Golden Opportunities XIII

Jan 21st, 2017
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  1. >Your bed was a mess
  2. >Your sheets, your covers, even your pillows were soaked with sweat, cum, and various other fluids
  3. >The smell of sex was thick in the air
  4. >Even though you had tried your best to clean the three of you up a bit after Twi and Nonny had passed right out--going into your bathroom and grabbing a towel-- you could still feel your stallion's and your cum all over you
  5. >And then there was the smell...
  6. >First there was Anon's scent
  7. >Hearty, rich, musky...
  8. >The smell of a healthy stallion in the prime of his life
  9. >Then there was Twi’s
  10. >Her musk was more delicate, flowery
  11. >Nowhere near as strong as Anon's, but even so, you could easily discern it
  12. >It was the scent of a mare
  13. >The scent of a dorky alpha that brought a warmth to your chest whenever you looked at her
  14. >Said dorky alpha, just like your stallion, was dead to the world
  15. >Twi had her nose buried in Anon's chest, both of her arms tightly wrapped around his middle
  16. >Anon had an arm draped over her, his mouth hanging open as he snored
  17. >You were propped up on a few pillows, your chest pressed against Anon's back with one arm wrapped around him and the other running through his hair
  18. >You hadn't been able to sleep all that much--you never could after a fuck-- so you had laid here for most of the day and the beginning of the night, watching over your two lovers
  19. >Heh...
  20. >YOUR two lovers...
  21. >Even now that sounded a little weird to you...
  22. >Twilight let out a sleepy nicker, rubbing her face back and forth against Nonny's chest before she went still again
  25. >Anon twitched, his snoring ceasing for a moment before coming back with a vengeance
  26. >You had slept with guys that snored before
  27. >Usually, if it was loud enough, you'd just put a pillow over the their head and call it a night
  28. >But Anon's snoring, even though it was loud enough that there was probably something wrong with his sinuses, you didn't mind it
  29. >You also didn't mind when he'd bump you with his elbow or the back of his foot whenever he shifted in the bed
  30. >If it would have been another pony, you might have made Twi sleep on the couch with all of the nickering and neighing that she was doing, but because it WAS her, you found it so adorable that you could lay here and listen to it all night long
  31. >You liked it all
  32. >How they moved against each other and you, the noises that they made in their sleep, the way that their chests rose and feel with each breath that they took
  33. >Seeing it filled your chest with a pleasant warmth
  34. >It made you feel good seeing it, feeling it, running your fingers through Anon's hair as he did his best to mimic a chainsaw
  35. >It made you feel like a mare
  36. >It made you feel... whole...
  37. >Sighing to yourself, you leaned down and kissed the back of Nonny's head
  38. >The sun wouldn't be up for a few hours
  39. >Your bedroom was pitch black
  40. >The room was still other than the movements of your herdmates
  41. >And sweet Celestia above were you as happy as a donkey in an open bank vault
  42. "Heh..."
  43. >Your smile widened just a hair as you nuzzled the top of your stallion's head
  44. >Your nostrils flared, taking in his scent, memorizing it
  45. >This was your scent
  46. >It was going to cling to you from the moment that you woke up to the last moment before you closed your eyes to go to sleep for as long as this herd would be together
  49. >This was the same scent that Twilight was going to have on her at all hours of the day
  50. >It was a pretty simple smell for now
  51. >You and Twi needed to mark him a few more times so that your scents would begin to mingle
  52. >Then everyone with half a nose would know whose stallion this was
  53. >Everyone would know whose cute little alpha that was whenever she walked past...
  54. >"...Fucking fite me faggot..."
  55. >Anon shifted his weight, one of his legs slipping between yours
  56. >Kissing the top of his head, you crossed your legs, trapping it in place
  57. >Anon snorted loudly, his grip on Twi tightening before he went still
  58. >What a fucking cutie...
  59. >Your lips parted, and biting down on a mouthful of hair you started to groom him
  60. >The last guy that you tried this out on had freaked out
  61. >Girls didn't use their teeth to clean a guy's hair...
  62. >Girls weren't supposed to nicker or nuzzle someone as a greeting…
  63. >They weren’t supposed to get their hands dirty or work hard…
  64. >And even though you weren’t a girl, you looked like one
  65. >So, even if sometimes you’d prefer to be anything but, you had to be a girl, not a mare...
  66. >But not now...
  67. >Not anymore...
  68. >You closed your eyes, a nicker escaping your throat
  69. >Twilight, still fast asleep, answered it with a nicker of her own
  70. >You didn't need to hide anything
  71. >Didn't need to act like someone you weren't
  72. >You could be a mare here
  73. >A unicorn
  74. >A pony
  75. >It had been so long since you could do this without freaking out...
  76. >You had tried to introduce your horsey ways to the other Twilight and your friends
  77. >They, of course, were completely supportive, and had come to you with open hearts and minds
  78. >But you could see the discomfort on their faces, the hesitation at some of the things that you had tried to show them
  79. >Open minds or not, they weren't Equestrians
  80. >They had grown up differently
  83. >This world was different; its culture, its peoples, everything was foreign
  84. >You were an outsider
  85. >An outsider that had been lucky enough to find a great bunch of girls that you could call friends, but an outsider nonetheless
  86. >But not here...
  87. >Not with these two...
  88. >Twi was an Equestrian, and Anon was so socially stunted and starved for physical touch that he probably didn't even realize, or care, that what you were doing was odd or different
  89. >You could be yourself in front of them; your honest, true self
  90. >Nickering again, you craned your neck so you could groom the front of your stallion's head, rubbing your legs against Anon's
  91. >You could feel a pleasant soreness in your marehood as you did this
  92. >Not the kind that you usually had after a good, hard night of fucking, but it was sore enough to show that it had been a good evening
  93. "Hmm~"
  94. >It had been a long, long time since you had groomed another, so cleaning Anon's hair took a while
  95. >More than once you had to stop as he shifted and wiggled, and a time or two you thought that he was about to wake up
  96. >But, in the end, Anon's hair was as clean as could be
  97. >You couldn't see it with how dark it was, but you knew it would be GLEAMING when the sun finally decided to poke its head over the horizon
  98. >In fact, if the guys here gave a fuck about their hair every single one of them would be green with envy when Nonny poked his head into school
  99. >...
  100. >Speaking of school...
  101. >Wiping your mouth with your arm, you reached over toward your nightstand and grabbed your phone
  102. >Turning down the phone's light so you didn't blind yourself, you turned it on and started to flick through it
  105. >Just like you though school was going to be cancelled for the foreseeable future
  106. >A quick app change took you to Facebook
  107. >The girls were alright...
  108. >Rainbow had lost power at her house, but it had gotten turned right back on this morning just like yours
  109. >There were, of course, a few pictures of Rarity modeling in a brand new set of winter gear that she had probably hand-stitched herself
  110. >Heh...
  111. >The dyke...
  112. >Applejack was calling on everyone at CHS to go out and help dig their neighbors out of their homes
  113. >Pinkie had a picture up of her sitting on top of a snowman that looked twice her size
  114. >Fluttershy sent you a personal message telling you that she was okay
  115. >And other-Twilight had posted a bunch of scientific nonsense telling people how they could get the snow off of their property without using shovels
  116. >Yeah...
  117. >Like anyone was going to have adolescente nitroglycerin just lying around in their basement...
  118. >Keeping an arm wrapped tightly around Anon, you continued to search the web for a little bit, messaging each of the girls and telling them that you were alright and you hoped that they enjoyed the snow
  119. >You weren't on your phone for very long, but by the time you turned it off, it was two in the morning
  120. >Too late to be staying up...
  121. >You needed to get some shuteye...
  122. >Setting your phone down, you laid your head down onto your pillow and closed your eyes
  123. >A minute or two later your eyes snapped open with a huff
  124. >Late or not, you didn't feel very tired
  125. >In fact, you felt wide awake...
  128. >...
  129. >Shit...
  130. >You tried again, burying your face into Anon's back and closing your eyes
  131. >You stayed there, trying to slow your breathing, trying to drift off, but it was no use
  132. "...Goddammit."
  133. >Grumbling, you wiggled yourself away from Anon and rolled out of bed
  134. >Pulling the blanket over him and Twi, making sure that they were snug, you made your way out into the hallway and toward your bathroom
  135. >Stupid insomnia...
  136. >Not letting a filly get her fucking sleep...
  137. >Flipping on the light in your bathroom--and only cringing a bit as the bright light invaded your senses-- you made your way over to your sink
  138. >Turning the water on, you leaned down and swallowed a few mouthfuls
  139. >You then splashed some water onto your face
  140. >Reaching around for a towel to dry off, you looked down at yourself
  141. >You had not done a very good job cleaning your lower body, you immediately noticed
  142. >Your legs and lower belly were peppered with cum splotches, and your cunt was COVERED in sticky, thick cum
  143. >You looked like a mess
  144. >Worse than Lyra had after she spent five minutes in the closet with that Norman guy at that one party...
  145. >Rubbing your thighs together, you grimaced as even more cum slipped from your marehood and began to run down your legs
  146. >Holy Tartarus did you not do a good job at all cleaning yourself...
  147. >...
  148. >Maybe a shower was in order?
  149. >Giving yourself a once over, you quickly determined that a shower would, in fact, be a good idea
  150. >You might get dirty again the instant you laid down on your cum-covered bed, but at least you'd be able to wash the cum out of you...
  153. >And hey, maybe all of the warm water might make you sleepy enough to go to bed!
  154. >Drying your face off, you made your way over to the shower and turned that sucker on
  155. >Waiting until the water on an acceptable temperature, you hopped right in and grabbed yourself a loofa, lathering it up with some soap
  156. >Tensing your marehood, you managed to get whatever was left of Anon's load out of you
  157. >Which, surprisingly, was more than you were expecting
  158. >Yep…
  159. >That boy really DID cum like a stallion…
  160. >Hopefully he wouldn’t go and break a condom when he was fucking Twi...
  161. >With the cum out of you, it was just a matter of cleaning your thighs, legs, and butt
  162. >You started to bounce in place, humming tunes to yourself as you cleaned your body
  163. "Everybody's working for the weekend... something, something, something weekend..."
  164. >Giving your butt a very good cleaning, you were about to start working on your boobs--because why not?-- when you heard the pitter-patter of bare feet on your bathroom floor
  165. >Looking over you saw Anon through your clear plastic shower curtain, his eyes half-lidded and his hair disheveled, making his way toward your toilet
  166. >The stallion's movements were stiff and forced
  167. >He dragged his feet with each step he took, and his face as twisted up in discomfort and a little bit of disgust
  168. >Heh...
  169. >Poor colt looked as sore as all Tartarus...
  170. "Well hello there, sleepyhead," you called
  171. >Anon grumbled, walking over to the toilet
  172. >Bending down like an old man to lift the seat he aimed his soft, floppy cock with one hand and began to take a leak
  173. "You sore?"
  174. >Your stallion nodded
  175. >"Yeah. Everything hurts," he grunted, his nose scrunching up. "I didn't think that I'd be this sore after... you know."
  176. "You were using muscles that you never used before," you said, beginning to scrub your underarms as his stream began to taper off. "Of course you're going to be sore."
  177. >Giving his cock a few wiggles, your stallion put the seat back down and turned toward you
  178. >"How long was I out?" he asked, rubbing an eye
  179. "For most of the day," you said with some pride. "I must have taken a lot out of you, huh?."
  180. >Anon flinched, looking down at his feet
  181. >"I, um... I'm sorry that I wasn't able to..."
  184. >He shuffled in place, his hands behind his back
  185. >"I couldn't make you... you know..."
  186. >The smile on your face widened
  187. >Aw...
  188. >What a little sweetie...
  189. "You did great," you assured with a bounce. "Especially for your first time."
  190. >Anon looked up into your smiling face before looking back down
  191. >"... I'm still sorry though."
  192. >You couldn't help but giggle
  193. >By Luna's moon was he the cutest colt that you had met in this world...
  194. "If you're so sorry, why don't you make it up to me by hopping in here and helping me clean up?" you asked, shaking the loofa in your hand back and forth
  195. >Anon's eyes once again lifted from the floor and toward your face, staying there for a few moments before they drifted southward
  196. >Jutting your chest out, you let his eyes drink you in
  197. >Yeah...
  198. >That's right colt...
  199. >You ogle your Sunny Bunny...
  200. >Anon licked his lips before stiffly making his way into the shower
  201. >You, being the loving marefriend that you were, offered him a hand and helped him in
  202. >He took that hand, giving it a tug and pulling you toward him and into a hug
  203. >Your arms slipped around his middle and you laid your head on his shoulder
  204. "You know, you really filled me up when you came," you said
  205. >Anon stiffened
  206. >"Y-Yeah... About t-that..."
  207. >Trying to be as stealthy as possible, both of your hands snaked down to Anon's rump and gave it a squeeze
  208. >Yeah...
  209. >That's the stuff right there...
  212. "Don't worry about it. I'm on the pill, so you cumming in me like that is fine," you told him
  213. >The stiffness in your stallion's body dissipated
  214. >"Thank god..." he said with a sigh
  215. >You giggled again
  216. "I might be on the pill, but Twi isn't, so we're going to have to be careful with her," you said. "You're probably going to have to start wearing condoms."
  217. >You didn't like them, and neither did most guys, but it was for the best
  218. >Herd or not, you didn't want Twi getting knocked up out of the blue
  219. >Anon, leaning into you, nodded
  220. >"Yeah, I understand. I don't want to get anyone pregnant."
  221. "Not yet at least," you said, giving his cheeks another squeeze before stepping away from him with a smile. "Now, why don't we get cleaned up? Come on, you get my back and I'll get yours."
  222. >When you, Anon, and Twi had showered together you didn't have much of an opportunity to lay your hands on this qt little colt
  223. >You wanted him and Twi to get comfortable with each other
  224. >Explore their bodies and whatnot
  225. >But now, with just the two of you, you could explore all that you wanted
  226. >And explore you did
  227. >As one hand washed, the other touched and tickled
  228. >You scrubbed his chest, his arms, his back
  229. >Anon squirmed and wiggled the lower you went, biting his lip as you ran the loofa over his flaccid cock and his legs
  230. >Quickly the pretext of just washing fell away and you just started letting your hands explore
  231. >You didn't do anything TOO lewd
  232. >Some touching here, a little dirty joke there, maybe you rubbed yourself against him once or twice, but it wasn't your fault
  233. >You were only equine!
  234. >And what hot-blooded mare would be able to keep her hands off a stallion like this?
  235. >Anon, to his credit, didn't just stand there and let you have your way with him
  236. >In fact, he might have been grabber than you
  237. "Oh, you like my butt huh?" you teased, pressing yourself against his chest as those hands of his gave your cheeks a squeeze
  240. >"You have a g-great butt," he said, with that cute little stutter of his
  241. "Well you have some great arms," you said, giving a bicep a squeeze. "Nice and strong. The kind of arms that could sweep a girl like me off her feet."
  242. >Anon's smile brought a warmth to your chest, and you almost started giving him eskimo kisses when you noticed that his chest puffed out a bit from the praise
  243. >Soooo fucking cute...
  244. >You rubbed your thighs together, biting your lip as you felt a warmth beginning to accumulate there
  245. "So how was your first time?" you asked. "Was it everything that you thought it'd be?"
  246. >One of your hands dragged against Anon's thigh, "accidentally" brushing against his slowly hardening member
  247. >He gasped, his grip on you tightening
  248. >"It was fantastic," he said. "Better than I'd ever thought it would be."
  249. "I'm glad," you said, giving him a kiss on the cheek
  250. > "I mean, that thing where you squeezed me when I was inside of you was crazy," he continued as you slowly backed him up against a wall. "I've never felt anything like it."
  251. "That's what happens when you have complete vaginal control, hon."
  252. >"Really? So you can..."
  253. "Yep. It was a little thing that came with me from Equestria," you said with a quick peck on the lips. "It's not as controlled as back home, but this body IS a lot different."
  254. >"I really liked it," Anon admitted. "After feeling you doing what you did it's going to be really hard to go back to my hand."
  255. >You giggled again
  256. >This colt...
  257. >With a little shove, Anon's back was against your shower wall
  258. >Placing your hands on his shoulders, you got up on your tippy toes and gave his nose a little kiss
  259. "And why the hell do you think that you need to go back to using your hand, you silly filly?" you asked, pressing your weight against him, not quite pinning him to the wall but doing something that was VERY close to it
  262. >Something hard and twitching brushed up against your thigh, prompting you to press more of yourself against him
  263. >You loved how easy it was to get colts here horny...
  264. "You're part of a herd now, Nonny. All you need to do is ask me or Twi and we'd be happy to give you some... "relief"."
  265. >You made a show of licking your lips, one of your hands wandering down and wrapping around Anon's cock
  266. "You just need to say the word~"
  267. >Anon's eyes widened just a hair, and you could see the beginnings of a blush working its way onto his face
  268. >"I know," he said. "I w-was just talking about when one of you wasn’t in the mood a-and--"
  269. >You licked his lips, silencing him
  270. >His cock throbbing in your hand
  271. >Not able to help yourself, you gave it a stroke
  272. "It's a mares duty to make sure that her stallion is looked after," you said, pressing more of your weight against him so now you WERE pinning him to the wall
  273. >Not that he seemed to mind all that much...
  274. "Alpha or not, if you need release it's our duty to make sure that you have that."
  275. >You ran a finger around Anon's cockhead, causing him to gasp
  276. "Whether that means we blow you until your balls are empty--"
  277. >Another touch made your stallion's hips jerk
  278. "--Or have you mount us until neither of us can walk--"
  279. >Another stroke brought out a whimper from him and coated your hand in something thick and sticky
  280. >A lot of something
  281. >Hmm...
  282. >It looked like him cumming as much as he had wasn't just from all of the edging that morning...
  283. "--then that's what we'll have to do until you're satisfied."
  284. >Giving him another kiss on the lips, one which he returned this time, you looked at him expectantly
  287. "So, with that in mind, do you need anything now that we're in the shower, my big, THICK stallion?" you asked
  288. >A shudder ran through Anon as your fingers tightened around his cock
  289. >The heat between your legs was becoming uncomfortable
  290. >You clenched your legs and waiting for his answer
  291. >A bit of shower sex would be a win-win for everyone, you figured
  292. >You needed something to cool you off, needed someone to fill you and paint your insides with cum
  293. >And Anon here looked like he needed another good fuck
  294. >Good for him, good for you, good for everyone
  295. >Anon looked at you with those pretty green eyes of his, his mouth opening and closing
  296. >Finally, after a few tries, he managed to utter something
  297. >"Well... t-there's something else that I've always wanted to do with a girl..." he admitted
  298. >You smiled, feeling your marehood twitch
  299. "You can do whatever you want with me, hon," you promised, kissing him again
  300. >As you did that, you began to think what your stallion's little "fantasy" would be
  301. >Oral?
  302. >Anal?
  303. >Did he want to cum all over you?
  304. >Maybe he wanted to fuck your thighs until he came this time?
  305. >Some guys that you've been with have really had a thing for feet, so it might have been something along those lines...
  306. >Anon, giving you a kiss of his own, grabbed you by the shoulders
  307. >Pushing you away from him, he turned the two of you around so that your back was against the wall and he was pressed up against you
  308. >What was this little devil planning…?
  309. >He smiled nervously, placing his hands on your hips
  310. >"Sorry in advance if I'm b-bad at this," he said
  311. >...Why was it always sorry with this stallion?
  312. >He didn't have anything to be sorry about...
  313. >You opened your mouth to say as much, but your words died in your throat, as, with a pained grunt, Anon got down on his knees
  316. >...
  317. >What the fuck was he doing?
  318. "Anon? What the fuck are you doing?"
  319. >Anon flinched, looking up at you
  320. >"I a-always wanted to know what it was like to e-eat a girl out," he said, the blush on his face creeping down his neck. "So I thought that we could-- I mean, I thought that I could try it out a little..."
  321. "You want to eat me out?" you questioned
  322. >Not that you were against it--who the fuck would be-- but you had just offered to do anything for your stallion here
  323. >ANYTHING
  324. >And he goes and picks simple foreplay?
  325. >Foreplay where he's the one giving and you're receiving?
  326. >A small, concerned frown came to your stallion's face
  327. >He fiddled with his hands nervously, looking down at the floor
  328. >"I don't need to do it if you don't w-want me to," he said, forlorn. "I've always wanted to do it, and since you were offering..."
  329. >...
  330. >Why the hell were you complaining about this?
  331. >Your stallion was on his knees, ASKING to eat you out
  332. >You didn't need to bribe him, there was no magic involved
  333. >He wanted to do it on his own free will
  334. >You fucking dummy...
  335. >Smiling, you placed a hand on top of Anon's head
  336. "Hon, if that's what you want to do t-then I'm all for it," you said, running your fingers through his hair
  337. >Your marehood twitched as Anon's eyes lifted from the floor and he looked up at you once again
  338. >"Are you sure? I'm probably not going to be very good at it."
  339. >Your hand went to the back of his head
  340. >Oh sweet Celestia...
  343. >If this stallion didn't stop it you were going to RUIN him...
  344. >Resisting the urge to carry his butt back into your bedroom to make even more of a mess of your sheets, you gave his head a little tug
  345. "You're never going to learn if you don't practice with someone," you said as calmly as you could, a shiver rubbing up your spine as Anon's mouth parted and that little pink tongue of his slipped from his mouth to lick his lips
  346. >Different world or not, the guys here still didn't like to eat a filly out
  347. >Sure, they did it WAY more here than back at home but most didn't like it
  348. >You could see it on their faces when they were between your legs
  349. >It made the whole experience a little... flat in your opinion
  350. >But Anon here was looking at your cunt like it was a bowl of his favorite ice cream
  351. >He wanted to eat you out
  352. >Wanted to taste and lick you
  353. >And that was fucking HOT
  354. >Biting the inside of your lip to keep yourself composed, you continued
  355. "And don't worry, I'll make sure to coach you so you can make me feel good."
  356. >"Thanks, Sunny," your stallion said gratefully. "It really means a lot that you're l-letting me do this."
  357. >You twitched as you felt his warm, moist breath wash over your marehood
  358. >W-Wew...
  359. >Keep it together filly...
  360. >This isn't your first rodeo...
  361. "I'm happy to h-help," you breathed, your back already arching in preparation. "And don't worry about anything, hon. If you want to keep doing this I'm sure we can make you into the best cilt-sucker in the world."
  362. >Oh you hope he liked this...
  363. >You really, really, really, REALLY hoped he did...
  364. >"I'll do my best," your stallion promised
  365. >You were just about to push his head a bit more so that his nose was pressed up against your flower when Anon yanked back for a second
  366. >"S-Sunset?"
  369. >You resisted the urge to place both hands on the back of his head and force him to start licking
  370. "Yeah hon?"
  371. >Somehow, his face reddened a little more
  372. >"If there's a way that you can do it while I'm e-eating you out, could you maybe, please... squeeze my head with your legs?" he asked, shrinking into himself
  373. >...
  374. >Best stallion
  375. >Best stallion of all time
  376. >Twilight was the best alpha
  377. >This was the best decision that you've ever made
  378. >Another shiver ran through you
  379. "You really do like my thighs don't you, you dirty boy?" you cooed, rubbing your thighs together
  380. >Anon nodded shyly
  381. >Yeah, I really do l-like them," he admitted, placing his hands on your legs and giving them a squeeze
  382. >He licked his lips again
  383. >"I really, really like them..."
  384. >Wew...
  385. "Then I'll make sure to give your head a little squeeze if I can," you told him, giving his head another tug. "Now why don't you put that cute l-little tongue of yours to work, huh?"
  386. >This time Anon's head lurched forward
  387. >His tongue tongue slipped out of his mouth and you could feel his body both loosen and tense up
  388. >You mentally prepared yourself
  389. >Come on, filly...
  390. >Keep yourself together...
  391. >You were a tough, marely mare
  392. >You've done WAY lewder things thas this with stallions
  395. >In fact, this was--
  396. >Your breathing hitched as you felt Anon's soft lips on your inner thigh
  397. >His nose brushed up against your leg, making you tense
  398. >OhfuckingTartarus...
  399. >He pulled away, looking up at you with a smile and licking his lips
  400. >"You taste sweet," he said
  401. >It took a second, but you eventually realized what he was referring to
  402. >He had seen the wetness dripping down your legs and had decided to have himself a taste before he did anything
  403. >...
  404. >Ruin...
  405. >You were going to RUIN this stallion...
  406. >With a pleased hum, Anon went back to your legs, doing his best to lick them clean
  407. >You spread your legs, giving him easier access while giving yourself a better view
  408. >Yeah...
  409. >You fucking lick those thighs clean, colt...
  410. >Anon took his time cleaning the cum from your legs
  411. >He hummed and giggled as his tongue dragged up your smooth, hairless flesh
  412. >Every once in awhile he'd stop to pepper your legs with kisses and nose your flesh affectionately, which only ended up giving him even more cum to lick up
  413. "Sweet fucking Luna," you breath, using the wall behind you as support. "Are you sure you haven't done this before, Nonny?"
  414. >Anon looked back up at you mischievously, his face covered in your excitement
  415. >You bit your lip hard, your marehood sending another spurt of cum down your legs, which was quickly lapped up
  416. >Keep it together...
  417. >Keep it fucking together…
  418. >He hadn’t even touched your cunt yet for Celestia’s sake...
  419. >Anon began to make his way up your now very slick thighs, licking and kissing the whole way
  420. >When he got to the cleft of your left leg he skipped your cunt entirely, pressing his lips against your lower belly
  421. "H-Hah~"
  422. >Your hips bucked, and your grip on the back of his head tightened even more so you had a fist full of hair tightly in your grasp
  425. >Anon hummed again, pressing his lips against the little patch of fur that you kept between your lips, giving your mound a kiss
  426. >His hands wandered up to your thighs, gripping you tightly and holding you in place
  427. >You responded with a quiet nicker
  428. "Yeah... just like that. You're doing g-great, Nonny..."
  429. >Another lick made your knees knock together
  430. >Another kiss made you bite your lip until you tasted blood
  431. >You had to look away from Anon as he wandered back downward to keep yourself from losing control completely
  432. >Oh sweet Luna...
  433. >Give me strength...
  434. >A low groan escaped you as Anon, finally, after all of that fucking teasing, pressing his lips against your lips
  435. >Your marehood, puffy and swollen with arousal, twitched, kissing him back
  436. >Your stallion giggled, pulling away and looking up at you
  437. >"It moved!" he exclaimed breathlessly, looking excited. "I could feel it!"
  438. >You closed your eyes
  439. >This colt was going to make you bust an ovary...
  440. "She's happy to see you, so she's giving you kisses," you replied, trying to catch your breath
  441. >No longer able to help yourself, you yanked him forward and mashed his face back into your groin
  442. "Why don't you keep giving her kisses back?"
  443. >A groan erupted from your stallion, causing you to tense up hard
  444. >His fingernails dug into your legs as he nuzzled his face back and forth and began to lick
  445. >Almost at once you could tell that he had no idea what he was doing
  446. >You could feel his teeth slide up against your lips as his face moved up and down your cunt, and he didn't seem to know what to do with his tongue
  447. >But, what he lacked in experience he more than made up for in eagerness
  448. "No, lick a little above there. Yeah... Remember to suckle a little bit, and you can use your teeth as long as you're careful about it. Yeah... Oh fuck yeah~..."
  451. >You groaned as you felt Anon's tongue slip into your marehood
  452. >Your inner muscles squeezed the invader, trying to pull more of it inside of you
  453. >As this happened Anon pinned you against the shower wall with so much force that you wouldn't be able to get away even if you wanted to
  454. >Then, grabbing two handfuls of your ass, he picked you up in the air and held you there
  455. "Fuck!" you moaned, before breathless laughing. "Oh you fucking dirty colt..."
  456. >Anon's tongue wiggled around inside of you frantically
  457. >Your cunt continued to squeeze the little muscle, milking it over and over again
  458. >That tongue of his wasn't quite reaching your g-spot, but he wasn't going to need to
  459. >The licking, the kissing, the way that he was holding even when, a few minutes ago he could barely walk right; it was really helping you along
  460. >Your breathing was becoming ragged
  461. >Butterflies were flapping around your stomach
  462. >Your body was heating up and you were nickering like a filly
  463. >Anon pulled his tongue out of you, kissing and sucking at your pussy lips before his wet muscle slipped back into your folds
  464. >Your back arched
  465. "Yeah... you eat that pussy..."
  466. >A wave of pleasure tore through you, causing you to grit your teeth
  467. >Your legs wrapped around Anon's head and gave it a squeeze
  468. >Anon immediately stiffened, and not a second later a long, low groan sent vibrations through your marehood, taking your breath away
  469. "Motherfucker~"
  470. >It wasn't going to be much longer...
  471. >Veteran or not, even you couldn't last long under these conditions...
  472. >Your marehood began milking your stallion's tongue faster and with more force
  473. >Your muscles tightened, and the warmth between your legs rose to its apex
  474. >Shaking, you forced yourself to look down at your stallion
  475. >Anon's eyes were half-lidded and hazy
  476. >His nose was pressed against your mound, moving back and forth ever so slightly
  477. >You could see his lips pressed up against your cunt, that little pink tongue of his slipping through your folds to drink your essence from the source
  478. >And speaking of cum, his face, his chest, and even his chest was covered in the stuff
  480. >He was covered in you
  481. >In your scent
  482. >And he would be for DAYS….
  483. >Anon, feeling your eyes on him, looked up at you
  484. >Some of the haze left his eyes
  485. >He winked at you before burying his tongue into you as deep as he could
  486. >Because of this his tongue was able to go that half-inch more to drag across that little sensitive patch of nerves inside of you
  487. >It also had the bonus of having his nose rub against your cilt with more force that you were expecting
  488. >That was the straw that broke the camel's back
  489. "FuuuuuuuuuccCCCCKKKK!"
  490. >You closed your eyes, threw back your head, and screamed as the pleasure finally boiled over
  491. >Your marehood went wild, squeezing on Anon's tongue as hard as it could, sending a wave of cum onto the stallion's face
  492. >Anon, groaning into your cunt, continued to lick as best as he could while you shook and cursed and held onto his head for dear life
  493. "F-F-Fuck..."
  494. >For nearly a minute your orgasm sent wave after wave of pleasure through you
  495. >It was a hard one
  496. >The kind of cum that made a filly get down on her knees and praise the sun
  497. >It felt like you were swimming through a sea of warm honey
  498. >It was amazing
  499. >Mind blowing
  500. >You never wanted it to end
  501. >Eventually, though, the pleasure DID subside
  502. >The muscles in your body went limp one after another
  503. >Your grip on Anon's tongue went slack
  504. >Your legs lost their strength and slipped from his head
  505. >Even you grip on his head loosened
  506. >Breathing hard, and feeling lightheaded, you let out a chuckle
  507. "W-Whoo... it’s been awhile... since I've... cum that... hard..." you said, before a spark of pleasure made you hiss in surprise
  508. >Looking down, you saw that Anon was still licking, lost in his own little world
  509. "A-Anon, honey," you said, your legs twitching as his tongue dragged against the sensitive spot inside of you.
  510. >With a shaky hand you poked him on the forehead
  511. “A-Anon?”
  512. >Your stallion ignored you, too busy licking you into ruin
  513. >Ponygodsgivemestrength
  514. >Squirming in Anon's grip, you poked his forehead with more and more force, trying to get his attention
  517. >Finally, with a very hard flick to the ear he twitched, looking up at you in confusion
  518. "Anon, please, just me a second for Celestia's sake..." you begged
  519. >Anon blinked slowly, his mind processing what you had just said
  520. "Please, get that tongue out of me," you whined, giving his head a little push. "Please? I'm sensitive..."
  521. >A nicker escaped you as Anon's wonderful little tongue slipped out of you a second later
  522. >That nicker turned into a neigh as he gave your lips one last tongue bath before, breathing just as hard as you, he pressed his cum-soaked face against your mound
  523. >"How did I do?" he asked
  524. "Fucking amazing," you said, pressing your head against the wall and closing your eyes. "Really fucking amazing. You made me cum my brains out..."
  525. >Though you didn't see it, Anon smiled
  526. >"Thanks for letting me do this, Sunny," he said, like making you cum as hard as you did was a reward for HIM. "And thanks for doing that thing with your legs. It felt really nice."
  527. "You can do this whenever you want to me," you said with a groan. "Fuck me sideways, are you a natural pussy eater..."
  528. >You couldn’t WAIT until this colt had a bit of practice orally pleasing a mare
  529. >There was a good chance that none of you would would leave your bedroom again…
  530. >...
  531. >Wew did you cum hard...
  532. >It took a minute or two to get yourself together, but eventually you remembered how to move your limbs properly
  533. >Anon put you down and let you stand up on your shaky legs, climb to his own shaky feet and pulling you into a hug
  534. >You chuckled again
  535. “You’re going to have to do this to Twi when she wakes up,” you said. “If you think I liked that, wait till you see her…”
  536. >Anon hummed, holding onto you tighter
  537. >"I love you," he whispered, nuzzling the side of your face
  538. >You blinked
  539. >...
  540. >Huh...
  541. >That's weird...
  542. >You were away from the shower and you still managed to get water in your eyes...
  543. >Sniffling, you wrapped your arms around your stallion and gave him another kiss, not caring at all when your own juices touched your lips
  544. >The warmth came back to your chest with a vengeance
  545. >Anon was smiling as he held you, you noticed
  546. >You liked that smile...
  547. >You wanted to see it more...
  548. >You wanted to protect it...
  549. >Just like you wanted to protect the little nerd in the other room's smile
  551. >Anon kissed your cheek, and with an affectionate nicker you rubbed yourself against him
  552. "You silly colt," you murmured, holding him close. "I'm supposed to be the one that says that..."
  554. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  556. >Your eyes snapped open
  557. >The room was pitch black
  558. >Your face was pressed into something soft and warm
  559. >There was also something pressed up against your back
  560. >Two sets of arms were wrapped around you
  561. >One of your hands opened and closed, and with a start you realized that someone was holding your hand
  562. >This hand was bigger than yours
  563. >Callused and thick
  564. >...
  565. >Sunset and Anon...
  566. >Picking your head up, you looked up into Sunset's sleeping face
  567. >In your ear, Anon sighed, wiggling closer to you
  568. >Sighing yourself, the tension that had been building in your muscles went again
  569. >It was just Sunset and Anon...
  570. >Just your herdmates...
  571. >The thought brought a smile to your face
  572. >Your herdmates...
  573. >YOUR’s...
  574. >Anon twitched against you
  575. >Sunset, with a sleepy murmur, squished her teats together, subconsciously trying to encourage you to bury your face back into her mounds
  576. >The dyke...
  577. >You kissed that dyke's nose--YOUR dyke's nose--before giving Anon's hand a squeeze
  578. >You were sticky
  579. >There was a deep, but not unpleasant, soreness in your body
  580. >You felt sweaty and sticky and gross in a million different ways
  581. >With a happy hum, you let your face fall between two of the biggest teats that you've ever seen and closed your eyes
  582. >As you did this you lifted the hand holding yours and brought it to your own chest, resting your free hand on top of it
  585. "Love you two," you murmured with a wiggle
  586. >Though you didn't see it Sunset, who was very much awake, smiled
  587. >"I love you too, dyke," she teased, giving your head a pat
  588. >You stiffened slightly but kept your face where it was
  589. >...
  590. >S-Sorry mom...
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