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  1. Asgeir is a rather young Norseman, reserved and careful. He tries to fit in by dressing in the fashion of southerners, but still stands out because of scar tissue on his left ear and cheek.
  3. At the age of fourteen, Asgeir and two other boys played a prank on Asgeir's family. They dressed up as hirdmen from a neighboring area, to scare the thralls one winter night. One thrall built up courage enough to attack, there was a scuffle, and the thrall hall caught fire. The fire spread, and Asgeir's father, seeing the hirdmen outside, refused to leave the house. Both parents died.
  5. The two other boys immediately ran away. Asgeir chose to stay and speak at the thing, where he spoke eloquently enough to be judged an adult. Subsequently, he was banished, outlawed, and had to leave his homeland. Being very attached to his homeland, his highest desire is to return home, but the banishment was set at twenty years.
  7. He fears losing control, especially the control of natural forces like fire and water, and will not let anybody he cares about be put near those dangers. But he also fears losing control of himself. After years trying to make it alone at a young age, he's always reserved, always careful to commit to others, to trust others. It's been a tough few years.
  9. He strongly believes that nobody must know what he did. It's part embarrasment, but also part conviction that they would hate him if they found out. He takes his punishment of excommunion in silence, and suffers under the illusion that he does not deserve to be happy. Not only does he give away any gains he makes, but he does not pursue the things he loves, such as his brother, Bileygur.
  11. About a year ago, he heard that is brother, Bileygur, left their home town to go a-viking. He never returned home, but set up a few days rowing down the coast from where Asgeir is now. Yet, Asgeir never undertook the journey to visit his brother.
  13. He is generous, gentle, merciful, and pious, but he is also humorless, oversensitive, and inhibited. He can be triggered by fire, arson, the anniversary of his parent's death, an unfair trial, Bileygur being in trouble, or meeting someone from his homeland.
  15. Good opportunities for him to try to overcome this deep wound of his soul would be returning home, meeting his brother, watching people die by fire, or being made responsible for another person's life.
  17. Strength 11  ~~~  Constitution 11  ~~~  Dexterity 14
  18. Charisma 9  ~~~  Intelligence 10  ~~~  Wisdom 8
  20. He is pretty nimble (+1), because he is still young, but uneducated. His left cheek, left ear, and both hands have scar tissue from fire, but he would have been quite beautiful if unscathed.
  22. He's running out of money, and has only 38 gold pieces left, and he needs to fill his purse as soon as possible.
  24. Is is classified as a barbarian here in the south, but back home he's from a rather foresty area, so technically I'll put him down as a ranger (forestry +1). Being the son of freefol, he's better nourished and educated than average for the north, albeit that was cut short by his exile.
  26. He carries normal adventuring gear; bandage, candle, rope, fishing line, hooks, five snares, hygiene kit, three rations, hazel rod, tent, bedroll, three torches, a waterskin, a knife, and fletching tools. He has a hand axe (1d6) and a long bow (1d6), and a quiver with six arrow.
  28. The snares are a memento from his father, and he will retrieve them despite high costs.
  30. The hazel rod is triangular in shape and has one rune on each side. It's a memento from his mother, and gives him the druidic ability to predict the weather. He's safekeeping it for his brother, who was training to become a druid.
  32. Hitpoints 4, Saving throws 5+ (poisons +1), Resolute defender (still going at zone hitpoints).
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