Zuihou LN - Epilogue [Translated]

Jul 23rd, 2017
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  1. Zuihou LN - Lucky Seas, Phoenix Sky
  2. From
  4. 終章 夜風
  5. Epilogue: Nightwind
  7. 第二天夜裡——
  8. The night of the day after——
  9. 出擊成員的的疲勞消解之後,舉辦了盛大的慶祝會。
  10. Now that the sortie team had recovered from their fatigue, it was time for the celebratory banquet.
  11. 提出來慶祝一番的是隼鷹。
  12. The person who suggested the banquet was Junyou.
  13. 雖然她也是搭載量極高的優秀輕空母,可是卻沒有多少訓練的意思,更熱衷於酒席。
  14. While she, too, was a well-built light carrier with an impressive hangar capacity, her passion for banquets far exceeded her enthusiasm for training.
  15. 雖然在艦隊裡算是問題生,但卻能在這種時候讓氣氛活躍起來。
  16. She might be a bit of a problem student in the fleet, but in this kind of situation she ca definitely pull her weight.
  17. 隼鷹的兩手緊緊抓著酒杯和零食盒子。
  18. Junyou held a wine cup in one hand and a box of snacks in the other.
  19. “哎呀~作戰結束後喝上一杯,真是特別痛快啊!提督怎麼有兩個啊~哈哈哈哈!”
  20. "Ahhh~a drink after an operation is the best! Oh ho, why are there two Admirals~ Yahaaa!"
  21. “你都沒有上戰場吧。本來不是還編進支援艦隊了嗎?”
  22. "You weren't even in the operation. Weren't you originally slated to be in the support fleet?"
  23. “嘻嘻……我和飛鷹的航速啊,稍微有點慢啊。”
  24. "Heehee...well, Hiyou and I, we're a little slow."
  25. “真是的。唉,算了不管了……”
  26. "Really,, whatever..."
  27. “咦?這就要走了啊?不是提督的慶功宴嗎?”
  28. "Eh? You're going already? Isn't this a feast for you, Admiral?"
  29. “獲勝的是艦娘吧……稍微去吹吹風。”
  30. "It's a feast for the shipgirls...I need a breath of fresh air."
  31. 我舉起手,隼鷹則是說著「回見喲~」這樣酒館老闆娘似的回答。
  32. Junyou responded to my raised hand with a "come again~" kind of phrase, like something an Izakaya's barkeep might say.
  33. 走出門外——
  34. And so I went outside——
  35. 前往港口。
  36. Towards the harbor.
  37. 夜晚的海面,就像鋪上了整片黑暗一樣黯淡無光。只有月亮的倒影在海浪間漂浮。
  38. The sea at night seemed to be covered by a layer of blackness. Only the moon's reflection floated along the waves.
  39. “嗯?”
  40. "Hm?"
  41. 能聽到有人在哼歌。
  42. I can hear someone whistling.
  43. ——這是……三年前的流行歌吧?
  44. ——This is...this was a pretty popular song three years ago, wasn't it?
  45. 我走近一看,身著巫女服的少女正靠在蘑菇形狀的纜樁上。
  46. I walked closer to take a look. A girl in priestess' garb was leaning on one of those mushroom-like bollards.
  47. “……喲,這不是瑞鳳嗎?”
  48. "...Yo, is that you, Zuihou?"
  49. “嗯?咦?提督?怎麼了?”
  50. "Hm? Eh? Admiral? What is it?"
  51. “我不太會喝酒,所以經常會翹掉酒會。如果留在那裡被勸酒,會鬧得大家都敗興的。”
  52. "I'm not too good with alcohol, so I figured I'd ditch the banquet. I'd ruin the party for everyone if they let me drink too much."
  53. “啊哈哈。”
  54. "Ahaha."
  55. “你才是,明明是慶功宴的主角,為什麼在這裡?”
  56. "But what about you? You're this banquet's protagonist; what are you doing here?"
  57. “主角不是提督嗎?”
  58. "I thought the Admiral was the protagonist."
  59. “別逗了,誰都覺得沒有你們的話根本就沒法開戰吧。該不會,是因為全場最佳是長門,所以有些放不開吧?”
  60. "Don't be modest, everyone agrees that we wouldn't have been able to go on without you. It's not because you're a little hung up about Nagato getting MVP, right?"
  61. “誒嘿嘿……怎麼會呢。”
  62. " could I be?"
  63. 瑞鳳搖著手。
  64. Zuihou waved her hand.
  65. 臉上染上了緋紅。
  66. Her face is all red.
  67. 雖然分給未成年艦娘的不是酒,而是間宮的特製果汁。但是現在看起來好像喝醉了一樣,真的沒問題嗎?
  68. Although the younger shipgirls got Mamiya's juice instead of wine, this girl looks like she's drunk. Is this okay?
  69. “說起來,還沒獎勵你們吧?”
  70. "Speaking of which, I haven't rewarded you, have I?"
  71. “誒?”
  72. "Eh?"
  73. “艦娘好像和軍人不同,所以沒有軍銜的樣子。獎金也只能在鎮守府裡使用。必要的物資也都有補給。還挺難想的啊。”
  74. "Well, shipgirls aren't like soldiers, it's not like I can promote you. The reward scrip can only be used in the Naval District as well. All the necessities are supplied too, so this is kind of tough."
  75. “不、不了!獎勵之類的!”
  76. "N-no need! Rewards or anything like that!"
  77. “嗯……只能找些我自己就能弄到的東西,那麼期待你會很頭疼的。但是,這陣子光想著作戰準備了,什麼都想不出來啊,抱歉了。”
  78. "Mm...the only thing I can get is stuff I can wrangle up myself, so I figured it'd be a bit difficult to find something for you. But since I've been worried about preparations this whole time, I couldn't come up with anything. Sorry."
  79. “真的!不用了啊!”
  80. "Seriously! I don't need it!"
  81. “就跟違反紀律就要處罰一樣,表現活躍就要獎勵吧。那樣才能加強紀律性。”
  82. "If a violation of protocol deserves punishment, exemplary achievement should similarly merit rewards. This is how discipline is strengthened."
  83. “那樣啊……嗯,但是沒什麼特別想要的……”
  84. "Is that, but I still can't think of anything in particular I might want..."
  85. 啊!她好像突然注意到什麼。
  86. Ah! It looks like she's got something.
  87. “想到什麼了嗎?”
  88. "Did you think of something?"
  89. “那、那個……什麼都可以嗎?”
  90. " anything okay?"
  91. “我能弄到的話。”
  92. "Anything I can do."
  93. “那麼……七、七……”
  94. "Then...k, ki..."
  95. “七巧板?”
  96. "Kit? Like a model Kit?"
  97. “七……嗯……提督,可以閉下眼睛嗎?啊,在那之前,先坐下來。”
  98. ", Admiral, could you close your eyes? Oh, before that, sit down first."
  99. “嗯,可以倒是可以。”
  100. "Mm, sure, I can do that."
  101. 我坐在瑞鳳讓出來的纜樁上。緊緊地閉上了雙眼。
  102. I sit on the bollard Zuihou vacated, and close my eyes tight.
  103. 面前一片漆黑的大海,也完全看不到了。
  104. In front of me is just darkness. Can't see shit.
  105. 只能感覺到她在靠近。
  106. I can feel her closing in.
  107. “嗯?”
  108. "Hm?"
  109. “可不能,亂動哦?”
  110. "Could you, could you not move around?"
  111. “啊?”
  112. "Oh?"
  113. “絕對不要亂動哦?也不能睜開眼睛。”
  114. "Don't move around, okay? And don't open your eyes."
  115. “唔……”
  116. "Mm..."
  117. 從微妙的距離傳來她的聲音。就在近在咫尺的距離,聽得到踩在沙上的腳步聲。耳邊還能感覺到氣息。
  118. I can hear her, she's very close. Almost right next to each other. I can hear the sand under her feet, and movement next to my ear.
  119. ——到、到底發生了什麼?
  120. ——W-what's going on?
  121. 不,是到底在做什麼?
  122. No, what is she doing?
  123. 因為事先說好了,所以也不能睜開眼睛。
  124. Well but I did say I wouldn't, so I can't open my eyes.
  125. 感覺全身都要僵硬了。
  126. I can feel myself tensing up.
  128. 雖然能感覺到近在咫尺的氣息……但是什麼都沒發生。
  129. But even though I can feel her breathing just inches away from me...nothing happens.
  130. “嗚啊啊啊……果然辦不到嗎!?”
  131. "Uooohhhhhh....I can't do it after all?!"
  132. “到、到底在幹嘛啊?瑞鳳?”
  133. "W-what are you doing? Zuihou?"
  134. 我忍不住睜開眼睛。
  135. I can't stop myself from opening my eyes.
  136. 她的臉幾乎就在面前,還有月光下都能看得一清二楚的發紅耳朵。
  137. Her face is almost right in front of my face. In the moonlight, I can clearly see her bright red ears.
  138. 她慌忙後退。
  139. She scrambles backwards in a panic.
  140. “啊……啊哇哇!”
  141. "Ahhh....Awawa!"
  142. “餵、餵!要掉下去了耶!危險啊!”
  143. "Oy, oy! You're going to fall in! Look out!"
  144. “呀!沒、沒事的!我是艦娘啦!”
  145. "Ah! I-it's fine! I'm a shipgirl!"
  146. 就算是夜晚的大海,艦娘也沒問題嗎。
  147. Even if it's the sea at night, it's still not a problem for a shipgirl.
  148. 瑞鳳用食指按著自己的嘴唇,吐出溫熱的氣息。
  149. Zuihou puts her index finger on her lip, and exhales.
  150. “呼……”
  151. "Whew..."
  152. 那是艷麗的淡色嘴唇。
  153. Those are some beautiful, pale lips.
  154. “餵、餵,瑞鳳?剛剛,你是想做什麼不得了的事情吧?那種事……是……那個……到底是……”
  155. "Oy oy, Zuihou? Just now, were you about to do something? What kind of it..."
  156. 她飛快搖著頭。
  157. Her head shakes back and forth.
  158. “什麼都沒!什麼都沒做!”
  159. "Nothing! Nothing at all!"
  160. “算了,反正確實什麼都沒做……但是,又是想做什麼?”
  161. "Eh, whatever. After all, you didn't do anything in the end...but, what was it that you wanted to do?"
  162. “因、因為!說到獎勵,不就是七……七……啊啊怎麼說得出來嘛!提督真是色狼!
  163. "B-because! When you said reward, wouldn't be it be a, I can't say it! Admiral, you're a pervert!"
  164. “你說啥!”
  165. "Wha-?!"
  166. 瑞鳳轉過身逃走了。
  167. And with that, Zuihou turns tail and flees.
  168. “我、我已經累了!要睡覺了!”
  169. "I-I'm tired! I'm going to sleep!"
  170. 雖然是艦娘但跑起來也真快啊——她用讓人能發出這種感慨的速度跑回了宿舍。
  171. She might be a shipgirl but she sure runs fast, I think to myself as I watch her bolt for the dorms.
  173. 只留下我一個人。
  174. Leaving just me.
  175. 我取下帽子,搔著頭皮,眺望著夜色下的大海。
  176. Removing my hat, I scratch my head and watch the ocean under the night sky.
  177. “……發生了什麼?”
  178. "...what happened?"
  179. 不知道什麼時候,傳來了腳步聲。
  180. I don't know from when they came, but footsteps are closing in.
  181. 轉過頭去。
  182. I turn.
  183. “咦?加賀小姐?”
  184. "Eh? Kaga-san?"
  185. “……”
  186. "..."
  187. 她什麼都沒有說。稍微讓我有點害怕。
  188. She says nothing. It's a little scary.
  189. “怎、怎麼了?”
  190. "W-what is it?"
  191. “提督和艦娘發展出特別的關係,可不是司令本部希望看到的……請不要摻雜過多私人的感情。”
  192. "High Command does not hope to see the Admiral and his Shipgirls in...special relationships. Please do not overindulge in personal feelings."
  193. “難、難道說,你都看到了?”
  194. "C-could it be, that you saw it too?"
  195. “……提督到底是想做什麼呢?”
  196. "...What did the Admiral want to do?"
  197. “做什麼?這、她是艦娘,艦娘就是人類的未來,最後的希望,救世主。不是我能抱有私人情感的存在。”
  198. "Do what? Th-she's a shipgirl. Shipgirls are humanity's future and last hope, their salvation. They're not existences I can have personal feelings for."
  199. 我對自己的斷言,沒有一絲猶豫。
  200. I speak without a shred of hesitation.
  201. 加賀點點頭。
  202. Kaga nods.
  203. “……看來,您很清楚這一點。”
  204. "...It looks like you are well aware of this point."
  205. “那是當然。”
  206. "Of course."
  207. “……既然理解,就更應該聽我的警告了吧。”
  208. "...since you understand, please make sure to heed my warning."
  209. “咦?警告?”
  210. "Eh? Warning?"
  211. 她之前跟我說過什麼嗎。
  212. Did she give me some kind of warning before?
  213. 她嘆了口氣,再次說明道:
  214. Sighing, Kaga speaks once more.
  215. “之前,我說過'請不要過於接近艦娘'吧?這裡還不成熟的孩子有很多……特別是像你這樣的男性,更容易讓她們產生迷惑。”
  216. "Earlier, I mentioned that it is unwise to get too close to the shipgirls, right? Many of these children are not yet mature...a male, especially one such as you, can easily confuse them."
  217. 我想起她之前的提醒。
  218. I think back to her past warning.
  219. ——本來還以為那是指可疑人士的!
  220. ——I thought she was saying that I was a creep!
  221. 那句話原來是這個意思嗎。
  222. So that's what she meant.
  223. 到現在才注意到,正如我不知如何應對女性一樣,艦娘也還沒有適應和男性相處。
  224. I only just noticed: just as I don't know how to deal with females, the shipgirls do not know how to get along with males.
  225. 真的是事到如今才發現啊……
  226. To think I only just realized now...
  227. 我到底該怎麼對待瑞鳳抱有的那份感情呢?
  228. How should I deal with the feelings Zuihou holds about me?
  230. “加賀小姐……”
  231. "Kaga-san..."
  232. “……怎麼?”
  233. "...what is it?"
  234. “你那樣說我聽不懂啦。”
  235. "When you say it that way, it's hard for me to understand."
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