AutumnWritefag - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. It was another gentle fall morning. Autumn asleep in her bed for once. Papers and notes scattered around her desk. She yawned stretching out her body and her wings. Reaching over to her nightstand she picked up her glasses placing them on her face.
  3. Vision returned to optimum levels she glanced out her window, the soft orange hue of the leaves against a darkened sky.
  4. She got up making her bed quickly throwing the thing back into place. She gathered up the papers strewn across the ground. placing them on the desk. The wax had melted to her desk again. A small mound of white wax had covered the desk. She pressed hard against it with her hoof, a solid mass breaking off from the desk in a satisfying chunk. She pitched the wax into the bin clearing the rest of it off.
  6. She walked out of her room to her bathroom. The mirror had a crack in it, but was still more than usable. She groaned looking herself over. Her hair was an awful mess. Her fur matted down in strange ways. She placed her glasses down on the counter not wanting to see any more of herself anyway. Walking into her shower creaking the faucet turning it on. She let the hot water hit her burning away the filth like hot water melts butter. Letting it all wash down the drain.
  7. She smiled, the water like natures cure all, curing the aches and pains away. So warm.. She thought about the day ahead. Exploring more of the woods. Taking more notes. Her research seemed endless, but she was determined.
  9. Getting out she dried herself with a soft white towel wrapping herself in it. Placing her glasses she glanced in the mirror. Much better. She knew a quick shower was all she needed to look presentable. Not that she ever had anyone to impress. But she always prepared just in case.
  10. She trotted downstairs. She clicked the coffee maker, grounds and water already in it. She waited patiently sitting at the table. Today's specimen was a rare Silver Fern with purple spores underneath. Nothing like it in the books. She'd have to test it out and study it's effects documenting every specific detail about it. Coffee done she poured in creamer, vanilla and sugar stirring it up and putting it in her sealed coffee container.
  11. She shed her towel throwing it over the chair. She dawned her Pink Plaid shirt, grabbed her notepad, coffee in hand and headed out.
  13. The wind blew at her hard. She felt really cold, she probably should have let her hair dry more before making this venture. Ah, balderdash, there was no time for that. Another day of knowledge and exploration awaits! She had not the time for such nuance.
  14. The air felt fresh, breathing it in renewed her, she lived for this. Going out walking in nature. To study it, learn more about it, and marvel at its complexity. It seems so simple at first. Things you overlook in passing. But walking the same trail over again, you notice something you didn't the first time.
  15. Start to notice plants and other little things. Their shapes, colors, textures, sizes. What area of the forest they grow. How they look, how they smell, what they feel like in your hoof.
  17. She walked the forest, the tree limbs swaying in the wind, the leaves blowing by her. She had seen it a hundred times, and she had always appreciated it. She walked for several hours along an unmarked path. The leaves crunching underneath her hooves, the cool forest air crisp and fresh.
  18. She knew it was this way, she'd seen it the other day, but she already had another plant she was studying. But this time, she would devote the day to this one.
  19. Up ahead she spotted the Fern growing next to a tall tree. She approached it.
  20. It was smaller than most of the ferns in the area. Its leaves a white silver color. Underneath were glowing purple spores. She took out her notepad and her charcoal pencil, she placed the leaf between the paper and traced over it gently. A perfect imprint.
  21. She felt the plant in her hooves. It was cold. More specifically, the spores were cold, like aloe vera against a sunburn.
  22. She wrote it down, she wrote everything she observed about it down. She took a whiff. It smelled like an ordinary fern. Perhaps a mutation? Was it something about the ground it was planted in? Observing the soil she noticed it was slightly discolored from the rest of the dirt. Highly unusual. All off a sudden, her hooves started to burn, burn scalding hot. She dropped her things rubbing her hooves against the ground. No good! Water, water, water! Nothing just more trees... The Coffee! She unscrewed the lid dumping the coffee over her hooves. The burning stopped and the coffee became discolored as it touched the ground.
  23. Luckily her notepad wasn't scathed. She wiped her wet hooves off on her shirt.
  25. "Note, plant exhibits volatile changes to the environment it touches, spores cool at first but burn the skin minutes later."
  26. 'I was careless', she thought. Had she not reacted quickly who knows what would have happened.
  27. Autumn looked at the soil again. Hmm, Perhaps.. She scooped up the dirt with the now empty coffee container. She'd examine it when she returned by the candlelight.
  28. She observed the plant without touching it this time. Taking notes on every miniscule detail she could find. After several more hours of study she decided it would be a good idea to pack it it for the day.
  30. She returned home tired from the days work. Her hooves still sticky from the coffee some of the dirt sticking grossly to her hooves.
  31. Suddenly the sky rolled with thunder. Rain started coming down. Luckily the pad was safely tucked away under her wings. She let the rain hit her. The rain washed off the coffee on her hooves and shirt. The cool rain was just what she needed to cool down and get clean.
  33. After several more hours of walking she arrived home soaked and tired. She lay the pad on the table and placed the canister of dirt there too. She took the towel off the back of the chair drying off the rain from outside.
  35. She grabbed her notepad and cup of dirt and headed upstairs. She placed the things on her desk. Sitting down on the chair. Pulling out the drawer she pulled one of the many candles that lay inside setting it by her side. She struck a match lighting it illuminating the room. She hastily opened the canister and poured the dirt onto her desk.
  36. Strange, it was now only slightly discolored. She ran her hands through it. Dirt. Just dirt. No other signs of alteration. She smelled it.. Dirt. Something wasn't quite right here. Clearly the dirt was a different color when she'd placed it in the cup. It didn't make sense to her.
  37. Autumn pressed her hooves hard against her forehead trying to think back to when she was around the plant.
  38. What was so different about the plant? The spores did weird things.. The plant was a strange color... It just didn't add up. A mutation she could understand. But did the fern also possess magical properties too? No, she hadn't sensed anything magical about them. No strange feelings that a hex or curse or enchantment. No magic running through the structure of the plant. Was the magic deep underground? And the plant only siphoning small amounts from it?
  40. No... This had to be natural, she knew it. She got up, pacing her room. She still couldn't think of it.
  42. These are strange behaviors for a plant. She left the room, walking downstairs. There was still coffee left in the carafe. She poured some into a glass downing it like a shot at the bar.
  44. Grrr.. She'd seen so many plants before, why was this one so vexing? So frustrating to her? It was still raining outside. Screw it. She didn't care. She threw open the door and walked out into it. The freezing rain pelting her. She stood in it frustrated. She paced in it, back and forth she walked, the wind blowing against her wet body making her even colder. The more she stood in it, the more her frustration seemed to cool down and fade away. Cool down.. Fade away.. Could it be? Was that it? She ran upstairs as fast as she could. This was it! She knew it! She scooped up the dirt again grabbing her notepad she bolted out the door slamming it shut on her way out.
  45. She ran as quick as she could before tiring and taking up a more moderately brisk pace.
  46. After a few hours she reached the fern. She dumped the dirt back where she had taken it from.
  47. She watched in great anticipation hoping she had the right Idea. Just as she suspected the dirt changed its color back to what it had been.
  48. "Fern absorbs heat from it's surroundings. Spores will be cold to the touch until removed from the plant, afterwards the spores will become active releasing exorbitant amounts of heat." She said aloud triumphantly writing it down.
  49. She still didn't know why the mutation had occurred or how it absorbed heat. But the spores could be used in small amounts to heat the body in an emergency.
  50. She breathed a sigh of relief. Sweating she'd realized she'd taken a second run all the way out here. She placed the cup and pad under her wings again making her way back to the house. The rain keeping her cool as she walked.
  52. She made it back to her house. She opened the door and even more tired than before made her way up the stairs dropping her notes on the ground and plopping on her bed. She was so tired, she could barely think about her progress or the achievements she'd made that day. The funny thing was, she was sure she'd spotted another plant she'd never seen before on her way back. Another task for another day she thought.
  53. She quickly drifted into a well deserved and peaceful sleep.
  56. The end
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