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Session 1: We are on a flying boat

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Nov 3rd, 2012
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  2. GM: CJ
  4. Format: Word parenthesis is OOC (out of context chat), Word in “quotation” is in-character chat, and for this log, bracket is use for character [action/summery]. The log has been modified for improve readability and dice bot roll are removed.
  6. Players Introduction:
  8. <Baruch> Baruch is a crouched, thin, bald man. His constantly worried expression has etched his face with a zig-zag of thin lines. He is accommodating to the point of submissiveness and attempts to avoid conflict whenever possible. Those who come to know him may learn to appreciate his exceptional intellectual curiosity and kind heart. He treats everyone, even grogs, with an unusual degree of respect.
  10. <CJ> (Baruch is older than the rest of you, about 29. he is one of the two magi looking after you all today... He is a full magus of the Order of Hermes)
  12. <Baruch> Beyond the immediate externalities, it will soon become apparent to those who live with me that I work with Auram magic a lot
  14. <CJ> Which is lucky, as when we begin you are all in a flying boat racing through the clouds...
  16. <CJ> Apprentice Calpurnia - please describe yourself to your classmates :)
  18. <Calpurnia> Well I am Calpurnia, female (age 23), black slightly curly hair, light skin, of House Criamon. Has a cold expression normally and keeps away from crowds. Though appears to like learning. She arrived one night with one of full magus. And at that time couldn't speak, and acted rather feral. Now she can speak quite a lot of Latin, but not perfectly. Oh yeah don't make her angry.
  20. <CJ> Sinister. I guess no one sits next to her in the boat?
  22. <CJ> The lightning in the distance flashes and cast strange shadows over her face, as the boat races down through the clouds, wind streaming through your hair.
  24. <Calpurnia> (we are on a boat?)
  26. <CJ> You are on a flying boat, flying down form the floating City of Ivory & Jade to the Tribunal on the surface below, where everyone of you have been for 15 years!
  28. <CJ> Yes, you are on your way to be sworn in as full members of the Order of Hermes!
  30. <CJ> Class, how you enjoying the flight! Tell us about you!
  32. <Class> Now Class is clearly a child of the wild with his leather cloths and his wolf skin cloak but his face and the blond hairs don’t follow this impression.
  34. <CJ> He looks nobler than his wild clothing suggests?
  36. <CJ> Makara, what does your character look like? Introduce yourself! :)
  38. <Makara> I am Makara, messily dressed male (age 26), black straight hair, pale skin, of House Criamon.. I usually have a blank stare as he stares at the wall, but gets pretty... weird and uppy when he interact with everyday things.
  40. <CJ> I wonder how Makara and Calpurnia, both Criamon, get on?
  41. <Calpurnia> {Well first off, does Makara like the cold or the heat?)
  42. <Makara> (Heat)
  43. <Calpurnia> (Then not that much)
  44. <Makara> (They disagree a lot)
  45. <Silas_> (*applause*)
  47. <CJ> Silas, please introduce yourself. :)
  49. <Silas_> Silas is a lanky boy with short blond hair and blue eyes. Smiling and with an eternally positive outlook on things. He makes no secret that he hopes to bring a kinder way of life to the common and mages alike. He has been an apprentice for house Mercere.
  51. <CJ> A Gifted Mercere is a rare and wonderful thing, and your parents (the magus who trained you) treat you as a special joy!
  53. <Calpurnia> (Oh yeah none of us have Parma Magica (Magic Defense) right?)
  54. <Makara> (we are 4 xp of it, need 5 xp to buy the first score and be able to use it)
  56. <CJ> HElpax, please introduce yourself. :)
  58. <Helpax> Helpax ex-Tytalus is a small man for so sinister a reputation. His black hair is cut short and neatly combed. Indeed his is dressed rather neatly over all, if a little dour. His face is tightly drawn, a face of on expecting no favors or good fortune. One might think he was off to his execution, rather tan the honor that awaits him.
  60. [Class is looking around for what animals accompany us on this flight]
  62. <CJ> Actually Class, none. There is one other Magus, Goricius of Criamon, who trained Calpurnia. He is disliked by many of the magi in your covenant, because he has odd and furtive habits, and some weird kind of spirituality they don't understand.
  64. <CJ> Goricius stands up at the rear of the boat, with his arm around not his apprentice but Helpax. It is because Goricius is not very large, and he is steadying himself. He is reciting something under his breath. A small man, with a weird almost flat face, and almost no nose, he is covered from head to foot in tattoos, which seems to swirl and change when you look at them out of the corner of your eye.
  66. <CJ> Helpax, you suddenly notice his grip tightens on your shoulder - Goricius that is...
  68. <CJ> OK, you are in a large (12 person capacity) wooden rowboat, enchanted to "fly", or at least fall under the control of magic. You are zooming through the clouds towards the surface world, where none of you have been for 15 years. And you are going to have to pass a test, The Gauntlet to join the Order of Hermes
  70. <CJ> Class, do you want to change in to Heartbeast form? :)
  71. <Class> (No not for the moment)
  72. <Silas_> (Heartbeast?)
  73. <Calpurnia> (someone who can shapeshift)
  75. <Helpax> I look up, and turn toward the older man. When I muster the strength to speak, I say but two words - "Yes, Magus?"
  77. <CJ> The clouds below race by, the whole night sky lit by occasional burst for lightning. Suddenly a blast of wind strikes the boat, rocking it violently. Please roll DEX+Athletics, trying to get more then 6 to stay in the boat. :)
  79. [Everyone rolled dices trying to stay on boat]
  81. <CJ> Helpax, Goricius meets you with an almost blank gaze and says "The Great Reward is almost upon me. Baruch must lead you to safety. Farewell. The Drake must be slain, or the King will be bound in vellum, and the French priest will rule where blood lies on the altar"
  83. [Calpurnia and Baruch rolled extra high on your dice]
  85. <CJ> Calpurnia and Baruch you have the chance to grab and save someone else with that result! You’re standing as if surfing, perfectly balanced on the boat!
  87. [Makara failed the roll]
  89. <CJ> Makara, you're falling over edge slowly
  91. [Makara struggles to grab onto something as he slide away]
  92. <Makara> "Why you abandon me, floor!?"
  93. <CJ> Very Criamon-like, Makara!
  95. <Calpurnia> (so Makara and who are falling)
  96. <CJ> OK, those with less than 6 are falling out. Those with 9+ can help save someone.
  98. <Baruch> I grab Makara, who happens to be next to me, and steady him
  99. <Makara> "Thank you, hand."
  101. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia gracefully grabs onto Makara, and pulls him up as well "Welp"
  102. <Makara> "And thank you, another hand."
  104. [Makara both hands are pulled by two fellow mages.]
  106. [Calpurnia Staring coldly at welp Makara]
  108. [Class grabs Helpax and try to keep him inside the boat]
  110. <CJ> Goricisis says "Rougher are the hours of your thread: you pass now the cloth of tears, and soon the pattern will be revealed".
  112. <Makara> (Gorcisis is like giving no darn about student falling out lol)
  114. <CJ> At that moment -- you enter a layer of cloud. No one can see anything. Any ideas? :) You need to pass through this on your descent!
  116. [Class use Eye of the Cats]
  118. [Silas_ is happy everyone made it but keeps quiet as to not disturb the magi]
  120. <CJ> "Students, fall, Students Fail, Students are Found. If one Falls, another comes." – Goricius
  122. <Baruch> I cast True Sight of the Air and try to make sure all apprentices is safe
  124. [Rolled high]
  126. <CJ> Baruch, absolutely perfect. No roll needed, this is not stressful - you count, and all of the apprentices are present. However Goricisu has left the helm, and is walking to the front of the boat
  128. <Calpurnia> "Calpurnia follows Goricisu"
  130. <Helpax> "Wait, I haven't thanked you for your..." Helpax sighs loudly.
  132. <CJ> Class, your eyes suddenly shine like those of cats, or in your case the big round eyes of Owls? What is your sigil, which effect personal to you that marks as your magic?
  134. <Class> (Sorry don't know what are typical sigil?
  136. <Class> (Something like shine through your Heartbeast or something with less visual effect?)
  138. <CJ> A sigil is just a minor sort of side effect, with no effect but for being atmospheric - all spells leave cobwebs, all spells come with certain noise, spell, etc, etc
  140. <Makara> (It’s like your signature marking. Affected area change color, smell, etc.)
  142. <Class> (A Falling owl feather could this also a sigil?)
  144. <CJ> Yes great sigil Class!
  146. <CJ> OK, you are now in the heart of the cloud bank. You can't see each other, it’s total fog. Only Baruch can see properly. Class can see about a foot, but only just. Cats are not great in fog as I recall
  148. <CJ> OK, Perception + Awareness. Difficulty 18 for everyone but Class (15) and Baruch (6). That is the roll you need. Good luck!
  150. <CJ> Yes because they shine in the dark, like cats eyes do! It's a MuCo spell, so it actually changes your eyes physically
  152. [Everyone rolls their dice, most in futile attempt]
  154. <Calpurnia> (Question would wilderness sense do anything for this?)
  156. <CJ> Yes, but which kinds of wilderness are you specialized in Calpurnia? If "Sky", then yes, absolutely.
  158. <Calpurnia> (Weather)
  160. <CJ> Yep, Calpurnia
  162. <Silas_> "I can't see anything! Is everyone alright?"
  163. <Makara> "I see fog."
  165. <CJ> Goricius is laughing madly, and starting to cast a spell. He is crumbling handfuls of feathers, throwing dust around and apparently using blood - you can all smell it.
  167. <Helpax> "I am fine. The girl went off into the fog. I do not know if she can see."
  169. <CJ> Calpurnia, something large is disturbing the clouds, driving them before it as it approaches at speed...
  171. [Makara doesn’t feel like getting betrayed by the floor again, so he grab onto something as he move.]
  173. [Class ask if he can talk in Owlshape]
  175. <CJ> Class: Nope, not in Owlshape, unless you use a spell
  177. [Baruch casted a spell to pierce the fog with a 40+ roll]
  179. <Makara> (wow that's insane high stat)
  180. <Class> (I want to have this high bonus also some time ;) )
  181. <Baruch> (It's my major focus; one trick pony and all that)
  182. <Calpurnia> (ONE TRICK PONY!!!!)
  183. <Makara> (We love to have you)
  184. <Makara> (The pony will save us someday)
  185. <Helpax> (I think that might be today)
  187. <CJ> OK< Baruchs’ spell tears a tunnel through the wind. He perpetrates with 32, and you all see a huge leathery drake, an immense dragon type creature with black tattered wings, flapping towards you. Baruch strikes it with his spell, which goes straight trough its magical defenses.
  189. <Calpurnia> "... oh hell"
  191. <Makara> (Baruch first spell and it pierced a drake…)
  193. <Silas_> "Oh snap...”
  195. <CJ> The Drake now is hot by a blast of wind as if it had been slammed in to by a truck. It falls tumbling, out of control, and gives out an awful roar. It is the size of a row of houses, or a barn, with huge baleful eyes and fangs the size of a child
  197. <Helpax> "This will be interesting"
  199. <Calpurnia> (Do i have a short bow?)
  201. <CJ> Sure Calpurnia, you have a bow.
  203. <CJ> OK, everyone, roll a dice and add your Quickness stat, or 1 if you have not worked out your stats yet. I'm working our initiative order now
  205. <Calpurnia> (Question what’s the bonuses for casting a known spell)
  206. <Class> (yes also wondering how I roll on a known spell)
  207. <Class> (Corpus 11 Muto 10 and known spell with difficulty of 25 so I roll 21+1d10 vs 25?)
  208. <CJ> Yes, but whether you get through magic resistance depends on how much you make roll by Class
  210. <Calpurnia> Well before the dragon falls Ill cast winter's icy touch
  212. <CJ> So Calpurania get's 27, but the spell level is 10
  213. <CJ> So Penetration is 17. Do you have a score in the Penetration ability?
  214. <Helpax> (I knew I forgot something...)
  215. <Calpurnia> nope
  217. <CJ> AH. OK, you spell reaches the drake, but then fizzles. They have inherent magic might. Even if you spend a point of confidence it won't get through, so you know it has a Might Score higher than 20. This is one horrible monster. It eat's full magi for breakfast, a ovenant at a time
  219. <Class> (Can I get also this bonus of using voice/gesture or not? Don't remember the rules associated with my Merrits)
  220. <CJ> Yes, anyone can get bonus for loud voice + 1 and extravagant gestures +1. But you need to be in human form :)
  222. <CJ> Silas, you next
  223. <Silas_> Cast the spell hunters cunning, spontaneous
  224. <CJ> Sure, remind us all what it does :)
  225. <Silas_> an InAn 10, finds an animals weakness
  226. <CJ> Brilliant. OK, what’s your In, what your An, What’s you Stamina?
  227. <Silas_> sta 1, animal 3 and In is 9
  228. <CJ> OK so rolls 15 (+2 for the shouting and waving) and add a d10
  230. [Silas made a mediocre roll]
  232. <CJ> Oh bad luck. Do you have any penetration score?
  233. <Silas_> (not that I cans ee no :( )
  235. <Makara> (so we need 20+ penaltration to have spell work on the drake?)
  236. <Calpurnia> (well damage it with magic yes)
  237. <CJ> You can use indirect magic to hurt it. It does not get magic resistance against say a rock that falls on it, even if the rock was thrown by magic.
  239. <CJ> Even with confidence that is only 20, so the drake resists your magic :(
  240. <Silas_> "My spell failed!"
  242. <CJ> Makara you are up now.
  243. <CJ> Class you too. Both on 8. Declare intentions please :)
  245. [Class use Gift of the Bear's Fortitude and try to get the hunting bow ready]
  247. [Class barely made it with his spell!]
  249. <CJ> Class, your spell is up no problems
  251. [Makara makes greatly exaggerated gesture and conjure up the spell for The Crystal Dart!]
  253. [Makara rolled a good roll]
  255. <CJ> Helpax, what spell you’re casting? You are on 8 too!
  257. <Helpax> "Let me try something, it should be simpler..." (Improvising Call to slumber; ReMe spell that makes the target fall asleep)
  259. <CJ> OK Helpax, your rego is 5, Mentem 9, your stamina is -1. Add 2 for shouting and waving! So 15 + a dice please :)
  261. <CJ> If it falls asleep it's in big trouble! Long way down. :)
  263. <Class> (Btw I'm still human because a owl can even do less to a dragon then a human ;) )
  265. [Helpax made a good roll, but not enough]
  267. <CJ> on 10,. So we subtract 10, that's 13, and halve it for a spontaneous spell. So 7, Spell fizzles : (
  269. <Helpax> (10, but I'm casting it higher so it'll work)
  270. <Helpax> (Life Link?)
  271. <Helpax> (2 more fatigue should make it work right?
  272. <CJ> Oooh! Life Link yes!
  273. <CJ> I think you apply it before dividing by two, but yes that would mean +10 so total 33. You subtract 10 for spell level = 23 penetration. However you then must divide by two for a point, making it 12?
  274. <CJ> Let me just check
  276. <Helpax> (K, while you do that...)
  277. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+6 (Magic Addiction)
  279. [Helpax resisted the urge to keep casting spells]
  281. <CJ> OK helpax, nope it's 7 +5 per level. So 12, 17, 22, 27. Four levels. You have used one already. So if you are willing to fall unconscious, you penetrate with your spell!
  282. <Calpurnia> (DO IT!!!!!!!)
  283. <Helpax> (Sure, it saves me from having to cast again to no effect next turn)
  285. <CJ> The drake is now acting strangely, rolling it's head, which is lolling from side to side, yawning, and barely trying to come out of it's tumble. It appears to be falling asleep in the middle of a catastrophic dive to the ground! Helpax has fallen unconscious - normally an Individual target spell would not affect something this big, but the drake has a tiny mind, so Helpax...
  286. <CJ> ...managed to pull it off, but his form is lying immobile slumped across the floor of the boat
  288. <CJ> Baruch's turn!
  290. <Baruch> I'll stop concentrating on the spell, check that all the apprentices are alright, and say "Helpax seems to have incapacitated it. Do not wake it up!"; I'll keep an eye on the drake all the time
  292. <CJ> The drake tumbles like a dead leaf in the autumn winds, and you can now see a fetid black marsh far below... you believe you are somewhere over England, but where you know not. Goricious will know!
  294. <Calpurnia> "sits down again"
  295. <Silas_> "What was that thing?"
  297. [Silas_ is shaken]
  299. Makara> "Bird"
  301. [Helpax mumbles incoherently in his sleep.]
  303. <Silas_> "At least it fell to the ground. Where do you think it will hit?"
  305. <CJ> Then two things happen: well three reall - first Goricisu spells casts - and everything turns bright purple for a second, a sort of sickly mauve color. Not as if lit up by a flash of light, but as if the light came from within you, the boat, the drake, the marsh, itself. Then times stops. Then you all hear a strange whistling. Then the tattoos off Goricius leap off, and form a silhouette of...
  307. [Makara watches as the tattoo runs away]
  309. <CJ> ...a man, even as he falls in to dust, upwards, till it gathers in a disc above the crown of his head. Time has stopped.
  311. <Calpurnia> "..."
  313. <Class> "Huh what is now wrong?"
  315. <CJ> The sphere of dust that was Goricious dances for a moment, then explodes with a silent forvce, inwards. Then you are all back on the boat, everything is normal, but Goricious has vanished.
  317. <CJ> There is a huge wave of black mud spurting up like a waterspout as the drake plunges in to the marsh, still contentedly dozing. That will hurt!
  319. <Silas_> "Someone take the helm!"
  321. [Class eyes with disbelieve the place where Goricious was just a moment ago]
  323. <Baruch> (Was Goricious steering the boat? Is this a problem?)
  325. <CJ> Goricious was flying the boat with his magic. It's an ordinary boat, he was flying it by a spell
  327. <CJ> And then you realize the boat is not falling aimlessly, spinning down, and will come down in a couple of rounds somewhere near where the drake did
  329. <CJ> Baruch: it is a real problem - and you are in charge of getting them to Gauntlet now Goricious has gone
  331. <CJ> Over to you.
  333. [ Silas_ takes the helm, attempting to steer away from the dragon]
  335. [Turning over a little, Helpax continues to mutter nonsense. "mmmm...already did it...ehhh..."]
  337. <CJ> Silas, the boat is spinning out of control in free fall. It's a Dex+Athletics test of (= this time to stay in - Helpax will just fall unless rolls 24+ And it's a very long way down!
  339. <Silas_> (well crud)
  341. [Silas rolled a 1]
  343. <Silas_> (I don't think even luck will help me with that roll)
  345. <CJ> roll again, and this time double the dice roll Silas.
  347. [Silas rolled a 1]
  349. <Silas_> (I swear...)
  351. <CJ> Hey Silas should be 1d10, not 1d20, but if you got another 1 that’s fine. Roll again and quadruple the result
  353. <CJ> OK hangs on. In Ars Magica a roll of 1 is good. You roll the dice again, doubling the result shown on the dice. If you roll another 1, you keep doubling
  355. <Silas_> (ah, ok, yay! then)
  357. [Silas rolled a 5]
  359. <CJ> A stress dice roll of 10 is bad. It is actual 0 not ten and you have to check for a botch. SO remember 1 is good, ten is bad, but 2 to 9 what they sound like :)
  361. [Baruch taken flight using his talisman to avoid falling]
  363. <CJ> OK, so who is falling? Baruch has grabbed his talisman - best describe it to people now - and is flying
  365. <CJ> Class has turned in to an owl.
  367. <CJ> Silas has steadied the boat, and is using his body to steer it through the winds, somehow flying it by a surfing type motion safely down to land (he got a mythic success level on that roll)
  369. [Silas_ is beamingly proud]
  371. <CJ> Ah, and Siulas is also hanging on to Helpax with his spare hand.
  373. <Class> I follow the boat and try to help the persons who are about to fall
  375. <CJ> The boat crashes down in to the marsh, some miles from where the drake crashed, and sends up a huge spray as it whizzes along slowing down. Perfect touchdown by Silas
  377. <Baruch> I watch in astonishment as the boat glides down, then follow in close pursuit and land on it.
  379. <CJ> Class, you circle overhead
  381. [Calpurnia also did something helpful to land the ship that I don’t know what it is with a doubled result]
  383. [Calpurnia Standing proudly]
  385. [Makara feel like a swan.]
  387. <CJ> You and Baruch can see for miles nothing but very flat, inky blackness. There are some lights about 5 miles to the south, but no more than a hamlet.
  389. [Class flies a short big circle to spot what is around before landing and transform back at the boat]
  391. <Baruch> "Splendidly done, apprentices! Silas, what spell was that?"
  393. <CJ> You can just about remember what the surface worked is like from before arriving at the flying city
  395. <Silas_> "Phew, everyone good?"
  397. <CJ> (smiling at Baruch's "what spell was that!")
  399. <Silas_> "no spell, I got lucky, I suppose"
  401. <Baruch> "Well, you don't have to tell me if you would rather keep it to yourself; well done, well done"
  403. [Makara looks wearily at the surrounding nature]
  405. <Baruch> I'll go check on Helpax.
  407. <CJ> Still unconscious. :( You need to get her to somewhere safe. It's a cold night - there are trees and reeds tipped with frost emerging from the march, but the murky black waters are not frozen. Shame you don't have a paddle
  409. <Helpax> Helpax emits a low groan. Still drained from his handiwork
  411. <CJ> Class - a small village about 5 miles south, and a sizable town some 5 miles south east, with what appears to be a large market and priory. A scattering of villages, and then 16 miles south is a large walled city, with what appears from up here to be a huge cathedral, and many many lights.
  413. <Calpurnia> Can I move the water with rego?
  414. <CJ> Yes you can.
  415. <Calpurnia> What should I test?
  417. <Silas_> "Where is the gauntlet, do anyone know?"
  418. <Makara> "Is a glove that you wear on your hand."
  419. <Silas_> "Not that kind of gauntlet, THE Gauntlet, the think we were headed for"
  421. <CJ> Helpax, you have recovered enough to talk, but not do anything yet. But you did save the party, so be proud!
  423. <CJ> BAruch: you were going top take them to the Tribunal of Stonehenge Tribunal, which is held at Stonehenge stone circle, in the autumn of the year
  425. [Class check if there is a good path to go via the boat or via foot to the SE city]
  427. <Helpax> "Ah. Uh. My apologizes, that was a little more than I expected...So, what happened?"
  429. <CJ> Class, there is a river that enters the marsh. You could sail down tot he city easily in a day
  431. <CJ> It will be upstream - this is one of the few rivers in Europe that flow north!
  433. [Class lands back on the boat and transform back]
  435. [As Helpax looks up and around, he turns toward the nearest person with an eyebrow raised.]
  437. <CJ> Got any relevant Area Lore?
  439. <Class> (Only Survival spec Nordic Woodlands)
  441. <CJ> Something large shifts in the marsh in the distance
  443. <Baruch> "Helpax, you put the drake to sleep! Splendidly done!"
  445. [Silas_ gives Helpax's shoulder a squeeze]
  446. <Silas_> "Good work!"
  447. <Helpax> "Thank you. I'm glad it worked. Why are we sailing? Weren't we flying?"
  448. <Calpurnia> "we fell"
  449. <Silas_> "you didn't see. Of cause not. Goricisis vanished while you were out. We fell to the swamp"
  450. <Makara> "I saw Goricisis jumps off the boat"
  451. <Makara> "Along with his tattoo."
  453. <Calpurnia> "Hey see anyway we can sail out of the marsh!"
  455. <Class> "There is a city we can reach via our boat around 5 miles South East"
  457. <CJ> Class: A little like parts of Denmark - the islands Funen, Lolland and Falster, in that is dead flat. The Marshes seem to stretch at least 30 miles north, 30 miles West and 10 miles east. You are close to the southern edge of them
  459. <Baruch> "Apprentices! We must travel north to reach the Tribunal. Is anyone familiar with this area? I doubt we need anything from the city, correct?"
  461. <CJ> The boat is gently drifting now through patches of icy fog. It seems eerily quiet without the roaring of the wind in your ears as you flew so long!
  463. <Class> "Didn't know the direction we needed to go so I checked for the best way to the nearest city!
  465. <Calpurnia> well is the boat heading in the direction we want?
  467. <CJ> Well you are somewhere, and for the moment a least safe. You need a plan, and I need a quick break. I'll be back in 5 :)
  469. <Class> "But in the North I didn’t see any spots of civilization"
  471. <Calpurnia> "So the city or the tribunal, I vote tribunal"
  473. <Class> "Didn't know the direction we needed to go so I checked for the best way to the nearest city!
  475. <Calpurnia> " a smart move, but where should we go"
  477. <Silas_> "I am not sure what I saw, but Baruch is right, we need a plan"
  479. <Makara> "home would be great."
  481. [Calpurnia Stares coldly at Makara]
  483. <Makara> "This place is too noisy."
  485. <Silas_> "How far would the Tribunal be though? Maybe we can get passage from the city?"
  487. <Calpurnia> "The city may try to attack us as we are Magi"
  489. <Silas_> *whispering* And I could use something calming...
  491. <Baruch> "Ah, the lack of civilization is unfortunate, you are correct. Too much civilization, on the other hand... There IS a cathedral in the city, if my eyes are to be trusted.Perhaps we should head for one of the villages and get some rest."
  493. <Helpax> "I see. Next time I will try not to overexert myself. I agree with Calpurnia, we should head towards the tribunal. We are expected. Does anyone know which direction the tribunal is from here?"
  495. <Class> "Can we reach our goal even with our ship now bound to the water?"
  497. <Calpurnia> "I can move it" (maybe)
  499. <Makara> "I can watch it move."
  501. <Silas_> "Baruch mentioned it was to the north"
  503. <Baruch> "I believe the tribunal would be to the north from here; I am not familiar with this area, however."
  505. <Calpurnia> "well The tribunal is certain to be safe"
  507. <Silas_> "And a long way away!"
  509. <Calpurnia> "and the villagers maybe hostile!!
  511. <Baruch> (CJ: Do I have any idea about how far away the Tribunal is?)
  513. <Baruch> "Perhaps I should fly ahead to scout for the tribunal; I can travel a fair bit faster than the boat."
  515. <CJ> Baruch, it was a couple of hours flight
  517. <Class> "The main question is if we can reach the Tribunal via the direct way"
  519. <Baruch> (Yeah, just posting for when he comes back)
  521. <Helpax> Helpax smiles, clearly rying not to laugh. "If it were easily accessible, then it would not be a tribunal. if it was safe, there would be no-one there to great us."
  523. <Silas_> "I am sure it will be fine, I could try getting what we need from the city... or village"
  525. Class> "Oh not just you can travel in the air"
  527. <Calpurnia> "Silas, mundanes are ALWAYS hostile to me if you understand"
  528. <Calpurnia> (I have blatant gift as all of you should be able to tell)
  530. <CJ> The boat drifts aimlessly in the black icy waters
  532. <Silas_> "I understand, I am just saying that I could go in find where we are and leave again..."
  534. <Calpurnia> "And you might run into bandits or the dragon, its safer if we stay togeather"
  536. <Silas_> "oh alright. I was just trying to help."
  538. <Helpax> "And how long would that take? We are already adrift."
  540. <CJ> The floating City was somewhere over a sea or ocean when you left.
  542. <CJ> Who has the highest skill in Artes Liberales. Anyone specialized in Astronomy?
  544. <Calpurnia> me
  546. <CJ> Calpurnia, Int +Artes Liberales please
  548. <Calpurnia> (well for astronomy)
  550. <CJ> +1 fpr the specialism in Astronomy
  552. [Calpunia rolled good]
  554. <CJ> Calpurnai - you were over the North Sea, and the boat was flying West South West. You are therefore somewhere in Eastern England. Your target should be somewhere to the Southwest of you,. You pint out the Pole Star, so everyone knows which way is north now
  556. <CJ> Makara, something big is stirring not far away. You hear it moving under the sluggish waters. Perhaps a mile or so north. The waterfowl are shrieking and flapping upwards there
  558. <Makara> "hey everyone, I think there's a big fish about a mile north from here, let's go fish it!"
  559. <Baruch> "Apprentices! The dragon stirs. We must mov away from it at once!"
  560. <Calpurnia> "which direction should we go Baruch?"
  561. <Silas_> "Fine, pick a direction and let us move!"
  562. <Makara> "North!"
  563. <Baruch> "South. Someone, move the boat at once!"
  564. <Baruch> (The drake seems to be in the north)
  565. <Class> then lets go Sout East there is a river
  566. <CJ> The drake is at least a mile or so to the north of you.
  568. [Calpurnia rolled to Control the water around the boat to move slowly south east]
  570. <CJ> Calpurnia, 19 divide dby two is 9. You create a tiny wave which propels the boat in the direction you which to move :)
  571. <CJ> You are now sailing at about 5mph South east.
  573. <Baruch> I prepare to cast Clouds of rain and thunder on the drake's position
  575. <Class> "If you can get the boat under control I can fly and lead the direction to the river
  577. <CJ> Helpax, you are starting to come round. :)
  579. [Makara squeeze Helpax's nose, "wake up, we are having lunch soon".]
  581. <CJ> Class you can fly ahead and direct the boat?
  583. [Class changes to Owl and fly ahead]
  585. <Silas_> "I can try steering it worked last time"
  587. <Calpurnia> "we aren't in the air though"
  589. <CJ> Makara - that thing to the North is breaking the surface, stirring up noxious gases you can smell even here
  591. <Helpax> "Please don't do that, Makara"
  593. [Makara sqeeze Helpax's nose harder to stop smelling the noxious gases]
  595. <Makara> "But the smell!"
  597. <CJ> Baruch suddenly a huge storm gathers in the north. You all watch in amazement as a tremendous rush of clouds that way resolves in to the first jagged lash of lightning, and a huge boom of thunder!
  599. <CJ> There is a tremendous storm now, and you are on the southern edge of it. Icy rain begins to fill the bottom of the boat. There is no sound from the drake now though!
  601. <Calpurnia> Looks up "nice weather"
  603. <Silas_> "Can't we move faster?"
  605. <Baruch> I'll keep the storm up for the time being, and wait
  607. [ Class try to direct the boat toward the river]
  609. <CJ> CAlpurnia, something to the west feels reassuring to you. The marsh over there seems more in line with your abilities somehow
  611. <Helpax> "I'd like my nose back, Makara"
  612. [Makara hands Helpax’s nose back to Helpax’s face where right where Makara is grabbing.]
  614. <CJ> Calpurnia, can you make an INT +Finesse roll see how well you move the boat please?
  616. [Calpurnia made a decent roll]
  618. <CJ> Silas, you approach the river. There is a village here, and an impressive stone bridge across the river, plus several barges and some sailed vessels of low draft. Clearly there is a river that also flows east west along the southern edge of the marsh, but the river to the city runs south - and you will be moving along it, against the current
  620. <CJ> the village contains a patchwork of fields, a church, a manor house, several fine houses clustered along a single street and a small market square.
  622. <CJ> The boat will be there in ten minutes even
  624. <Silas_> "Maybe if I just pop into that village and ask directions?"
  625. <Calpurnia> "... quickly then, probably best to try church first"
  627. <CJ> Everyone appears to be sleeping, but there is a red lamp burning in the church above the altar
  629. [Class went to scout the area in owl form]
  631. <CJ> odd - the fields here are rich black soil, but just to the south appears to be a sandy desert that the river runs through, between you and the city
  632. <CJ> Gliding forward you see a band of sandy desert, some twenty miles north south, running east west to the horizon. Sand dunes, tiny villages, scattered woods and bright yellow prickly gorse bushes cover the sandy landscape
  634. [Helpax looks at the masts and checks to see if there are sails there.]
  635. <CJ> Helpax, no mast: just a rowing boat
  636. <Calpurnia> "you all row with your arms"
  637. <Makara> "Why?"
  638. <Calpurnia> "We may go a cm faster"
  639. <Makara> "But why arms?"
  640. <CJ> No oars - not much use in a boat that was used to fly , so were thrown out before you left as taking up room Helpax!
  641. <Calpurnia> "what else do you have that you can row with?"
  642. ] <Silas_> "Maybe the got some oars we can borrow in town?"
  643. <CJ> OK class, that will take you a while to fly to and back. I'll report back shortly
  644. <Makara> "Do you have a staff or some thing with tube form?"
  645. <Calpurnia> "Nope only a short bow"
  646. <Calpurnia> "Also Silas they probably want you to pay for it and not just borrow"
  647. <Silas_> "I am sure they could be made to see reason... or they may not have to know"
  648. <CJ> You are still silently drifting through the wreathes of mist towards the village and river, propelled by Calpurnia's spell. Before you reach it Class will overfly the city. Class I'm going to send you a direct message - let me know if you get it
  649. <Silas_> "Besides, once we are mages we can all give something to their settlement I am sure!"
  651. [Makara goes to the kitchen to find a chopstick or something similar.]
  653. <CJ> lol at Makara!
  655. <Calpurnia> "Remember we aren't suppose to meddle with mundanes affairs Silas"
  656. <Helpax> "It's not hard; anyone who wants to deal with an angry drake, don't paddle the boat with your hands."
  658. <Helpax> * With that Helpax dips his hands in the marsh and begins paddling ineffectually.
  660. <CJ> As you approach the village it's about midnight. Makara, you see the bridge and sailing vessels ride up in the harbor, the bridge, the two rivers and the small town
  662. <CJ> Class is nowhere to be seen - he has flown far off to the south now
  664. <Calpurnia> "Hmf, well we are almost there, well done Helpax, we reached it faster"
  666. <Baruch> (CJ: Do I know how much time we have before the tribunal?)
  667. <CJ> (Baruch: A whole four days!)
  669. <Silas_> "So, do we land here? I am sure the nice people would see reason"
  671. [Makara came back out of the boat disappointed by the lack of chopstick.]
  673. <Calpurnia> "Its night go to the church dim wit, no one likes people who disturb their rest"
  675. <CJ> OK, you are now at the very edge of the marsh, and sailing silently in to the river mouth. The boat stops, the current against you too strong. There are wharves, tied up vessels, and the stone houses and peasant huts, the church, the manor and the bridge. It seems people must sail across the marshes a lot
  677. [Silas_ smiles gently]
  678. <Silas_> "The fates seem to favor me today"
  679. <CJ> Silas flew further than anticipated, but is back now.
  680. <Calpurnia> (we have to swim right?)
  681. <Silas_> "Actually, couldn't we borrow one of their boats? - it would be easier"
  682. <Helpax> "You realise Silas, this plan has a significant flaw. We have to be the ones to do it."
  683. <CJ> You can ties the boat up easily at a jetty
  684. <Calpurnia> (Oh thought you said we couldn't get any closer due to current)
  686. <CJ> Makara: oddly enough you sudddenly remeber two large frying pans under the seat, and some provisions. You could paddle with them. Good plan actually!
  688. <CJ> You can get to village, juts not up river without some form of paddles or oars
  690. [Makara rush toward the seat to grab two large frying pans]
  691. <CJ> Silas: there are plenty of oars on boats moored here of course!
  692. <Makara> "Aha!"
  693. <Silas_> "The only flaw is not trying, and we have to get to the tribunal, right?"
  694. <CJ> Makara, these pans would make excellent paddles in this shallow water, possibly better than oars
  695. <Makara> "Now I can cook lunches!"
  696. <Calpurnia> Turns around and sees pans "HOW DARE YOU HIDE SUCH A THING FROM US!!"
  697. <Makara> "I didn't! It hides itself!"
  698. <Silas_> "... do we even have any food Makara?"
  699. <CJ> A large fish leaps out of the river!
  700. <Baruch> "Calpurnia, please, no such tone. They were packed as supplies, remember?"
  701. <Calpurnia> eye twitches "YOUR WORST THAN TEACHER!!"
  702. <Makara> "I thought I saw an owl just now, we could eat that"
  703. <Calpurnia> Looks to sky "your right and I got a bow"
  704. <CJ> lol!
  705. <Helpax> "...let's just get this over with..."
  707. <Baruch> (CJ: Do we have supplies?)
  708. <CJ> You have waterskins with 12 gallons, a side of bacon, a dozen apples, two dozen onions, some oats, a bag of grain and a small cask of beer
  710. <CJ> Anyone want to try and INT + MAGIC THEORY roll?
  712. [Everyone rolled for theory]
  714. <CJ> Makara, Baruch, Helpax - Goricius messed up casting a spell, and went in to Twilight. Possibly Final Twilight. Do you all know what that means? Baruch - yep you are fairly certain it was Final Twilight - he has gone from the world forever.
  716. <Makara> (holy crap)
  717. <Calpurnia> (well fuu)
  718. <Calpurnia> (there goes teacher)
  719. <Makara> (forever trapped in magic world)
  720. <Helpax> "When you said Goricius jumped off the boat, then his tatoos jumped off...did you mean seperately, Makara?"
  721. <Makara> "I think so."
  722. <CJ> It is the fate of all great Wizards to one day be consumed by the magic realm, and leave this world. What lies in Final Twilight no one knows. You have a feeling he knew it was almost upon him
  723. 10:48:47] <Calpurnia> "Huh, why do you think that Baruch?"
  724. <CJ> Yep, that is almost what Makara saw - the tattos separating from the magus, who then crumbled upwards to dust:)
  725. <Baruch> "His attempt to counter the drake sent him, I suspect, into Final Twilight."
  726. <Helpax> "Final Twilight. I guess he lost control of a spell."
  727. <Silas_> "ohh"
  729. <Baruch> "Apprentices! I suggest we acquire oars from the village, and then proceed towards the tribunal. I see no trace of the drake, and I fear Goricius will not be coming back."
  730. <Makara> "Nonsense! Oars is for sailors!"
  732. <Class> (I'M back by now?)
  733. <CJ> Yep Class, you land on the boat and change back
  735. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia's face becomes fearful "What's Final Twilight?"
  736. <Makara> "Final resting place of a man with a run away tatto."
  737. <Baruch> "Makara, I understand your resentment. I suspect this would, however, help us get to our destination faster."
  738. <Makara> "But if would be faster with a chopstick!"
  739. <Helpax> "Look at it this way; he won't hurt you anymore. So, oars?"
  740. <Silas_> "Calpurnia, can you dock us?"
  741. <Calpurnia> "already did silas, your blind"
  742. <CJ> Clapurnia brings the boat ot a gentle halt
  744. <Class> "What was this talk about Twilight I just heard half of it when I came back"
  745. <Calpurnia> Calpurnia is still confused about final twilight and is looking at Baruch
  746. <CJ> Class - you know that magicians accumulate Warping, and sometimes this warping throws them out of this world, in to the Realm of Magic. This experience is called Twilight. Miscasting or botching spells ass Warping Points, and when you have enough, the realm of magica finally consumes you.
  747. <Calpurnia> (Not really as she is still learning latin and as such is still quite primitive)
  748. <CJ> Actually House Craimon welcome Twilight as an escape from the mortal world and the endless cycle of death and rebirth so yep Calpurnia will know a bit. Her Enigmatic Wisdom skill lets her control her Twiulight episodes to some extent
  749. <Calpurnia> Hmm though I specialize in interpolation and not twilight
  752. <Baruch> "Could one of you be as kind as to look for oars? Though I feel for the locals, I believe requesting them would be more trouble that it is worth."
  753. <Makara> "I will!"
  755. [Makara goes back to the kitchen to search for cooking utility like wooden spoon, spreader, tongs, and cooking paddle for turning and scraping]
  757. 10:59:11] <CJ> Makara find a few spatulas, a knife, and her pans, plus a saucepan stowed under a seat
  758. 10:59:24] <Helpax> "I'd help...but I'm not sure
  759. 10:59:39] <CJ> Silas, you saw paddles in the boats. The barges did not have any though, but other boats did
  760. 10:59:45] <Calpurnia> I might have learned a bit about twilight but nothing in depth
  761. 10:59:46] <Helpax> *not sure I can stand."
  763. [ Makara brought those stuff out.]
  765. 11:00:08] <Baruch> "Thank you, makara. Is believe actual oars would be more helpful, for the Tribunal is quite far still."
  767. [Makara cast Object of Increased Size on the items]
  769. <Baruch> "Ah, yes, clever. Perhaps these will do?"
  770. <CJ> Someone is stirring on a nearby boat. They cough, shift, and move. They appear to have been asleep under a sail on deck.
  772. [Makara rolled high on the spell!]
  774. <CJ> Makara, you know have giant cooking implement paddles!
  775. <CJ> Hand out your cooking implements, now much bigger!
  776. <Makara> "Everyone let's paddle!
  777. <Makara> "Row, row, on your boat~"
  779. [Silas_ eyes the pans]
  781. <Makara> "weee"
  783. <Silas_> "But we could just get some help, food, maybe a sail?"
  784. <Silas_> but*
  785. <Class> "Whats this? We should paddle with pans?"
  787. <CJ> You easily make your way upstream. The sailor of the boat you pass who had awakened looks at you in amazement, scratches his head, and says something in the barbaric English tongue, before scurrying way
  788. [Silas_ mutters and continues paddling]
  790. <Makara> (Are the water still black?)
  791. <CJ> No clearer now - in fact a sort of reddish yellow color when the river is wide and current slow
  793. <CJ> OK, you are actually making good progress, even upstream. The current is not very fast! The village is dropping behind you!
  794. <Baruch> I'll take one of them and try it out. "Yes, this will do. And this way we won't have to steal from the poor locals. Splendidly done."
  795. <Helpax> Helpax takes one of the pans and begins paddling. "Calpurnia...could you explain why you are crying to me?"
  796. <Calpurnia> "Goricius, he , he was the only thing I had to a family" Cries even more
  797. Baruch> "Calpurnia, I understand this must be difficult for you. Goricius would have had it no other way, however. Please remember that."
  798. <Calpurnia> Wipes face "yeah I know that, but he gave me everything" sobs lighter now
  799. <Helpax> "I'm fairly certain that Goricius would not want you to cry over him like this. Perhapse if you tried to distract yourself, by say, proving his worth as a teacher?"
  801. <CJ> You pass sunder the bridge
  802. <Silas_> "We are actually making good speed.."
  803. <Baruch> "Let us make our way north to the Tribunal now. It is a while from here, but we have enough supplies should we have to camp."
  804. <CJ> The soil on either side turns from black peaty soil to yellow fine sand. Great prickly gorse bushes with yellow flowers top a landscape for rolling sand dunes and scattered woods and copses
  806. <Class> "To the dragon again?"
  807. <Makara> "Did I mention I like the heat around here?"
  808. <Baruch> "I doubt the beast will trouble us anymore. It has been a while since we last heard from it. It must be far by now."
  809. <Baruch> "And I do not know whether it could have oriented itself in my storm."
  811. <CJ> The near silence is broken only by paddling and Calpurnia's sobs. It's still cold, but the landscape is a sandy desert interspersed as I saw iwth thorny gorse bushes and rough undergrowth. Not like England as any of you remeber it
  812. <Makara> "The outside world sure is normal."
  813. <Helpax> Helpax is near the back, as he hasn't really moved much. "This doesn't look like how I remembered England."
  814. <CJ> Helpax, not at all like England!
  816. <CJ> Who is in the front of the boat? Have you set a look out?
  817. <Calpurnia> nope
  818. <Class> (NO I help paddling)
  819. <CJ> In that case you are startled when something with shining eyes and magnificent antlers suddenly thrust it's head out from the bank and makes a short barking cough sound at you!
  820. <CJ> The antlered thing barks again!
  821. <CJ> It's huge whatever it is!
  822. <Calpurnia> Looks up "whats that"
  824. [Makara try to talk to the antlered thing. "Hello, antlered thing."]
  825. <CJ> The red deer looks at you puzzled, and then walks along the bank watching you with interest for a while. It is horse sized, and clearly a magnificent stag.
  826. <CJ> It does not reply Makara!
  827. <CJ> However it suddenly stops, around the end of the river you see another village, on the eastern bank
  829. <CJ> You are all growing tired from paddling now. Yep, Silas, I'll look it up
  830. <Makara> "I am tire from this paddling~"
  831. <Makara> "I think I will just ask the river to move us."
  833. [Makara goes ask the river to move them]
  835. 11:12:19] <CJ> Level 10 will do it Silas at Voice range. SO you will need 20, as this will be a spontraneosu spell
  836. <Baruch> "Calpurnia, are you in shape to move us via magic again? Or should someone else do this? Perhaps we can help by paddling-"
  837. 11:12:55] <Calpurnia> "Ill do it"
  839. 11:13:15] <CJ> Go for it Calpurnia! What's your Rego + Aquam + Stamina
  841. [Calpurnia made a good roll]
  843. <CJ> A ReAq5 will propel the boat forward, but only slowly
  845. [Makara use his Speech with the Silent supernatural ability to ask the river to move]
  847. <CJ> OK Makara. What you up to with it?
  848. <Makara> Asking the river to flow the direction we want
  849. <CJ> Cool
  850. <CJ> OK Makara, what is your Presence + Charm?
  852. [Makara rolled decently]
  854. <CJ> OK the river does not actually change direction, but creates a strong current that drives your boat along. I won't say this is stressful this time :)
  855. <Makara> "Thank river!"
  857. [ Silas_ stops padding and rests]
  859. <CJ> OK, the boat travels on through the sandy, wooded landscape. The night passes peaceful - you have four hours till dawn - you want to get some sleep?
  861. <Calpurnia> so strong current plus slow pushing equals what?
  862. <CJ> You are sailing upriver against the flow, at speed :)
  863. <Baruch> Sleep sounds like a good idea
  864. <CJ> You will arrive near the big city just before dawn
  865. <Baruch> So we are heading south after all?
  866. <CJ> Yes that was where the river was, and is the general direction of the Tribunal
  868. [Calpurnia lays down and watches sky messing around with her astronomy skill]
  870. <Silas_> (the Tribunal was south I believe)
  871. <CJ> Yes the Tribunal is South West. You headed South down river as fastest way out of the marshes
  873. <Helpax> "Wake me when we get there. I'm still exhausted..."
  875. <CJ> To recap - Class - a small village about 5 miles south, and a sizable town some 5 miles south east, with what appears to be a large market and priory. A scattering of villages, and then 16 miles south is a large walled city, with what appears from up here to be a huge cathedral, and many many lights.
  877. <CJ> You were heading west south west towards the Tribunal when you crashed
  878. <CJ> Anyone not sleep?
  879. <Calpurnia> Me
  880. <Makara> (what time is it?)
  881. <Baruch> "I propose we take turns sleeping. Never hurts to be careful."
  882. <CJ> Calpurnia - it's shortly before dawn. Makara it was 4am - you doing anything?
  883. <Makara> (nope, sleeping)
  884. <Class> "I'm more of a night person so I keep awake till the dawn"
  885. <CJ> OK, well we are stopping for today shortly, so I’ll narrate the next bit
  886. <Silas_> "Sounds good - I am getting some sleep then"
  887. <Calpurnia> "I study the sky and maybe cast some winters touch on some trees"
  889. <CJ> The boat drifts silently upriver, and you enter an area of green fertile fields, with many sheep scattered across the landscape. You pass several villages, each with magnificent stone chuches (!!!)
  890. <CJ> In fact so magnificent are these churches they might be cathedrals in most of Europe, yet they seem to sever fairly small villages of a couple of hundred folks maximum
  891. <CJ> There is a sense of immense prosperity here, as if the land was blessed. Fat fluffy sheep, and cozy little thatched cottages of wattle and daub in the latest A frame building style
  892. <CJ> Then you see two Windmills! You have heard of them, but never seen one before!
  893. <Calpurnia> "oooh"
  894. <Calpurnia> "that must be a windmill
  895. <Class> "That must a some if the things that kills lot of birds"
  896. <CJ> Just before dawn, the river banks grow higher, the river in a narrower channel. And then ahead you see a wall across the river, with a portcullis blocking any progress, and what appears to be a large stone priory on the East bank
  897. <Calpurnia> -_- "a wall"
  898. <Class> "Oh have I forgoten to mention that the Kathedral is fortified?"
  900. <CJ> And just before it a huge field, some two or three miles square, filled with horses, tents, pavilions and the amazing heraldry of more knights than you knew there were in the world. Several thousand knights have gathered here and perhaps 5,000 squires, sergeants and soldiers. Yep, you have found the biggest army camp in the whole of Mythic Europe on this day, November 20th 1214 :)
  902. <CJ> MAkara, the river guides you in to the campsite
  903. <Makara> zzzz
  905. <CJ> It's dawn. And you are somewhere!
  906. <Calpurnia> "Looks around with extreme curiosity"
  907. <CJ> Somewhere big.
  908. <CJ> Ok time to stop. Any last actions for today?
  909. <Helpax> Waking up, Helpax takes a look at the surroundings. "I missed something didn't I? That's it, I have to stop sleeping."
  910. <Calpurnia> I kick Makara to wake him up
  911. <Makara> "Zzzzz.. .ughadngo!"
  912. <CJ> Calpurnai can make out the banners of what must be at least 50 barons, counts, earls or kings. Looks like might be a tournament - you have heard of those - or a battlefield camp
  913. <Calpurnia> "I wish I could watch" *sad face*
  915. [Class redo Gift of the Bear's Fortitude]
  917. <Silas_> Redo the magic shield? :)
  918. Silas_> (I forgot the name..)
  919. <Helpax> I also activate Parma Magica
  920. <Baruch> (CJ: By the way, did the bit about 0 parma with 4 exp also go for me, or only the apprentices?)
  921. <CJ> Helpax, you don't know how to till you take the Oath - you know the skill, but doe snot work till you have passed your Gauntlet!
  922. <CJ> Not you Baruch. You are the only full magus.
  923. <Baruch> Ok
  925. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  926. <Helpax> Know what? Why are there soldiers? Are we going to get killed?
  927. <CJ> You have arrived where a lot of mundane nobles are doing something, and you are a bunch of gifted people about to meet an army. What could possibly go wrong?
  928. <Calpurnia> Yep
  929. <Calpurnia> WE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!
  930. <Helpax> We should stay out of the way, least they hurt our soft magic meat-bodies
  931. <Makara> No army can stand in the way of our one shot pony
  932. <Class> LOOOL
  933. <Baruch> :D
  934. <Silas_> (hehe)
  935. <Helpax> lol
  936. <Makara> Would be great if the drake come chasing us now.
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