Lucifer's insane upset wife!!!

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  1. I will stop playing if I have to read negative comments!!!
  2. Yes, I am a female dog 😂 that's a no brainier!!! So clearly if one feels that they have call out the obvious means I have zero time to entertain the insecure curious hateful "TROLL" that have to be apart my life by any means possible!!!
  3. Fortunately, I have no problems with anyone that take their precious unlimited time to "Troll" me or anyone else!!! I am very flattery that I'm so intriguing for to some to spend their life trying to be something or someone that they could never be!!! One who hated without a valid reason I have zero empathy for!!!
  4. Too coward to reveal themselves via username or actual name!!! Said soul all they know is that they are a simple "Troll" an ugly little creature that hides or try to scare the non trolls!!! It's not my fault that your God made you inferior than ones like me!!!
  5. Thanks for the waste of your time and e
  6. the waste of your energy on me, that I don't give a f about being "trolled" sounds like a very unhappy lonesome being!!! I have power if you have to bother with nothing that will improve your life!!
  8. The Bitch
  9. Dark Angel
  10. DemiGod
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