Ender 3 Changes to Fix XYZ Cube

chromag Jan 24th, 2020 70 Never
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  1. Ender 3 Changes
  3. - For XYZ cube issues
  4.     - For XYZ cube change concentric infill pattern for top layer to zig zag to fix Z layer issue
  5.     - Fix for "Ringing" issue - due to weight of glass bed change the "Jerk" setting from default 20 to 10 or 5
  6.     - Fix for "Ringing" issue - also check acceleration - may help to reduce to 250-300
  7.     - Fix for "Ringing" issue - check to see if changing "Wall Line Count (Perimeters)" to 3 - 4
  8.     - Check eccentric nuts on Y-axis to ensure it\'s tight
  10. - Bed adhesion
  11.     - Add a "G4 P<milliseconds>" gcode after an M190 command to heat bed then wait for a couple minutes:
  12.         - M190 S60 ; heat bed to 60 and wait for temp
  13.         - G4 P120000 ; wait for 2 minutes (to make sure the top of glass is heated)
  14.     - The G4 wait can be added at the top of the Cura start gcode and it should heat B/E first then perform G4 wait
  16. - Part cooling fan
  17.     - Ensure that Cura is set to run the fan at 100% after the initial layer - initial layer needs to go down with no fan to adhere better
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