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Dec 15th, 2017
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  1. -XenoMaster - Today at 4:55 PM
  2. NN gives us freedom
  3. -Durtle02 - Today at 4:56 PM
  4. Yes but the Title II laws put on ISPs in 2015 don't
  5. NN is the concept of a free and open internet which comcast and many other ISPs support and want, they just don't want the Title II regulations because it stops them from developing better internet
  6. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:00 PM
  7. The Title II laws make ISPs be treated like electricity mail heating and sewage companies where you can't pay for better electricity mail heating and sewage. The repeal will let us purchase even better internet speeds and ISPs to develop better internets. Under the Title II regulations if Verizon had a 1GB up down internet ready to go out to consumers but comcast on was at a max 500MB up down Verizon wouldn't be allowed to release their new features because of the Title II regulations.
  8. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:02 PM
  9. R/Iamverysmart
  10. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:02 PM
  11. wow r00d
  12. I'm explaining it because it's such a misunderstood topic
  13. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:05 PM
  14. Yeah misunderstood by u....
  15. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:06 PM
  16. (Not meaning to sound rude) Do you understand the concept of Net Neutrality and the Title II regulations?
  17. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:08 PM
  18. Yes...
  19. U misunderstand why people are angry
  20. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:09 PM
  21. Okay, why are people angry
  22. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:10 PM
  23. Because this lets companies create fast lanes and slow lanes
  24. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:10 PM
  27. Comcast (@comcast)
  28. We do not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content. We will continue to make sure that our policies are clear and transparent for consumers, and we will not change our commitment to these principles.
  30. 3378
  32. 17704
  34. Twitter
  35. >NN is the concept of a free and open internet which comcast and many other ISPs support and want
  36. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:10 PM
  37. Thats a company saying something
  38. There is nothing trustworthy in that...
  39. Its a shallow statement
  40. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:11 PM
  41. In Estonia there are no restrictions on ISPs and all of the ISPs agred to have it for the sake of PR.
  42. If Comcast blocks and throttles verizon knows not to because comacast will loose it's customers in those areas. Vice versa(edited)
  43. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:12 PM
  44. America doesnt know if it will get an estonia or a portugal making it a type 2 would guarantee an estonia
  45. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:13 PM
  46. Considering comcast has already made a statment about being for NN bit not Title II regulations it would be an awful business decision to block and throttle
  47. Especially since their trust is already on the line
  48. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:14 PM
  49. ... if all companies throttle then it doesbt matter, and in america there is often collusion between big companies
  50. Like..
  51. Think for 1 second
  52. Pls
  53. -Durtle02 - Today at 5:15 PM
  54. Think of all of the companies who want to keep the current regulations, the repeal of Title II regulations will make it significantly easier to make new ISPs, those companies can fund a new one and make a large profit back if both throttle.
  55. Keep in mind the repeal will also let small ISPs grow again
  56. and the big ones too
  57. -The real elegabalus - Today at 5:16 PM
  58. I giv up
  59. U guys r hopeless
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