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  1. We've been _childhood friends_ via a clone and other sources. We spent a lot of time reading Enid Blyton together, back then. Either that, or we're _family_.
  3. After that, a friend thought we should hook up (incest not a problem in our circles), but he didn't do anything about it because he was too busy studying Spinoza, brooding and being handsome.
  5. It was _fate_ that brought us together instead, up on a mountain where we were surrounded by hippies, theorbos, ouds, fresh butter, lack of toilet paper and trees. For the unbelievers this surely translates to "we _met randomnly_".
  7. And then there was the internet. Who can say they truly met someone in our Age of Information if they haven't spent considerable time with them _online_? In fact we did _hook up_ after all, and I think the internet is to blame.
  9. Since then we have _lived together_ for about ten (10) days and we have at times _worked together_ side by side on the same desk; some say we are _dating_, and we say naught.
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