Bastion Introduction

Oct 4th, 2012
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  3. Welcome,
  5. The Bastion is a clan like few others, we concentrate not on matches and shows of skill. But rather our community, we are a close group of friends who enjoy the comradeship of an organisation.
  7. But, that is not to say we don't partake is clan matches, we enjoy playing the game as much as any other, and willingly come together to do so as a group. For the fun to be had from such a group activity.
  9. And our focus is to offer a unique and diverse social experience. Bastion contains people of a wide variety of beliefs, ideals and opinions. And that is what we stand for, not high score's, killstreaks, leaderboards. But fun, communication, diversity and friends.
  11. However, even though our focus is social, we have an incredibly strong team to bring to a clan match. We work as a team using voice-chat and well thought out tactics and strategies.
  13. In the end, Bastion is what you make of it, what you want from it, and what you contribute to it.
  15. Should you decide to join us, we look forward to talk to you, gaming with you, and bringing you into our small community.
  17. - Bastion Administration.
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