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  1. -Acquire the Lost Recipe for Elaudian Steel for Ol' Crazy Hayes in the Academy of Anthus.
  3.     "...Hayes caught word that someone figured out how to make ol' Elaudian Steel. Strongest stuff the world's ever been graced with. Made blades sharper an' lighter than anythin' you ever seen. Just as sturdy as traditional iron or steel though.”
  5.     “Hayes wants you to head into that gods forsaken jungle and get him that recipe. Now, it don't have to be tomorrow or next week. Hell, it don't even have to be next month, or the month after. Jus' as soon as you get that recipe, Hayes wants first dibs.”
  6.     “From what Hayes has heard it was discovered in the far eastern edge.”
  7.     “Suffice it to say somebody finally made it and jus' hasn't come back yet.”
  9.     “Hayes don't know how, why, or the extent to which civilization survives on the eastern edge, but it does. At least one village still kicks itself along after all these years. Y'need to find that village, find the recipe, and get yer ass back here.”
  11. -Retrieve the key to the vault which lies within the catacombs beneath your estate for the cat spirit.
  13.     “I guessed that unlocking the book would unlock this vault. I was wrong."
  15.     “You will allow me to remove one item from within the vault should you ever discover the key. Any item of my choosing. The rest will be yours to do with as you please. In exchange, I will reveal to you what I know of the vault and its contents, and my theories regarding the key.”
  17.     “The item I desire is an artifact most ancient. Said to have been created before the Tribe of Al-Hikar rose to prominence in the fertile valley of the river Hiacia. A small, oblong silver bead. That is all I desire. The vault itself is said to contain the vast wealth of a tribe now forgotten by mortals and kept secret by the Progenitors.”
  19.     “I am unsure of what the artifact does, precisely.”
  21.     “I believe the bead may contain within it a portion of my divine essence, and I wish to consume the artifact so that I might regain that portion of myself and finally return to my full, resplendent glory. I have been trapped for too long within these tunnels. Had your estate's slave passages not breached the catacombs even its grounds would be lost to me.”
  23.     "Should you unlock the vault and find within that the item I seek is the only item it contains, I will reveal to you further knowledge of the Gods' Tongue as just compensation for your service to me.”
  25.     "The tribes which participated in the battle, the Al-Hikar chief among them, met upon the site of the Al-Sankars' capital city and erected a vault amidst the ruins. Within it they stored the treasures of a people once great, artifacts their gods viewed as anathema. This is that vault, and I want what they took from me. I believe the key to be the armor worn by the chieftain of the Al-Hikar.”
  27.     "...The Al-Hikar dynasty founded the city which came to be called Hiacia. Hikar, Hiacia, you mortals have never been particularly good at remembering your own languages. Regardless, it ought to be stored somewhere within the city. So far as I recall it was light armor, heavily enchanted. I recall it could be shaped by the wearer into a number of different configurations for different purposes. I'm sure it ought to be fairly self evident, should you find it.”
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