Harmony Academy Plot Stuff

Jun 19th, 2016
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  1. _________________________________________________Start of Lynnia's Stuff__________________________________________________________
  3. History: The ground where this school stands was once where a castle stood over 800 hundreds years ago. A king ruled over this land with an iron fist. Those who opposed him had to face his fierce knight who's been known to take down even full armies of men strange sparks and a powerful voice. Rumors spread of the knight speaking with a demon in the forest late at night. The towns people suspected this was how they became so powerful and kept their youth.
  5. The people soon became fed up with the king and sought the help of legendary beasts to stop him and his tyranny, but first they needed to get rid of the knight. Each of the beasts agreed under one condition. That condition is still unknown to this day, but some have several theories.
  7. A unicorn, pure and holy was sent into the woods to fight and end the demon that they believed provided the knight's amazing abilities. The villagers heard whispers all throughout the night from the demon until suddenly it ceased. The unicorn returned having completed it's job.
  9. Now weakened, the snake slithered into the knight's bedroom and struck several times at them. The knight fought but was no match for the speed of the snake which instead of killing them then and there, hypnotized them into walking outside, away from the forest, and onto the beach where a turtle emerged from the sea. The knight followed the turtle and continued to walk out into the water, never to be seen again.
  11. The king became confused and angry when he called his knight but no one came. Enraged, he attacked the people, cutting them down mercilessly until finally the lion burst forth and fought the terrible king. The fight lasted for three days until finally the beast had won. The people were no longer under the king's rule and celebrated for a week, tearing down what they could of the castle. They gave praise to the animals building statues in their honor in it's place which can be found in the front courtyard of the school.
  13. Many years later, a man by the name of Armon V. Rosario, a wealthy man who's family has lived in this town for many generation decided to build a school with the remains of the castle lay. The Rosario family helps fund and support the school to this day. Hopefully. The library and the tower are leftovers from the castle and are preserved thanks to the town's funding. If you'd like to keep the school intact, please help fund Harmony Hill Academy by visiting our gift shop for wonderful memorabilia and merchandise.
  15. ______________________________________
  17. News Articles Written By students
  19. 19XX, A wild snow storm erupts during school hours causing all students and staff to remain on the school premises for a whole week! Food ran low and there were several blackouts, but together they were able to survive! Apparently this storm happens every 20 years or so, but the dean insists that school should continue during these times as it's the safest place to be during such an even. Why does the dean want us all here?
  21. 19XX, Gabriel Rosario has won the national live chess tournament bringing the trophy home to the Winter House. We hope that he continues to do many great things!
  23. 19XX, a fire broke out at Harmony Hill Academy within the school's library. It was quickly put out by the school's staff before it spread, burning down only two aisles of books. Unfortunately, a body of a 10 year old boy was found among the ashes. His identity was found to be Harmon Holloway, a Winter Wisp student.
  25. 20XX, the Summer Shots cheer-leading team once again one national led by Captain Monica Valcrest who has held the title for three years running.
  27. 20XX, Spooky things are happening in the aisles of the library. Books falling off the shelves, strange howling sounds, it's really creepy! The supernatural club says they are on the case but the supposed haunting continue to disrupt studies. The teachers say it's all in our heads but I say poppycock! There are spirits among us!
  29. 20XX, A strange creature was seen running around the school grounds! Sources say it escaped from the school's barn which has the Fall Friends house under fire for negligence. The team taking care of the creature, was able to subdue the beast but had to put the poor thing down after it bit a teacher. I personally would have liked to have gotten a sample. They said it was goat-like with many horns.
  31. 20XX, The Summer Festival is in full swing and many games and events are taking over the whole school
  34. -------------------------------------------------------------
  35. Summer: Lion
  37. Winter: Snake
  39. Fall: Turtle
  41. Spring: Unicorn
  43. Secret house: 4 members.
  44. 1. One is a scryer that foresaw the future of the town being attacked.
  45. 2. The other, a member of the Valcrest family knows the truth. It was the people who forced the king into rule, and protected his town. The king was only 14 and the knight his magical mother trying to protect him. When he no longer wanted to listen to them, they plotted to get rid of him and his mom. grandfather (a mahou) founded the school because the lingering spirit of the king that calls out to the sea for his knight. The knight was starting to wake causing weather damages and severe bad luck on the town. He needed to seal off this power with the help of his puchuu who sacrificed it's life to create the seal. But the seal is weakening. She wants the
  46. 3. Member actually wants the knight
  48. ______________________________________
  50. School Theme:
  52. Sponsers:
  54. Holidays:
  55. School festival in which there is a game and play of tearing down the castle.
  57. ______________________________________
  59. Rumors and habits
  60. -white cats and rabbits are considered bad luck.
  61. -teacher that has been there every year.
  62. -Valcrest written in purple on walls
  63. -ley line magic at the top of the tower.
  66. __________________________________________________End of Lynnia's Stuff____________________________________________________________
  74. _________________Fifth House Stuff___________________
  76. Known Members of the Fifth House: Aysu, Seo-Hyun, Illsiyava Roslonov, Frederica
  79. ____Logs Follow____
  81. {{{{Aysu}}}}
  82. [04:26:22:30] Session Ident: ShadowyFigure (Rizon, Wander) (
  83. [04:26:22:30] <02ShadowyFigure> Sup babycakes
  84. 01[04:26:22:30] <09Wander> hi lyn
  85. 04[04:26:22:30] <02ShadowyFigure> So Aysu’s test scores are in
  86. [04:26:22:30] <02ShadowyFigure> And an event has unlocked for her
  87. 01[04:26:22:30] <09Wander> How'd she do?
  88. [04:26:22:31] <02ShadowyFigure> pls don’t mention this PM
  89. 01[04:26:22:31] <09Wander> ooh, interesting.
  90. 01[04:26:22:31] <09Wander> I won't breathe word of it.
  91. [04:26:22:32] <02ShadowyFigure> A shadowy figure has approached her some time after she took the test. You may choose where and when this happens. It tells her that they would like for her to join thier group.
  92. 01[04:26:22:35] <09Wander> Aysu would definitely like to know more, but she probably is interested.
  93. [04:26:22:37] <02ShadowyFigure> The figure asks tells her that something is going to happen to the school and right now they don’t have enough information so they are meerly asking her to keep and eye out and watch for things
  94. [04:26:22:38] <02ShadowyFigure> They give her a black pen with silver and gold etching in it, which has a symbol of a circle with a dot in the middle of it. It’s ink is purple. Speak of this to no one or there will be permanant consequences.
  95. 01[04:26:22:40] <09Wander> If it's just watching, then sure. She's good at keeping secrets.
  96. 01[04:26:22:41] <09Wander> Presumably the figure has some way of contacting her again as needed?
  97. [04:26:22:41] <02ShadowyFigure> They do. You will see signs and notice things a bit differently than other students.
  98. [04:26:22:42] <02ShadowyFigure> and the occasional PM
  99. [04:26:22:42] <02ShadowyFigure> hue
  100. 01[04:26:22:42] <09Wander> heh
  101. 04[04:26:22:42] <02ShadowyFigure> in the meantime, you’ll see Aysu’s cover placement when I update the pastebin
  102. 01[04:26:22:43] <09Wander> Great!
  103. [04:26:22:43] <02ShadowyFigure> coolio~ this should be fun
  104. [04:26:22:43] <02ShadowyFigure> now carry on with your life and get outta here ya scamp
  105. 01[04:26:22:45] <09Wander> I can't help but wonder what precisely determined her landing the secret house...
  106. 01[04:26:22:45] <09Wander> But I suppose that would spoil the surprise. Well, that and I might submit another character later, just to start a new, more normal one out doing school stuff.
  107. [04:26:22:46] <02Lynnia> to be honest, it ended in a tie
  108. [04:26:22:46] <02Lynnia> And I use the color question to break the tie
  109. 01[04:26:22:48] <09Wander> And she didn't have any particular leaning to be discerned from that either, I take it?
  110. [04:26:22:48] <02Lynnia> yes and no? heh
  111. 01[04:26:22:51] <09Wander> Aysu likes all colors that are, well, colorful! I guess yellow would really be her favorite, but that wasn't what was asked.
  112. [04:26:22:51] <02Lynnia> heh
  113. [04:26:22:52] <02Lynnia> oh yea, you can use your pen in public if you want er whatever
  114. 01[04:26:22:52] <09Wander> She probably would have tried to pick multiple colors even if she was told not to.
  115. [04:26:22:53] <02Lynnia> haha
  116. [04:26:22:53] <02Lynnia> I too like all the colors
  117. [04:26:22:53] <02Lynnia> ALL THE COLORS
  118. 01[04:26:22:53] <09Wander> That said, some of the questions were hard for me to think of her answers for.
  119. [04:26:22:53] <02Lynnia> Oh?
  120. 01[04:26:22:54] <09Wander> Largely because she's never attended a day of school in her life.
  121. [04:26:22:55] <02Lynnia> oh ha
  122. 01[04:26:22:56] <09Wander> She's a cute fishgirl from a water world. She has no idea how to do a lot of modern things.
  123. 01[04:26:22:57] <09Wander> operate a microwave.
  124. [04:26:22:57] <02Lynnia> The poor thing
  125. 01[04:26:22:58] <09Wander> So naturally, I decided it would be hilarious to enroll her in a school.
  126. 01[04:26:23:00] <09Wander> >Winter
  127. 01[04:26:23:00] <09Wander> ahahaha oh god she's so screwed
  128. [04:26:23:01] <02Lynnia> heh why?
  129. 01[04:26:23:03] <09Wander> Introverts and Academics and Magic.
  130. 01[04:26:23:03] <09Wander> She has no idea how to handle these things.
  131. [04:26:23:03] <02Lynnia> pfft
  132. 01[04:26:23:04] <09Wander> ...though when I consider the fact that one of her major character motivations has always been self-improvement, it's also oddly fitting, in a way.
  133. [04:26:23:04] <02Lynnia> d’aaw
  134. 04[04:26:23:04] <02Lynnia> Do your best Aysu chan
  135. 01[04:26:23:12] <09Wander> ...she also doesn't have a surname, which may cause further difficulties for her.
  136. [04:26:23:12] <02Lynnia> It’s aight, alot of people don’t have one
  137. [04:26:23:12] <02Lynnia> I’m not picky on it unless you’d like it to be brought up for the sake of some RP
  138. 01[04:26:23:13] <09Wander> People giving Aysu a hard time over stuff like that is just fine with me.
  139. 01[04:26:23:15] <09Wander> I tend to take various little things into account when I make characters, so her not having one was a deliberate choice.
  140. [04:26:23:15] <02Lynnia> I’ll be sure to whip up some NPC bullying~
  141. 01[04:26:23:16] <09Wander> She herself can be a bit of a bully sometimes, so it's only fair~
  142. [04:26:23:17] <02Lynnia> haha
  143. [04:26:23:17] <02Lynnia> just had some bully incident a moment ago
  144. [04:26:23:17] <02Lynnia> Was hitting on Zhell but then >9yrs old
  145. [04:26:23:17] <02Lynnia> Whoops
  146. [04:26:23:17] <02Lynnia> It was too late so went with it and a fight almost broke out
  147. [04:26:23:18] <02Lynnia> teachers stopped it though
  150. {{{{Seo-Hyun}}}}}
  151. [00:13] <vox_de_lumine_> Also, since apparently I'm supposed to PM you: Seo-Hyun was in Illuminati house.
  152. [00:13] <DrEvilKitteh> Ah, thank ya. :3
  153. [00:14] <DrEvilKitteh> If you have any logs of your PM with the "Shadowy Figure", that would be appreciated as well.
  154. [00:14] <DrEvilKitteh> The more tidbits of knowledge I have, the more I'll be able to accurately play GM for the School.
  155. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:20:35 <ShadowyFigure> While Seo was in her room that night, something caught her eye from the window. A dark mist swirled around it, was someone smoking? No, it was too dark to be coming from a cig.
  156. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:21:52 <Seo-Hyun> Seo stood immediately, moving to the window to investigate as curiosity won out over caution. She did at least maintain the basic sense not to overtly use any magic in front of the window, much as she wanted to shed light on whatever was outside.
  157. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:23:33 <ShadowyFigure> The mist solidified in it’s form of a shadow figure of human shape. It lightly tapped on the glass as if it was asking for the window to be opened.
  158. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:26:19 <Seo-Hyun> After a long moment of hesitance, Seo drew the window open. After all, if worse came to worst, she had enough magic to fall back on that she could probably escape from any hostile intent in at least decent shape.
  159. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:29:18 <ShadowyFigure> The shape spilled into the room as soon as the window was opened, black smoke covering the floor until it gathered itself up and reformed into a human shape again. “ Do not be alarmed. “ it said in a voice that was neither male nor female, “ We have seen your results for the school’s test and you have picked up our interest. “ it whi
  160. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> spered, “ We’d like you to join us. “
  161. [00:16] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:31:51 <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun stared back at the featureless black form, responding in hushed and hesitant words. "...Join you in what, exactly?"
  162. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:36:46 <ShadowyFigure> “ Something is going to happen to this school. This town. Maybe even the world. We...have found some information about it and need certain qualified individuals to assist us with it. “ it moved to her side, “ All we need you to do for now is to watch a listen. More information will be given at a later date. “ before she could say anything, th
  163. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> e being extends out it’s hand with a
  164. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:36:46 <ShadowyFigure> black pen. It’s etched with gold and silver swirls with a mark of a circle and a dot within that circle. If writing with it, it has purple ink.
  165. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:38:57 <Seo-Hyun> Seo-Hyun stared down at the pen for a moment, before reaching out and taking it. After all, it wasn't like she was agreeing to anything yet. And if this figure was telling the truth... this might be important.
  166. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:40:38 <ShadowyFigure> “ Speak of this to no one. In the meantime, you will be in one of the other houses as a cover. We hope that you can help us with this task. “
  167. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:44:08 <Seo-Hyun> "...Understood. I'll stay silent on this matter."
  168. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> Apr 26 21:44:47 <ShadowyFigure> The figure nods it’s head and slips out of the window and back into the night.
  169. [00:17] <vox_de_lumine_> There's the log for you.
  170. [00:17] <DrEvilKitteh> Thanks, Voxy. :3
  174. {{{{Frederica}}}}
  175. [17:34] <Zene|AFK> Apr 27 17:43:02 <ShadowyFigure> So I normally RP this out but I’m caught up in still doing houseplacements and discussing school layouts
  176. [17:34] <Zene|AFK> Apr 27 17:44:01 <ShadowyFigure> but basically, Fredrica is approached by a shadowy figure either before or after today in school. This figure explains that her test results have gained thier interest.
  177. [17:34] <Zene|AFK> Apr 27 17:45:01 <ShadowyFigure> They tell tell her that something is going to happen to the school and they need her help as well as others to keep an eye out for now. more information will be given later. But in the mean time, she will be in the house that
  178. [17:34] <Zene|AFK> Apr 27 17:45:07 <ShadowyFigure> ...fuck enter key
  179. [17:34] <Zene|AFK> Apr 27 17:46:39 <ShadowyFigure> She will be in the house that’s assigned to her. The figure gives her a black pen with gold and silver etching. It has a mark of a circle with a dot in the middle and writes in purple ink. It tells her not to tell anyone about this meeting.
  180. [17:34] <Zene|AFK> Apr 27 17:47:07 <ShadowyFigure> Feel free to use the pen though. It’s a nice pen.
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