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Jul 1st, 2019
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  1. --Rules--
  3. #1: Don't be toxic on purpose.
  4. #2: Use common sense. (Unless you are doing a joke ofc)
  5. #3: Do not make fun of a player for things they can't control (Race, Gender, ect.)
  6. #4: Respect the moderators and follow their orders, however if they act unreasonable it may be questioned and you can report it.
  7. #5: If you see admin abuse of any kind, please report it to the Server Owner (Blukas) via Discord
  8. #6: Don't mic spam.
  9. #7: If you see a player breaking the rules please report them on our Discord.
  10. #8: Jokes of any form are allowed IF they are Jokes and not personal attacks to the player. (Making fun of someone over and over)
  11. #9: Don't steal a persons card/items if they drop it and come back as a MTF or Chaos. (914 stealing is fine, mostly)
  13. #10: As a guard/MTF/Scientist, you can detain Class-D and turn them into MTF. As a MTF or Guard, please do not kill Class-D without a reason. (Valid reasons could be "They have a gun", "They didn't follow my orders", "They were acting annoying", "They ran away". However you can spray all the Class-D you want as a Scientist lol
  15. #11: Teaming is not allowed with teams that cannot win together. (Scientist and SCP, Chaos and MTF, ect.)
  17. ~Teaming that is allowed: Chaos and SCPs, Class-D and Scientists (And Guard/MTF + Class-D as long as the Class-D are detained)
  19. ---------------------------
  21. Other Info:
  22. ~You can hold items in 914 (you don't have to drop them)
  23. ~Friendly fire is OFF
  24. ~This server has good specs (no lag yay)
  25. ~If SCP-079 is the last SCP alive, they will turn into SCP-939.
  26. ~Rough and Coarse settings do some magical things ;)
  28. DISCORD:
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