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  1. Dear (X)
  3. We are GMRS (Google Maps Reviews Services) company, we are a group of digital marketing students, we wanted to make a living, so we created a company called GMRS, our company helped different kind of businesses around the world getting a good rating in Google Maps (minimum 4.5) to help them get more customers because if a business had a bad rating, it would miss out on a lot of potential customers as everyone checks reviews on Google Maps before going to any place. We can help you increase your business rating on Google Maps Maps for only 99€, or we can work together by doing a partnership and increase it monthly for a negotiable price. By accepting our service, you will have a better ranking, and you will become one of the top recommended (X) by Google Maps in the country as you have excellent customer reviews. You will also be able to get a lot of new customers.
  5. For more questions and details, don't hesitate to contact us
  6. By Email:
  7. Or Whatsapp: +353 89 484 0615
  8. Thanks for your time
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