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Quebec and Quebec

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  1. “Linda”, Quebec says softly from the door, allowing Linda into his home. “Why don’t you come on in?”
  2. Linda, flustered that she is in Quebec’s home, is unable to speak, and blushes a deep red.  Linda thinks back to when she first talked with Quebec.  Many of her friends were casually chatting in a voice chat, when suddenly Quebec joins with his majestic voice.  Linda was so nervous that one of her favorite streamers joined the voice chat, that she had hit the mute button faster than a lioness catching her prey.
  3. “Linda, you have always been devoted to watching my streams, and I heard that you have always liked me,” Quebec explains.  “If you would like, I would like to get to know you better than a name behind the screen.”
  4. “Sh-sure,” Linda says hesitantly, as she walks into Quebec’s home.  
  6. ------- I didn’t know how to transition, didn’t bother thinking of one
  8. “Move your hand across, like this, and move your fingers like this” Quebec says with his hands on Linda’s hands, showing her how to move. “I know this may not be easy, since it’s your first time, but try your best.”
  9. Linda cannot think straight.  She feels light headed, while being embraced by Quebec, her long time crush. His smooth voice along with the feel of his breath against her ear, turns her brain to mush, as she feels natural ecstasy. His warm body against hers, his soft skin running along her arms.  Quebec continues to lead Linda in the movements.  Left and right.  Press and release.  Linda cannot remember what the point of all of this is. Why did she come to Quebec’s home? Why is Quebec so willing to teach Linda?
  10. “Dang it, it crashed” Quebec says, while looking at the computer monitor. Arma3.exe has stopped responding.
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