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  1. Staff Rank info
  3. Management
  4. These individuals are fairly busy dealing with large-scale issues, doing everything they can to make the community better and enjoy able.
  6. Administrator
  7. Their main job is to monitor and guide the Moderators and Helpers. As a staff member, you can go to these individuals for advice and help.
  8. Handles, and large scale punishments.
  10. Moderator
  11. They make sure the rules are being followed at all times and should someone break the rules, hand out warnings/punishments.
  13. Helper
  14. These individuals are there to assist you by answering any questions you might have. They will help you to the best of their abilities and if they can't then they will get you in contact with someone who can.
  19. Non staff rank info
  21. Respected Member
  22. The Respected Members of Runelife are a prestigious group of long term individuals who've made large contributions to the website in their time. These contributions have no definitive form, just in that they've impacted the community in a positive manner. These members are pillars within the community, acting as role models in their own right. This rank is very rarely given out, and serves to recognize the select few who possess it both for their time spent on the website and the impact they've had while doing so.
  24. Veteran
  25. The Veterans of Runelife is a usergroup populated by members who've been here since the very beginning. These members are well versed in everything that's happened within the site over the years. These members have first hand experience the many changes Runelife had going through; been here for the very highs and lows as the website and its members have evolved. It's been a long journey, and these members have experienced every bit of it.
  27. Graphics designer
  28. The Designers of Runelife is a usergroup populated by members who've had both their level of designing proficiency and community contributions recognized by their peers and staff team of Runelife. These members are exceptionally skilled in their design medium of choice and make an active effort in showcasing their works for the community to enjoy. These members are helpful within the section, providing feedback to others who share their work, contribute to discussions, and take an active part in the monthly community competitions. Above all, designers are role models within the designing community of Runelife and have been recognized as such with the rank.
  30. Developer
  31. The Developer of Runelife are a group of individuals who've been recognized for their proficiency and knowledge in coding their chosen languages. These members have been recognized among the many who've taken to learning as the very best, having shared or showcased many outstanding projects within Runelife.
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