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  1. 00:00
  2. Chalk up another victory on the Game Theory win sheet! With the release of Bendy's last
  3. 00:04
  4. chapter, all my theories were put to the test,
  5. 00:06
  6. and it looks like we were overall pretty darn right! At least for the things
  7. 00:10
  8. theMeatly wasn't purposely misdirecting us on.
  9. 00:13
  10. Allison and Thomas were indeed revealed to be perfect Alice and Cy-Boris.
  11. 00:17
  12. Human souls are indeed used to power the Ink Machine, and most
  13. 00:20
  14. importantly of all, we totally called that Joey Drew would be revealed to be the true identity of Monster Bendy.
  15. 00:26
  16. Wait, you're saying he wasn't? That he's just this old dude in his kitchen, and Bendy is this mindless ink monster?
  17. 00:32
  18. Give me a few minutes. It'll all make sense soon, because this is the end of Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  19. 00:39
  20. Intro in 1920s-1940s Bendy/retro form (subtitles by dalva phillips)
  21. 00:50
  22. Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory!
  23. 00:53
  24. Where you don't need a special lens to see our hidden messages. More often than not, they're hidden in plain sight
  25. 00:59
  26. Right in front of your face.
  27. 01:01
  28. So, five chapters, three theories and one year 8 months and 16 days later,
  29. 01:06
  30. it's finally over.
  31. 01:08
  32. The saga of our little devil darlin' Bendy reached its sepia tinted conclusion and, uh, well . . .
  33. 01:13
  34. It was controversial, to say the least.
  35. 01:16
  36. Slow stealth sections,
  37. 01:18
  38. Bendy going on full beast mode,
  39. 01:20
  40. and no appearance of the plunger, were just some of the complaints that I saw circulating online,
  41. 01:24
  42. but it was the ending that left most people in the inky dark.
  43. 01:28
  44. After fighting off 'roid rage Bendy, suddenly we're taken to a kitchen with Joey Drew washing some dishes,
  45. 01:33
  46. before sending us back to the studio with the same exact words that kicked this whole thing off in the first place
  47. 01:38
  48. "Come visit the old workshop."
  49. 01:41
  50. "There's something I need to show you."
  51. 01:50
  52. "Alright Joey, I'm here."
  53. 01:54
  54. "Let's see if we can find what you wanted me to see."
  55. 01:56
  56. Are you kidding me?! Every time this game launches a new chapter I need to play through the whole thing again,
  57. 02:00
  58. since it's so unstable I lose my save data
  59. 02:02
  60. I'm telling ya; if I haven't found what you wanted me to see the other five times that I've gone through these chapters,
  61. 02:08
  62. this ain't it, chief. Also did it bother anyone else to hear Joey say, "I need to show you-"
  63. 02:13
  64. "There's something I need to show you."
  65. 02:15
  66. -but then the closed captions say "want to show you"?
  67. 02:17
  68. You're rankling my OCD here, game!
  69. 02:19
  70. Anyway, I don't think it's an understatement to say that this was far from the ending the series had been leading us towards,
  71. 02:26
  72. understandably causing frustration to gamers who'd spent the better part of the last two years
  73. 02:30
  74. theorizing about this game's mysteries.
  75. 02:32
  76. So today we're gonna dive down to the inky depths and add some color to a finale that most people found a bit sketchy. Let's begin.
  77. 02:40
  78. First things first. It's important to establish that the events in the game never really happened.
  79. 02:44
  80. At least, not literally, like we played through them.
  81. 02:47
  82. Yep, it's one of those, where everything is symbolic,
  83. 02:49
  84. like a dream theory, coma theory, or in this case, a story theory.
  85. 02:54
  86. You see, the game tries to leave it open to interpretation,
  87. 02:57
  88. revealing in the endgame letter that repairman Thomas
  89. 03:00
  90. Connor is a bit miffed that someone stole his invention, the ink machine, only to show us a few seconds later,
  91. 03:05
  92. after the credits, that it's in Joey Drew's house. So could it all have been real?
  93. 03:09
  94. Yeah, it could've, but it's not very likely.
  95. 03:13
  96. That's why the entrance to Joey Drew Studios is attached to the kitchen, and why there's this
  97. 03:17
  98. dramatic visual shift when we're entering the real world.
  99. 03:19
  100. The game designers are trying to tell us through aesthetics that the studio isn't reality.
  101. 03:24
  102. "This hallway with the six posters is very reminiscent of the opening hallway." "Yeah, it is."
  103. 03:29
  104. "It's really interesting." "And this room is very reminiscent of Chapter One." "It is"
  105. 03:33
  106. "So this is my desk- wait- oh-"
  107. 03:35
  108. "This is my old desk! I wasted so much time in this chair."
  109. 03:38
  110. Making it even clearer is the fact that in the gameplay Allison Pendle is
  111. 03:41
  112. transformed into the perfect Alice Angel and Thomas Connor is Cy-Boris,
  113. 03:44
  114. but in real life the two are married and living happily together,
  115. 03:47
  116. with their time at Joey Drew Studios a faint memory in the distant past.
  117. 03:51
  118. There is very obviously a set of real world events and a separate studio world,
  119. 03:55
  120. but making this distinction perfectly clear to us is this final post-credits moment.
  121. 04:00
  122. A little girl asking for yet another story from Uncle Joey
  123. 04:03
  124. "Tell me another one, Uncle Joey."
  125. 04:05
  126. It doesn't get any more direct than that- another story
  127. 04:08
  128. i.e. we were just told a story by uncle Joey
  129. 04:12
  130. So the five chapters of Bendy are just that- five-part story
  131. 04:15
  132. But just because this was a story all along doesn't mean that it's not rooted in fact
  133. 04:20
  134. quite the contrary- it's Joey's version of the rise and fall of his studio
  135. 04:24
  136. The small details in the story are inspired by things in the world around him
  137. 04:28
  138. for instance the little miracle safe stations throughout the game were actually just inspired by this TV and radio repair company
  139. 04:35
  140. that we see a flyer for posted on his bulletin board
  141. 04:37
  142. and if you look really closely in the background during this post ending bonus scene-
  143. 04:41
  144. on the back shelf there you'll see a bunch of items that should look pretty darn familiar.
  145. 04:45
  146. a record a plushie, a wrench, ink, a book, and a gear
  147. 04:50
  148. all the items that we had to collect in Chapter one of the game to activate the ink machine
  149. 04:54
  150. except now their visual style is more realistic.
  151. 04:58
  152. real items that he's translated into the fictional animated story world that he's created
  153. 05:03
  154. as for the bigger plot points in the game?
  155. 05:04
  156. Well, that's just Joey's life. Joey clearly created a studio with the help of Henry,
  157. 05:09
  158. who as we guessed was indeed the creator of bendy.
  159. 05:12
  160. Once Henry left the business to spend time with his wife the studio eventually died
  161. 05:16
  162. in part due to changing entertainment trends people simply growing out of the old silent black-and-white cartoons
  163. 05:22
  164. "But...when the tickets top-selling... When the next big thing came along"
  165. 05:27
  166. "Only the monsters remained-"
  167. 05:29
  168. But also because of a series of bad business decisions by Joey
  169. 05:33
  170. most notably Bendy Land, we know this from all the overdue bills on
  171. 05:37
  172. Joey Drew's bulletin board as well as blueprints of the failed theme park
  173. 05:40
  174. it's possible that Joey tried to keep up, evolve the Bendy character revive him for an older audience
  175. 05:46
  176. as we see darker more mature, more gun-happy versions of the characters on the animating table in his house
  177. 05:51
  178. But clearly nothing has worked, leaving Joey a poor broken old man, which leads us to monster bendy
  179. 05:57
  180. Why did I say that monster bendy is revealed to be Joey Drew?
  181. 06:00
  182. Well, it's because bendy in the studio is a symbol of his regrets.
  183. 06:04
  184. Listen to his final dialogue in the kitchen:
  185. 06:06
  186. "I thought I knew who I was"
  187. 06:09
  188. "But the success starved me! In the end, we followed two different roads of our own making"
  189. 06:18
  190. "You, a lovely family"
  191. 06:21
  192. "...Me... a crooked empire"
  193. 06:24
  194. "and my road burned"
  195. 06:26
  196. "I let our creations become my life"
  197. 06:31
  198. "The truth is you were always so good at pushing, old friend"
  199. 06:37
  200. "Pushing me to do the right thing"
  201. 06:41
  202. "You should have pushed a little harder"
  203. 06:43
  204. It's all a series of regrets: regret that he didn't start a family, that he let himself become consumed by work,
  205. 06:50
  206. greed, that he lost a friend in Henry; look at the letters on his bulletin board
  207. 06:55
  208. Joey is reaching out to employees of the studio decades after they worked together. They've moved on with their lives
  209. 07:01
  210. They've found love, other jobs, families
  211. 07:04
  212. But Joey hasn't. He's trapped by the ghosts of his past, all wrapped up in and represented by Bendy
  213. 07:11
  214. No longer just a cute, cartoonish devil
  215. 07:14
  216. But now a twisted, shambling monster who roams the remains of his failed studio
  217. 07:19
  218. the sharp-toothed embodiment of his own regrets.
  219. 07:22
  220. That's why bendy sometimes helps you out throughout the game: Henry and Joey had this complicated relationship
  221. 07:28
  222. that's also why you have to show Bendy "The End" to finish him off to show him
  223. 07:32
  224. and by Proxy Joey that that era of his life is over. It's all a shadow of the past
  225. 07:38
  226. "Only the monsters remained... Shadows of the past."
  227. 07:41
  228. In a lot of ways Joey Drew rightfully sees himself as the villain of his own story,
  229. 07:46
  230. all represented by monster Bendy
  231. 07:49
  232. It's incredibly sad, but then what about Henry re-entering the studio? The mysterious writing on the walls?
  233. 07:55
  234. What does Joey want to show us?
  235. 07:57
  236. Well, from a literal standpoint the writing that was on the walls was done by Henry
  237. 08:02
  238. if you replay the game you're given the ability to use a lens of truth in all the previous chapters
  239. 08:07
  240. Each time the cycle repeats you see on the walls that Henry makes a tally
  241. 08:11
  242. and that he's able to call out certain events that happen every time he goes through the loop:
  243. 08:15
  244. where he's attacked by Sammy with the word "Ouch" where jump-scares happened with the word "Peekaboo", etc
  245. 08:20
  246. But confirming that it's Henry writing these messages are two in particular
  247. 08:24
  248. "his dream my effort" which reflects Henry's frustrations of working with and ultimately carrying the business of Joey Drew
  249. 08:31
  250. As well as this one right next to a Joey Drew audio log, "that's the Joey I know"
  251. 08:35
  252. It's admittedly kinda odd that Henry complements his own drawings here in the prison cell
  253. 08:39
  254. and he might just want to check his grammar on this little bit of graffiti:
  255. 08:43
  256. "Dream too big and you'll fail"? more like grammar fail! Am I right? Up top-
  257. 08:48
  258. Okay, you don't have to high five me it's okay, but it's definitely Henry leaving these messages
  259. 08:53
  260. It's also why we have flashes of hallucinations throughout the previous chapters
  261. 08:57
  262. They're events from past iterations of the loop peeking through
  263. 09:01
  264. But then, why is everything a cycle?
  265. 09:03
  266. What does Joey want Henry to see?
  267. 09:06
  268. Well, it's a story Joey has told himself and probably those around him dozens of times
  269. 09:11
  270. He's relived these moments: this twisted history of his failed business countless times
  271. 09:16
  272. That's the thing about regret- it doesn't go away
  273. 09:19
  274. It exists in a constant loop of what-ifs and alternate choices
  275. 09:23
  276. Except, as Henry himself points out:
  277. 09:25
  278. reliving the past does not change it.
  279. 09:28
  280. Joey being a prisoner of his own history is just a spiral of sadness
  281. 09:32
  282. and no amount of reliving these events is gonna change them
  283. 09:35
  284. That's why everything in these loops is so predictable every single cycle.
  285. 09:39
  286. Like Henry writes, there never was any choice.
  287. 09:42
  288. Making it worse is that as Joey gets older those he once worked with to start passing away.
  289. 09:47
  290. Going through the game again we see on the coffins the names of some of the key side characters
  291. 09:52
  292. Susie Campbell, Grant Cohen, Bertrum Piedmont, Lacie Benton, all dead and in their coffins.
  293. 09:58
  294. Sure in the events of the cartoon studio, they may have been sacrificed to the ink machine,
  295. 10:02
  296. but I suspect what's really going on, is that in real life
  297. 10:04
  298. they're actually dead, passed away from old age or the like. Which just makes Joey's situation worse
  299. 10:10
  300. His past is crumbling away. The only people he ever had any connection with are fading away with time. Joey's alone
  301. 10:17
  302. And he's dying alone
  303. 10:20
  304. The only choice available for Joey is to end it, to put a close on Bendy and move on with his life
  305. 10:26
  306. and it looks like that's finally what he's trying to do,
  307. 10:29
  308. sending out letters to his former employees to reconnect with them
  309. 10:32
  310. to make sure that they no longer see him as the villain
  311. 10:35
  312. that they weren't victims of the ink.
  313. 10:37
  314. Not literally like we see in the studio,
  315. 10:39
  316. but figuratively, as he fears his work destroyed and corrupted everyone around him
  317. 10:44
  318. and they appear to be fine.
  319. 10:45
  320. They've forgiven him, which just leaves one:
  321. 10:48
  322. Henry his oldest and most important friend, his co-founder, the one who represents
  323. 10:53
  324. everything that Joey's life could have and would have been
  325. 10:57
  326. the perfect bendy to Joey's twisted monster of regrets.
  327. 11:01
  328. When he invites Henry to the studio one last time it's him baring his soul to us.
  329. 11:06
  330. The ugliness, the regret. It's Joey asking Henry for forgiveness, yes,
  331. 11:11
  332. but it's also Joey asking Henry for permission to forgive himself.
  333. 11:15
  334. And if that post-credits scene is any indication the permission is given, the cycle is broken
  335. 11:20
  336. Henry forgives Joey and brings over his daughter to hear some stories from the old studio.
  337. 11:25
  338. Joey has a family at last.
  339. 11:29
  340. "Tell me another one, uncle Joey."
  341. 11:31
  342. But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory.
  343. 11:37
  344. The End.
  345. 11:38
  346. But hey after an episode all about getting stuck in your regrets
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