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Oct 5th, 2015
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  1. With /cgl/ now in /fa/'s care for the time being, he figures it's time for some rules to be laid down, as both his sister and the inane person behind everyone's antics are too much for him to keep up.
  3. "You wanted to talk about something, onii-chan?"
  5. /cgl walks in, with hair and body both wrapped in pristine, white towels. /fa/ isn't bothered by it, but is still wary, as he's only got boxers and a tee on. The two of them are almost naked, and in the same room together. Still, he plays it cool.
  7. "I'm doing none of that 'uwa, put some clothes on' crap. I'm not putting on pants, either. It's too hot. Aren't you gonna get dressed?"
  9. "I'm too laaazy. I saved your butt today, remember? Can't you be a good brother and give me a reward?"
  11. "Sorry, but your good ol' onii-chan has been making poor budgeting decisions as of late."
  13. /cgl/ pouts for a split second, but quickly replaces it with a slightly smug smile. She approaches /fa/, taking a seat on his lap.
  15. "So? What are we gonna talk about?"
  17. "I wanted to lay down some ground rules for your stay here. Now, get off me. You're already breaking the first rule."
  19. /cgl/ playfully wiggles her hips.
  21. "Oh yeah? And what rule is that, onii-chan?"
  23. She catches him off guard, and knows it fully well.
  25. "That. Don't do that."
  27. /cgl/ continues to move, a hint of mischief in her voice.
  29. "Do what? This?"
  31. Her movements slow down, and it suddenly feels less like playing around, and a lot more sensual teasing. The sensory information is a lot for /fa/ to take in. /cgl/'s body is still warm from her shower. The smell of her hair draws him in, and the imagery begins to vividly form in his mind. The thought of his sister, surrounded by the steam from the hot water as it pours all over her body, nearly causes him to give in to the temptation of reciprocating his sister's actions-- but he manages to catch himself. He tries to tell her to stop, but can't seem to be able to form the words. A part of him wants this to continue, to satisfy the curiousity of just how far his sister is willing to go with this.
  33. Before long, /cgl/'s towel rides up, and the only thing stopping her from pulling it back down is the fact that her brother is behind her. At the same time, /fa/ begins to feel a hard on coming up, but doesn't even try to stop it as it starts to make its way towards the hole in his boxers. It touches /cgl/.
  35. She stops and looks down. Neither of them say anything. /fa/ thinks that maybe it's time to stop, that maybe his member suddenly making a surprise visit has somehow startled /cgl/.
  37. He doesn't have the chance to break the silence, because his sister begins to move again.
  39. Compared to before, /cgl/'s movements have changed. Instead of just slowly grinding in whichever direction, she now starts to rub herself up and down atop her brother's length.
  41. /fa/ is once again caught off guard, as waves of pleasure hit him. He lies back, his mind only processing what's going on down below. His sister is the first to speak.
  43. "You said... That doing this is bad... Right, onii-chan?"
  45. "I did... So quit it already... Any more of this and I..."
  47. /cgl/ doesn't say anything, and continues to slowly ride him. Their breathing gets heavier. No longer able to control himself, /fa/ sits up, and removes his shirt, the room feeling hotter than it was before. Thinking the same thing about his sister, he undoes her towel, and it falls to the side. She isn't phased at all, and continues to move, unwavering.
  49. /fa/ wraps his hands around his sister, and the sudden contact, like static electricity, causes /cgl/ to gasp. She can feel her brother's breathing on her neck, and she eventually begins to pick up the pace.
  51. Slick with her sister, /fa/ can feel a climax rising. She can sense it as well, and moves faster, until he finally releases, his seed making a mess of her thighs.
  53. They sit there, silent, still in their embrace. After a while, /fa/ lets go, and falls back onto the bed, drained. /cgl/ wipes herself off with her towel, and gets up, about to leave. /fa/ speaks.
  55. "The second rule... This can't become a regular thing."
  57. She doesn't say anything immediately, but turns around to give her onii-chan a kiss on the cheek, before leaving the room entirely.
  59. Laying alone, /fa/ wonders if things will be awkward between the two of them in the morning. He might even have to beg for his sister's forgiveness.
  61. Putting those thoughts aside, he decides to bask in the feelings that overcame him while his sister was still here with him, before closing his eyes, and falling asleep.
  63. The End
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