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May 22nd, 2021
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  1. # Applicant background
  3. I’m Michael Harms, I’m a web developer and I love ZEC! My app, ZECpages, encourages shielded ZEC adoption and backs ZEC with the ability to share a message publicly and privately. I’ve received 2 smaller grants from ZOMG in the past, one for ZECpages’ servers, and one for a testnet faucet.
  5. I’m Marc, and I've been a crypto enthusiast since 2016. I was an ETH guy but ZEC has shown me the way.
  6. I am currently working as a product designer for a fintech start-up. My area of expertise is breaking down complicated subjects (ie: loan repayment structures) into understandable chunks with the help of visual illustrations, easy to read copy, and data viz. My work can be found at
  8. We’ve worked together before, in spring 2020. Marc as UX designer and Michael as Engineering Lead. We worked with a stakeholder and greenfielded the first MVP of
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