Prince Alric Stats and Social Points

Jul 14th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Prince Alric Stats and Social Points
  3. Stats:
  4. Athletics: 3
  5. Charisma: 4
  6. Intelligence: 3
  7. Martial: 5
  8. Warfare: 5
  9. Leadership: 4
  10. Governance: 4
  11. Magic: 0
  13. Fate points: 1
  15. Stats go from 1-10. 2 is average and default stat level. Footmen of current times have Martial stat of 3. Uther the Lightbringer and Danald Trollbane would have Martial stat of 7, maybe 8 in case of Uther thanks to Light for example.
  17. You are studying arcane magic
  19. Special skills:
  20. -Alteraci Footman Drill
  21. -Noble Etiquette
  22. -Dueling Proficiency, when fighting against single opponents, Alric is in his element. Fights that are pure duels are easier for him.
  23. -Stonemason's Guild of Stormwind, any construction projects in Alterac are going to be of higher quality
  25. Spells:
  26. -None
  28. Prince Alric was born in year-3 before Dark Portal. He is now 18 years old and has straight hair that is black and goes past his shoulders. He has a short tidy moustache. He usually wears brown breeches tucked into riding boots and a brown leather jacket on top of white undershirt. Alric carries a leather shoulder pack with him. He prefers to use a khaki chaperon to cover his head. Around his throat is the silk scarf given by Calia to him. During winters he wears a thick brown wool coat and a long robe over it.
  30. His fine set of clothing is of following:
  31. Robe (Żupan) made from Alterac orange coloured smooth silk with embroidery done with red thread. A row of golden buttons on the left side. It has long loose sleeves, cuffs have golden buttons and it has a high collar. The embroidery is half geometric and half flowery and makes the orange colour pop out. It reaches below knees.
  33. Outer robe (Kontusz) supposed to be worn over the first robe. It is made from thicker cloth, this time of crimson colour with the lining of yellow embroidery. The sleeves are half length and it can be closed with a set of golden buttons.
  35. Sash (Pas kontuszowy) is made from sturdy black cloth that is supposed to protect the under robe from wear and tear of your sword belt. It also keeps the robe tightly on
  37. Equipment:
  38. -Cinder Sword and shield
  39. -Rondel dagger with ornate silvery handle, has magical properties
  40. -Aurvan'kal, The Morning Star. Elven masterwork armour.
  41. -Black arming jacket and trousers
  42. -Old half-plate
  43. -Mountain Lion Pelt Cloak and Hood
  44. -Blessed Vial of Water
  45. -Rouncey
  46. -Gnoll Necklace
  47. -Gnoll Grimoire, given to Eligius
  48. -Dragonclaw Ring
  49. -Alric's Grimoire
  51. Alrics half-plate is made from mismatched parts made to fit him. It protects him equally or better than the standard footman’s plate and mail, but requires replacement in the long run due to age and wear. His helmet is a bascinet with aventail and orle with black and orange stripes. The armour has been blued against rust.
  53. Aurvan'kal, The Morning Star. Masterwork armour made by Melondras. The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.
  55. Cinder Sword is a longsword with colour of a burnt out piece of coal. When it moves through air or is swung, it starts to smolder and turn red and white like it is on fire. Radiates immense heat and is a potent magical weapon.
  57. His rouncey Epona is a young horse of average size and brown colour. She is not perfect as a warhorse, but still suitable for fighting.
  59. The rondel dagger with ornate silvery handle is a masterwork made about 200 years ago. It was appraised to be worth of 5 Wealth, deals more damage to beings that are magical in nature.
  61. Blessed Vial of Water is a small vial that purifies the water in it. Drinking the water fortifies and strengthen the drinker and takes away exhaustion.
  63. Mountain Lion Pelt Cloak is a trophy that Alric wears on his armour. It looks majestic and keeps you warm during the winter.
  65. Gnoll Necklace is made from four green gems, four wooden beads and four grey coloured stones. A trained mage can use it to help to concentrate and channel the magic.
  67. Gnoll Grimoire has writing and scripture in a language you don't understand and pictures that didn't make any sense to you. The study says that the book is a spellbook used by the gnolls and has the instructions how to perform the spells and alchemy. Given to Eligius
  69. Dragonclaw Ring is a black ring with a shard of a dragonclaw set in it. The ring was given to you by Katrana Prestor as a sign of her favour. Has a faint taint of shadow magic on it. Potentially enchanted. You wear it on your left middle finger.
  71. Alric's Grimoire
  72. Yet empty grimoire
  74. Retinue and companions:
  75. Captain Normand Garside, a knight of Alterac
  76. Lieutenant Austyn Cromwell, a lieutenant of Alterac
  77. Bill Rover, a ranger of Alterac, retired from active service
  78. Lieutenant Richard Beckston, the leader of Kul Tiran Swashbucklers
  79. Raleigh the True, a paladin of Silver Hand
  80. Sir Gravis of Knott, a knight in your service
  81. Sir Alan Radan, a former bandit and a knight in your service
  82. Alfred and Arthur Rover, rangers of Alterac
  83. Malevus, an Elf squire
  84. Eligius, a scribe and a warlock, currently spymaster in training
  86. Beric of Strahnbrad, a trader from Strahnbrad
  87. Kris Legace, a trader and informant from Strahnbrad
  88. Father Hampton, a priest and a former paladin from Tarren Mill
  89. Nalice, arcanist and a servant to Lady Katrana, currently training Eligius and Alric
  90. Ragis, the Chief of Stonedon and a housecarl
  91. Erefor Pelija, Master Mason of Stonemason's Guild
  93. You have a favour from Lord Blackmoore
  95. Social Points:
  97. Normand Garside sees great potential in you. You are like a son to him
  98. Maura Garside cares about you a lot. You are like a son to her
  99. Lieutenant Cromwell is very proud to be able to serve you and sees his new armour as a great sign of honour
  100. Bill Rover sees you as last attempt to reclaim the old glory of Alterac
  101. Beckston likes to serve you and sees his future to be in Alterac
  102. Raleigh sees you as a great warrior, as a good man and somewhat begrudgingly teaches Malevus what he knows, but you are an Alteraci to him
  103. Gravis thinks that you are a fair man and that you will bring honour to him
  104. Malevus will not let you down. She will do everything she can to serve you well
  105. Arthur and Alfred Rover are pleased to have come with you
  106. Eligius is grateful for you and will put full effort in becoming your spymaster
  107. Beric sees you as a source of immense wealth
  108. Kris Legace is annoyed that she had to be sent away into safety and because she couldn’t help you
  109. Ragis will attempt to serve you loyally, but he is going to put his people ahead of everything else
  110. Erefor Pelija has been crushed by the news coming from Stormwind City, but he is ready to continue the work
  112. Others:
  113. Uther the Lightbringer sees you as an useful ally in Hillsbrad for the Alliance
  114. Arthas detests you for too many things to list here and would like to see you gone gone gone
  115. Mayor Fowley sees you as a very close partner in business and security of Tarren Mill
  116. People of Tarren Mill see you as their saviour
  117. Magistrate Maleb thinks that maybe the feud between you and him could be resolved
  118. People of Southshore dislike you
  119. Hampton thinks that you are a good man worth helping
  120. Radan is eternally grateful and would die for you
  121. Benedict will serve you as he doesn't have anything else to do
  122. Reginald trusts you in the field and doesn't mind being in Alterac
  123. Ballador is suspicious of you, but sees you as a skilled fighter
  124. Blackmoore is content with you and is thankful that his position wasn't taken away
  125. Langston is relieved that you are on their side and finds you a reasonable man
  126. Jaina wishes everything best to you and Calia, but is bit sad that the two of you couldn’t be a thing
  127. Taretha is doesn't know what to do, she is torn, but she feels very safe when she is with you and her heart beats a bit faster
  128. Monica understands her feelings now and now just wants to see you succeed in life. She sees you as her best friend
  129. Lord Antonidas acts carefully with you
  130. King Terenas acts for the good of the Alliance
  131. Magistrate Burnside thinks that where you go, things are going to happen be they good or bad
  132. King Varian is furious about you harboring Stonemason's
  133. Calia loves you and wants to live rest of her life with you even if the road is full of adversities
  134. Thoras Trollbane sees you as a threat, but appreciates the fact you fought against the orcs and are a skilled fighter
  135. Genn Greymane thinks that you are a threat to stability
  136. Daelin Proudmoore does not like how you have acted with Jaina, he sees you as a threat
  137. Tandred Proudmoore thinks that you are Jaina's boyfriend
  138. Edwin VanCleef is thankful for your help and wishes prosperity for us all
  139. Katrana Prestor wants you even more after being denied twice, but is content that you are now her ally
  140. Othmar Garithos sees you as a good fighter, but you are still a filthy Alteraci for him
  141. Garrick Blacksteel sees potential in Alterac
  142. Kael'thas respects what you have accomplished and thinks that future cooperation could be plausible
  143. Tirion Fordring finds you a very interesting person
  144. The Barovs underestimated you. Alexi is interested in you professionally while Jandice is interested in you personally
  145. Trand feels sorry for not being able to help you.
  146. Ieastyn finds you an intriguing man
  147. Otto Wanz spoke to stay alive
  148. A Lady Behind A Cloth wishes you good luck
  149. Nalice sees why Katrana wants you so badly. She expects her time in Alterac to be an interesting time and that has been proven to be right
  150. Krix Wiklish has started to work enthusiastically
  151. Raethan happily takes the coin and works for you
  152. Elizabeth Maleb doesn't understand the rumours about you, they don't match you
  153. The Petty Nobles of Durnholde appreciate you for listening to them
  155. Thrall doesn't know what to think of you, other than that you are a good warrior
  156. Maxwell sees your skills as a leader,but loss of several of his men has shaken him up
  158. Neighbours:
  159. Tarren Mill sees you as trustworthy ally and economic partner
  160. Southshore dislikes you and feels that you have caused them more trouble than provided help
  161. Durnholde is full of rumours about you and they see you as a friendly ally that comes to their help
  162. Dalaran appreciated you due to saving those peasants, but they still carry the grudge against your father
  163. Hillsbrad sees you as potential trading partner, but also as someone who could cause trouble
  164. Stormwind is full of rumours of Alteraci prince who came and won the grand melee
  165. Stonedon sees you as the wind of change
  166. Capital City is speaking about you in hushed tones. A living Perenolde in their city?
  168. Leads and threats:
  170. The ogres of Crushridge were using the kobolds to mine the silver and moving it to Alterac
  171. Gnolls were kidnapping humans and apparently moving them east
  172. Gnoll camp had kidnapped humans in it
  173. Bandit called Redhill captured the workers and was supposed to move them east across the river to east
  174. Redhill worked for the Syndicate
  175. The now dead Baron Haart sold weapons to a person with F.C signature to which Beric had sold weapons in the past too
  176. Uther the Lightbringer holds his hand, but is not sure would crushing you with the full might of Silver Hand behind him be the right thing.
  177. Gallow's Corner is controlled by bandits and brigands now. They have relatively well fortified the location with a bolt thrower installed.
  178. Strahnbrad Hills have sightings of trolls with local farmers being taken by Orcs. The land is dangerous and difficult to subjugate.
  179. Strahnbrad Hills had a bandit problem, now only scattered bands exist.
  180. Blackrock Clan Orcs are behind the recent kidnappings.
  181. Blackrock Clan Orcs struck Dalaran and your lands from the Alterac Mountains.
  182. Thrall has escaped from Durnholde Keep with the help of Taretha Foxton. Lord Blackmoore suspects that someone from Durnholde helped Thrall to escape.
  183. There are gnolls east of Darrowmere River. They had attacked Syndicate troops.
  185. Aliden Perenolde is alive and is leading crime organisation called Syndicate
  186. Beve Perenolde was alive at least a year after the fall of Alterac, threatening to kill her former magic teacher if he was to speak to anyone.
  187. Aliden Perenolde threatened to replace the Alteraci leadership in Capital City if they were to break the neutrality.
  188. Syndicate was behind the bandit problems of Tarren Mill. It was their plan to kidnap the people and to move them east across the river
  189. Lord Creedy and Lord Falconcrest are two named leaders within the Syndicate. Lord Falconcrest was described as the right hand man for Aliden Perenolde.
  190. The Syndicate is split into several factions and is going through an upheaval. One faction wants you dead.
  191. The Syndicate has moved more men to Strahnbrad to counter Crushridge ogres.
  192. Ieastyn and Marcus work for the Syndicate, the orange bandana is the sign of that
  193. Darbel Montrose recruits warlocks and is their leader in the Syndicate
  194. A Lady Behind A Cloth recruits the informants like Kris Legace and Nogelman
  195. A Lady Behind A Cloth warned you through Kris Legace about another Syndicate assassin.
  196. Syndicate sees you as a major threat
  197. Syndicate assassin tried to kill you, but failed. The assassin was later eliminated.
  198. Syndicate agent named Eston attempted to get the village of Stonedon to join the Syndicate. He was working towards sending them later to east. You have his booklet.
  199. A new group of bandits had moved into Strahnbrad Hills. They had a small camp near the Darrowmere River. They had been strong arming other bandit groups to join them. They were planning on controlling the region and sending kidnapped people to east over the river. You destroyed them and took survivors as prisoners. They were lead by the Syndicates. You control their camp now.
  201. Edict of King Terenas forbids all incursions into Alterac by all forces other than forces of Alliance of Lordaeron. Invading Alterac could act as a casus belli for Silver Hand to come crush you.
  202. Diplomatic surveillance mission was launched and official review of Prince Alric Perenolde, his forces and his holdings was made. The review was a positive one. You are a source of stability and security in Hillsbrad and Alterac
  203. Detachment of Alliance troops has been sent to the town of Dawnholme to act as an Alliance garrison. Full strength is Captain Reginald, 20 Regular Footmen, 10 Regular Archers.
  205. Katrana Prestor might ask you to do something for her with the reward being a small portion of her wealth and a powerful political ally in Stormwind.
  206. Edwin VanCleef has a similar Dragonclaw Ring as you do. He wishes a closer cooperation with you.
  208. Foreman Davis has been embezzling construction materials. He is being watched by Eligius and Nalice.
  210. Underneath Dalaran in the sewers is a settlement called Underbelly. Underbelly is a home to rejects and poors, including mages and criminals. It is also used to smuggle contraband goods into the city.
  212. Rumours say that Alric has a mistress in Durnholde Keep called Taretha Foxton. Rumours also say that Alric might be a womaniser with a woman waiting for him in every town and city he visits. Alric does not know how this changes how people see him.
  214. Vassals and direct allies:
  215. Stonedon, Chief Ragis with 20 Green Footmen, your vassal
  217. Spy network and cloak & dagger business:
  218. Lady Nalice, spymaster trainer
  219. Eligius, spymaster in training
  220. Captain Raethan, informant and agent to Alric
  221. Kris Legace, informant in Stromgarde
  223. Potential spies and informants:
  224. Kris Legace to Syndicate
  225. Raleigh the True to Silver Hand and Lord Uther the Lightbringer
  226. Malevus to Voren'thal the Seer
  227. Erefor Pelija to Edwin VanCleef
  228. Captain Reginald to Alliance
  229. Lady Nalice to Lady Katrana Prestor
  231. Romance and lovers:
  232. Calia Menethil, Alric and Calia are in love and in a relationship
  233. Jaina Proudmoore, Jaina had a crush on Alric
  234. Katrana Prestor, Katrana wants Alric and attempted to seduce him
  235. Kris Legace, wouldn't mind a bit of slap and tickle
  236. Monica, has a crush on Alric, but knows now to not approach you in romance. She sees you as her best friend
  237. Taretha Foxton, ??? ??? ???
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