks red with fever - or something else, her eyes almost spinning in their sockets. Her lustrious paws hid her jaw and mouth behind their black fur. He barely managed to pull his eyes away from her barely clothed chest, nipples imprinted into the thin fabric as her mediocre breasts rose and fell with her ragged breath. Finally their eyes met. Something seemed to spark between them, something barely hinted at all those years ago. She spoke, her voice muffled by her fur. "Are you going to molest me...?"
  32. The sexual tension, thick enough to cut with a knife, was only partially mitigated when she called out to him. "N-no... Not really. Look, I just didn't want you to hide from me." Yet there he was, perched over his barely-clad childhood friend, in her bedroom, in her bed, behind closed doors. "Well, I'm unveiled, now. Whatever shall you do, kiddo...?" He climbed away from her and sat down. "Kiddo? Seriously, Maya?" She sat up in the bed, cross-legged, revealing her long, slender thighs and silky, shiny shins. "You're two weeks older than me!" He couldn't help but notice that she was only wearing the t-shirt and panties. "Two weeks older is still older, kiddo~"
  34. "So, what's with all these binders, Maya?" He stirred the soup with a spoon. "Those are my field notes, kiddo. There's more cool stuff around town than you'd think." She almost seemed to puff her chest out at him. "And by cool stuff you mean, you know, ghost stories?" She looked off to the side as she replied: "There's nothing cooler than ghosts, kiddo. You wanna... Come with...?" He did. He wanted to play with her more than ever before, but that didn't seem like something he should be honest about. "Sure, I'll come with you if you really want." Maya nudged herself forward to sit at the edge. "Oh, sure, I'll let you come... If you feed me~"
  38. Had he been in love with her before? Was he now? His heart wouldn't have fluttered like this in any old friend's room. He was only sure that he wanted to reconnect with her at long last. He could tell she wanted it, too. Well, she wanted something out of him, the way her long tongue unrolled out just enough to brush his fingers holding the spoon. Her paws pressed onto his thighs as she leaned forward, her cleavage almost on display under her neckhole. She seemed to grin as she lapped up the soup he spooned into her mouth.
  40. "Maya...?" Her ears perked up as she lounged on the bed, half-covered by the blankets. "Would you like to start walking to school together again, you know, once you get better?" She grinned as  the blanket shook from her tail waggling underneath. "Would YOU like to check out the school's old annex with me, you know, on Friday?" He spread his arms, pretending nonchalance. "I might." A wide grin spread across her face. "Well, I might swing by your house on Monday. Just don't hold your breath, kiddo~!"
  46.    ***   ***   ***
  48.     School Annex
  50. Cawing crows, an old wooden building painted reddish orange by the dying light, trees already without foliage. An indistinct foreboring filled the young man standing in the yard, waiting for an old friend. He was lost in thought, imagining how the evening would proceed. He didn't consciously believe in ghosts, but the building did not fill him with any form of ease - dark, creaky corridors, moldy, black walls, abandoned classrooms, now a warehouse for whatever no-one wished to remember. He leant against a dark, barren tree as the cold autumn wind blew in his uncovered hair.
  52. A sudden voice startled him. "Ready to go, kiddo?" Maya had actively snuck up on him on purpose, but the effect was the same. He jumped, spinning to face her - long, thin ears at attention, a checkered scarf disappearing under her woollen jacket, rather tight jeans pressed to her smooth thighs, only to seem to float on the fur of her shins. She carried a small backpack, and the boy had to wonder what she had taken with her. The frigid wind tossed her braids, around more dramatically than he would have expected of such a familiar, bespectacled face, black hair glimmering with slight highlights of terra cotta.
  54. "Yeah, let's go already. I'm freezing." She grinned and flapped her tail. "Oh, so that's why you're shaking like a leaf? I might have thought you were scared!" She twirled around him, teasing him with a voice dripping with fake indignation. "If you were scared, I would've held you by the hand~... But I guess you don't want to, then...?" She teasingly pulled off a thin, snug, brown leather glove and deliberately held it close to his hips. Her grin grew even wider as his hand softly wrapped around hers. They set off inside, paw in gloved hand.
  58. Maya led the pair through room after gloomy room. Slowly the light died, and eventually they had to trust a pair of flashlights. For all the foreboding atmosphere, nothing actually happened. The building was abandoned for a reason, some of the floorboards had rot through and the air was heavy with a smell of potential mold, but nothing supernatural. That is, not until they got to the basement.
  60. "The sightings are in the annex proper, but so far no-one has had the guts to check out the basement. I bet that's where the real problem is, kiddo." The stairs were even more unsettling than the rest of the building - the smell of mold wafted from the moist basement, much stronger than before, the darkness seemed somehow thicker than upstairs. The boy's hand snaked to the girl's as if acting on its own instinct. He swallowed hard as his fingers intertwined with hers, the soft fur somehow reassuring him more than just her squeeze.
  62. The pair descended, he filled with wordless terror, she with an unfamiliar disquiet. Both took one slow, deliberate step after another into the oppressive, wet darkness. The basement consisted of one cavernous storeroom, filled with layer after layer of boxes arranged to form narrow corridors between the piles. Finally something loomed in the darkness. His arm wrapped around hers like a vice as a human shape slowly emerged from the shadows as their flashlights converged on it.
  66. A doll. An old, human-sized, articulated doll stood next to the wall. It was dressed in an elaborate, old-fashioned dress and a bonnet, with long, blonde hair. The blue eyes seemed somehow less empty than they should have. They seemed to focus on the pair as they prodded at it. "Think this is it, kiddo? Maybe it's been kept upstairs before?" She poked at the doll's cheek. "Wow, this almost feels like flesh. I could see someone mistaking this thing for a person or a ghost!" She moved away from the doll even as he stepped up to touch it.
  68. He felt the doll's hair, its skin, even its lips. All of them seemed almost alive, the way their elasticity gave way and sprung back under his pressure. The clothes were immaculate, perfect in every detail. Were they made by the dollmaker, or maybe even a real tailor? He lifted the shawl wrapped around her to reveal it was, in fact, a separate item. Almost lifelike breasts pressed against a white cotton shirt underneath. The way the doll seemed to stand on its own two feet was amazing. It was almost as if it drew breath, he thought, but that must have been an illusion. A chill ran through him as the doll seemed to begin to move.
  70. "Maya! Help!" His scream rang through the moist gloom. "What is it, kiddo? Did you walk into a spider web?" She almost laughed at his yelps, until she spun to turn the flashlight onto him - struggling on the floor, his jeans already pulled down, the doll's cold articulated fingers wrapped around his neck with one hand even as the other disappeared under its skirt. The doll's shawl lay on the floor behind them, discarded, its shirt already unbuttoned enough to partially expose pearly white breasts. Maya felt a cold, murderous rage growing inside her as the doll moved to straddle her newly restored childhood friend.
  74. Shadows danced across the walls as a heavy flashlight crashed into the side of the doll's head. "Slut!" Maya drew her torch back as the doll recoiled, turning its attention to her. The hard metal was barely cushioned by blonde hair as a furious overhead swing connected. "Whore!" The doll lost its footing above the boy and recoiled as strike after strike clanged against a artificial skull. Maya seemed to crouch on instinct, growling through the insults as the heavy, glowing torchhead cracked the doll's jaw from below. "Get away from him, you dutch wife!" The doll fell away, crashing backwards onto the hard, thick, teak floor.
  76. "Are you all right?! Get your pants up! Let's get out of here!" Maya's brown eyes sparkled in the weak light - she was almost on the verge of tears. He scrambled to his feet, fumbling with his belt, but it was too late. The doll was back on its feet and strode towards them in deathly silence. Maya tried to give it another swing, but the doll's arm shot up to intercept the torch. In an instant it was wrenched from her grasp by the expressionless, silent doll. Porcelain-white hands returned to hips clad in wool as Maya whimpered in panic.
  78. "Maya...! What do we do now?!" The boy was audibly shaken by the unfeeling assault of a rape automaton. She grasped his hand, still growling. "Run!" They bolted towards the staircase, hand in hand, the sharp clank of the doll's clogs hard on their heels. The noise seemed to draw nearer and nearer to them, until it seemed that they would not reach the stairs. "Run! Get away from here!" Maya screamed as she turned to kick the nearest boxes. A thunderous crash rang through the dank air as box after box of God only knows what collapsed onto the floor. She didn't stop to look back before dashing up the stairs and after him in darkness.
  82. The yard outside was as dark as the grave. The only illumination came from the boy's flashlight, shaking in terror, desperately searching, waiting for a familiar form to emerge from the gloomy annex. Finally Maya barreled out of the building, slipping on the wet, dying grass before falling into the boy's arms. Slender arms wrapped around his chest, squeezing him almost enough to stop his breath. He buried his face into her silky hair and soft ears, still trembling as he returned the hug with all her might.
  84. "Let's just go, Maya... Let's get the hell out of here!" She nodded silently, still shaking, as they set off at a fast walk away from the annex. "We... We have to come to school on Monday, remember...?" Maya sounded more shaken than ever before. "What if that thing comes after us again?!" He didn't have an answer. Even now, she was the one with more of a grip. He was just glad she had made it out. They picked up the pace, desperate to be away from that place and that doll. They did not look back.
  86. If they had, they would have seen the doll, silent, standing with perfect posture at the doorstep. Disheveled blonde hair framed its eerie, artifically beautiful features. It watched them disappear behind the new building, slowly buttoning up its shirt. The unblinking, expressionless beauty was as unfazed as it looked - this time its prey had escaped, but more would come. Besides, it had almost succeeded. Hopefully the next boy to walk into this trap would come alone...
  92.    ***   ***   ***
  94.     Date at the Cinema
  96. They awoke to a Saturday morning. Bright autumn sun filtered through half-drawn curtains, dazzling a boy and an Anubis, sprawled between sweaty, cold sheets. The boy stared into the distance even as soft fur enveloped his chest from behind. "Maya..." He started, his voice still trembling. "Did that really happen...?" She hugged him even tighter. "I'm sorry..." Her silky bangs pressed into his nape as she softly continued. "I didn't think it would be dangerous...!" She felt his hands press onto her paws. "Thanks, Maya. Thanks for saving me."
  100. "Good morning, little lovebirds!" Her mother chirped as they finally emerged from her room. "So~... Did ya do it?" She wiggled her hips with glee, smiling at the two like the sun, having forgone reading the mood entirely. Her tail soon settled down as the kids quietly took their seats. Somewhat dejected, she spun to ruffle the boy's hair, whispering: "Don't worry dearie, it's probably just nerves. Better luck next time~" He blushed as she kissed the top of his head before she took a stride to get them breakfast. "What?! No, aunty, that's not what happened!"
  102. The lady giggled, half to herself, as Maya's ears perked and she stammered in indignation. "M-mom! What did you say to him?!" The only answer was a soft hum as she strutted over to the table with two plates of sandwiches. "Oh, dear, just some light encouragement~ I wouldn't dream of interfering with your affairs in any way~" Maya fumed, her ears spread wide. The boy couldn't tell if her narrowed eyes were a sign of annoyance, or perhaps just that her glasses were still on her table. Maya's cute scowl and her mother's playful grin made the annex seem years in the past.
  104. He watched Maya wolf down her breakfast, barely laying a claw on it to avoid getting hair in her mouth, and chuckled to himself. Maya looked up and blushed slightly. "W-what?" He smiled for the first time since the evening. "It's just that I'd forgot how much fun this place can be." He turned his head to the side to find aunty floating right next to him, bent over to his eye level. "Oh, dearie~ If you like it so much, why don't you move here? You could sleep with Maya every night~!" He continued to chuckle as the flustered daughter howled at her mother.
  108. "So, uh... Listen, how about we go to the movies today? You know, just to get our minds off last night?" Maya's ears, held low, made her real intentions clear. She managed not to blush, but not to avoid emoting with her long, fluffy, perky ears. "Sure. Do you have anything in mind?" Her tail began to wag excitedly. "Y-yes! An indie theatre in the next town over has a classic horror movie weekend! Let's go see White Wight~" Going to see a horror movie to get their minds off a real horror? He smiled at the contradiction, but said nothing.
  110. The cinema was barely a third full. They got seats off to the back and slightly to the side - a good view, but also out of the way enough that no-one would see them without an effort. The clerk's eyes had met his with a knowing look as Maya had picked the seats. It seemed that she was the only one fooled by her own plan. Her tail even wagged, a silky black, under her braids as she led him to their seats by the hand. She didn't let go as they sat down.
  112. She brushed his ankles with her tail as the hall dimmed for commercials. He could see a slight blush on her profile, obviously expecting to go further the instant the theatre went dark. As the film was about to begin, he noticed a couple enter quietly. The girl wore a hoodie with the hood raised, sunglasses, and a surgical mask. Weird, that. However, he didn't have time to think about it very hard, as he felt a soft paw leave his hand to snake around his waist as the opposite paw took his hand on the armrest.
  116. An indistinct sense of disquiet slowly filled him during the first half hour. The old black-and-white film was slow, and not particularly frightening - at least not yet. There was something else going on, something that made his hair stand on end. He could feel it affect Maya, too. Her paws bristled and her tail had almost ceased to move at his ankles. She hugged him almost more fearfully than lovingly, her ears pressed back not only by his neck, but also by something she had never felt before.
  118. Finally he looked around, only to stop something out of the ordinary. That couple in the back row was making out, but there was something wrong. They were somehow blurred, as if he could not focus his eyes on them. The hood was still up, but the glasses and the mask were gone. There was something off about her eyes - they almost seemed like they had their own, internal glow. There was something deeply unsettling about the sight, but he couldn't tell what it was. Suddenly he noticed Maya looking at him. He swallowed and faintly nodded over to the couple.
  120. Maya shifted in her seat to have a look, pulling her arm across his back. She spun to get an easier look, only to get transfixed by the sight. She could see everything clearly, well, as clearly as was possible in a dark cinema. The girl's eyes were not the only thing that was wrong - tiny tentacles writhed around the man's cheeks as they kissed. One hand disappeared behind back as one fondled the form, obscured by her loose hoodie. Maya could not look away. The sight of her face almost rippling with the kiss made her fur and ears stand on end, and yet it seemed somehow arousing.
  124. The boy's arms slowly wrapped around Maya's body. Both of them sat almost sideways in their seats, the movie completely forgotten. Both of them shivered with a nameless dread, but somehow both of them became more and more turned on with each passing minute. He pulled her closer, almost into his lap, and her soft, silky, fragrant hair pressed onto his cheek. What had begun as a beging hold over her waist slowly climbed along her chest, until his fingers touched the bottom of her bra. Maya jumped slightly trom the touch, but stood silent, only her breath growing more quick.
  126. He slowly began to run his fingers and palms across her mediocre chest, his hot, excited breath in her ear. He let one arm fall down to her waist and tease her tight belly even as the other traced her contours in slow, swooping motions. Her head turned, and her lips searched for his. Finally they met in a sweet, yet shallow kiss. Maya's paws grasped his hand at her waist, almost kneading it as their lips continued to graze one another. It wasn't enough for her, not nearly. She broke the kiss to reposition herself.
  128. Maya, now facing him, clasped her paws to his cheeks. Her long tongue abruptly penetrated her lips to violate his mouth all over. Her bust now too close to fondle, his hands traced her sides to her wide hips - well on their way to match her mother's. He tried his best to reach her buttocks, but in vain. He had to be content with her slender sides and soft thighs. The world around them disappeared in a haze as their tongues intertwined again and again, from every angle imaginable.
  132. Finally they snapped back to reality as the other patrons, one by one, stood and began to leave the room. They had managed to while away what had remained of the - barely longer than an hour - film with one long, passionate kiss. That weird couple was nowhere to be seen, either. Had they snuck out before the film ended? The young couple sheepishly lingered as the others streamed out, many of them talking about the remarkable atmosphere the movie had had - it was amazing how hair-raising the slow film had been. Maya looked into his eyes, sharing an understanding that that couple was somehow responsible.
  134. The walk home was uneventful. They hurried away, hand in paw, not even looking each other in the eye. Finally they stood on the access deck in front of her place. "W-would you like to stay another night...?" Maya was uncharacteristically timid. He turned to look at her - her face was still flushed red. Had it been that way all the way home? It didn't seem like the usual her, not even an usual flustered her. "Yes, I'd love to!" She sighed in relief and fished out her keys. The door opened, and a faint scent of food greeted them as they stepped in.
  140.    ***   ***   ***
  142.     Transfer Student
  144. A fog rose with Maya's hot breath in the frigid morning air. She had spent the night alone, and had now arrived to pick up her childhood friend on the way to school. She leant onto a lamppost outside his house, waiting for him to come out. It was the beginning of the second week of their shared school road, but she felt, if anything, more self-conscious. Did he really like her? It seemed that something paranormal had driven him into her arms twice now, first with that doll, and then with whatever had happened at the cinema.
  146. She knew she wanted him - had always wanted him. But he? Hadn't he drifted away from her after she- "Good morning, Maya!" His arrival cut her melancholy short. She banished the thoughts as he gleefully took her paw and started off toward school. The walk was quiet, even a little awkward. The cinema was still fresh on their minds. Despite her mother's prodding, nothing of note had happened during the night. It had been the second time that they had slept together, and she had secretly harbored a certain kind of hopes.
  148. Class began seemingly as usual. However, as the class settled down, there was an annoucement. "Listen up! Starting this week, we have a new transfer student joining us. Please give a warm welcome to Françoise!" As the teacher finished, the door to the class silently opened. An impossibly beautiful young woman strode in with perfect posture. The only sounds to be heard were the loud strikes of her shoes on the hard floor. "Maya! Isn't that...?!" His eyes widened as the beauty spun to face the class with a loud tap. Maya's ears quivered with naked hate. "Motherfucker...!"
  152. During lunch the boys swarmed around Françoise, transfixed by her beauty. She seemed to wear a permanent, slight smile as she answered their questions. She sat too far from Maya and her friend for her to make out the words, or even her voice, but the boys swooned with every word that left her lips. "What the hell is that slutty doll planning...? Is it going to try to take him from me...?" Maya fumed to herself, barely audibly. Her ears and tail bristled with rage as she watched Françoise excuse herself from the boys and step over to them with perfect posture, her hands pursed at her waist.
  154. "Pardon me, Sir, Miss." She nodded slightly as she addressed the pair. It seemed somehow that the movements of her mouth did not quite match her words - as if whatever forming the sounds was detached from the structures of her mouth. Maya let out a low growl, almost crouching in her seat. "I am truly sorry for my actions during the weekend, Miss. I do not know what came over me." Her voice was like honey in their ears, too sweet to be sincere. She was met with suspicious silence as she turned to face the boy. "I do apologize for attempting to violate you, Sir. I hope that you can find it in yourself to forgive me." Her empty, blue eyes fluttered as her chest rose, as if taking in a sweet smell or a drug.
  156. Then, as quickly as she had arrived, Françoise spun and returned to the boys, only her sweet fragrance left wafting in the air. "Don't let your guard down, kiddo. It's up to something, I know it." He nodded in agreement, holding her silky soft paw shaking with rage, under the desk. "What can we do, Maya? It's not like we can unmask her either, not without busting ourselves for going into the annex..." She grumbled in agreement as Françoise grasped the hands of yet another doting admirer. "We just have to keep an eye on it and catch it in the act when it strikes."
  160. The day passed without incident. Every moment they got, the boys swarmed Françoise, showering her with attention. It seemed that she was content, at least for the time being, with her fresh harem, but Maya could not feel safe as long as the threat of that blonde rape automaton loomed over her childhood friend. Were it to attack him, he would be defenseless. But what could she do? It's not like she could fight that thing, she had only managed to slow it down enough for them to escape before. She had to find some other solution.
  162. What did it want? Just sex? Maybe it had some special preference, something about him that she could remove to make him uninteresting to her? Suddenly it struck her - there was something, a theme, that ran through all the stories of sexual sacrifice she had read. Virginity. All the ghouls and monsters wanted a virgin boy to feed upon. Her paw tightened around his hand as they walked. Here it was, a perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone. She had to do it now, there was just no other way about it.
  164. "Kiddo?" She started, her uncertainty masked by her newfound determination. He turned to her and nodded. "Come over to my place again. I have something I need your help with." He smiled at her and happily agreed. This was going to work, she just knew it. "Actually, would you mind going ahead on your own? I need to get some supplies... It's a sort of ritual we're gonna do. Don't let Mom bully you, I'll be home in a few minutes!" They hugged and parted ways, as Maya rushed to purchase her supplies, much less arcane than she had let on.
  170.    ***   ***   ***
  172.     Ritual
  174. A sultry, raspy female voice rang through the opening door. "Ahn~ Oh, yes~ That's it, dearie, keep going~" Maya's ears perked, and she dashed to the kitchen without removing her shoes, a small plastic bag dangling from her hand. "Mom! What the hell are you doing!?" She had begun to scream even before bursting into the room, and her final, drawn-out word flew across the kitchen as she lunged inside - to find her childhood friend bent over her moaning, panting mother. "Mooom," Maya shrieked, her ears bent forward, twitching, "stop moaning like a bitch in heat! It's just a shoulder massage! I swear you do this on purpose!"
  176. "Oh, it's just that dearie's shoulder massage feels so good~" The boy shot Maya a resigned look - this was hardly the first time. Aunty had teased them like this almost weekly back when they were in primary school. "And you! Stop indulging her, kiddo! Every time you do this she wins, don't you get it?!" Aunty looked at her from below her dark brows as she spoke with the most suggestive voice she could muster, that is, extremely so. "But Maya, he has to pay me back somehow, doesn't he? I bet you'll enjoy what I taught him, too~"
  178. "Mom! If you don't stop I'm gonna tell dad!" The older Anubis leant back in her chair, sighing. "All right, whatever, Maya." The daughter bent over to look her in the eye. "It's not 'whatever', mom! You promised him you wouldn't meddle! Don't you remember what happened last time?!" The boy looked at his agitated childhood friend, slightly confused. He hadn't even seen her father around all week, and what was that about last time? He didn't think Maya had had a boyfriend in middle school... Were they talking about back then?
  180. The mother spread her arms as she defended herself. "I'm not meddling! You're obviously getting together, I was just giving him a little sex ed..." Maya grabbed her friend by the arm and pulled him away. "So you admit it! Just keep the hell away from my room tonight, okay?!" A wide grin spread all over the older lady's face as her daughter dragged the boy to her room. She kicked up her legs and leant back on her chair, as pleased as can be, her tail wagging through the gap on the chair. "Ooh~... So you'll do it tonight? Good timing on my part then~"
  184. Maya pushed the door shut with her butt, the bag hidden behind her hips. "Listen... I have to tell you something. I... I lied about the ritual. Look." She tossed the bag onto the floor between them, and motioned him to look inside. He did, and pulled out a plain packet of condoms. When he looked up, her tail had slipped between her legs. "I-i actually just wanted to have sex with you. I'm sorry for lying to you, and I understand if you don't want to do it with a rapist like me..." She turned her eyes down as she spoke. "I'm sorry for what I did back then, and here I was again, trying to misdirect you into sex..."
  186. "It's alright, Maya." He stepped forward, the condoms still in his hand. "I'm sorry I freaked out back then, too." He wrapped his arms around her dejected form as he continued. "It's not that I didn't love you, it's just that I was too young..." Her paws slowly climbed up his sides to press onto his shoulder blades. "Y-you liked me...?! But... But...! Why did you avoid me after that?!" Her tail began to slowly rise from between her legs. "I didn't know what to say to you, and, well, you didn't come around to my house anymore, either..."
  188. "So... You still love me?" Her half-risen tail quivered in anticipation. "Yes." Her self-control disappeared in an instant. Even a bookish Anubis was still a strong creature, and she lifted him in the air like a ragdoll with her hug. Her wagging tail whipped the door and wall even as she mumbled indistinctly into his chest: "I love you I love you I love you..." She spun like a ballet dancer, her braids swinging behind as she picked up more and more speed on her way to the bed. Suddenly she crashed him onto the mattress. The condoms fell onto her pillow as the wind was almost knocked out of him. "I hope you weren't lying, kiddo, 'cause you're going to get it now~"
  192. Maya loomed over him, breathing heavily with perked, quivering ears, as she stepped out of her skirt. Eyeglasses glimmered in the filtered sunlight, luscious braids flipped over her shoulders as her blazer fell onto the floor. Finally she stepped onto the bed, her breasts pressing into a tight dress shirt with every breath, her panties growing more moist with every passing moment. She set her knee on the other side of her friend, already halfway stripped himself, as she jumped in. She straddled him at the hips and bent down on her paws to kiss him.
  194. Her long tongue uncurled to gently caress his, as her soft paws grazed his temples. His hands slowly made their way down her body, starting with her shoulderblades, sliding across the fabric along first her breasts, then her sides, until they finally reached her hips. Soon a finger wormed under her moist panties and inside her. Maya gave a yelping howl, muffled by his mouth, as she was penetrated by someone else for the first time. She collapsed onto her side, still locked in the kiss, and returned the favor with her left paw.
  196. She dug into his half-stripped boxers to pull out his hard penis, already almost overflowing with blood from her presence. It seemed to pulse with his heartbeat in her grasp as she gently pumped it up and down, trying to match the rhythm of her smooth human finger inside her. She in turn pulsed and squirmed around his slender finger, almost as if attempting to milk it. Soon their hands grew too frantic to bear, and Maya broke the kiss, pulling the condoms into view with her other paw. "Put it on, kiddo~ Four years is long enough, I can't wait anymore~"
  200. A howl rang through the walls as Maya impaled herself on him. She paused to catch her breath, her aching hole slowly beginning to twist and turn even as her mind still reeled from the sudden pain. The boy already moaned in pleasure, even before she could realize she had begun. The sensations slowly filtered into her consciousness, as if sneaking in the night. Her breath grew rapid as her flesh pulsed all around him. Soon the pain had disappeared, and she bent down for another kiss. Her paws pressed onto his chest the soft fur caressing his skin, her claws digging into his collarbones, her upper arms pushing her bust together as well. The bundled breasts barely swayed as she straddled him, milking him almost without movement.
  202. "Maya... Could we change positions?" He spoke as she pulled her head back for air, her braids hanging down, the tufts of free hair at the end caressing his neck from both sides. "W-what...? Is this something mom told you to do?" Her eyes narrowed, her ears lowered, her vagina slowed down. "Why don't we try it out? I mean, she does know more about this stuff." Maya frowned, unwilling to let her mother have her way. On the other hand, she only had a vague idea what to do - as much as she loathed to admit, mother's teachings might have a point. "Alright, but not a word to her, you got it?"
  204. Maya lay on her back on the bed, her paws on his collarbones. The boy leant onto her, ready to enter her wet orifice. Slowly, he did, pushing more and more of her churning flesh aside until their hips met. Maya's silky shins wrapped around him, forcing him as deep inside her as possible even as her flesh twisted and turned around his member. He slowly began to thrust, forced into short strokes at the bottom of her well by the slender legs wrapped around him. Maya's braids lay sprawled on the bed to either side of her face, her bangs hung over her hairline, slightly swinging with every tiny thrust.
  206. He lowered himself onto Maya and wrapped his arms around her chest, hugging her tight as he churned her depths. His face pressed into her hidden breasts, the mixed fragrance of her fabric conditioner and her sweat filling his nose. Maya could feel herself enveloped by him, his weight all over him even as his arms and her legs worked furiously to knead them even closer together. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and she began to nuzzle the top of his head as her world filled with bliss. She almost felt as if he had partially melded with her.
  208. After a while the boy approached climax. Maya's body seemed to somehow know, and her legs tightened around him just as he ejaculated into the condom. She howled in pleasure, her walls working overtime as she felt his flesh throb as it shot out the seed, even if it failed to reach her. The boy's back arched like a breaching whale with the orgasm, and he collapsed onto her, kissing her exposed forehead, his chin almost painfully pressing her glasses onto her nose. He slipped out of her as he fell forward, letting the slick, slimy condom slap onto her sweaty abdomen like a wet sausage.
  210. They spun in the bed to lie on their sides, the full condom quickly tied off and tossed onto the table. The amber light of the setting sun glimmered in Maya's beautiful hair as they embraced each other in content silence. Meanwhile, in the living room, a grinning aunty lounged on the sofa, talking into the phone. "Oh, darling~ You won't believe what's happened while you were away~"
  214. Françoise awaited them the next day, in the school lobby. "Welcome, Sir, Miss, I hope that we can become frien-" Suddenly her flowery words were cut short as her face twisted into a sneer of disgust - her lips pursed, her eyes narrowed, she almost seemed to try to exhale his scent as she drew her face away from the boy, now only a pace from her. "Oh, how disgusting! I am appalled, Miss, that you would ruin him like that." She stood sneering for a moment before a plain, unfashionable, lanky young man arrived and addressed her. "Good morning, lady Françoise! I cannot thank you enough for joining our club! See you after school~" Her head shot to the side to give Maya and her boyfriend a terse look. "No matter, Miss Anubis, I am sure that the members of the Visual Culture Club shall become my very dear friends. Good day, Miss."
  216. Maya stood dumbstruck as the doll regally stepped away. "Huh. I can't believe the ritual actually worked..." The boy turned quizzically to her. "Wait, what? There was a ritual after all?" Maya's only answer was a peck behind his ear.
  222.    ***   ***   ***
  224.     Anubis' Summer
  226. Stifling heat made their clothes stick. The school building was getting old, and was frankly poorly designed to begin with. To make matters worse, the air conditioning was off for the summer holidays. There was one saving grace, though, that the building was painted a dramatic red by the setting sun. The hallways rang with the steps of a boy and a girl, the last people in the building, as they made their way towards the second floor girls' toilet.
  228. The Toilet Ghost was the only known haunting in the new building. It seemed like something that belonged in an elementary school, but that somehow made it more believable. Would students their age tell a story like that if it wasn't real? "Miss Poopy Butthole" seemed like the perfect amount of menace after the incident with Françoise. The girl hummed happily as they strolled through the hallway, but the boy was more apprehensive.
  230. "Maya?" The boy spoke almost with a whisper. "What if the ghost is real and attacks us? Do you have a plan ready?" The Anubis spun on her heels at the entrance to the toilets. "Apart from the exorcism? Not really." Her ears twitched and her nose scrunched. "All the accounts say that the only manifestations are the smell of shit and some moans. We should be fine." The boy smelled it too. A grotesque scent wafted out of the toilets. "I have a bad feeling about this, Maya."
  234. The stalls were empty. They kicked each door in, one by one, until they reached the one by the window. The stench made them retch. "This is the one, Kiddo!" He had begun to swing his backpack forward even before she opened her mouth. "Let's get this over with, Maya. You're in a hurry too, aren't you?" The reek seemed to grow stronger as he emptied the pack onto the floor. "You mean the pool party? Don't worry, we have plenty of time.
  236. Three equal-sized sticks of wood, 4 cc's of Dormouse's blood, and black, dribbly candles. The boy immediately set to work. He grimaced nervously as he drew a pentagram onto the lid with the sticks and blood. The sun seemed to fade and die as he set the candles down at the points. "Can we just light them up?" There was no answer, and he fumbled through his pockets for the lighter. The room darkened ashe lit the candles.
  238. Just as the boy was about to light the last candle, he felt a familiar, soft paw on his shoulder. "What is it, Maya?" He turned to look behind him, only to find her expressionless face staring through him with coal-black eyes. "TIME TO SUFFER." Her voice had a terrifying echo to it. Suddenly her arm jerked back, and he was lauched into the wall. Without a word, the creature in Maya's body tore his trousers down and held him down.
  242. “Snap out of it, Maya! Don’t do it!” The boy yelped in panic as the iron grip of black-furred paws twisted his arms behind his back, just above his exposed buttocks. “You’re not helping, kiddo,” the Anubis snapped back as her tongue and lips inched ever closer to his ass. Ethereal smoke drifted from her fully black eyes as the Ghost fought for control. A gravelly voice from beyond the grave rang inside her skull: “YES! SUCK IT! TASTE MY PAIN…”
  244. With a grunt her face made contact - Maya’s cheek pressed against his crack as she managed to turn her face and avoid a head-on impact. She hissed through her teeth, “Light the candle already! Do it now!” His voice dripped with desperation. “How?! With my teeth? You’ve got both my hands!” She half groaned, half sighed as she tore one hand away from his wrists and grabbed her own, wrestling with the Ghost inside her.
  246. Maya rolled on the dirty floor. Her skirt crumpled under her slender thighs as disembodied groans and sharp barks filled the air. The boy scrambled to light the final candle – just as the flickering flame of his lighter was about to catch the wick, an iron grip on his leg pulled him away. As he looked back, he found himself staring into his friend-turned-lover’s inky black, steaming eyes. A twisted, hoary voice rang from her throat: “I WON’T LET YOU DO IT…”
  248. “Why are you even doing this? Why?” He tried to plead with the monstrosity that wrestled him into submission at the foot of the bowl, to no avail. “KNOW MY PAIN, YOU FILTHY BREATHER…” He was spun around to face a now inexplicably bare butt above his face. His pulse quickened as he saw Maya’s ring slowly open with a terrible inevitability, even as one paw, drawn into a fist, punched her own cheek again and again. In blind panic he fumbled above and behind him with the lighter, desperate to end the ritual before it was too late.
  252. Suddenly the Anubis above him grew rigid and howled like a wraith from beyond the grave, her eyes lit the dark ceiling up like searchlights in the dim gloom. The boy sighed in relief as the pink ring above him again drew to a close – only for Maya’s hips to slam into his face as her now unpossessed body fell limp. Her soft thighs slammed into his cheeks just as her puffy vulva touched down on his lips.
  254. “What’s up with this Ghost and shit, anyway? I mean, I get that she killed herself on the toilet but there has got to be more to this. Right, Kiddo? …Kiddo?” She felt a muffled voice try to speak into her sensitive parts and immediately sprang forward on her powerful legs. “Sorry! I didn’t realize I was on top of you…!” The stuffy heat was lifted, but her shapely butt still hung directly in his field of view, as a jarring contrast to the barely-gone horror of the terrifying Toilet Ghost.
  256. He staggered to his feet together with Maya and looked around him in the gloom - the elaborate pentagram flickered on the lid. Inside it a bluish-black spectre danced and flickered as it trashed around, trying to escape its mystical prison. The girl had been rather plain, as he could now see. Unkempt black hair hung to her shoulders, almost hiding a mousey face and bad posture. “Let’s get it over with, eh? Get the Holy Water out and we can exorcise her already.”
  258. Maya was hardly a more elegant sight, her clothes crumpled from rolling around the dirty floor. Even her braids were dusty, her glasses visibly greasy from her bushy eyebrows pressing into them during the scuffle. She pulled the cork out of a plain glass bottle and began to pour. The ghost screamed a final time as it disappeared into a flash of light. When they could see again, the room was back to normal. Maya looked at her clothes and hair and sighed. "I need to take a bath before the party, don't I?"
  261.    *   *   *
  264. "Listen, I'm sorry." Maya had been silent for the entire walk home. "I really didn't think we'd be in any danger this time." They stood at the bottom of her building. "It's okay, we were fine, after all." He considered giving her a hug, but the toilet floor grime made him reconsider. "Won't you come inside? I'll make it up to you." She pulled at his hand with her paw. "Let's take a bath together!"
  266. Dirty water flowed down Maya's narrow back and onto her wide hips and buttocks. The boy sat on a plastic stool and watched with an erection. His penis ticked up with every rapid heartbeat as she worked the soap into her thighs. Her hair and paws were soaking wet and glistened in the lights. Suddenly she was finished and turned around. She grinned as she saw the reaction she'd had upon him. "Alright, Kiddo! Turn around and let me wash your back!
  268. The boy awaited with bated breath as Maya loomed behind him. Then, suddenly, he felt a soft touch on his back. Two such touches, in fact. The slippery feeling made him perk even higher. A warm, wet jaw rested on his shoulder as a clump of wet hair was squished between their bodies. Her right paw slowly but surely made its way across his thigh and onto his base. The wet hair clung to his skin as her fingers wrapped around his shaft one by one.
  272. "M-Maya...! Be careful...!" The boy gasped as small breasts rubbed up and down his back. "Yeah, yeah! I'll be careful! Don't worry..." She gave him a stroke back and forth for show. The fur didn't touch his sensitive parts. "See? Did you really think I'd give you rug burn, Kiddo?" She gave him a few more. The boy could not tell if the pleasure came more from her clumsy paws or the soft flesh pressed onto his back.
  274. Maya wrapped both paws around him and began to pump rhythmically up and down, and her breasts slid across his back in opposition. The boy craned his neck, desperate to connect with her mouth, as his back arched with pleasure. Their cheeks rubbed together as their warm, moaning breaths brushed each other's lips. Maya pumped him faster and faster, ramming her paws all the way down before pulling them up for another round, until finally he screamed, his muscles tensed, and a long streak of semen shot all over the wall.
  276. "Kiddo? Did it...?" She immediately noticed something had gone wrong - he winced and slouched with his hands on his nethers. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I got too excited...!" She wrapped her arms around his chest and pressed her cheek onto his back. "Did it hurt a lot?" He said nothing. They sat together for a while. Finally he answered: "It's alright, Maya. It was just really rough. I'm okay." He craned back once more, but only managed to touch noses with her.
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