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  1. >”You’re still thinking about her, huh?”
  2. >Adrien was laying on top of his bed, clad only in the form-fitting “ADRIEN”-brand underwear his father had awkwardly designed. And despite how late it was, the heat-wave Paris was experiencing spared no one. Even superheroes.
  3. “Newsflash, Plagg: Yeah, I am.”
  4. >It had been two days since he had met Nadja Chamak in the TV studio for her “private interview” with Chat Noir. Two long days. Adrien had always had a particular affinity for Nadja. Being cooped up in a mansion for years, with television being one of the few available means of entertainment, his more adolescent urges particularly piqued up with Nadja appearing on the nightly news. And while it had really been nothing more than a teenage-budding-of-youth crush, Chat Noir’s appearance changed everything.
  5. >”C’mon Adrien, you know that was a whole one-time deal. I mean, she’s no Ladybug, right?”
  6. >Plagg was right.
  7. *”You know I’m not her, right? I’ll never be her. And you’ll never have her.”*
  8. >Nadja’s voice, paced between heavy breaths, echoed in his ears even now.
  9. “I know, Plagg.”
  11. >But Nadja was still an infatuation realized for Adrien, and even after only 48 hours he could feel the memory of her warmth and her skin fading from his memory. Her breasts pressed against his naked chest, her moans reverberating around the empty, blue studio before landing against his shoulder as he clutched her body against his...it almost was feeling like a dream.
  12. >Adrien could feel himself stirring beneath his boxers, just beginning to raise the tight fabric.
  13. >Plagg noticed it, too, positioning himself close to Adrien’s telltale bulge.
  14. >”So, you working on a Nadja or a Ladybug boner down here?”
  15. >He gave it a few playful nudges through the boxer fabric. Adrien smirked.
  16. “You tell me, little guy.”
  17. >”Hmm…” Plagg studied Adrien’s budding erection as though it were a complex differential equation on a chalkboard. >“Lack of copious pre, a moderate amount of twitching…I’d have to call this a Nadja spank-bank pull, right?”
  18. “Plagg, you should’ve seen her. That reporter wanted it so bad.”
  19. >”Yeah yeah yeah, I’m sure she did. You gonna get out of those boxers or what?” Plagg’s eyes were hungrily darting between Adrien’s groin and face as though as if he were smuggling Camembert down there.
  20. >Adrien rolled his eyes and brought his knees in the air and his hands to his waist, pulling off his “ADRIENs” in one fluid motion. His normal (in comparison to Chat’s) human cock flopped onto his stomach, finally free to grow to its moderate, size.
  21. >”Now *that’s* what I’m talking about. Mind if I…well…?”
  22. >Adrien smiled and put his hands between his hands behind his head on the pillow.
  24. >From the beginning, Adrien and Plagg had a very close relationship. Adrien had always been starved for attention, clinging to the likes of the destructive, self-absorbed, personality that was Chloe in a desperate effort to at least have some sort of friendship in this otherwise isolated life he led. With Plagg there emerged an avenue to a type of friendship that transcended any he had ever experienced up to that point.
  25. >He wasn’t stupid. There was a part of him that understood Chloe for who she was. And that’s what made Plagg’s emergence all the more important and impactful to him.
  26. >Plagg was someone he could trust unconditionally. In the blink of an eye, he became Adrien’s secret keeper, his confidante, his partner in fighting crime, his strength, his rock.
  27. >His best friend.
  28. >And in all of that, Plagg felt that same sense of loyalty and commitment to Adrien.
  30. >That’s just the way it was for Kwamis. They latched onto the Chosen Ones quickly, throwing their full trust more into the Guardian that assigned them to the human than anything else, but still committing to their human all the same.
  31. >And as soon as Adrien had slipped that ring around his finger, Plagg had felt something familiar.
  32. >It was a longing for freedom from confinement that he knew too well. It was a desire to shirk responsibilities, to upturn expectations. It was ambrosia to Plagg. He had found a Chosen One that was a homebody like him.
  33. >But…
  34. >That didn’t really turn out to be the case. Instead, Plagg found a Chosen One who wanted to utilize his powers to their maximum extent. Adrien wanted to Claws Out as often as possible.
  35. >So much for a nice, relaxing, do-nothing vacation, Plagg thought.
  36. >But the life that Plagg found himself in had its pros.
  37. >For one, Adrien had quickly trusted him with nearly aspect of his life, throwing himself into the black cat kwami.
  38. >And he did throw himself into Plagg. He was starved, after all, for any semblance of friendship that wasn’t the abuse of Chloe, or the absence of his father.
  40. >But those thoughts were nowhere near the forefront of Adrien’s mind. Plagg had always made sure of that.
  41. >It had taken a while for Adrien to warm up to this sort of intimate activity with Plagg. Originally, the idea had never even crossed Adrien’s mind. But at the end of the day, he was still a teenager, and Plagg had engaged in some good-natured ribbing about longer showers, discarded socks in the hamper, and a non-existent internet browser history. It started out pretty innocent at first, but Plagg started dropping hints that their relationship could  very easily include some…assistance in that area.
  42. >And since then, well, Adrien couldn’t remember the last time he actually masturbated.
  44. >”Well??” he impatiently repeated, hovering in the air above Adrien.
  45. “Ha, all yours, Plagg.”
  46. >On Adrien’s go-ahead, the black kwami pressed himself against Adrien’s cock. Adrien let out a content sigh, feeling Plagg’s arms (just barely) wrap around his girth.
  47. >He was always impressed by how much heat the small kwami radiated, and how firmly he was able press himself up against Adrien.
  48. >With his tight grip, Plagg pulled from the base of Adrien’s cock up the full length to its head and back down again, keeping the purposefully slow and steady rhythm that they had both grown accustomed to. Plagg’s small feet would brush lightly against Adrien’s balls as he clung to the underside of his towering chathood.
  50. >Adrien’s breath and heartbeat quickened as his dick twitched against Plagg’s soft but unyielding frame, powerful pulse of his shaft straining against the kwami’s arms. A bead of pre-cum was already glistening, threatening to glide down.
  51. >On Plagg’s next pass, he eagerly licked the head of Adrien’s cock.
  52. >”Mmm, sweet.” Plagg purred.
  53. “One of the only sweet things y-” The subtle vibration of Plagg’s purring interrupted Adrien. “-oh right there’s the spot.”
  54. >On cue, Plagg had begun to drag his tongue up and down his cock with every pass, lapping up the increasingly flowing pre-cum.
  55. >Adrien started lightly bucking his hips to desperately press himself more against Plagg. With his hot tongue lashing every inch under his cock from the top of his balls to his tip, he couldn’t help but think of how he pressed so firmly into the heat of Nadja’s pussy just a few short nights before.
  56. >If he tried hard enough, he could close his eyes and imagine Plagg’s grip and her clenching as one and the same.
  58. >His arms fell to his side as he gripped his bed sheets. He pressed the back of his head into his pillow and started throwing more of his hips into every thrust.
  59. >Plagg was used to this. It meant Adrien was almost at his favorite part. He hovered in a stationary spot, no longer trying to move himself up and down, but still wrapped tightly around Adrien’s cock. The combination of spit and pre was good enough for Adrien’s dick to smoothly hump against Plagg.
  60. >Adrien’s quiet moans were fast, short pants of breath, echoing against the marble of the otherwise quiet room.
  61. >But he wasn’t in that prison of his father’s.
  62. >He was beneath the blue light of an empty studio. On an interviewer’s sofa.
  63. “N…Nadja…” he whispered between breaths.
  64. >He could feel himself getting close, the pressure building, his balls starting to ache for release.
  65. >Plagg could tell. And he knew exactly how to send him over
  66. >”There you go, kitty cat. Cum for me.”
  68. >Adrien grunted and arched his back, his cock fully thrusting against Plagg one last time. An arc of his semen shot off to the side of his king size bed. His toned ass coming to rest against the soft comforter as Plagg alternated between tightening and loosening his grip while slipping up and down his cock.
  69. >Plagg could feel Adrien’s balls drain as his cock pulsed again and again, sending thick streams all the way up Adrien’s chest.
  70. “Oh, Plagg…yeah..”
  71. >With his grip further up to the head of Adrien’s penis, he quickly put his mouth up against the very tip and pressed the length of his body against the frenulum, sucking and milking the last of Adrien’s hot cum from his hard cock.
  72. >Adrien laid there with one arm hanging off the edge of the bed and the other across his forehead, breathing heavily as his balls emptied themselves down Plagg’s eager throat.
  73. >”Aww man, is that it?” he complained, eagerly cleaning himself of the sticky, white liquid that had waywardly fallen on him.
  74. “Missed a spot right here, little guy” Adrien answered, smiling and pointing.
  75. >Plagg immediately darted to his chest and began licking furiously.
  76. “Hahaha, stop it, that tickles!” Adrien laughed.
  77. >But Plagg avoided his attempts to push him away.
  78. >”No way, this stuff’s better than your dirty socks and Camembert *combined!*”
  80. >After Plagg was done cleaning Adrien up, he curled up on his chest.
  81. >”So,” he yawned. “Better than that ‘don’t be bemused’-lady, right?”
  82. >Adrien chuckled and rolled his eyes.
  83. “Sure, Plagg.”
  84. >”Ha, good.” Plagg smiled, sleepily. “Probably not better than Ladybug though, huh?”
  85. >Adrien just stared at the ceiling.
  86. *You’ll never have her.*
  87. >Was Nadja right?
  88. >Adrien couldn’t help but consider it.
  89. >He couldn’t stop considering it.
  90. “Probably not, Plagg.”
  91. “Probably not.”
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