Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: Any% (NG+) Notes

Jun 10th, 2020
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  1. - Attempt to use Thunder for the 1st two Mechon waves, then Steel Strike on last Mechon in Battle of Sword Valley
  3. Shulk
  4. - Equip Monado III
  5. - First Attack Plus VI
  6. - Attack Stability VI
  7. - Attack Plus VI
  8. - Equip Rafaga Gear 1 (Quick Step VI)
  9. - Equip Rafaga Armour (Earth Cloak VI)
  10. - Glory Gauntlets (Haste VI)
  11. - Asura Cuisses (Strength Up V)
  12. - Lancelot Boots (Strength Up VI)
  14. Reyn
  15. - Machina Guarder II
  16. - Back Atk Plus VI
  17. - Attack Plus VI
  18. - Attack Stability VI
  19. - Equip Rafaga Gear 2 (Initial Tension VI)
  20. - Equip Ledios Plate (Strength Up VI)
  21. - Glory Gauntlets (Haste VI)
  22. - Asura Cuisses (Strength Up V)
  23. - Equip M100 Greaves (Quick Step VI)
  25. Colony 9 & Tephra Cave
  26. - Landmark Warp to Main Entrance when you leave Dunban's House as Fiora
  27. - After Shulk joins the party, Landmark Warp to Fortress Entrance, then Landmark Warp to Main Entrance when Fiora leaves
  28. - After Fiora leaves, Landmark Warp to Main Entrance, then go through Tephra Cave
  29. - Ancient Machines: Move to the right as Auto-Attack kills the 1st one, then Back Slash to kill the 2nd one
  30. - Almost all Mechon fights in Colony 9: Move up a bit and use Stream Edge
  31. - Last Mechon fight in Colony 9: Focus attacks on 1st Mechon, switch lock-on to back Mechon, Auto-Attack
  32. - Metal Face I: Monado Shield or Enchant and Battle Soul for 1st part, then Back Slash for 2nd part
  33. - Landmark Warp to Tephra Cave: Mag Mell Ruins
  34. - Arachno Fight: Use Monado Cyclone if your Talent Gauge is full, otherwise Stream Edge
  35. - Landmark Warp to Villa Lake when you get the Villa Lake landmark
  36. - Arachno Queen: Move in front of a Captain Arachno that's in front of Arachno Queen, then Stream Edge
  38. Bionis' Leg
  39. - Get the Kamos Guidepost landmark, then go fight two Berserk Arduns
  40. - Berserk Arduns: Move up to kill the 1st one with Auto-Attack, then kill the 2nd one with Back Slash
  41. - After killing two Berserk Arduns, Landmark warp to Kamos Guidepost and go south
  42. - Mechon M71: Back Slash
  43. - Mysterious Face: Back Slash and run away
  45. Ether Mine
  46. - 1st Mechon Fight: Move forward a tiny bit and hope everything dies with Stream Edge
  47. - Do a tight jump in big area
  48. - Other Mechon Fights: Back Slash for 1st fight and either Back Slash & Air Slash or hopefully just Stream Edge for 2nd fight
  49. - Xord I: Auto-Attack
  50. - Xord II: Move up while the fight is loading and Back Slash
  51. - Forced Fight: Lock-on to far-left Mechon and use Buster
  53. Satorl Marsh
  54. - Landmark Warp at Nopon Mechant Camp once you get it
  55. - Get Silent Obelisk landmark, get Dull Radiant in Dark Swamp, then warp back to Silent Obelisk and go to Glowing Obelisk
  56. - Go southwest of Glowing Obelish once you get the landmark and get Blue Radiant, then warp back to Glowing Obelisk
  57. - Go immediately to Basin Cave to get White Radiant, then Landmark Warp to Sororal Statues after grabbing Rainbow Radiant
  58. - Satorl Guardian: Immediately lock-on, Back Slash, and Stream Edge
  59. - In Bionis Interior, save + load when you're about to touch the pond
  61. Makna Forest (1st Visit)
  62. - Jump down to Agni Tablet landmark, then go to flag
  63. - Warp to Agni Tablet and jump into the water
  64. - Forced Fight: Go to the left Puera Telethia, use Stream Edge while being locked onto the middle one, then clean up with Back Slash and Air Slash
  66. Dunban
  67. - Equip Machina Blade or Machina Blade III
  68. - Weapon Power VI
  69. - Phys Def Down VI
  70. - Double Attack VI
  71. - Equip Rafaga Gear 3 (Strength Up VI)
  72. - Glory Armour (Debuff Resist VI)
  73. - Glory Gauntlets (Haste VI)
  74. - Asura Cuisses (Strength Up V)
  75. - Speed Boots or Infantry Boots (Quick Step III)
  77. Melia
  78. - High Entia Soul or Alcor Staff
  79. - Master Glasses (Ether Up VI)
  80. - Pistis Top (Ether Up III)
  81. - Grace Gloves (Ether Up V)
  82. - Glory Legging (Good Footing VI)
  83. - Equip Rafaga Boots (Quick Step VI)
  85. Frontier Village and Makna Forest (2nd Visit)
  86. - Follow the arrow and get Chief's Residence landmark on the way to Melia
  87. - Warp to Central Plaza, go to weapon shop upstairs, then jump down to armor shop
  88. - Warp to Makna Entrance: Village Entrance, then go through Jurassic Park to get to boss
  89. - Leone Telethia: Back Slash immediately and Air Slash for 1st, same with 2nd part except get behind it
  90. - Warp to Chief's Residence, talk to Melia upstairs, then go to Apex Lake to go to Eryth Sea
  92. Eryth Sea (1st Visit), Alcamoth, and High Entia Tomb
  93. - Get Centre Gate landmark, get Lighthouse landmark, warp to Centre Gate, then warp to Lighthouse, talk to someone, then warp again
  94. - Defensive Kromars: Lure them from a distance, go back a little bit, then move towards, Stream Edge, then clean-up with Arts
  95. - High Entia Assassins: Stream Edge, then finish off survivors with Arts
  96. - High Entia Tomb Robots: Summon Bolt for 1st fight, then Summon Ice for 2nd fight
  97. - Orluga Rufus: Do whatever Arts you want I guess? (Back Slash, Stream Edge, Air Slash)
  98. - Soldium Telethia & Tyrea: Shadow Eye, Buster on both of them, Back Slash on Tyrea, then Stream Edge to get the Double Kill
  99. - Landmark Warp to Ascension Hall, talk to Imperial Guard in Audience Chamber, Landmark Warp to Ascenion Hall, then go to Imperial Villa
  100. - Landmark Warp to Ascenion Hall again, go to Audience Chamber, then leave Alcamoth
  102. Eryth Sea (2nd Visit) and Prison Island (1st Visit)
  103. - Landmark Warp to Syrath Lighthouse and go to Central Seal Island
  104. - Go right to Khatorl Seal Island for a switch, Landmark Warp to Central Seal Island, and go left to Soltnar Seal Island for another switch
  105. - Landmark Warp back to Central Seal Island and activate the last switch to fight Skyray
  106. - Skyray: Back Slash, Battle Soul, and Auto-Attacks
  107. - Metal Face II: 1 hit if Talent Gauge isn't full, Back Slash, and Buster
  108. - After approaching Dunban in Alcamoth, Landmark Warp to Ascension Hall again, go to Audience Chamber, then leave Alcamoth for good
  110. Valak Mountain
  111. - Landmark Warp to Hollow Bone and Harict Chapel right when you get them
  112. - Conflagrant Raxel: Back Slash, Air Slash, Battle Soul, Stream Edge
  113. - Take Bottom Route to Mumkhar
  114. - Mumkhar I: Back Slash, Battle Soul, Buster
  116. Sword Valley
  117. - Landmark Warp to Ged Fortress right when you get it, then Landmark Warp to Dolgan Outpost right when you get it
  118. - Landmark Warp to Dolgan Outpost again right after examining the switch inside Dolgan Outpost
  119. - Mumkhar II: Shadow Eye, Battle Soul, get behind him, Back Slash, and Stream Edge
  121. Galahad Fortress
  122. - Back Slash should 1-shot the Sentinel Mechon
  123. - After examining 1st switch in 1st Turbine Room, Landmark Warp to Main Control Room, get 2nd switch, Landmark Warp back to Main Control Room
  124. - Activate the last switch in Piston Control Room, Landmark Warp back to Main Control Room, then go to the end of Galahad Fortress
  125. - Fiora's Conviction: Kill right group with Stream Edge and Back Slash, then go left and hopefully kill with Buster, clean-up if needed
  126. - Gold Face & Face Nemesis: Mash R to lock onto Gold Face, Back Slash, Slit Edge, then Shaker Edge. Run away afterwards.
  128. Fallen Arm
  129. - Once Fiora joins the party, replace Shulk's First Attack Plus VI with Back Atk Plus VI
  131. Fiora
  132. - Equip Conviction Blades
  133. - Double Attack VI
  134. - Phys Def Down VI
  135. - Weapon Power VI
  136. - Ether V Goggles (Debuff Resist VI)
  137. - Speed V Frame (Haste VI)
  138. - Attack IV Arms (Strength VI)
  139. - Attack IV Boosters (Strength VI)
  140. - Sedna Drones (Sword Drones X)
  142. - Ulna Passage Mechons I: Run straight and use Stream Edge when they see you
  143. - Ulna Passage Mechons II: Berserker, War Swing, and Sword Drive
  144. - Swap Dunban with Melia in forced menu once you gain control of Dunban at Fallen Arm
  145. - Get Giant Mechon Debris Landmark before entering Hidden Machina Village!
  146. - Landmark Warp to Junks as soon as you get it, talk to Linada, then go talk to Miqol
  147. - After accepting Fiora's Treatment, warp to Giant Mechon Debris
  148. - Go get Connecting Bridge Landmark, get Key Item, then go get Digit 2 Plain Landmark
  149. - Landmark Warp back to Junks right when you get Digit 2 Plain landmark, then warp back to Junks after completing Fiora's Treatment
  150. - Party Menu once Fiora is back in the party: Shulk, Fiora, Dunban
  151. - Landmark Warp back to Digit 2 Plain after the menu and getting the Bulkhead Key, then enter Mechonis Field
  153. Mechonis Field
  154. - Get Mechonis Field Jump
  155. - Jump over gaps near the Unique Monster for 1st switch, then jump twice to 2nd switch and don't get spotted
  156. - Landmark Warp to Lower Bulkhead Bridge after examining 2nd switch on 3F
  157. - Take right path to make 2 jumps to get to 4F Main Power Switch Landmark after fast ramp, then take left path and jump twice
  158. - After examining 1st switch on 4F, Landmark Warp back to Upper Bulkhead Bridge
  159. - Take left path and jump at the correct time to reach 2nd switch
  160. - Landmark Warp to 4F Main Power Switch after examining 2nd switch on 4F, then Landmark Warp to Upper Bulkhead Bridge after last switch
  161. - Jade Face: Take right path, then Back Slash & Air Slash
  163. Central Factory
  164. - When Central Factory loads, Landmark Warp right when you get the Entrance landmark?
  165. - When going up the elevator from Central Control, Landmark Warp right when you get the next landmark
  166. - Go get Factory Vent Landmark, kill M88 Watchtower, then Landmark Warp back to Central Warehouse Lift
  167. - Go back and kill the 2nd Quest Mechon up the stairs, then go to Large Mechon Store
  168. - Back Slash right and left Mechons, then Focus Attacks/Back Slash/Air Slash/Stream Edge on M97 Commander
  169. - Landmark Warp to Central Tower and activate switch from right side, then Landmark Warp back to Factory Vent
  170. - After turning off electrical barrier, Landmark Warp to Tower Boarding Gate and go straight
  171. - Use Air Slash on left M36 Fairy, try to Buster all three Mechons?, finish off remaining Mechons with Arts
  172. - Landmark Warp to Agniratha entrance right when you get it on the last elevator
  174. Agniratha
  175. - Landmark Warp back to Central Tower after examining all 4 switches, then fight Gadolt
  176. - Gadolt I: Battle Soul and Back Slash. Use Air Slash if battle isn't over yet.
  177. - Gadolt II: Shadow Eye, Back Slash, Buster
  178. - Egil: Shadow Eye, Back Slash, Air Slash, Stream Edge, Slit Edge
  179. - Yaldabaoth I: Back Slash & Air Slash, auto-attack to fill up Talent Gauge, then run away
  181. Mechonis Core
  182. - Talk to Miqol to go to the Upper Level of Central Factory and hope you don't get any Visions along the way
  183. - Apocrypha Generator: Shadow Eye, enter Monado, Back Slash, Buster (Air Slash if the fight isn't over)
  184. - Yaldabaoth II: Shadow Eye, Back Slash, Air Slash, Stream Edge, Slit Edge, run away, Focus Attack during Energy Replenish.
  185. 1 attack + Back Slash for #1, Air Slash for #2, Back Slash for #3, Lock-On to Yaldabaoth II, Buster
  186. - Zanza (Human): Speed Shift + auto-attacks, Second Gear right when her Talent Gauge fills up, then Sword Drones X
  187. Use Air Fang during his 2nd Art
  188. - Party after Zanza (Human): Swap Fiora with Reyn
  189. - Sureny Telethia I: Berserker, Magnum Charge, Sword Drive, fill Talent Gauge, run away, then let RNG decide when the fight ends
  191. Colony 6
  192. - Party Menu at Sero Telethia & Friends: Reyn, Fiora, and Dunban
  193. - Sero Telethia & Friends: Berserker (Focus Attacks), Magnum Charge, War Swing, Sword Drive
  194. - Sureny Telethia II: Berserker, get behind it and Sword Drive
  195. - Sani Telethia: Berserker, Bone Upper, Sword Drive
  197. Bionis Interior
  198. - Take right path, then take staight path
  199. - Disciple Lorithia: Berserker, Magnum Charge, Aura Burst, War Swing, Lariat, whatever Arts you want from here with Sword Drive being last
  201. Prison Island II
  202. - Obelis Obart: Berserker, Bone Upper, Sword Drive
  203. - Demon Pavlosk: Berserker, Magnum Charge, Sword Drive, Bone Upper
  204. - Master Obart: Berserker, Auto-Attack -> Bone Upper, War Swing, Sword Drive
  205. - Dragon King Alcar: Berserker, Magnum Charge, Sword Drive, Bone Upper, run to switch
  207. Final Battles
  208. - Dickson I: Berserker, Bone Upper, War Swing, Sword Drive
  209. - Dickson II: Berserker, Magnum Charge, Sword Drive (Bone Upper, War Swing, and Dive Sorbet if the fight isn't over)
  210. - Zanza I: Berserker, Sword Drive, War Swing, Bone Upper, Dive Sorbet, Lariat
  211. - Zanza II: Berserker, Magnum Charge, Sword Drive, Bone Upper (War Swing and Dive Sorbet if the fight isn't over)
  212. - Zanza III: Berserker, Bone Upper, Dive Sorbet, Sword Drive
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