Living Under The Moon Chapter 7 (100-123)

May 19th, 2013
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  1. The walk to the holding block is long, quiet, and haunting. The clean crisp creme yellow walls feel like a deep clash against all the normal relaxing whites and blues and stain glass windows of the castle.
  3. You're not even sure if it's in the castle to begin with since Luna had to use a teleportation spell to bring you all down here.
  5. Trixie had disappeared behind the door containing "Globe Butt" as she had so kindly dubbed him. The room having been guarded by one guard.
  7. Ivory's cell on the other hand. Was something entirely different.
  9. The containment room that contained Ivory was guarded by four guards just for the door itself, each guard wearing a thick, tinted visor on their helmet. The door that had one small 6x6 inch window screen appeared to be a sort of two way mirror due to the way your reflection in the window gave off a sort of double reflection. The opened the door revealing it to be nearly a foot thick
  11. "Secure enough guys?" You sarcastically question the guards.
  13. "The lass isn't ordinary boy" one of the guards answers in a thick accent.
  15. "Lovely" You look into the dimly lit room as you walk in, the door locking shut as you hear a slight whoosh behind it, obviously sealed air tight.
  17. In the Center of the room you see her, blindfolded, strapped upward against a gurney that had been turned to upward so she was facing toward the wall, Ivory's horn had a small ring secured around the base of it; a sort of magic suppression device.
  19. You quietly, clopping anyway, walk up to her, not saying a single word just yet.
  21. "Hello Anon" She smiles as you look at her.
  23. You pull your head back a bit in surprise "How did you know it was me?"
  25. "Sharing a kiss with a pony gives you a sort of bond" she says with a slight smirk "You do know what that means right?"
  27. "That you're a loony who likes to make out with people you want to murder?"
  29. "Oh that is funny" she says "I guess you really aren't a pony by birth then, because you'd know if I felt a bond, according to pony superstition..." she chuckles as you see her smile get wider and slightly more wicked "Mean's you're my special somepony~" her voice has a taunting musical tone to it.
  31. You try to keep from grimacing in slight disgust and confusion. "I don't believe in superstition."
  33. "I do."
  35. "Well that's one of us," You remark "Plus you've tried to kill me twice what would make you think I'd fall all over myself because of you."
  37. "I assume you wanted to interrogate me?" she shifts the topic.
  39. "Why do you want to release Discord so badly?" You skip to the first immediate question.
  41. "Because Chaos is glorious" she smiles as she says it. "The perfect balance with out control, it's wonderful"
  43. "So clearly you got brainwashed"
  45. "Only if it means I had the horrible bland control of morality and harmony washed off of it"
  47. "Definitely brainwashed." you wiped your forehead a bit with your hoof "what lead you to joining his cause then?"
  49. "The lovely sing song voice of his unique madness" she spoke like a fan girl "I was walking along one day minding my business trying to get supplies for my studio when I dropped everything, and heard a marvelous voice, the ground went checkerboard and the clouds went pink, and then I heard it" suddenly you heard her voice change completely "I'm not going to be around as long as I'd hoped, and 1000 years is so very boring, so you and my other children will be around to make sure I get to come back sooner, okay?" she then laughed in Discords voice and pitch.
  51. You were taken aback as her voice and laugh returned to normal. "It's beautiful isn't it?" she said detected how disturbed you were.
  53. "It's...certainly charming."
  55. "later, my brothers and would see our glorious Alicorn leader get her flank tossed around by Queen Chrysalis, signalling our movements and formations,"
  57. "How does that have any relation to anything"
  59. She chuckled again at your ignorance "When Our leader was sealed back in his statue we were forced to forget, we went to the silly believing that our gods were those silly alicorns" she chuckled "Seeing Celestia get knocked back on her haunches reminded us of the number one rule."
  61. "And what's that?" You ask.
  63. "God's aren't supposed to bleed." she stated simply "Then it came back, Discords message of chaos, to assemble and free him so that we may have equestria back to the way it was meant to be. "
  65. "You're insane"
  67. "You love it."
  69. You don't even know how to respond to that.
  71. "Does that mean it's true"
  73. "I have you know all my relationships are of a strictly friendly manner"
  75. "I can name 3 you want to get more out of"
  77. "Shut up you bitch."
  79. "Oh those human obscenities" she visibly shudders "Call me that again~"
  81. "Fuck you" you spit a little.
  83. "OH I love it!"
  85. THWAP!
  87. Your hoof is suddenly pulled across your body a moment, an impulse of anger you didn't even know was there.
  89. Ivory just laughs manically "That was perfecT!" she relishes in the sting of the red mark you left on her face
  91. You're tempted to try it one more time.
  93. "Sir" you hear the door pull open and a guard call "Princess Celestia Requests your presence at once."
  95. You sigh, not sure if you're relieved or annoyed. Turning away to leave the room "Save a dance for me at the Gala Anon~" Ivory calls as you exit the room.
  97. Now if you only knew what happened just now, and why your heart is thumping in your chest.
  99. --
  101. You soon find yourself moved to the royal throne room as you approach Princess Celestia.
  103. "You wanted to see me?" You ask, your voice echoes across the entire chamber, it's just you and her right now.
  105. You have never felt this uneasy about seeing an 'employer' before
  107. You just got done interrogating a psycho hose beast yet you can't handle a discussion from The you feel pathetic now.
  109. "Yes, Anon, glad you could take time to speak with me."
  111. "Well..." you hunted for a proper response "How could I possible refuse a conversation with you, Princess Celestia"
  113. She let out a light chuckle "Glad to hear it." she smiles warmly "I assume you did well with your session with the Son's member?"
  115. "She was more difficult than expected..." You said, trying your hardest to conceal your lie. You didn't know why you lied, you remember Luna saying Celestia was constantly undermining her.. "She very....cryptic about what she said," You say trying not to let out to much information.
  117. "What was it that she told you?" she asks you as she motions for you to move closer since you'd been at the bottom of the stairs.
  119. You nod moving up a few steps "She mentioned," You hesitate a second "How they planned to show the world how Chaos was the true order, something to that extent I believe."
  121. She nodded "I'll see what i can do with that then" she notes "Thank you Anon, I do value your work for my sister greatly"
  123. You smile a bit at that, you're thinking she may not be quite as bad.
  125. "However"...uh oh. "I do believe that you and my sister, along with her new apprentice should consider pulling out from these investigations." she states
  127. You try to keep cool about your words "Well, Your highness, With all due respect, you're sister IS just as threatened as you by this cult" your lucky your armored shoes go up high enough to hide the way your legs are shaking,
  129. She'd turn you into a newt if she wanted.
  131. "I do understand that." Celestia says her tone unchanging from the frinedliness she'd used to grett you with "However it would be much safer for all involved to allow me and my guards to take care of things from here in"
  133. "You mean Twilight and her friend's"
  135. "Excuse me?" she questions.
  137. Oh said that out loud!
  139. "I, well, if I recall, you have sent her and her friends from ponyville to hand most of the major things that have threatend equestria at large." You say feeling your voice falter a little. "Just my simple observation. I do believe that it wouldn't be to far out of line to possibly allow Luna and us too see into things...maybe help things resolve faster." You try to back pedal a bit.
  141. Her eye brows level down as she frowns "Well, I will have to think it over. is wise to warn that if things do get dangerous, you may find things a bit hotter than they should be"
  143. You nod with a quiet gulp "I'll remember mistre-Your highness! yes I'm gonna go." you excuse yourself hastily
  145. You walk out of the room to find yourself greeted by Twilight sparkle. "Hi Anon," She smiles as she greets you
  147. "Hey Twilight" you smile back a little "How's everything?"
  149. "Just got back from a really big assignment from Princess Celestia out in the crystal Kingdom"
  151. "That sounds pretty good."
  153. "It was...definitely exciting" she said seeming to not want to elaborate much
  155. You're never gonna find out how that episode worked out now...
  157. Also you realize you probably fucked up the supposed Trixie episode...actually now that you think about it you don't even know how much time back on earth has passed...
  159. "You alright Anon?" Twilight tilts her head looking at you funny.
  161. "Oh!" you shake your head a little realizing you were staring "I just sort of dazed a little. I'll be okay,"
  163. "Well, I hope it wasn't to much to think on, by the way are you going to the Gala in a month?"
  165. "I'm hoping to be there." You tell her.
  167. "Well, sounds great."
  169. "Why do you ask?"
  171. "Well, I'd like to think we're friends by now" she explains "and all my friends and I will be there, so I'd hope to see you there too"
  173. "Oh, then yeah I'll definitly be their!" you smile "uhm, also, you didn't happen to get attacked at any point before coming here did you?"
  175. "well" she looked off to the side "Me, Pinkie, AJ, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy were attacked by one of the hooded robbed guys from a few days back, he managed to disappear before we could grab him. " she frowned "Said something about Chaos returning."
  177. "Drats. Well, we have three under our custody so don't worry much of it" You asure her. Slightly surprised at the spound of authority in your voice.
  179. ""That's good, I'd worry about what would happened if they were more than just ominous doomsayers."
  181. "You don't know the half of it" You tell her with a chuckle, the memories of stangulation and getting talked into a mess of anger all too fresh in your mind.
  183. "Excuse me" You hear Luna by the two of you.
  185. "Good evening Ms. Sparkle" Luna said with a small smile "If I may make a request, I would like to speak with you after you have finished talking with your sister," she says "A topic of most importance actually."
  187. Twilight nodded. "I think I can do that."
  189. "Excellent" Luna exclaimed a bit "Anon" She turned to you causing you to go into a Atentive stance, getting a slight giggle out of Trixie who stood behind Luna "I want you and Trixie to go into town, I've a task for you to both attend to with those who can provide us with great assistance.
  191. Trixie takes her spot beside you "We won''t let you down. Your honrablenss."
  193. --
  195. And then you were there, Standing in front of this dilapidated shack. a nearly collapsed building with the marked door '111'
  197. "Well, at least this won't get us killed" Trixie jokes a bit
  199. "So who are we meeting with exactly?"
  201. "Luna wouldn't say."
  203. "I love how our boss treats us" you says leveling your eyes at the door. "Which one of us should knock?"
  205. You stare at the door, lifting a hoof to knock, the first hollow 'clop' noise sending the door falling backwards off the hinges.
  207. "I thought you were a pegasus, not a bull" Trixie jokes at your expense
  209. "Ha Ha. Whatever" you respond not justifying that this shack has clearly seen better days. The inside shows a staircase going straight down. You lead the way as you notice Trixie pullingthe door up and repositioning it with her magic.
  211. "So...who can live down here?"
  213. "You got as good a chance at guessing as me"
  215. Eventually you reach the bottom of the stair case, the rooms as dark as the staircase and the insides of the shack above.
  217. You have a feeling something bad is gonn-
  219. "What do we got here brother?" a voice calls out through the darkness before clicking on
  221. "Looks like a couple a pony's got lost" a second voice spoke as you come to see an entire lab like environment surrounding you, sitting on a bench at the front of you and trixie sit two Stallions, Wearing rwed and white striped shirts, bow ties
  223. "Flim and Flam!" You say aloud as their image register with your mind.
  225. "Looks like our reputation proceeds us, " Flim says with a grin
  227. "Here I thought we'd all been forgotten since the Apple Acres incident," You hear Flam say
  229. You note Trixie's confused look "They had a run in with Twilight and friends also"
  231. "Oh." Trixie frowns a bit "Full sympathies,
  233. "Thank you" Flim says with a smile as he gets up to walk over to the both of you "So what do we owe to these visiters?" he asks as he walks around you, as everyone who's ever seen you, inspecting how you look "Yes I'm a bat pegasus" You answer before he can ask.
  235. He pulls his head back a little " So it would seem" he remarks, "What can we do you for? we don't get much business now that we've been ran out of the apple racket"
  237. "We come on behalf of the Princess" Trixie says with a positive tone.
  239. "The princess?"
  241. "Clearly you mean Luna," Flam says from the chair he was in, fiddling with a small device and screwdriver.
  243. "Judging by their Armour, it would appear so brother"
  245. "Then you'd assume we both offer you a bit of business." You tell them.
  247. "What does her majesty need?" Flim asks the both of you.
  249. "That's....the thing?" Trixie says a little annoyed "She refused to tell us, but just to come here and ask if you'd be interested in helping us"
  251. Flam suddenly is standing next to his brother looking at you "Does it pay?"
  253. "As handsomely as your mustache." You say with a smile.
  255. Damn, that's a nice mustache.
  257. The responding smile from Flam affirms you've appeased him. "Well I'm in" He says
  259. Flim closes his eyes to think a moment "Alright, but if she can get us a connection to the Cherry orchard a few towns over, that would give us a prestine opportunity to get into the juicing business!"
  261. "Deal!" Trixie holds out her hoof.
  263. Flam respond clicking his hoof against her's you doing the same with Flim. "Pleasure doing business with you two"
  265. "Sorry about the door" Flam adds as you both return up the stairs
  267. "Well that was easy" Trixie notes as you both exit.
  269. --
  271. Roughly an hour passes as you walk back to the canterlot castle. The teleport spell having put you in town but on the furthest edge of it,
  273. "I tell you. cruelers are the better donut" You tell Trixie in defense as you past the guard stand.
  275. "And Trixie is telling you, leman custard filled is by far the superior of all donuts."
  277. "Clearly you''ve never tried the airy yeasty delicacy" you scoff a bit in response
  279. The argument is halted as you both notice Luna along with Twilight standing to meet you both. Her face was a mask of seriousness as she looked to both of you.
  281. Twilight's face reflected the seriousness, more so in that she seemed more worried.
  283. "We, need both of you to assist us" Luna says to the both of you, teleporting you into a large library in a large room.
  285. Every thing had been cleared to various area's of the room, illuminated by candles.
  287. You can make out a faint circle in the center of the room, filled with symbols and runes written out in a language that appeared exclusive to the more magically inclined.
  289. in the center of the circle, attached to a sort of dolly like contraption, still in her restraints Was Ivory.
  291. The cultist inhaled deeply "I smell him~" her voice teased as the four of you stood in the room "Hi Anon~" she greeted you in a tone that felt terrifyingly sexual.
  293. "Do I see three different types of binding circles?" Trixie asks as she looks on toward the floor.
  295. "The nature of her magic has nearly ripped up the floorboards" Luna explained "on our inspection her mind has been very altered by discord,"
  297. "Something similar happened to me and my friends for a time, but nothing to this extent" She says.
  299. "Couldn't it be fixed by a memory based spell?" You ask
  301. "Unfortunately it's more complicated than that" Luna says "Their are layers of spells, magic amplification, alignment change, personality alteration,"
  303. "I'm sure you're glad I'm more than a pretty face~" Ivory interrupted to try and mess with you more.
  305. "More so she has a a few layers of protection spell, certain memories erased, "
  307. Twilight adds "We've tried a spell that was like the one I used to reverse discords affect on my friends, however there's threads upon threads of spell, keeping everything intact"
  309. "Which is why we need both of you" Luna finsihed "We're going to be trying a series of spells designed to at the very least release Discords influence on her, she may be an asset to us if we can at the least make her less evil"
  311. "hehehe not likely princess" Ivory jabbed at you all again making you roll your eyes.
  313. The four of you proceed to ignore her further "Trixie you are going to need to help me and Twilight focus on a powerful spell made to break sever locks on her, Discords magic is a very different magic from any magic produced from a pony, the three of us will need to channel our abilities togehter for this to be successful"
  315. "How do I fit in?" YOu ask "You said all of us would be needed...but uhm, I'm not exactly a unicorn" you scratch your mane a little, not completely sure how you really fit in.
  317. "There are a bit more complications, added into this," she explains "I've looked into her mind....and as far as any outstanding memories she has, you stand out."
  319. "Pardon me?" Your not liking where this is going.
  321. "As strange as it is...there is a bond between you and her, a thread of magic tied between the both of you"
  323. You were afraid of this.
  325. "I was afraid of that" you say to her "So what role do I play?"
  327. "You are to be the catalyst between Twilight, Trixie, and Myself, we will focus the magic into you," she continues "my belief is that your bond to her will cause the magic to break the spell discord has on her and make her less evil."
  329. "Only less?"
  331. "As good as we can make her" Twilight says taking a spot on the circle.
  333. "Discords magic is rather unpredictable, I haven't a slight idea as to how succesfull we will be"
  335. Soon you are directed to stand on a spot with in the rune covered circle, behind you Twilight and Trixie stand, you feel a muted since of antagonism between the both of them. Rivals working together for a common goal.
  337. You can see behind Ivory, Luna stands the higest point, a sort of broken peace sign formed from how all 5 of you stood in the shape.
  339. Ivory smells the air again "mmm~ You returned from ponyville, I do so looove~ how the smell matches with your natural scent" she teased
  341. "Shut. Up" you say feeling that anger bubble up, your heart starting to race as you continued to stare at her. She was blindfolded, but you could just feel her gaze ripping past the dark fabric, allowing her to see you clear as day.
  343. "Are we ready?" Luna asks as everyone stood at their spots with in the circle
  345. "Ready" Twilight spoke.
  347. "As am I" Trixie added.
  349. You exhale trying to get rid of the feelings in your system. Something gave you the feeling you were going to have to in order for everything to work right.
  351. "Let's do it." You brace yourself, ready for anything.
  353. "Let's begin" Luna starts as her horn glows, magic firing outward through ivory, latching to you.
  355. You feel the skin of your back tingle as your wings impulsively spread to their widest point, feeling Trixie and Twilight's magic enter you, mixing with Luna's a bright string of magic between you and Ivory.
  357. "Aaah~ ooh my, this feels positively intoxicating!" Ivory says loudly as you notice how she shivers despite her bonds.
  359. You try keeping your head clear, not sure how this is to work as your brain keeps trying to latch onto all the memories of how this bitch has tried to murder you.
  361. Minutes pass, "aaah~ a little harder, you might do better" Ivory keeps taunting you all.
  363. You're trying really hard to keep your place in the circle. you keep your head clear. trying to place yourself in 'the happy place' the comfy cozy bed where you play video games with-
  365. "Aww, trying to tune me out~, how cute."
  367. That tears it!
  369. "JUST SHUT UP!" you yell as you feel the magic flow faster through you as you stamp out of the spot "I am just sick of you!" you yell "You've tried to murder me each time we've met you constantly flirt with me and my god! I can't even begin to tell you how much you get me so utterly twisted up in my stomach!" you let it all flow out as you lack notice of how the string of glowing magic brtween you seems to flow red as you stand slightly holding her shoulder "I could do everything to you right here! and as fucked up as you are you'd love every little moment of me slapping your shit all over this room!"
  371. "Oh yes!" Ivory moans as you just let all your repressed emotions out.
  373. "And just fuck you! fuck your cult...just DAMN IT I hate how you make me fe-"
  375. You swear your hoof slipped.
  377. You really, reallyt slipped, you swear.
  379. There is no way you voluntarily pressed your lips against her as you were both consumed by a bright red aura of magic.
  381. You're sure you slipped.
  383. You hear a loud shriek from Ivory as you try to pull away, the magic seeming to have glued your lips together. you feel your fur stand on end as every strand just zips with magic, your wings flapping more speedily. Heart pounding as suddenly you black out.
  385. You dream.
  387. You're far more relaxed then you've ever been. You fly through a sky as stars swirl all around you, "Go to her boy" a relaxing scottish accent encourages as you fly towards the image of a white pony, with a dull yellow mane.
  389. "Anon!" You hear Trixie's voice call to you as your eyes flutter open just slightly
  391. "Me amo is ticket!" You jump up looking around before stopping "uhm...what happened?" You look around, You notice how Twilight and luna are standing at the dolly undoing the restraints on Ivory, you can see she's completely blacked out.
  393. "It worked" Trixie tells you, "You're...kiss actually amplified the strength of our spell work, turns out" she looked like she was holding back grimace "Physical contact was the trick."
  395. You look past Trixie a moment, seeing Ivory, You can see how much her fur seems to be a touch whiter, her mane a bit yellowish. THats...definitely different "So she's fixed?" You ask curiously.
  397. "As fixed as she can be it seems, though she'll be passed out for a while" Trixie tells you as you stand up.
  399. Luna looks to you "The hero has awaken" she says with a more friendly tone than she would have used normally "I'm actually amazed how well you're fit worked Anon"
  401. You feel a blush coming on. "I wouldn't say I'm a hoof just sort of slipped." You note how everyone seems to roll their eyes at that. "It's true!"
  403. "Well, We have a bit of work to do" Luna says to you "You and I have a trip to make to the Everfree Forest "Twilight and Trixie are to stand guard over our new guest, when we return we will have her fitted for her own suit of armor."
  405. "You're kidding?" You say your face shocked.
  407. "You just helped us get the newest guard member"
  409. "Oh...Joy."
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